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Advance Time Technology Silicone LCD Alarm Clock with Matching Backlight, Blue

  • Advance Time Technology Silicone LCD Alarm Clock with Matching Backlight, Blue

Advance Time Technology Silicone LCD Alarm Clock with Matching Backlight, Blue

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • 1-1/2-Inch LCD display
  • Silicone skin
  • Matching color backlight
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Customer Reviews

Nice while it lasted We bought this 2 years ago and our daughter liked it, cute pink and lights up for a few seconds so she could see the time but it wouldn't keep her awake. It was nice while it lasted, has a nice rubbery outer "sleeve", but it fell off her dresser and the light bulb must have come loose (or broke) inside and the only way that it appears to come apart is to have a very thin but very long screw driver, which we don't and I'm not buying. So the clock still works but it won't light up so unless her room is bright you can't read the time. Oh well... 3Good inexpensive battery powered option I wanted a battery powered alarm clock so I would have the flexibility to move it around and not have to worry about an outlet being nearby. I also wanted something with large numbers that could be easily seen at a distance. I got both of those and a nice bright backlight. I know some folks prefer a backlight that is on continuously, but I also didn't want that because the light tends to either wake me up or make it more difficult to get to sleep, no matter how dim it might be, so I really like that it goes off after a few seconds. This probably also helps conserve battery power, as I've had this for almost a year and the AAA battery is still going strong.My only complaint is that the button to activate the backlight makes quite a loud clicking noise and it tends to wake up my light sleeper husband. So my ability to use the backlight is a bit hindered due to this problem. But otherwise it's perfect for any use during daylight hours or nighttime when I'm awake reading or watching TV. 4Does exactly what it should-wakes you up and the price is right! I bought this Alarm clock because the one we had made my dog go nuts-howling and crying! I got sick of hearing this every morning (and felt so sorry for my terrified sounding baby- 90 pound German Shepherd) My Air Force Officer Husband is a heavy sleeper (because the Air Force has him putting in 10, 12 hour days(,and no there's no overtime for my hero husband) so he's often exhausted. I tried this clock out before Hubby got home, no terrified howling from my furry baby AND my Honey woke right up to the insistent, loud enough( but NOT obnoxious sounding) alarm ! The clock itself has huge easy to see digital numbers and is completely covered in a rubberized coating ( no scratching our "one of a kind Malaysian mango-wood" night tables. I ordered the "Air Force Blue "for my honey-think I'll get one in hot pink for me! Thank You! The mornings are so.... much nicer! 5Works for my 6 year old son We've fought and fought over finding the right clock for my 6 year old son's room. Analog didn't work because the ticking noise was annoying (maybe more to me than him). Digital plug-ins were either too complex, had an unnecessary radio, or had an extremely bright display.This little, portable (to keep away from my 3 year old daughter... heh), battery powered gem is not only his favorite color, but also a great time-piece for helping him know when to get up and when he should have already fallen asleep! I really appreciate the short backlight time-out so it requires physical action to initiate. Setting up some habits here that could help and to stop over-reliance on watching a very bright screen while trying to adjust to night-conditions.Works well and I'd buy another. 5Still working, Great for its price. This is smaller but than what I expected but it is still working after years of purchase and it is okay for its price. The picture shows the light on so I thought it stayed on but you have to press to get the light on and it only stays on as long as you press it. I bought for child when she was 4 she loved it she is getting tried of it but it still works well, I was waiting for it not to work so that I could have an exuse to purchase another one. I will most likely be donating since it is going strong and my daughter now wants something with music. 4keep shopping, not a good value. After reading the other reviews, I really expected something better. First, the alarm is not loud. I think there is a quality control issue, or maybe a hearing issue...but it doesn't wake up my 6 year old. Even if it were louder, the alarm only sounds for a brief amount of time. We didn't realize it wasn't fully functioning until two days of waking up late. I am assuming it is defective, but I missed the return window. For $13 plus the shipping I paid, you can pick up something much more reliable at Big Lots or Wal-Mart. Aesthetically speaking, the blue is pretty, the rubber exterior is cool, and features are very simple. 2Bright & Clear Numbers but does not light up the bedroom at night This is a great little alarm clock! It has basically every thing an alarm clock needs - snooze alarm, loud alarm, and bright & big numbers that show up from a distance (but the light is OFF until you hit a button on top - so it does not light up the bedroom at night). It is so bright when you press the button that I actually use it as a night light when walking to the bathroom at night. I don't particularly care about the HOT PINK color, but it works and that's all that matters. 5Great clock for a kid My 6 yr old son LOVES this clock. The rubber around the entire clock is great. This way it won't scratch the furniture. Easy to set, easy to turn on and off. Numbers are easy to see. It's nice that the light doesn't constantly stay on but you can press the button and it will come on. Battery operated and I have not had to change the battery yet. I like it without the cord because I can put it anywhere around his bed and there is not tripping or tangling of a cord. 5Great for my purpose. Recommend it. This is a very simple alarm clock. I use it to keep track of time in my sessions. I was looking for something very simple that didn't look like a promotional desktop calculator from 1998! I needed something small enough that I could place somewhere behind my client's on a bookshelf/table without drawing attention, yet with large enough digits that I could see the time just out of my periphery without distracting the client or being disrespectful. It serves that very purpose. 5Cute Clock I bought this alarm clock for my 7 and 5 year old girls. I love that it has the silicone around it, which helps it to stay put on their dresser. I haven't had any issues with it not keeping the time right, or the alarm not setting. The set-up is very straight forward. It's fine that the backlight doesn't stay on because my kids don't need to see what time it is during the night. They do love that the backlight is pink...it makes it kind of fun! The alarm tone is a "beep" and it seems to be just the right volume; it gets them right up, but isn't so loud that it wakes my baby in the room next door. I'm very happy with this purchase! 5
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