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BioBag Compostable 3 Gallon Food Waste Bags - 100ct

  • BioBag Compostable 3 Gallon Food Waste Bags - 100ct
  • BioBag Compostable 3 Gallon Food Waste Bags - 100ct
  • BioBag Compostable 3 Gallon Food Waste Bags - 100ct
  • BioBag Compostable 3 Gallon Food Waste Bags - 100ct
  • BioBag Compostable 3 Gallon Food Waste Bags - 100ct
  • BioBag Compostable 3 Gallon Food Waste Bags - 100ct

BioBag Compostable 3 Gallon Food Waste Bags - 100ct

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Contains 4 boxes of 25 bags each - 100 bags total
  • Certified compostable by the Biodegradable Products Institute to meet the ASTM D6400 standard
  • Fits most kitchen countertop composting pails
  • Made from plants, vegetable oils and Mater-Bi; contains no polyethylene
  • Star sealed bags are gathered at the bottom for extra strength and breathability
  • Certified Non GMO
  • These bags breathe without leaking, but may form condensation in a closed container
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Customer Reviews

Work pretty well. I've seen complaints that they disintegrate and ...Work pretty well. I've seen complaints that they disintegrate and not sure what people expect from a product that is bio-degradable. What part of degradable do they not understand? It's actually a testament that they work! We have a small dedicated bin which we line with these bags. They will last us about a week or sometimes week and a half before they start to dissolve. It's mostly from liquid so we try to put things like used napkins at the bottom to absorb some of the liquids from things like fruit or coffee grounds and they will last a bit longer. If they eat through the bag we just dump the whole bin and clean it out; no big deal. 5(sometimes) Trash.I've edited this review because apparently production process allows for much variation. The second box of these bags was much sturdier than the first. They still sweat, and they're still a little fragile, but manageable.The dimensions are still a problem, they are too short vs tall and fall into the bins I've used. The only way they're useful to me is without a bin. I leave a bag on the counter and spin it open/closed as I use it. I try to take the bags down every day or two, before they fill enough to cause problems.Doing it that way, I throw out a lot of bags for the volume of compost, which is doubly troubling since they're not good for composting, I hear.Below is the first review, which applies to the whole first box of bags.---------------------------------------------These bags fail in so many ways. They sweat and leak, so you still need to rinse your bin and wipe down everything these bags touch. As soon as they get wet they soften and you can't fill them anywhere near capacity or they'll rip and spill rotten plant-guts all over your self and floor. At first I double-bagged, but that didn't help, both bags get soft and come apart. Then I began using a fresh bag to carry down the one to be dumped, and that's better, but that method only makes these things a bit better than catastrophically bad, and they still can rupture if you're not careful.OK, so the mission of the biodegradable bag does put some constraints on the product. But much of the failure is just stupid design. Like, these bags are about as wide as they are tall, so everything falls out if you set it on a counter top or hold one edge in hand and try to fill it. Even if you spin the bag to twist the top closed, when you set that down the bag is so wide vs tall that it spreads out and unwinds itself, and spills all over.I think these things would work OK if you never filled them over 10% capacity and if you empty the bin every day.Also, 3 gallons is a joke. 3 gallons theoretical, edge-to-edge, wide-open. If you want to hang the edges over a bin and then close the bag later, 1 gallon max. If you want to have wet materials in the bag for a day and not have it pop when you carry it then half a gallon is too much. 3OK, but could be improvedThese bags work, but I have two concerns. First, the bags are not very sturdy and I have found it better to pad the bottom of the bag with a couple of paper towels as I put the bag in the container I use. Then I only fill the bag about 2/3 to 3/4 full. Second, I find the bags hard to tie. I wish there were long flaps on opposing sides of the bag to make it easier to knot and tie. For future purchases, I will look for easier tying bags - if they exist. 3Serves the purposeThese bags serve the purpose, but they are hard to separate and open. There was no tie or way to seal the bag. I have to twist the top and make a knot in is so the food won't fall out in the container we have to put it in. This reduces the amount of food I can put in as I need to leave part of the bag empty so I can tie it. It also doesn't hold much weight-we can fill part of the bag and it is too heavy to safely put more stuff in. I can go through 2 or more bags a day. 3Fruit flies love theseUsed to like these at first, but then learned they aren't really compostable - which maybe I misunderstood that they are. And they leak through the bag. A lot. And attract fruit flies. Since we have to empty the bags into the compost bin, anyway... if we use them, we've switched to just using the plastic bags that we get for produce from the grocery store. We got such a large quantity of these bags for compost... would only use them in an emergency. They will last forever. 1I hate these bags with a passion...I started out composting using Bag to Nature bags. They're a little pricier than the Biobags, so I thought I'd give the Biobags a try. I stupidly ordered this four-pack of the bags, and have regretted that decision for months. I hate everything about these bags. They almost immediately cling to my countertop compost container, and within a day or two they leak liquid out the bottom. Most of the time, I end up having to pour the contents of the bag, and the bag itself, out of my compost container and into a second bag in order to take the compost to my outdoor bin. It is well worth the extra money spent to stick with the Bag to Nature bags. 1Fairly delicate and definitely biodegradable, wish they were a little sturdier and less prone to leaking.They are definitely bio-degradable, so much so that they don't even last a full week before they need to be tossed, so be aware. Such thin material that opening the bags is a minor challenge. There really isn't much option in bags this size that I've found, so I use them. They so consistently leak before I get a chance to change them, I'm always rinsing/washing/drying the waste container after emptying it. Guess that's the price we pay for "recyclable" products. I'm spoiled by traditional plastic bags' relative sturdiness, I suppose. 3Weaker than tissue paperI thought this was a great idea. I use compostable litter for my cats but the trash guy insists I bag it. I bought these thinking that it would be a great way to keep everything compostable. What a mistake. They are flimsier than tissue paper. 5/10 times, they tear just from opening them. Then, they tear when I put ANYTHING in them. If I try to carry them out to the trash bin holding them from the top, the bottom just falls right out. I have to carefully cradle them in both hands, and then gently place the bag in the bin or it'll break, leaving kitty poop on my driveway. I'd be better off using tissue paper to bag my litter. At least it has a little more strength to it. These are worthless. 1... by our city when we opted into the green waste program, so I knew they were probably among ...We were given a small amount of these bags by our city when we opted into the green waste program, so I knew they were probably among the better products on the market. I like that they are somewhat sturdy since I'm not trying to compost them myself and would like them to hold up to the leftovers that we throw in every couple of weeks without falling apart. I've only had it disintegrate in our kitchen compost pail twice, both times because we were being a little foolish about the water content vs time table until taking it out to the green bin outside. This was also a decent deal for getting enough bags to last over a year at our current usage rate (about one a week). 5Told by Waste Management these bags won't decomposeHave been using these for over year only to find out that they WON'T COMPOST.Attached is a notice sent by my local waste management company telling residents to NOT use these biodegradable bags because "the polymers used to bind the bag do not decompose within the time and temperature conditions under which Oro Loma's green waste is composted. These bags must be picked out manually from the food scraps that Waste Management collects, and discarded as trash."Local Waste Management advises us to use paper bags, folded newspaper, empty milk carton or take-out containers.If you really want to give these bag a chance, check with your local Waste Management first. 1
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