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Black Diamond Spot Headlamp, Black, One Size

  • Black Diamond Spot Headlamp, Black, One Size
  • Black Diamond Spot Headlamp, Black, One Size
  • Black Diamond Spot Headlamp, Black, One Size
  • Black Diamond Spot Headlamp, Black, One Size

Black Diamond Spot Headlamp, Black, One Size

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • One Quad Power LED and one Double Power white LED emit 300 lumens. Max Distances : [High] 80 m; [Low] 16 m. Max Burn Time : [High] 30 H (est.); [Low] 175 H (est.)
  • Settings include full strength in proximity and distance modes, dimming, strobe, red night-vision and lock mode
  • PowerTap Technology allows instant transitioning between full and dimmed power
  • Brightness Memory allows you to turn the light on and off at a chosen brightness without reverting back to full power
  • Waterproof; Protected against water immersion down to >1m (3.3 ft) for 30 minutes (IPX 8)
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Customer Reviews

Well built, bright and comfortable.Have owned a fair number of headlamps over the years. This is the best one so far. The control is a little weird getting to the setting I want but offset by the performance and comfort. The next model up was even more powerful but I wanted a decent light for chores around the house and this fits the bill. It uses 3 aaa batteries instead of the next model's four so lighter on the forehead. The LED puts out plenty of light on high although the passive white (whatever it is called) is not super bright but no problem I just need a bright light for tasks and this has the added bonus of being dimmable. The singe strap is great instead of the 3-way strap of my other currently working light. The angle adjustment is firm and the light does not bounce when pushed downward unlike two other brands (that went back for being so uncomfortable and heavy). This unit is twice the price of those but well worth it to have a light that is comfortable and performs. Counting on it being durable as well, to be determined. 5Good head lamp but a word of caution on water resistance.This headlamp is well built and pretty bright. However, with only a single physical button, its operation beyond simple on and off is a bit complicated. You will want to keep the quick reference guide handy for the various options and adjustments. I do like the fact that you can tap the side of the headlamp (not a physical button) to toggle max brightness. One very important thing to note is that even though the rest of the headlamp is hermetically sealed for water resistance, the battery compartment is not. So if you ever get it wet, you need to open the battery compartment, take out the batteries, and let everything dry out. If you do not do this, the battery terminals WILL corrode. This is an oversight on Black Diamond's part in my view. They could have engineered it so that the battery compartment is water resistant as well. For this, I'll remove one star. That aside, I really like it! 4Yellow spot in middle of white spot beam!I love these headlamps. I have a 4 year old one that is perfect, but has been dropped numerous times and has cracks in the lens and housing. BD, please design to higher shock loadings. It still works perfectly, but I am worried about its waterproofness with the cracks in it, so I decided to buy a new one. My new one is a big disappointment. If is cheaply built compared to my 4 year-old-one. Plus, there is a big yellow spot in the middle of the white spot light. This makes my eyes go wonky and difficult to focus, so this light is not usable for me. My old one had no yellow spot. I ended up returning the SPOT and buying and trying a Black Diamond STORM light. It was delivered today. This one has no yellow spot, but has a slight yellow halo in the periphery of the of the white spot. This is not a show stopper for me and my eyes are still able to focus on where the white spot is pointing. Black Diamond, please fix this yellow spot issue. I believe the issue is from the axial positioning of the white LED in the reflector. Get your tolerancing under control and quit sending out bad product! Hopefully, I can remain a loyal customer. I use my headlamps daily and count on them during hunting season. 3Irregular yellow spot in the center of the beamThe irregular yellowish and darker appearing area in the center of the beam is distracting. People usually try to point the beam directly where they want to see most clearly. With this lamp I see details better when pointed slightly to the side. For me this is very annoying and makes an otherwise good headlamp almost unusable. Numerous others have complained about the same issue.Three more minor niggles: (i) The batteries are difficult to remove without some tool. (ii) The touch function that turns the bright lights on and off is sometimes too responsive (switching inadvertantly when just adjusting the position of the light) and at other times doesn't respond at all to my input. This function is IMO unnecessary and should be removed. (iii) On one occasion the lamp turned on and drained the batteries while it was in my backpack - even though the lock function had been activated! Apparently the switch got pressed inadvertently for more than 5 seconds in the pack. Now I always attach a small plate with a rubber band that blocks the switch before putting it in my pack. Why can't they design a mechanism that prevents the switch mechanically from being activated? 2DefectiveShould have known when it flew through the first set of brand new batteries that something was up. Sat in a closet (without batteries inside of it) until I needed it again and it flew through the next set within an hour. Now a third set. This is just with the main light, not the double spotlight. Finally, it just will not work now and for the price I am guessing it is not worth my time and another 10-15 bucks for shipping. They still let crap come out of the factory. My suggestion, if you are going to buy it - buy it in person somewhere. The built in ability to return crap is one reason I have stopped using Amazon. 1The item I got was not IPx8!Seller describes Black Diamond Spot Headlamp, Octane, One Size to be IPx8. The lamp fell into 15 cm deep (half a foot) warm sea water and the waves rolled it a little. As the lamp was supposed to be waterproof up to 1m for up to 30 minutes, I just washed it with tap water on the trip and left it like it was.Now when getting back home (3 days since the falling) the lamp did not work. Upon opening, the battery section of the lamp was moist, the batteries had leaked. The lamp looks bad now from inside. Do not have new batteries to test yet, whether the lamp itself still works. The inner core does not seem to be openable to check out what the status there is.Black Diamond Spot Headlamp, Octane, One Size was superb before that accident, when I still was believing it to be almost waterproof. (Only managed to use it on one another trip). 2Attention RunnersI've used this headlamp on one very dark 10-mile mountain trail run.Pros:- It's bright enough to run safely on a moderately groomed trail in the middle of the night- It's secure. No bobbing or straps coming loose- It's cheap for 300 lumensCons:- The large yellow spot in the middle of the light is terrible. I caught myself focusing on the yellow spot instead of the trail. This is almost a deal breaker for me.- The plate behind the lamp is not very comfortable on the forehead. I was ready to take it off after about six miles and plan to add my own padding.- It's not for serious night runners. The BD Spot will work great for shorter jogs or the occasional late trail run, but I would not recommend this headlamp if you plan on regularly running at night. 3Love it!I had 1 BD headlamp and I was happy. This one is incredible - Easy operation, super bright (300 lm in 2017 model vs 200 in Spot model 2016) and waterproof! 5Big, annoying yellow spot. "Spot" seems to be an accurate name for this headlamp :/I previously had a black diamond storm, which I loved. It was a bit heavy, and the tilt mechanism broke - so I bought the spot as a lighter option for backpacking. Every time I use it, all I see is this large yellow spot in the center of my field of vision. I wish I had read the reviews before purchasing, because others have clearly had this issue. Now I'm looking for a new headlamp. I could never take this backpacking or camping. That spot is way too annoying. 2Quite a disappointmentThe lamp is light weight and the band seems well made and substantial enough to hold the headlamp in place.The good ends there. The biggest disappointment, and the reason I am returning the lamp, is a rather large dark spot in the middle of the beam. Not the typical cheap flashlight spot either. This is an odd yellowish color spot. With the target arms length from the lamp the spot is approximately 3 inches in diameter. Not at all acceptable for a $30+ headlamp. The cheap energizer ones at Wal-Mart have a better beam.I also found the battery complement slightly difficult to open and suspect with the positioning either the battery cover hinge or the lamp tilt hinge are vulnerable to breakage.For outdoor recreation, which I realize is Black Diamond's target user, the lamp is probably adequate. For work use or close detail lighting the light is not up to the task. 1
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