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Baby Einstein Star Bright Symphony Toy

  • Baby Einstein Star Bright Symphony Toy

Baby Einstein Star Bright Symphony Toy

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Follows your babys curious spirit wherever they go
  • Smiling star plays 6 classical melodies
  • Musical toy for on-the-go entertainment
  • Gentle lights dance to soothe baby. Benefits - grasping and teething
  • Powered by 2AA batteries
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Customer Reviews

Update: paint peeled off toyUpdate: when I first received this toy in November it was great because it played different songs and was colorful. Not to mention my daughter loved to play with it, unfortunately I no longer feel this toy is safe. I began noticing that the paint on the face of the toy was fading. When I rubbed my fingers on it I realized the paint was peeling off!!! My daughter is seven months old and put everything in her mouth so who knows if or how much of that paint went into her mouth. Hazardous, would not recommend. 1Perfect for babies who hate the carseatFor whatever reason, my baby absolutely looooves Baby Einstein music and it's the only thing that will calm her down when she's freaking out in the carseat. I used to have the mini take-along musical toy (which is great), but since she hasn't figured out how to push the button yet, someone has to be there to restart the music every few seconds - not ideal when it's just me (driver) and baby in the car. The star will play music if she shakes it (honestly, not sure if she does it on purpose to start the music or she's just shaking it because that's what she does to toys, but either way it keeps the music going and keeps her happy), or if you put it on the continuous setting (the music goes for 10-15 min). Many have complained about paint coming off - I haven't noticed this yet but will update if it starts happening. 5Paint comes off/fades, still very entertaining for babyMy baby loves this star. It kept her very entertained and distracted. It has a good range of songs and the volume is very decent. It has two modes, one where it will react to the baby's touch, and one continuous mode which plays for about 15 minutes. This would have been a very easy 5 star rating except 2 major problems I ended up having with it. Problem 1: the paint faded/came off. I don't like the thought that my baby might have ingested the paint. I also don't like the thought that I got this for my baby when she was only 3 months old and it faded away only after about 2 months of use. Problem 2: It's not very easy to clean. They instructed you wipe it down with a warm cloth and mild soap but I feel like that doesn't do the job well enough. The arms of the star absorb so much drool because the baby will chew and the arms. Spot cleaning or doing whatever method they suggest, just isn't enough, and you can't just toss this toy into the washer. I wish they made the arms detachable.So even with those two major problems, I would still recommend this. For its price, its well worth because you can't expect every toy to last forever and it has been very entertaining for my baby. 3... smaller than what I was expecting but overall wasn't bad I keep it attached to my daughter car seat ...It's smaller than what I was expecting but overall wasn't bad I keep it attached to my daughter car seat and it keep her entertain while in the car and I do like that it has the parent option where I can just leave it on and not worry about it turning off or shaking it to make it come on. So it's like a hands free toy that will keep my daughter entertain until see gets bored or the batter runs out which ever come first. 4Second one that hasn't worked..This baby toy is great.. when it works. I bought it two months ago and when it arrived one of the lights didn't work. Okay, no problem. I ship it back and buy a new one. I've had the new one almost two months and now all of the sudden it skips. Like a CD that's scratched. I changed the batteries. Nothing.My son has never spit up on it, it's never been wet and and 4 months that old so it's not like he hit it too hard. I'm very upset about it because now I'm shipping back another one and I'm without my little guys favorite toy... 1DangerousI wanted to give this toy five stars because it plays music, has lights, and hangs from my baby's car seat handle. Unfortunately, the paint started coming off when my son put his mouth on it! I'm shocked that it happened, and I'm disappointed in Baby Einstein for making a toy that could potentially be dangerous. Attached is a photo 1**BE AWARE: BLACK EYES AND MOUTH CAME OFF, RIGHT ONTO MY SON'S HANDS***BE AWARE*: My son LOVES this little star! It's soft and lights up and we attached it to his jumper and stroller, etc. He would smile nonstop at it. I would have certainly gave it 5 stars...until this week when my son began drooling and the wetness from his mouth (or the coconut oil that was on his face) allowed the black on the stars eyes and mouth to come off and right onto my son's hands as he was playing with it (I WAS SHOCKED). He has played with this toy so many times and it never happened. When I realized what was happening, I had to rush to wash his hands before the black residue went into his mouth or on his face. Unfortunately, I had to take it away from him. SEE ATTACHED PICTURE. 4Sad replacement for the originalI bought this to replace the original on a Baby Einstein Play Gym and I wish I could have fixed the original it was 100% better then this star. The music is very annoying and it's nearly impossible to distinguish which classical songs it is playing and the flashing lights are way to fast. I also really dislike the way that this one attaches, the original attached so on the top of the gym so when baby was laying down he could look up at it, this one the attachment is at the top of the star not the back so it hangs awkwardly and is hard for baby to see. It might have been good to attach to a car seat if the music was not so horribly annoying. 2Great for kids who are trying to assassinate your eardrums!I bought this for my six week old at the time, who rivals Kim Kardashian when it comes to demanding attention. Generally, toys don't seem to entertain her any longer than the time it takes me to walk away and get right into the middle of doing something. At that point in time I'm not sure if she wants the entire state to know what I'm making for dinner or if she's trying to knock satellites out of the sky with a supersonic pitch, but regardless, I never wind up accomplishing any task.However, this toy has been an absolute God send. She'll sit for a solid 20 minutes just staring it down (20 minutes = 2 hours for a new mom who has too much to get done) and it also helps put her to sleep. I did notice today that one section of the song kept repeating, like the memory card glitched and got stuck on the same fragment. I pulled out my cell phone at that very moment to look into buying another one while simultaneously praying to the toy gods that it began to work again properly. It did, but after I spoke nicely to it and knocked it against a table a few times-- how else do you fix things? (That works on men, too).I don't know what it is about the toy that's so attractive to her, but she loves it and it captivates her, thus I've looked into other Baby Einstein toys to see if they have the same knack or not. I've tried Bright Starts toys but they don't seem to be as appealing yet.So, regardless of the negative reviews, I'll happily purchase a 100 of these if the previous 99 break just to keep my kid happy for a few minutes. 5Great toy.I gave this to my one year old daughter as a Christmas present and it's probably one of the best toys I bought her. She loves it! I have it attached to her pack and play and she loves watching it while I change her diaper. The velcro loop makes it super easy to attach anywhere. There is no volume control but it's not too loud or quiet.I love that I can turn it on and it will play for a few minutes and shut off on it's own. The music is nice, not annoying like some other musical toys.Great value for the price. I'd definitely recommend. 5
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