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Better Houseware 1496.6 Beverage Can Dispenser, Chrome

  • Better Houseware 1496.6 Beverage Can Dispenser, Chrome
  • Better Houseware 1496.6 Beverage Can Dispenser, Chrome
  • Better Houseware 1496.6 Beverage Can Dispenser, Chrome
  • Better Houseware 1496.6 Beverage Can Dispenser, Chrome
  • Better Houseware 1496.6 Beverage Can Dispenser, Chrome

Better Houseware 1496.6 Beverage Can Dispenser, Chrome

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Neat and efficient
  • Can be used in refrigerator, cabinets and closets
  • Made of polished chrome
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Customer Reviews

You can do better I had really low expectations for this item. I mean, I just wanted something that held sodas in the refrigerator... not looking for a miracle here. I can easily say that this thing is so far from what it should be it is ridiculous. Where do I start?#1 I didn't notice, but it holds 10 sodas and you can stick an eleventh one on the bottom row. But really? Not a 12 pack, just seems a bit odd. This isn't a deal breaker, but it just seems like this purpose built device should handle the defacto standard on how sodas/beer is sold.#2 The back edge catcher doesn't always catch the soda. So when filling the first time, the #2 soda shot off the back and landed against the back wall of the refrigerator. Maybe Diet Coke isn't within their specs?#3 The very first can turned 90 degrees as it was feeding in. The only way this can happen is if the tray is too wide - had they designed this for STANDARD coke/beer cans, this wouldn't be an issue. I can stick my pinky between the cans and the sides. This needs to be more like a few millimeters, but it is cheaper to manufacture when the tolerances aren't a part of the design - so I am betting they just sized it up a rediculous amount rather than specifiying this.#4 You'd think the weight of the beverages would hold it in place, but it doesn't. My refrigerator has glass shelves, this thing is all over the place - regardless of how many cokes are in there. 3 pennies worth of rubber would fix this.Keep shopping, skip this dud. Why isn't there a zero stars? 1Def worth the price. Not perfect, but perfectly useable. I bought more of the same type if that says anything. As another reviewer posted, the biggest issue, since it is made from a wire frame, is that it can arrive through the mail slightly out of alignment. It's easily straightened should this occur. The second issue is, when empty, and since it's a wire frame, filling it with the initial cans when empty, can cause it to jump around on glass refrigerator shelves. I will shortly be buying a third one. 4Good. Still learning the drop and roll. Works well and appears to be sturdy construction. If you are loading it from empty you can't just roll them in the top and let them go. They will get turned around in the back. Seems like it could use a bit more guidance on the fall and roll. 4Terrible I am so disappointed. This is too big. It is wider than a soda can so they don t slide nicely at all. When you load it the cans will turn and slide sideways. It is really frustrating and makes this more annoying than useful. 1Not for the home that consumes a lot of soda I got this for my recent fridge reorganization, I got tired of all my cans rolling to the back of the fridge being lost forever.This works well for me because I only drink about 2 sodas a week or less, but if you are a high volume soda drinking home I would look for something nicer.Positives:Keeps all the cans in one place, and organizedEasy to useFits nicely in fridgeCons:Flimsy constructionDoes not fit accommodate 12 cans as easily as it shouldHave had cans fall off the back and top 3Gets the job done It works pretty well. As other reviews have stated, it can sort of bounce as cans fall to the lower level, which sounds terrible on glass shelves. Cans can also fall off the track when going from the top to bottom level. Both of these issues can be minimized if you refill before the bottom row is empty. It only holds 10 cans (you can place an 11th can on top of the 1st two cans). It seems that all of these can dispensers have bad reviews, so I would recommend this one since the issues can pretty easily be overcome. 4Poorly engineered The concept is good. However in use the product is terrible. 1st if you have glass shelves they slide all over the place. need some type rubber stabilizer. They are extremely hard to load even though it looks simple. The backstop allows the drinks to jump out the back each time you remove one from the front. The backstop should be longer and curved over the top rack. I purchased 3 of them to cover the width of my shelves. I plan to make a few engineering changes and I'm sure they will work fine. But as is I would not recommend. 1Not the greatest! I really wanted this to work so I took a chance despite some of the bad reviews. Yes, it is a perfect size for not-so-deep refrigerators. No, it's not engineered well. I agree with other reviewers that the can-loading isn't easy. The back side isn't designed well enough for the cans to roll correctly into place. The cans tend to turn and get jammed so you have to reach all the way back and re-position the can in order to load the remaining cans.The item is not perfect but it's a great concept. Not worth what I paid. Maybe worth half of that with the flaws that it has. It wasn't utmost on my mind and I missed my return window so I'm stuck with it now. 2Looks good but doesnt work I bought 4 of these. 3 of the 4 don't work. The cans do not flow down as they should. when you take a drink out it rolls to the opening and then stands up therefore blocking and of the rest from moving forward. They are apparently not level therefore creating a useless flow. I am returning 3 of the 4 that don't work. 1This product has its ups and downs. In theory this is great and I have been looking for one of these for my firdge for a while. This particular model is not the proper size for soda cans. First off it only holds 10 cans, not the standard 12 you would get in a case. Second, it is too wide, I can fit several small fingers between the cans and the wire on the sides. Third, the back of the dispenser is not quite the right size for soda cans as well. Sometimes they drop down all willie-nillie and get jammed in the back. Last, the front bar that holds the bottom can in place is not quite wide enough, meaning sometimes the can slides out sideways. With all those problems, I still prefer this model to the pervious one (I purchased the CAPCO brand which shot the soda cans out with so much force they flew across the room). Until I find a better model this one will have to do. It is still better than nothing, as I need some kind of organization. 3
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