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Angel Dear Pair and a Spare 3 Piece Blanket Set, Purple Hippo

  • Angel Dear Pair and a Spare 3 Piece Blanket Set, Purple Hippo
  • Angel Dear Pair and a Spare 3 Piece Blanket Set, Purple Hippo
  • Angel Dear Pair and a Spare 3 Piece Blanket Set, Purple Hippo

Angel Dear Pair and a Spare 3 Piece Blanket Set, Purple Hippo

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₪ 314.40 ₪ 524.00 You save: ₪ 209.60



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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • 14 Days Return

  • Perfect newborn gift
  • Three identical blankies
  • Polyester machine washable
  • Angel Dear imported
  • Approximate dimensions: 13"W x 13"H
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Customer Reviews

Amazing quality, lasts for years of loving.Our baby loves her stuffies. We nurse with these. I try to keep them rotated so they pick up scent at the same rate.Pretty good quality, although after a couple trips through the washer and dryer we did have one with damaged stitching around the head. Easy fix.Very clever product.Update March 2019: Baby is now 4 years old and firmly attached to her stuffy. We lost one sometime over the years but still have two, which I sneaky rotate occasionally to keep the same wear on them.She bites them (hard), sucks on the ears and nose (ugh), and is generally super tough loving on them, and they hold up! Her little brother also has a set (cows) and is just as intensely attached to his tees . It s adorable.Pictures are from this month. Great quality.5Loved by all 3 of my kidsI have a 3.5 year old toddler (who still sleeps with his angel dear frog lovey from when he was a baby), and 13 month old twins. They all sleep with and absolutely love their angel dear loveys. They are so soft!!! We ve had so many other loveys that we received as gifts, and the kids just never took to them. I cannot recommend them enough and I love to give them as baby shower gifts. It s important to buy more than one so you have a spare for when it s in the wash!!5Super soft, very breathable, my son loves it...but not great stitching on the faces.These are great...BUT...my little guy likes the chew on their faces. So, the stictching is all coming out. He still loves it, even after a year, but I am not happy with all the loose threads. Of course the muzzle is also hard as a rock and compressed from chewing and sucking, even with alternating them for even wear. but he loves it and won't sleep without his "Rory". I will probably buy another box soon, so put in storage for when he gets older so he can appreciate it.4Perfect loveyWe love our "doggies". Anyone that thinks they can live with less than 2 loveys is crazy. We've had nights when our son woke us up because he vomitted and doggie was disgusting. So we secretly swapped out the dirty one for a clean one and voila we had a satisfied son. We like that we have 3 since our son does regular sleep-overs at grandma's so one stays there. Sometimes we think we should get a fourth but so far 3 is sufficient for us (but it would be nice to have a 4th that could live in the diaper bag). I've washed these a few times and they seem to hold up very well in the wash/dryer. They are also small enough to travel with us (including in the diaper bag). The head is about the size of a tennis ball and the rest is a blanket that when scrunched up doesn't take much more room. The largest issue with any lovey is to make sure you don't forget it at home when leaving for overnight trips - having extras gives you more options on leaving one packed so its always with you when you go out.5Soft and cute!So glad I got these for my baby! We had been using a lovie that was gifted to us but we were never able to find a twin for it...out of fear that the baby would grow too attached to that one and we might lose it without a replacement, I bought these to add to the rotation. They are so soft and she loves them! I love that I have a spare that hasn t even been unwrapped and 2 to rotate from the crib to car seat, diaper bag, etc.5So comforting for babies and toddlersThis is our 2nd set and we love them. My baby didn't start using these until he was 6 months old (he didn't like them before). Now we keep one in his crib, one in the car and the other one he carries around with him. Or you can rotate them in and out of the washer! Also, very comforting for him to have his lovey at school with him. He is 15 months and just now starting to bite holes in the head of the lovey. Luckily the cottony inside doesn't come out super easy so I had time to see the hole before he could eat the insides. 10 months of constant use and just now breaking down (pretty good in my book).5I feel like I'm leaving him with a buddy now to keep ...It took a while to get my little guy to attach to his Angel dear but after consistently grabbing his lion everytime we went to soothe before his naps and bedtime he started to make the association. We did that for about a month. Now when I grab his lion and hand it to him, he gets excited, hugs and plays with him during soothing time. I feel like I'm leaving him with a buddy now to keep him company in his crib. Love these little guys! Wish I had gotten them for my first son. They seem durable too, unlike some of the other reviews I read before buying. I'm glad I went ahead and bought mine.5Three Pack's a Must for Babes on the MOoove!We got Mr. Cow. Or Mr. Moo. Or Mooie. He has been known by all three aliases. We bought these after my infant took so quickly to clutching her cousin's Angel Dear elephant (also totally precious) when she'd go down for a nap at her grandma's house and summer place. We soon learned that lovies, even at the young age of three months, were a BINGO for getting our endless nurser off the boob in less time. We chose moo-cows because heck, it's VT. Unlike giraffes, she's guaranteed to see a real one in her lifetime.It's soft, and lightweight, and easy to pack in a diaper bag, but also has some solidity in the head, and little nubby ears and corners of the blankie to suck on. She also likes to drape it over her face, as she gets older, when she's sleepy and seemingly wants to shut out the world. I love these things, and if you have a diaper bag that's constantly in use, or a caregiver that's not in your home, it's super helpful to have three - one that lives in the crib, one for her go-bag, and the constant 'in the wash' duplicate.5Fraternal, not identicalI was super excited to receive our Pair & a Spare yesterday. The cows are incredibly adorable, the blankets very soft and fairly breathable. Im giving them 3 stars only because the faces don't match. Which wouldn't matter, except I got these with the hope of using 1 lovey in his crib at home, 1 in his crib at grandma's (where he goes 5 days a week while mom n dad work) and 1 spare for if/when we lose one or when one's getting washed. I love love love the cows, but there's no way I'd be able to pass them off as the same lovey. Will be sending them back and ordering a non-patterned animal.3My daughters number one must haveSomebody told me to make sure whatever lovey my daughter attached to, buy alot of them. So I did. And then I bought another 1/2 dozen. And then thank goodness they came out with these 3 packs! My daughter loves them and can go no where without - especially to bed. The ones with the white face are much softer than the other all pink one. I know this because my daughter boycotts the all pink ones and ask for soft bun buns . I can t tell the difference, but she definitely can. Every night I watch her petting bun buns as she drifts to sleep.Luckily she s okay knowing there is more than 1, because you forget to grab something when you leave the house, and if it s bun buns then at least I know there s one at preschool, two at her dads and usually a spare in my glove compartment - as well as 2-3 hidden away at all times at home!5
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