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Angel Dear Cuddle Twin Set, Pink Elephant

  • Angel Dear Cuddle Twin Set, Pink Elephant
  • Angel Dear Cuddle Twin Set, Pink Elephant

Angel Dear Cuddle Twin Set, Pink Elephant

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Perfect for newborn twins
  • Two identical Angel Dear Blankies
  • Polyester machine washable
  • Babies and mom's love them
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Customer Reviews

So relieved baby took to these lovies! I initially thought my baby wouldn't be attached to lovies or pacis until I found these!! She stopped using pacis once we started sleep training, so I needed something to help soothe her. Before she was 9 months, I was afraid to leave anything in her crib due to SIDs. However, once she turned 9 months I purchased a few expensive lovies on Etsy and she never grew attached to any of them. So I figured she just didn't prefer them.Since these got such great reviews, I decided to try them out and after a week or so she loves them!! It's great to have 2, and I actually leave both of them in the crib because she usually holds one of them when I pick her up and takes it to another room. Being absent minded and sleep deprived, there have been times where I forget that she brought her lovey out to the living room and as soon as I put her down in her crib for a nap I have that silent "oh shoot!!!" moment where there's no lovey in sight. And as soon as I find it and drop it in her crib, she is refusing to nap and cries extra hard to take her out of her crib! But now that I have the spare already in the crib, I no longer have those silent panic attacks or screaming baby.I also heard her wake up in the middle of the night, and checked the baby monitor. She was crawling around in circles trying to find her lovie in the dark. Once she found it, she cuddled it and was sound asleep! She's also not super attached to it where she carries it around everywhere but she loves having it to sleep. These are well worth the price, and are great quality for less than 10 a piece. My baby also loves biting on the bunny head and it doesn't shed stuffing or pill like some of her other stuffed animals do. I'm debating whether or not to buy another pack just to have around when we travel! 5Love, love, LOVE this LOVEY set! I had boy/girl twins back in January of 2012 and was given several "lovies" that I didn't register for. Of all of the lovies that I received, my daughter seemed to gravitate toward the Angel Dear Floppy Ear Pink Bunny. At the time, I wasn't sure if I wanted my baby girl to become attached to something that could get lost so easily. Once she started showing signs that she was really "needing" her lovey at naps and at night time, I began my search to find an identical "replacement" lovey....should it be needed. I am not about to lose something that makes her so happy!!! I ran across this set on Amazon during my search. Two matching lovies in one package!?!?! GENIUS!!! I ordered right away and added the two new lovies to my existing (and slightly worn) lovey. She now has three identical pink "bunny loves" that get washed and rotated on a regular basis (though I don't think she is aware there are three!) They wash well (I put them in a mesh lingerie bag), they are lightweight and super soft. I also bought my son the Brown Puppy set after seeing how great these turned out.The fact that there are about 37 different animals to chose from means that I will be buying this for all of my expecting friends in the future. My daughter is now 18 months and this is the one comfort item she loves. I am so grateful to have found this set on Amazon to ensure that she will have her "bunny love" for years to come! 5Perfect for us! July 17, 2015:My son LOVES these. He doesn't take a pacifier and has been 100% breastfed, so trying to find something that soothes him has been a challenge! He really likes the silky tags (there are three of them sewn in one place at the bottom of the blankie). The tags are VERY soft and he likes to rub them between his fingers or put them in his mouth and suck on them (silly, I know!). We have 4 dogs now and they get washed often. He holds them when I nurse him and goes to bed with them. They are well made and extremely soft and fuzzy. I'm impressed that the cloth remains fuzzy and soft even after multiple washes. When I've ordered them in the past, I open the packaging and tug on the nose and ears before washing them and giving them to my baby, just to make sure nothing is lose. I'm so thankful to have these and so glad my son loves them so much! (He has had one since he was about 4 months old. He's 13 months old now and loves them just as much!)**UPDATE: January 6th, 2019My son is now 4.5 years old, still has all 4 puppy blankies and all silky tags, ears, etc. are intact! And yes, he still sleeps with them. The brown ones are his favorite. :) 5Best "loveys" for baby -- and you really do need to buy at least two. We received several loveys as gifts at my baby shower, but my child eventually bonded with his Angel Dear brown puppy lovey. No other lovey would do because "Lovey Puppy" was so soft. When Lovey Puppy was accidentally torn to shreds by my mother-in-law's golden retriever, my child was devastated.Angel Dear no longer seem to sell the brown puppy lovey (I'm not sure why, because it was so cute), so I took a gamble and bought the twin pack of Angel Dear "Brown Bear" loveys from Amazon. When the package arrived just a couple of days later, he was so happy! Though the loveys were bears, not a puppy, it was the same color and felt soft, just like his Lovey Puppy did.Now we have two Lovey Bears, just in case one gets lost or needs a "bath". They wash up nicely in the washing machine, which is good because they do get stinky after awhile. We're also careful to keep them out of reach when grandma's real doggie comes to visit.If you're considering these as a shower gift, these loveys are adorable, and the package is soooo cute. It's also very forward-thinking to purchase the twin pack. New moms probably won't think of this, but they'll discover the benefits soon enough. (3-packs are also available for purchase with the cute name "A pair and a spare".) 5An excellent gift idea!! We LOVE LOVE LOVE our Angel Dear bunnies! We introduced these to my daughter within her first month. I would sleep with the lovie in hopes of getting my scent on it. My daughter is now three and she continues to be attached to her lovie. Luckily, she is getting a little bit more independent and wants to leave her lovie behind when she goes to pre-school and when she goes into the store. I bought this set of two since we had gotten down to one from the original three. Having the ability to buy more was exactly what we needed. Funny, when she was two, she made a comment about getting a 'clean' lovie. She had figured out that we were switching them. We still keep only one out for her to see at a time, but she knows that she has more than one and doesn't seem to mind. Lucky for us, since switching out the one old one with the two new ones didn't end up being an issue. With the first three, we were very very careful to cycle them all through equally in hopes of them all wearing about the same. Now we don't worry about it quite as much. 5Changed the fabric since 2012...feels different, cheaper The fabric and design has changed since we bought the same product back in 2012. I'm very sad that they changed it. Now the fabric is more slippery and slightly shiny, and the face is not as cute; it feels cheaper. It was supposed to be a replacement for a lost lovey, but my son has rejected this one because of the changes. 1Disappointing quality When I noticed my son was getting attached to his puppy lovey, I ordered a bunch of them so we would have extras in the inevitable case that he lost one (or two). I've been really disappointed with the quality of the latest ones I bought, though. One had its entire muzzle area come off after being washed once. I thought it was a fluke and sewed it back on. Just today I noticed that the ear on another one has come off. A couple of the others have loose, hanging strings; which I think is pretty unacceptable for a product meant for a baby/small child. We've had he new ones for only a few weeks, and they each have been washed 3-4 times at most. My son isn't particularly rough on them, either. 1The BEST baby blanky! And I've bought a lot!Since she was 4m, she always tried to cuddle with her blanket, and I was concerned about her covering her face with it, and can't breath...I tried a few blankies, and either they made noises (crinkle, rattle, squeak! ummm I'm trying to get a baby to go to bed?), the stuffed animal part was too heavy and she'll hold it up while half asleep, only to have it come crashing on her face, the placement of the stuffie was in a weird position, so not enough blanky' to actually use, not soft enough, etc etc.Well the pink bunny is absolutely PERFECT! She took to it RIGHT away, nap time, bed time, car ride, her blanky is there. The ridges on the blanky, the ears of the bunny, it's just perfect to chew on, suck on, toy with.Only negative is that it starts to look dingy after just a few months... Even the wash don't brighten them.. And it loses soft of its softness...My daughter is a year old...and so far I've bought her SEVEN of these blankies, the matching nap blanket, and the matching pillow!She does have reflux though, and so these go through the wash.. A LOT! Love them!And she looks absolutely adorable cuddling them too! 5My son has been carrying these for 4 years Good size soft material my son has been carrying this all of his life and he is now for he cannot go anywhere without his brownout and absolutely loves them that being said I've bought A3 pack when he was born then another additional 2 pack then another one pack and now I've got another 2Pac we cannot seem to keep up with the brown owls but they're extremely important to him he loves this product 5Super soft and comfy. Your kid will love it and you will need more than one!! Get the twin set for your kid or as a gift, not the single!! You kid will love these super soft and cuddly blankies sometime around a year old, and he or she will be super attached by 18-months. You will need more than one because there will inevitably be one in the wash or you can't find it before bedtime or nap time or it gets worn. We have 3 (got the single as a gift, bought the double pack as soon as my kid got attached) and I rotate between all 3 so that they all wear equally and that has been perfect for us. One always seems to be in the washable this little friend travels all over our house and sometimes is "hiding" at bedtime, so the third one comes in handy on those nights!! 5
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