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Attmu 50 Pcs Clear Heads Twist Pins for Upholstery, Slipcovers and Bedskirts, 0.5 Inches Bedskirt Pins (50 Pcs)

  • Attmu 50 Pcs Clear Heads Twist Pins for Upholstery, Slipcovers and Bedskirts, 0.5 Inches Bedskirt Pins (50 Pcs)
  • Attmu 50 Pcs Clear Heads Twist Pins for Upholstery, Slipcovers and Bedskirts, 0.5 Inches Bedskirt Pins (50 Pcs)
  • Attmu 50 Pcs Clear Heads Twist Pins for Upholstery, Slipcovers and Bedskirts, 0.5 Inches Bedskirt Pins (50 Pcs)
  • Attmu 50 Pcs Clear Heads Twist Pins for Upholstery, Slipcovers and Bedskirts, 0.5 Inches Bedskirt Pins (50 Pcs)
  • Attmu 50 Pcs Clear Heads Twist Pins for Upholstery, Slipcovers and Bedskirts, 0.5 Inches Bedskirt Pins (50 Pcs)

Attmu 50 Pcs Clear Heads Twist Pins for Upholstery, Slipcovers and Bedskirts, 0.5 Inches Bedskirt Pins (50 Pcs)

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • No More Sliding- These headliner pins are perfect to secure slipcovers, upholstery or bedskirts in place; No more sliding and slipping.
  • Package Included- Comes in 50 upholstery tacks per pack with 0.5 inches clear plastic heads.
  • Design Feature- The bed skirt pins can hold fabric secure to furniture without harming fabric.
  • Great Advantage- The furniture pins can be easy to remove. Keeps furniture arm covers in place, tighten baggy upholstered fabrics.
  • Wide Use Our upholstery pins are great for lightweight or medium fabric, couch cover, slipcover, bedskirt, sofa coverings
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Customer Reviews

Hold fabric in place if you use enough of them.Saw these many years ago, and have not had a use for them until now. Checked Amazon, and lo and behold, still available. Used them to attach arm caps on a sofa that is showing some wear on the arm portion where I always sit. To work properly, the screw wire must be firmly twisted in so that there is no give or it will pop out. I used about eight of them for one arm cap, and they are holding it in place beautifully. Also they are clear, so not really all that visible especially if you have a print fabric on your sofa. Highly recommend. 5Great little pins to secure fabric to furnitureI bought this to use for a new recliner cover The Original SOFA SHIELD Reversible Furniture Protector, Features Elastic Strap (Recliner Oversized: Hunter Green/Sage) to make the slip cover stay put. These pins worked!!! They are easy to screw on and off as long as you get it in and twist to the right direction (it is directional). They are pretty small, which is a good thing to remain less noticeable. I also used them to affix a bed cover to make it a fitted sheet. They went into the mattress without a hitch. 4Durable, quality made pins that hold up under a tad bit of sofa abuse lolI purchased these upholstery pins to adhere a sofa cover to my sofa. My 92" long sofa gave the cover the run for its money with the stretching of material to accommodate our sofa's size. To fully ensure the cover stayed in placed, I used these upholstery pins. Having never previously purchased an item like this, I was surprised by how tiny the pins are, and I was even more pleasantly surprised to find out how well they hold up!After I applied the pins, they stayed in place. They didn't cause any ripping of my sofa or the sofa cover, despite the material being so thinly stretched. I purchased these pins on July 2nd, and today is August 2nd. These pins are still securely in place! I know roughly 2 weeks doesn't seem like a sufficient time test; however, you don't know my household lol Although my fiance and I don't have any children, we do own 1 rambunctious 12-week old kitten, and 1 lazy 40 lb. beagle. Since our kitten is still under 2 lbs., she's too lightweight to significantly test these pins' durability. This doesn't stop her from using those adorable little claws to scale up the sofa like the little cliffhanger she is though. On the other hand, my beagle enjoys doing a little housekeeping of his spot on the sofa. By housekeeping, I mean digging into the cushions and roughly "fluffing" his spot for some adequate shut-eye. And although my household doesn't include children, I wouldn't necessarily claim my fiance and I are 24/7 adults either lol... we're guilty of flopping down on the sofa after working all day. We also nap on the sofa, including tossing and turning in our sleep. Basically I'm saying this sofa cover has had a challenging time lol Yet, these upholstery pins hold strong.I used about 1/3 of the 50 count package on a 92" long and 32" deep sofa. I haven't had any communications with the Attmu company, and so I can't provide any feedback on the quality of their customer service. All in all, my family gives these pins a 5-star rating!! 5the pins work fine, but for my needs it was a waste ...The pins I got were much shorter than advertised. It's disappointing because I ordered this item mainly because of the advertised length. They actually measure 0.56 inches long (9/16 of an inch) and not 0.75 inches as stated in the title. And that's measurement is the length including the plastic handle. If you count just the metal part of the pin, it's even shorter. Aside from the length, the pins work fine, but for my needs it was a waste of money. 2Worked well once I figured out the trickThe first couple of attempt to use them didn't work, the pin wires bent. A week later I tried again and realized the problem was i had been trying to push them in like straight pins the trick was to use an easy and slow touch, let them the tip lightly pierce the material then gently turn the heads to screw the pin in. I can't say for sure yet if they will leave the upholstery undamaged when i have the need totake them out. They likely won't as long as I remove them carefully, that was the case when removing my initial failed attempts 4Easy and effective.These work great to hold the bedskirt in place on our adjustable SleepNumber bed. I used nearly the entire pack of 50, evenly spaced around the bed with special attention to the corners. Pins were easy to install and have no apparent defects. I like that they re invisible unless you pull up the top layer of the bed, as shown in the first photo. 5Works for vehicle headliners!I am so glad i got these. I was initially unsure if these would actually work but grew tired of the headliner on my vehicle coming off and hanging down. If your like me and have had your vehicle a few years and constantly drive with windows down, then headliner deterioration is inevitable. These pins have a pig tail design that require you to poke, twist, and push in order to fasten the material. The pins feel very secure and snug. I dont think they will be going anywhere anytime soon, even with my windows down in drive mode. I hope these last a long time. I didnt plan carefully and rushed the placement of the pins on my headliner so some parts arent secured and there are also some wrinkles. Make sure you know the points that you want to pin as pulling out and re-pinning would mess the material up. Luckily, this order came with more than enough pins i need for now. 5These are very useful.I got these to stabilize my recliner cover that I bought at the same time. My experience with these covers is that they don't stay put. Every time you sit down or get out of the chair these types of covers move and shift and I was constantly rearranging and refitting my cover. These twist pins really work. The only time I mess with my cover now is when I take it off to wash it and when I put it back on. The pins feel a bit flimsy. I wish they were a tad bigger with a heavier gage pin. But they are a great improvement and none have broken or failed in any way yet. I recommend them. 4These are perfect! Those pesky sleeves on chairs stay in place ...These are perfect! Those pesky sleeves on chairs stay in place now...finally have thwarted the grandkids who all think they should come off! They are great for any kind of cover on upholstered furniture; they hold the item in place very well even with lots of "traffic". They are clear and very unobtrusive...they magically hold things in place! 5JUNK, JUNK, JUNK!! Turn, break, turn turn turn...As others have reviewed, these pins are truly JUNK! Using them to screw into very light, very porous foam board, at least 65% of these screws broke within the first second of use. Yes, I even pre-made entry holes. The steel screw shank is simply NOT FASTENED to the head, resulting in both the shank turning within the plastic head...and ever worse, the shank protruding out of the head resulting in a sharp protrusion from the head. I've used many of these type of screw pins...and these TRULY WERE THE WORSE PINS I HAVE EVER USED. AVOID AT ALL COSTS. 1
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