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AcuRite 02049 Digital Thermometer with Indoor/Outdoor Temperature,White

  • AcuRite 02049 Digital Thermometer with Indoor/Outdoor Temperature,White
  • AcuRite 02049 Digital Thermometer with Indoor/Outdoor Temperature,White
  • AcuRite 02049 Digital Thermometer with Indoor/Outdoor Temperature,White
  • AcuRite 02049 Digital Thermometer with Indoor/Outdoor Temperature,White

AcuRite 02049 Digital Thermometer with Indoor/Outdoor Temperature,White

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Monitor indoor and outdoor temperature (Fahrenheit and Celsius) with trend arrows that indicate whether temperature is rising or falling
  • Wireless all-weather outdoor sensor measures temperature conditions with precision and accuracy
  • Displays high and low records for past 12 hours, 24 hours, 36 hours, 48 hours, and for all-time
  • Outdoor temperature sensor transmits readings every 30 seconds using a 433 MHz wireless signal up to a 165 foot (50 meter) range
  • Display and outdoor sensor are totally wireless and easy to install
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Customer Reviews

Acurite digital thermometerVery, very rarely do I get a product that exactly matches my specifications. With its easy to read data even at a short distance, you can see at a glance both the outside and inside temperatures. And its compilation of highs and lows (outside and in) for several time periods will no doubt settle any arguments on just how high or how low a temperature really is. It was also very easy to set it up. Putting in the batteries and hanging up the outside sensor took up most of the time and that was only for a few minutes. After that it was all set to go--very easy, very simple. 5Nice little unitThis is very simple, easy to install, and has nice big numbers for reading the primary temperatures. It would be 5 stars if the inside unit could be mounted flush against a wall. It is technically mountable, but it sticks out a lot and is much better just placed on a table, windowsill, etc. So far appears to be accurate, waiting to see what the battery life is like. 4Simpler is betterWe had an old AcuRite digital thermometer for years and it finally gave up the ghost. I looked at a number of different brands, but this was the best deal. It came with a "high/low" display of temperatures and switches between the last 12 hour, 24 hour and the peaks since inserting the battery. Those numbers are very small and I tend not to look at them.The initial battery in the transmitter died very quickly. Instead of giving a blanked-out display, the temperature never changed. It took me some time to recognize that the battery was dead. I would have preferred something like our old AcuRite thermometer so it is easier to recognize that the battery is dead. I hope this will last me 10 years like the last one. 4Cheap, but not worth it.Several problems with this thermometer setup. First of all, if you place the display on a counter, the viewing angle of the LCD is so bad that the numbers aren't readable. I had to have it tipped back so that it could be read when you were near the counter. Second, the range is awful. I placed the sensor on the other side of the wall (about 3 feet total distance down to the ground through a normal exterior wall) and it was unable to read the sensor at all. I then moved the sensor so it was only having to go through a patio door glass at about 3.5 feet of distance and it still failed to read. Pretty worthless as an outdoor sensor.Additionally, while it says the sensor is indoor/outdoor there is no weather proofing at all on the sensor. The battery compartment is not sealed and will easily get wet. Different than an older AcuRite setup I was using for the last 5+ years.I would certainly consider passing on this product. Not well thought out! 2Piece of junkWe had an Acurite thermometer that we received as a gift. It worked for five years before it died, and replacing the batteries in both units didn't help. We found this unit and liked the size and its capabilities. However, no matter where we place the outside unit, it does not work. The inside unit somewhat gives the accurate temperature, but we bought this so we would know the temperature outside. Very disappointing. 1Good if you have one unitGreat product but if you have another unit it sometimes picks up on other outdoor unit. I got another one to read temp in daughters bedroom to monitor window ac unit. I have another that I put outside in storage area and sometimes the get mixed up. I started out with one unit and loved it and decided to get another and not good to have more than one in household. 5Nice -- in the short time it workedI purchased this wireless outdoor/indoor thermometer to replace another similar AcuRite thermometer that failed after about a year. This new unit (model 02043) was easy to set up, accurate, and had the features I wanted. If only it was reliable. Unfortunately it only lasted about six months -- April 2017 to October 2017 -- before the outdoor temp stopped updating correctly. I replaced the batteries in both the indoor unit and the outdoor sensor to no avail. It would occasionally sync correctly, but apparently either the sensor wasn't transmitting correctly or the receiver wasn't receiving correctly. Having been disappointed with poor reliability of AcuRite products twice recently, I threw this unit in the trash and replaced it with an Ambient Weather WS-0270. (So far, so good...) For the record, the AcuRite 02040 that failed had an "easy" life -- the outdoor unit was mounted where it never got wet and was not exposed to sun or temperatures above 95F or below about 40F.If I was the only one that had reliability issues with AcuRite I'd chalk it up to getting the proverbial 'bad one'. Unfortunately there are many reviews of AcuRite products that seem to have very similar problems -- the units fail relatively quickly, and often the symptoms are similar to what I experienced (the outdoor sensor no longer communicates with the indoor receiver/display). Buyer beware. 2Inaccurate And Annoying Min/Max FeatureFirst: With the outdoor sensor placed one inch from the display, it shows two different readings for indoor and outdoor and these are three degrees apart. One, or both, of these readings is inaccurate.Secondly: The min/max cannot be set to show one period only, for example: the 24 hour min/max. The min/max feature is a very annoying cycling through 4 or 5 periods of time, so you stand there waiting for a glimpse of the one you are interested in (probably the 24-hour period) and you better not blink or you'll miss it.I also noted that the manual states that it is "weather resistant", not weatherproof. Although we are in a drought here, it probably won't last forever and I do expect water to come out of the sky and cover everything again. So, it seems odd - and a little concerning - that the sensor isn't designed to be weatherproof. 2Says this goes down to -40 degrees, but this ...Says this goes down to -40 degrees, but this must be for outdoor only. The indoor one only goes to 32 and then stays at that.I put this in my garage to see the difference between the garage and outdoors since I keep a fridge out there.So for over a week I thought my garage was 32, when really it was far below and everything in my fridge froze. 1A little confused but overall good!I already had a more basic AcuRite Digital thermometer that is reliable that's kept in the kitchen to give the kitchen temperature and the outside temp, as well. So, when I decided I wanted to check some additional remote temperatures around the house I actually bought two of these Acurite 02043's because they give a little more information than the more basic type. (I bought two because Acurite apparently doesn't off offer a two-unit base and I didn't need three which is the minimum they offer.). Anyway, I'll note that buying the two was a mistake on my part because they work on the same frequency (as I was informed by AcuRite-support) and so the two will give only one reading and so a second one will not give any worthwhile temperature reading for a second location no matter how far away from each other they are kept. (I gave away the second one to a friend as a result.) I'll note that it took a longer time for the one that kept to finally give an accurate reading for both inside the room where I keep the base and the hot-water heater room where the satellite-remote unit is placed...significantly longer than the directions indicate it would take. But once the unit finally adjusted itself, it did give an accurate reading and continues to do so. 4
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