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Bartelli Soft Edge Safety Can Opener and Bottle Opener

  • Bartelli Soft Edge Safety Can Opener and Bottle Opener
  • Bartelli Soft Edge Safety Can Opener and Bottle Opener
  • Bartelli Soft Edge Safety Can Opener and Bottle Opener
  • Bartelli Soft Edge Safety Can Opener and Bottle Opener
  • Bartelli Soft Edge Safety Can Opener and Bottle Opener
  • Bartelli Soft Edge Safety Can Opener and Bottle Opener
  • Bartelli Soft Edge Safety Can Opener and Bottle Opener

Bartelli Soft Edge Safety Can Opener and Bottle Opener

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₪ 160.00 ₪ 266.00 You save: ₪ 106.00



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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Innovative no-squeeze cutting mechanism automatically locks onto the can and cuts around the side leaving no sharp edges on the can or lid^Features a no-squeeze single handle design
  • a large easy to turn knob
  • and a built-in bottle opener^High quality stainless steel blade quickly and effortlessly opens cans of any size
  • no strenuous squeezing required^Perfect for individuals with arthritis or hand pain
  • no strenuous gripping and squeezing required^Creates an easily re-sealable lid with a safe smooth edge
  • great for keeping food covered while preparing a meal
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Customer Reviews

Great item once you figure it out!Had to read and reread the instructions. While it even gives you a picture of how to hold the CanOpener with the can it's not really that easy to figure it out. BUT, once you've got it it is really fabulous. I love the way it takes the top off the can itself. Absolutely no sharp edges what so ever if you don't have just five minutes in your life to figure it out, just don't buy it! 4Simple and elegantI bought this based on the great reviews and was not disappointed.It s a one piece design that works a little differently than the openers you clamp on the can, but it easy to get used to and works very well. Makes a perfect cut so you can reattach the lid and there are no sharp edges.I sure hope it lasts many years. 5Best can opener ever. Period.I see this is currently unavailable at Amazon so I'm glad I got one while I could. I got frustrated by several can openers in the drawer, none of which worked well, so I bought several new ones to see which would do the best job. This is the clear winner. No clamping, no muss, no fuss, just place it on the top of the can, turn the knob and lift the top away from the can by the edge. The lid never goes into the food and there are no sharp edges. In fact if you don't know the "secret" you won't even believe that you opened the can until you turn it upside-down and everything spills out all over the counter. (Since it cuts around the edge, not the top you have to use a fingernail to lift the top of the can off by the edge.) 5Not good for arthritic hands. Love this style opener (uncrimping vs cutting lid).I started noticing on my old can opener that food particles were clinging onto the blade and chunks were falling off the next time I opened a can, plus the handle was broken, so I finally decided to see what else is out there. I can't believe this Bartelli can opener is so simple mechanically, why don't all can openers use this method to avoid those sharp edges? I love how clean the lid uncrimps and lifts off. My husband was unaware that these types of openers existed and when he opened his first can, he was completely amazed and loves this new method. The bottle opener is also a nice bonus, since ours seem to always walk off and disappear so now we have a secure one that will stick around in the kitchen.I had some difficulty removing the can lid from the opener after my first few cans, but my husband quickly remedied that by turning the handle backwards and that somehow released it. My only other negative point about the opener is that it does take at least 10 lbs of muscle strength to turn the handle, and for someone who might be arthritic, I could see this tool being a little difficult to work. Arthritic folk should probably get an electronic version instead, or anyone thinking of buying this for someone who might have this issue. 4Best can opener ever?We've had this can opener for a year and a half now and we love it. I just ordered two more for our kids. It's easy to use and seems to be indestructible. As advertised, it opens cans by raising the seal at the top of the can, leaving no sharp edges. The top just pops right off. No more ragged metal. No more grungy blades. No more half-cut tops that you have to pry open with a knife or screwdriver. Best can opener we've ever owned. 5I was pleasantly surprised Can Opener works great with little effortIt is working great and so smooth. I expected it to tear the paper from the can but that did not happen. It was surprising that it was working when I wasn't sure that it was, then wow, the lid was ready to be removed. A smooth operator for people like me that still like to use a manual can opener. Guessing the bottle opener will work just as good if not better. Nice design!! My kitchen now has a new cool gadget that works fantastic. 5Not Long LastingI bought this opener 10/2015. In the beginning, it took a while getting used to handling. My son and husband still can't get the hang of opening cans with this opener. I liked it a lot because there were no sharp can edges. The opener lasted 1 year and approx. 3 mos before it started dulling and losing its cutting edge. Would not purchase again. 3Awesome, hope it lastsAlthough I have only opened a few cans so far, I am pleased with the operation of this opener. It is easy to use and I love that the lid doesn't get pushed into the can. It is a very clean method of opening cans and I am impressed with how easy it is to use. I'm not sure if they are making cans, or can openers differently but a regular can opener no longer cuts completely around the cans (I've tried several) so I have to use a utensil to pry the lid open enough to empty the contents.I hope this opener lasts, because it is awesome right now! 5That could be due to the old opened becoming dull, but turning this opener is quite easyMy immediate impressions:This is noticeably easier to turn than an old Chefmate safety opener this is the replacement for. That could be due to the old opened becoming dull, but turning this opener is quite easy.Getting the device to lock onto the lid is deceptively easy. People have complained about it, but this is my first no-squeeze opener, and I didn't even think about it.So far, I'm happy with the purchase. A more expensive opener was actually recommended, but all of these safety openers apparently dull at some point, and this is 1/3rd the price of the more expensive opener, which means I can replace it three times if it happens to give me any problems. At this point, I can't imagine why I'd ever want to replace it. No complaints at all. 5Best can opener I've ever owned!My electric can opener just up and died one day (like the previous one I had), so I did some research on electric and manual can openers before purchasing the Bartelli Soft Edge Safety Can Opener and am glad I did. I appreciate the safety feature of not having sharp edges, and one can even 'reseal' the removed lid if you do not use all the contents. It is super easy to engage (unlike electric ones I have used) and easy to turn which is important as I have stiff hands. Also has a bottle opener! I liked it so much I just bought two more for my nieces as apartment housewarming gifts. Am considering buying a fourth one for work. Great quality for it's price too! 5
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