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Better Houseware 1485/W Small Sink Protector Grid, White

  • Better Houseware 1485/W Small Sink Protector Grid, White

Better Houseware 1485/W Small Sink Protector Grid, White

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Handy sink protector to prevent scratches and nicks
  • Vinyl coated wire to let dishes drain properly
  • Open center to remove sink drainer
  • Made of steel and designed not to rust
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Customer Reviews

Sturdy but not as good as the old RubbermaidReview for the small size in black and I can't believe I'm reviewing a sink rack. I'm giving this rack four stars because it's pretty sturdy with adequate thicker metal rods and it seems decently made - time will tell how it holds up but initially it seems like the closest replacement for the good old Rubbermaid style that isn't really around anymore. That said, two big complaints: 1) the coating on this is not grippy like the normal rubbery vinyl stuff, but rather a somewhat hard plastic dip coating, so it slides way too easily in the sink. I have some silicone tubing that is the right size so I may split some pieces to try as gripper feet and see how that does, but it's one more thing to lose down the drain and be sure to keep clean. - could try dabs of silicone instead. 2) While the rods are well arranged and situated to make a smooth top surface, mine came with a sharp cut edge/nub on one side which was uncoated and would rust quickly. Took just a couple minutes to smooth it with a dremel and coat it a couple times with a black industrial paint pen - could use a tiny dab of silicone, too. I suspect that the factory tacks on an extra wire for clamping while they go through the dip process and then snip it off once the racks have dried...but that is a manufacturing shortcut that isn't very acceptable for products in contact with food and water, imho. Rubbermaid had a similar process but they took the time to finish the cut ends and coat them. Sizing is accurate, just a touch smaller than Rubbermaid by about 5/16" in both dimensions and sits about 1/8" higher (a good change, albeit small). All in all a good rack on initial impression, minus the non-grippy aspect. Overpriced but I hear they sometimes go on sale here for quite a bit less. They come without any package or covering so the amount of shelf/box wear must vary - mine was minimally scuffed, not enough to worry about. 4Far Better Than the others so farReally nice product and heavy duty. I had another brand that looked similar for 2 years in my deep porcelain sinks and they were somewhat flimsy. Then later the rubber coating began to peel exposing the wire frame which quickly rusted and began to stain the corners of my sinks where they rest on the porcelain. So it was time to order new ones and I saw someone write a review on the old products review page that these Better Houseware Sink Protectors are higher quality for just a bit more in cost. So I checked it out and bought them and ABSOLUTELY. They are very substantial and hold up brilliantly under heavy dishes and are a very good looking product in the sink. The other ones were not awful, these are just way better. I hope they hold out way better too, time will tell. 5A must have for porcelain sinks!I have a love/hate relationship with my kitchen sink. It's white porcelain coated cast iron and when it's clean, it looks beautiful and I love it. Keeping it clean and beautiful is what I hate! Putting anything glass or ceramic into it is nothing short of terrifying; one wrong move and you're cleaning up shards of glass. My sink has claimed so many glasses that I started buying them by the case! Then there's the fact that anything metal leaves marks all over the bottom that have to be scrubbed off. Every time I washed a pot or pan, I'd have to spend the same amount of time scrubbing the marks off the sink!But not anymore! This rack is very sturdy and fits my sink perfectly. Be sure to measure your sink before ordering! I've washed my largest pots many times and not one mark on the sink bottom. I don't cringe when someone places a dish or glass in the sink anymore and we haven't had a single casualty since I got this. It's super easy to clean and doubles as a drying rack when I have multiple pots to wash. I place a towel under it and leave it on the counter while I finish cleaning up the rest of the kitchen. Highly recommended! 5Great Set of Racks!I have a double sink and desperately needed new protectors. The ones sold in stores now are flimsy plastic that are not high enough off the sink bottom, so food gets stuck. These ones are perfect height. I ordered 2 of the small and they fit perfectly. 5hard to find in this sizeNot sure why a reviewer would give a product a poor review because they failed to measure their sink before they purchased, but I guess it happens. I am very happy with this product. I bought a similar product (another brand) just a year or two ago but the plastic coating was already starting to peal off, while my previous one lasted at least 5 years. This product appears to be well made, so time will tell. This sink protector is taller than any other that I have purchased and now that I've been using it, I like that feature; stray vegetables and things go right into the strainer, rather than getting wedged under the sink protector. And although taller than most sink protectors, it does not sag under typical usage conditions. Surprisingly, this is a very difficult size to find in plastic coated wire; I presume because most people have double sinks or very large single bowls now -- while my sink size was typical many years ago. Overall, this is a nice product and I'm very satisfied. 5Poor workmanship!This my second rack in a week. It was a replacement for a previous one that started rusting after only 9 days. I inspected it upon opening and it appears to be more damaged than the first. Any microscopic hole or scratch in the vinyl is a guarantee it will rust. This one has at least 5 pinholes and 2 scratches through the vinyl. I wish quality control would check these out thoroughly before shipping. It does not seem cost effective to continually replace something needlessly. I just want a decent product. 1Another great set of stock racksI purchased a white set of these a couple years ago. The plastic finally started to deteriorate & the rust began. So I purchased a grid like set to replace them. Unfortunately they did not fit my sink like these do. I was so disappointed as the grids were just what I was looking for to keep stuff from falling through. So I returned the others & bought two more of these in black. Same great quality & easy to clean. I do wish they had criss cross grids though, so my silverware & straws wouldn't fall through. Would definitely recommend for sinks that kind of slope in towards the drain. 5Measure your sinkBe careful of the sizing. You need to measure the bottom of your sink rather than the top. 3Very strong!I wish I'd bought these things a long time ago. They sure simplify the job of simply putting a bowl, spoons and forks, etc., Our sink bowls are basically that - BOWLS! Put something in there and its immediately on its way to the drain - (Don't get me started on the disposer)Now, why not FIVE stars. Both of them are even now beginning to rust at the point where they were separated from the manufacture line. That tiny spot received no protective coating. HEY! I'll handle the rust issue myself when the time comes. I'm not giving these things up anytime soon.The second issue is the center holes do not match my sink. MY FAULT! I should have thought of it beforehand. 4and it is really sturdy. Sturdier than the Rubbermaid item I bought at ...I'd rate it higher but mine arrived with center portion welded off center, at an angle rather than perpendicular to sides as photo shows. HOWEVER, the coating was complete, and it is really sturdy. Sturdier than the Rubbermaid item I bought at the same time. (Also cost more, but if 100% ok, may be the better value.) Thicker wire. I had to contact Amazon about this one, but I'd probably recommend this one again. I bought it because I could only find one color of Rubbermaid (white) and wanted a different color for our kosher kitchen to differentiate between the dairy items and the meat items. End of long story. Buy it. I can't believe they all are off center. 3
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