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Accord ABRFWH2020 Return Filter Grille with 1/2-Inch Fin Louvered, 20-Inch x 20-Inch(Duct Opening Measurements), White

  • Accord ABRFWH2020 Return Filter Grille with 1/2-Inch Fin Louvered, 20-Inch x 20-Inch(Duct Opening Measurements), White
  • Accord ABRFWH2020 Return Filter Grille with 1/2-Inch Fin Louvered, 20-Inch x 20-Inch(Duct Opening Measurements), White
  • Accord ABRFWH2020 Return Filter Grille with 1/2-Inch Fin Louvered, 20-Inch x 20-Inch(Duct Opening Measurements), White
  • Accord ABRFWH2020 Return Filter Grille with 1/2-Inch Fin Louvered, 20-Inch x 20-Inch(Duct Opening Measurements), White
  • Accord ABRFWH2020 Return Filter Grille with 1/2-Inch Fin Louvered, 20-Inch x 20-Inch(Duct Opening Measurements), White
  • Accord ABRFWH2020 Return Filter Grille with 1/2-Inch Fin Louvered, 20-Inch x 20-Inch(Duct Opening Measurements), White

Accord ABRFWH2020 Return Filter Grille with 1/2-Inch Fin Louvered, 20-Inch x 20-Inch(Duct Opening Measurements), White

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Steel construction, 1/2-in spaced fins
  • For sidewall or ceiling application
  • Removable hinged face accepts nominal 1-in thick filters for easy installation and cleaning
  • The number of louvered columns and mounting holes will vary based on the size of the grille ordered
  • Listed product sizes refer to the duct opening measurements, not the register itself
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Customer Reviews

A Perfect A/C Return Air Grill Grate The frame is slightly flimsy when you have the door open on it but when you close it snaps firmly into place. This is in my living room replacing a regular grate. The filter was previously slid into a horrible slot under my a/c unit in a closet in the garage that was very difficult to access. With this grate having a place to EASILY place the filter and with it being so easily accessible, it will make changing my a/c filter SO MUCH EASIER! Thank you! 5Good products -- wish I had gotten them years ago!I ordered the 12" x 12" and the 20" x 20" sizes of these to replace two return grilles that were held on by screws. The bigger one had 8 screws holding it on the wall, and having to unscrew them and screw them back in every time I changed the air filter got to be really old -- especially after nearly 20 years. These grilles will make it much easier to replace the filters, and I wish I had gotten them sooner. I had some trouble getting the smaller one in because the grille seemed slightly too big for the metal duct opening, but with considerable persuasion and a little damage to the grille I was able to get it in. The damage, which was the only thing that allowed me finally to get the grille to go in, doesn't affect the operation of the grille, and it isn't really noticeable. The bigger grille went in easily and quickly.5Great for hiding eyesoresWorked great for my need. I ended up using this vent more as an access panel to a hidden electrical socket I hid in a vent sophet than an actual vent. When people see the vent they have absolutely no idea that there is no air flow until I open it and show the surprise behind it. I'm running l.e.d. lights behind some cove molding and now I can punch a small hole through the sheet rock and mount the rest of the hardware and plug behind the rock and still have access with this vent.5Decent filter housing at a good priceIn preparation for my soon to be installed new/replacement HVAC, I wanted to change my filter housing from the difficult to access housing at the ventilator unit intake. The factory intake was poorly sized and sealed, I had to shim and seal the access cover after every filter change. And since my wall intake was already 20x20, it was a fairly easy change. For reference, my HVAC is a 2.5 ton unit. I have no idea of the CFM, but after installing the fins on the housing began vibrating causing a 'harmonic' noise. I could hold rags against the fins to stop it, but on removal it would begin a weird oscillating noise again. Fortunately I had some leftover 1/4" rubber flooring underlayment that I cut into strips and glued between the fins rows which reduced the noise to almost inaudible. Maybe my air volume causes this, I don't know, but without the noise I would have given it 5 stars. On the attached picture, the black strips are the rubber material. Installation tip: 20x20 filters are actually about 19 3/4", so your actual wall cutout could be 20x20 if it's true to square. However I would recommend a 20 1/4" x 20 1/4" wall opening. The frame will go 1 3/8" deep into the wall.4Generally good, with some caveatsOrdered 24x20 size. Came in a box that was slightly beat up, but product was generally fine.Three caveats, that could not be caused by shipping:1. There was a dent in the lip that the filter rests against. I was able to use pliers to pull it straight with minimal effort and damage.2. One of the pins for the latch was bent too much and was not engaging rounded metal area that would lock it. Again, using pliers, bent that back in shape.3. The return grille door itself has a slight arc (bend) diagonally across the face of the door. In other words, if you were to close the door without locking it, there is one corner that protrudes and does not rest flush against the base. In fact, I originally thought this was the issue for the door not locking, until I discovered the locking pin issue as described in #2. Since my grille is hanging from the ceiling and needs to be locked in place, this isn't much of an issue.Shipped with 4 screws, one for each corner, to be driven in perpendicular to the grille. This was unlike my previous return grille, which screwed in from the inside framing of the base. However, because this base is very shallow (as it fits a 1" thick filter quite snugly), you probably can't use the inside holes anyway, as you wouldn't be able to hit any solid wood framing due to the location of the holes and taking into account the thickness of drywall and wood framing behind/above it. Based on the location and my estimates, I think driving the screws through the inside would have been right at the point at which my drywall met the wood framing. Which is to say, I would've had no structural support for the grille and I probably would've caused damage the the drywall ceiling.But for 27 bucks and not being able to find this elsewhere, I'll take it!3This is a really nice setup for furnace filtersThis is an awesome filter grill. Hold a 20x20 filter very nicely, I like the latches to open. It's very sturdy/thick metal, my favorite thing about it is it has a "shelf" if you will, to hold the filter in. My old grill was a screw on piece of metal, the filter rested inside the intake box, just sat there which I thought was lame. This holds the filter super well. I like this so much I still gave it 5 stars even though they should package it way better for sending. I had to straighten out one of the latch pins, as it had gotten bent during shipping.5Did not work for me but attractive look for a fresh lookNeeds a better description as to the inside dimensions and design. Will not fit my return vent, although the outside dimensions are the same as my old vent cover. Too heavy to pay for return postage so wewill try to donate it. On the plus side, it is very well made, and very attractive.3Great but throw away the screws provided.Been dealing with ceiling vents held in by screws for six years now. Changing filters has always been a major ordeal and hard on the neck. Over time the anchor threads stripped out and I had to substitute sheet rock screws. My brother told me he replaced his with hinged vents so I searched for and found these. Not found at my local Lowe's (have to special order them and pay shipping) or Home Depot (also requires special order, long wait and nearly twice the price.)Installation is not too bad once you throw away the screws that come with the kit. I used star head deck screws to install mine. Installed two of these. On one of them I found it necessary to remove a metal rim enclosing the opening in the ceiling so that the grill insert would fit.Now changing filters is a breeze and will accept the standard furnace filters. Before I had to cut filters to size from bulk material. Can't wait until it's time to change filters again.4Well-made, perfect fitThis grate replaces one 20 years old, which was rusty and affixed by hinges. I installed it just fine in my foyer, the 4 screws being sturdy and long. Best of all is the ability to very easily remove the grate from the housing to clean. The old grate was impossible to remove without taking out the whole housing, so I'd try to spray and clean in place, with a towel over the hardwood floor. Not fun and not thorough.5The returned girl has a nice clean finish to it and the broke removes from the frame easily.This return grille was built very sturdy. The finish on the paint looks very nice and seems to be baked on very well.but I also like the fact that the grill is removable without having to unscrew the hinges. The grill remove is very easily for cleaning from the frame. The frame and the grill are both made with a high standard of quality there are no ripples or marks on the metal where they are fabricated.5Very happy with this product!I had just moved into a new home. I ve never had a filter in the ceiling before. The first time I tried to change the filter was a nightmare. There were no latches just screws and it opened over the stairway. Finally got new filter in and immediately went to Amazon to find something better. This new filter holder fit perfectly! I changed to opening towards the back. It was easy to install with two people. It looks great & fit perfectly. Best thing. Latches not screws to make changing the filter easy. Helpful since I live in Florida and change my filter monthly.5Five Stars Love this item, excellent quality @ very good Price ! 5
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