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360 Electrical 36036 Revolve Surge Protector with 4 Rotating Outlets,White

  • 360 Electrical 36036 Revolve Surge Protector with 4 Rotating Outlets,White
  • 360 Electrical 36036 Revolve Surge Protector with 4 Rotating Outlets,White
  • 360 Electrical 36036 Revolve Surge Protector with 4 Rotating Outlets,White
  • 360 Electrical 36036 Revolve Surge Protector with 4 Rotating Outlets,White
  • 360 Electrical 36036 Revolve Surge Protector with 4 Rotating Outlets,White
  • 360 Electrical 36036 Revolve Surge Protector with 4 Rotating Outlets,White

360 Electrical 36036 Revolve Surge Protector with 4 Rotating Outlets,White

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Four 360 degree rotating outlets can adjust to fit large plugs and adaptors
  • 918 joules of surge protection protects all of your electronics
  • Plug and turn system powers devices even during rotation
  • Surge and Ground protection LED indicates protection is alive and electrical wiring is grounded
  • No wiring required, just plug into an existing grounded outlet. Mounting screw provides secure attachment to your wall
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Customer Reviews

Good for 6 months Had this device for about 9 months. The USB ports went out within the first 6 months. Then at 9 months, the plugin started overheating and now has a burnt spot on the top of it. 3Brilliant! I saw these on QVC. They are brilliant. I keep a fish tank on my kitchen island, and the three cords that it requires have some of the bigger plugs And my two space outlet just couldn t handle it. Even an Extender was not capable of holding the big plugs. This thing, with its ability to rotate, it s perfect for those big plugs. It also has two USB charger outlets that I use with my iPad I keep there. If you have a tight outlet situation with the big plugs I totally recommend this. 5Problem solved!!! Ok I love this gadget! I live in an older apartment and my bathroom only has one plug. That one plug is so close to the top of the counter that my hair dryer will only plug into the top part of the outlet and then I can't plug in anything else. I contstantly have to unplug a curling iron or my toothbrush charger to dry my hair. I know it seems trivial, but when you're on a time crunch to get to work, having to unplug a curling/straightening iron and then plug it in to reheat is a PAIN!! This has completely fixed that problem for me! Because the sockets rotate, I have no problem plugging in the large hair dryer plug and still having plenty of room for anything else I need. It was also incredibly easy to install (once I figured out you don't remove the face plate of the socket). I plan on getting a second one for my son since he typically has numerous chargers going at once (DS, ipad, etc) and wants them all close by. I have already bragged about this to all of my friends. I'm hoping it holds up and continues to live up to a high standard. 5A little more piece of mind I have an older home with fuses rather than breakers and very limited outlets and wanted a safe way to give myself a few extra outlets while keeping my wiring and fuses safe from accidental overload. These units seem to fit the bill perfectly. They are more expensive to replace than a fuse, but way cheaper than a devastating fire or melted wiring inside of the walls. I highly doubt this was the intended use for these but I have already been saved once when I was using a microwave and a deep fryer at the same time on the same outlet (which I normally don't do) and this unit shut down before I popped a fuse...or worse. Love being able to turn the outlets whichever direction I want to fit a variety of different plugins. For the bedroom, the blue light on these is way too bright for me, but I cover it up partially with a tiny piece of electrical tape. Highly recommend these! 5Happy with this purchase so far :) Very cool, functional product. I just got it July 7th, earlier than the estimated delivery date (a good thing to me, always love getting things sooner rather than later).So far here's what I have to say:Pros:- four awesome rotatable outlets, they click and hold position as you turn em (not free-spinning, but need to have something plugged in to turn the outlet)- usb ports seem to work well to charge electronic devices pretty quickly from what I can tell- plugs into the standard wall outlet securely (expands original 2 outlets into: 4 outlets + 2 usb charging ports), has option to attach to wall socket directly via the included long-length screw if chosen (remove this long screw prior to using, if you would rather keep the unit portable like me).Pro/Con:- The green-blue light that indicates the unit is grounded & protected is somewhat bright, so depending on your preference, this could be a Pro (yay, free built-in nightlight for my room), or a Con if you dislike having a nightlight in the room (put black tape over it, or otherwise black out the light if you must).Cons:- outlets & usb ports seem a bit tight at first, but seems to ease up with use.- unit itself is a bit bulky, sticks out from the wall about two inches or so.As for durability/longevity of the outlets & usb ports, I'll have to see how it all holds up over time. 4They don t tolerate dips in temperature well. Buyer beware. I woke up this morning and even though it was 44 outside it was still 68 inside. I didn t turn on the heat and went to work (I left at 5:30 a.m. and got home at 11:15 a.m. - when I got home it was 53 inside and 41 outside). Nothing that was plugged into ANY of these things was powered on.All of the devices had failed. The GFCI circuit tripped and powered down the breaker, saving my home.I highly recommend against buying these.For all four devices to simultaneously have scorch marks is pretty convincing that these devices are made to operate within room temperature settings.However: no devices were damaged from this incident. I will never buy these again because I really like my home and fire is bad. 1horrible do not buy i plugged in and spun the ... horrible do not buy i plugged in and spun the plug around and and it sparked and tripped the main breaker on the house wow not just the 20amp the actual main. be careful with this product 1Small item HUGE benefits I had purchased a set of these from QVC many moons ago. I had used them on either side of the bed since we seem to have a lot of electronics in that area -- from the adjustable bed frame to the lamps, clocks, iphone chargers ... well you get the idea ... and most of them are three pronged so trying to fit them into one outlet was a joke. These works great because you can turn the outlets so all 4 fit nicely.Fast forward to today, I am in the middle of a kitchen remodel & doing an 'Appliance Garage' where all the plug-in stuff will go in one place and I can close it off so I don't have to see it. The first thing I did was order a couple of these to use in that area so I don't have to put in a shitload of outlets. How great is that?!! Even my electrician was impressed (altho truth be told he could have just been humoring me because I haven't paid him yet and no one wants to make the client unhappy). 5This is a quality surge protector I looked at many of these on Amazon before deciding on this one and am so glad I did. This is a quality product! It's sturdy and well made and I really appreciate that. Even the packaging is quality. Bottom line, the manufacturers of this product took their time and cared. Similar outlets on Amazon received bad reviews for the outlet falling out of the wall easily. Well I can tell you this one will not. I had to remove the mounting screw because my wall outlet doesn't have a place to screw it in and even without the screw this surge protector isn't going anywhere. It handled even my devices with larger plugs due to the rotating outlets. It even comes with $100,000 manufacturer equipment warranty if equipment is damaged by the surge protector. I feel safe using this surge protector in my home and highly recommend it. 5Failed to do it"s job! I have my air cleaner plugged in it and it has failed 3 times during a power surge. I contacted the company and no response. I do not recommend product even though it has a two year warranty. Seems like the company does not stand behind it. 1
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