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Bonavita 5-Cup One-Touch Coffee Maker Featuring Thermal Carafe, BV1500TS

  • Bonavita 5-Cup One-Touch Coffee Maker Featuring Thermal Carafe, BV1500TS
  • Bonavita 5-Cup One-Touch Coffee Maker Featuring Thermal Carafe, BV1500TS
  • Bonavita 5-Cup One-Touch Coffee Maker Featuring Thermal Carafe, BV1500TS

Bonavita 5-Cup One-Touch Coffee Maker Featuring Thermal Carafe, BV1500TS

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • One-touch brew operation with auto-off
  • Powerful and precise 1100-watt heater maintains optimal brewing temperature of 198-205F (92-96C)
  • Optional pre-infusion mode saturates freshly roasted ground coffee to allow degassing before brewing
  • Specially designed showerhead for ideal extraction in small batch sizes
  • Durable stainless steel lined thermal carafe.Performance coffee brewer makes an 5-cup carafe in approximately 6 minutes
  • Brewer uses standard #4, cone-shaped filters
  • Carafe lid, filter basket, and showerhead are dishwasher safe
  • Plastic is BPA-free
  • Length: 12.30" Width: 6.20" Height: 10.60"
  • 2-year warranty
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Customer Reviews

Pour Over The Sink!Ordered this based off a friend's larger 8 cup machine, which they love. Got this one and followed the few instructions for the set up before actually brewing coffee (run 3 pots of water through it). The next morning, made coffee, the machine brewed fast, coffee smelled great. However, when I went to pour the coffee from the carafe - guess what!?!?!? Yup, leaky, leaky coffee all over. Same problem as the larger carafe has been having. I tried it without the lid thinking it had something to do with the hot air/steam pressure building up inside, but even without the lid, it would still leak. I know what you are thinking, it's the spout - no, it's not the spout. If you tip it enough so that the coffee does not pour over the top, it will leak. It leaks all the way around the top where the metal meets the plastic. I tried several different areas to tip and they all leaked when the coffee got close to the top. So, this unit is going back. I can't pay this much for an item that doesn't work properly and leaks when I pour. Something so simple can ruin a good cup of coffee. I wanted to like the machine, I really did. The coffee maker was great, but the carafe ruined the experience. 2Do not buy this model!I moved into my own apartment and bought this brand because a roommate in my last house had a very similar one that I enjoyed immensely. It was the bigger unit (8 cup I think??) and is far superior to this item. I wish I would have ponied up and paid a little more money.The list of things wrong (big and small) with this small unit go on and on. The coffee pot lid does not screw on all the way so you have to reach your thumb awkwardly to the lever that allows the coffee to pour out. When you pour from this pot, it is not a smooth pour and leaks all the way down the pot. Probably something to do with the lid not fitting correctly. Then when you actually go and make the coffee, the plastic filter unit of the device does not fit correctly underneath the water spickets. You almost have to jam it in and then when you do that your paper filter gets all screwed up. And if that filter doesn't fit exactly right then when the coffee is brewing it leaks water down the side of the pot and water will bypass the paper filter (holding the coffee duh) and go right into the pot diluting your coffee.Do not buy this exact model. I wish I still had the box to return this thing for a full refund. What a waste of money. 1Not perfect, merely great.Some of the negative reviews almost caused me to pass on this brewer. I am glad that I decided to buy it, anyway.I am experienced with coffee and brewing methods. I have been drinking specialty coffee for years, have all the equipment, used to roast my own beans, blah blah. I have pourovers, vacuum brewers, and French presses. My go-to brewing method has always been French press. But I was always a bit envious of my son-in-law's Technovorm, which makes a great cup of coffee. I finally decided to break down and get a Technivorm, but when I checked the price I learned that it has gone up by nearly $100. So, I came across this device, and bought it. Here is my review:Coffee quality is excellent, as good as the Technovorm, in my view. One of the criticisms is that this brewer is not SCAA sanctioned, and this concerned me because I was afraid that the brew temperature would be inadequate. Not so. This brewer gets to 200 deg. F. Great cup of coffee.An advantage of this brewer, for me, is that I can make a small pot with no loss of brew quality. I can made 12, 18 or 24 ounce pots and all are great. A lot of times I want just one cup, and because I can make a great 12 ounce pot, I don't waste beans.One complaint I read was that it is confusing to put the brewer into the special, pre-infusion mode. I found this claim to be false. With the machine off, you hold the switch down for five seconds. Now you are in special mode (which I haven't used much), and you stay there until you exit the mode (another five second push) or until you unplug the machine. Nothing could be simpler. In fact the entire operation of the machine is simple, an advantage.Another complaint was poor quality. To me, this device is no better or worse, quality wise, than the Technovorm. Yes it's light weight and has a lot of plastic. So does the Technovorm. This is a good looking machine that will not embarrass you counter top.Another complaint was about how the carafe pours. I think this complaint is fair. The carafe is hard to empty completely and does a poor job of pouring unless the top has been installed. My solution is to use the top whenever I pour. It takes five seconds or less to install (it has a one-turn thread).A final complaint is that there is no warming plate and that the carafe dies not keep the coffee warm long enough. Well, no and yes. No, coffee should never be kept warm on a burner because it creates bitterness, and it does this very rapidly - don't do it, better to microwave it, if needed. Yes, the carafe loses some heat, as it has a lot of surface area. It keeps the coffee plenty hot for me, but I would say that an hour is about it.In summary, this brewer makes an outstanding pot of coffee. The brewer isn't perfect. It is merely great. If there is a better option to brewed coffee at a hundred bucks I don't know what it is. 5Exceptional brewer for when you don't feel like brewing by hand.I have been using this coffee maker for about a month now. I had gotten tired of making manual pourover Chemex brews in the morning. It was just too time consuming. I wanted something I could set up, hit a button before I got in the shower and be on my way. Given that I like to grind my beans right before the brew, I saw no need for the fully auto version with a pre-set time. I just didn't want to grind my beans the night before.Thus far, everything has been great with this brewer. My biggest gripe is the carafe. As others have mentioned, it is designed in such a way that it's next to impossible to pour out the last little bit of coffee without basically turning the carafe upside down. However, it's not much coffee and it's a small trade-off for the convenience. Nevertheless, Bonavita should figure out a way to fix that problem.Some things I've learned:- I accidentally bought the number 2 Melita filters instead of the number 4. The number 2 do the trick, but they are just barely big enough. Number 4 is much better.- A 6-cup Chemex brewer will actually fit in this machine. Who knew this would be the cheapest method for an automatic Chemex? (Edit: this no longer seems to be true. I had to get a replacement model when our original one stopped brewing, it the model we received is smaller now. The Chemex will not fit.)- If you use the pre-infusion mode, stick around occasionally to make sure it's still on. I noticed at one time it had revered back to the non-pre-infusion mode. I think it was the result of a power outage at our house.- 50 grams of coffee is a perfect medium. You can adjust from there, but it's a very good place to start for your brew.- A course grind is definitely the way to go. 5Nice, but not outstanding in any aspect[I've been using this machine for 1-1/2 yrs] -- This is a nice machine, but not worthy of all the hype and praise piled upon it. (I had a Krups machine a few years ago that produced equally good coffee at a fraction of the cost; not surprising, since both machines use the same method of brewing and filter shape/size.) These Bonavita brewers emulate the TechniVorm machines in appearance, but not in quality of design, materials, and construction (I also own and use the small TechniVorm thermal brewer). The biggest disappointment was the size of the brewer -- since Bonavita uses their own cup size measurements, this model is actually a 4-cup brewer in US coffee cup standards.Pros:1) Simple one-button operation with auto-shutoff2) "Pre-soak" (brew pause) feature; allows fresh-roasted coffee to bloom without overflowing the filter basket3) Easy-to-disassemble pour-thru lid; makes cleaning out the crud a very simple procedure4) Attractive appearance5) Compact footprint on the counter (machine only)Cons:1) Uses non-standard 5 oz cup size (0.74L total) (European standard is 4.25 oz; US standard is 6 oz)2) Comparable "consumer grade" components to every other Chinese-made coffee maker available on the market; uses lots of aluminum in the water-heating components3) This smaller brewer is NOT SCAA approved4) "Shower head" brew design more for show than anything else, as the water pretty much just flows out of the first available holes all of the time5) Thermal carafe is poorly designed for emptying all of your brew6) Needs additional counter space for the filter cone after brewing is done (unless it lives in your dish drainer?)Overall, this is a decent brewer. But you can get "decent" with better design (Zojirushi Zutto?) for less money. Sadly, it is in no way comparable to the TechniVorm brewers it longs to be like. 3HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!Perfect size coffee maker that's easy to set up and use. Carefully reviewed the instruction booklet and followed those for "before first use".PRO: Great advantage that it doesn't have a bunch of complicated setup nor programming steps. Easy to fill the tank and pour the FILTERED water into it. After running the water through the tank, 3 times, while allowing everything to cool down in between, worked great. Booklet suggest weighing the amount of coffee (in grams) as you prefer rather than "eyeball" guessing according to personal choice does produce a better result. From start to finish, this machine is not "instant" but does work quickly. Had NO spillage messes when pouring from the Carafe because I followed the booklet's instruction to pour with the lid properly screwed into place. SIZE: This "5 cup" coffee maker is: five 6 ounce cups of coffee or equal to TWO 12 ounce coffee mugs of your favorite brew.CON: I don't recommend the so called "pre-infusion" method. Thought I would try it but found that it overly wets the paper filter causing one side of the filter to collapse into the wet coffee grounds, some of which ended up in the bottom of my coffee cup. Will probably not use that pre-infusion method in the future.Was really excited to finally be able to have additional servings of coffee besides my rationed 12 oz. morning regular cup by easily fixing a pot of decaf coffee later in the day. Will be donating my big Keurig machine and accessories to a non-profit second hand store whose purpose is to provide funds for the local christian school system. Had the Keurig since November 2011. It took up too much counter space and, since I refuse to pay the outrageous k-cup prices, it was a nuisance to fill my own do-it-yourself K-cups (bought an extra one of those long ago). When you make your own coffee, either with this great little Bonavita gem or fill-your-own-Kcups, @ $10.00 for a good quality full 3 pound can of dark roast coffee, a 12 oz. mug of coffee costs just a touch over FIVE CENTS. Compare that to the average EIGHTY CENTS/12 oz. for one made with commercially packed Kcups or, worse yet, paying umpteen $$$ for buying your coffee from a Starbucks coffee bar. By the way,NOTE: Will reserve future review updates after I've had a chance to use the machine for a while.REVIEW UPDATE: This simple to use great little coffeemaker is probably a Ten STAR Machine instead of 5. There is absolutely not even a tiny drip when pouring from the carafe when using it. Those that had that issue have chosen to leave the screw-on carafe lid off the unit. To those that choose to PRE-HEAT the carafe with boiling water then pour it out before making a pot of coffee are creating acidic chemical changes when the coffee is finished brewing ~~ and you wonder while it tastes bitter, DUH! Wake up and read the instructions before you do stupid things. The problems you negative reviewers have or are facing is not caused by the machine function. Those issues are created by you, the user of the machine. Yesterday, when setting up the machine for next morning use before going to bed, I carefully weighed my dark roast (great) already ground coffee on my little digital scale, in grams (for accuracy). Since this little gem is a FIVE CUP model, I weighed a totel of 25 grams (5 grams per cup... according to the booklet suggested amount). It was much stronger than my usual robust flavor that I prefer. That's not the machine's fault, it's how I chose to prepare it. Just finished setting it up for tomorrow morning with a slightly less amount. This process is just a little-by-little learning curve. So, the bottom line, if you want a RELIABLE, good quality coffee maker, (I call that a "no brainer" system): This is the machine for you. UPDATE: Recently received a question from another user who was complaining that, when pouring a cup of coffee, some of the coffee ends up on the counter instead of in the cup. That user was NOT pouring with the CARAFE LID properly screwed on to the top of the carafe: it's a "must" to pour with the lid on and pressing the release tab in order to pour. 5A Certified Brewer!I received my Bonavita BV1500TD in two days just as promised. Now, I have researched SCAA coffee brewers for over a year now. I almost purchased a competitor, but it was so tall and awkward looking. So I chose this model because, although it is small (25 oz), the size on my counter is perfect, it is a certified brewer by SCAA, it is programmable and I saved $120 by purchasing through warehouse deals used like newIt came in the original box inside of an amazon plain brown box, All of the parts and booklet, etc. was included I washed it and brewed a pot immediately. It was just as indicated; the water sprayed evenly over the grounds at short intervals and the tasted was more "lively" than normal. The hotter water did indeed make a difference in the taste of the coffee and not bitter at all!It brews the full amount in 5 mins and I really think I chose a winner without the huge price point.. 5Excellent Coffee MakerEarly review: this is a wonderful coffee maker. I had the BV1800, which I really liked. However, I only brew about 16oz at a time. Decided to give my 1800 to a friend (who needed the larger capacity), and try this one. Both make very good coffee, but I like this one (BV1500) better for small batches. It has the pre-infusion cycle, which is a plus. The smaller carafe keeps coffee a little bit hotter. This one has a V shaped cone filter vs the flat bottom filter available on the Bonavita BV1900 and the Brazen Plus. The V filter is much better for smaller batches. My 1800 was working fine after several years, so I'm expecting the same durability from this model, but time will tell. 5Really wanted to hate this coffee maker...I've tried - and failed miserably - to make a decent cup of coffee at home. Since the late 80's.... Two coffee makers. French press. Pour over. Grinding my own beans - beans that were hand picked by elves, roasted under a rainbow, and carried to the store by unicorns. No matter what I try it always tastes awful. Always.And my standards aren't high: My favorite coffee has always come from donut shops and Dennys - and the rare specialty shop that serves a decent cup of dark, smooth, non-bitter, non-sour coffee.I recently bought a house in the hinterlands - and though we have an excellent coffee bar it closes very early - and it was costing me a fortune. And with no Dennys or donut shops close by it was time to exorcise my coffee demons once and for all and begin making coffee at home. After a ton of research I bought the Bonavita 5-cup in spite of the bad reviews. The larger Bonavita TS1900 was highly rated, but larger coffee makers often don't make 4 cups very well and I wanted a coffee maker optimized for smaller batches.Waiting for this thing to arrive made me feel 50% like a kid at Christmas, and 50% like the guy who bought the Brooklyn Bridge. A coffee maker just heats up water a drips it over beans - why should it cosdt 14x more than a comparably featured unit at WalMart? But the coffee snobs seemed to think Bonavita was magical, so I took the leap.When the unit arrived I made my first batch with finely ground beans from my local gourmet-ish market. And.... it was awful: no wonderful fresh-brewed aroma, strong, dull. And it was lukewarm. LUKEWARM!A big reason for buying the Bonavita was because it was capable of brewing at 195 - 205 degrees, but I didn't see any way to adjust the temperature. Bonavita's website FAQ's said nothing, nor did the user manual, so I called tech support. No answer, so I left a message.... And then requested a return from Amazon. I knew that there wouldn't be any way to adjust the temperature, and 195 - 205 is a large range when brewing coffee - the Brazen unit would have let me adjust the water temp in 1 degree increments. This unit would definitely be going back.But the next morning something unexpected happened: Bonavita returned my call.The first thing the tech support person asked was the grind of my beans. Turns out that fine is a no-no, coarser is better. I was also advised to make the full 5 cups if I wanted the coffee to be hot. And to let the hot water stand in the carafe for a minute or two before brewing. And to buy a coffee scoop. Also, as I suspected, there was no way to adjust the water temp.I was skeptical but decided to experiment before returning the unit. I bought more beans, ground one batch at the Drip setting and another batch at the Coarse setting. I also bought a coffee scoop and a thermometer to measure the water temp.Using the Drip grind beans my next batch of coffee was amazing. Strong, smooth, not bitter, not sour. The best coffee I've ever made, possibly the best I've ever had. As an FYI, I measured the water temp while brewing and it was a couple degrees shy of 200.Unfortunately, donut shop and Dennys coffee now tastes awful to me. And the coffee at work... let's just say I've contacted the UN human rights folks. I can't justify buying a 2nd Bonavita for my office so I tried a Presto My Joe: lots of work for a diabolically awful cup of coffee. My coffee-snob friend brought in his Aeropress. Better than My Joe, but not by much. And just for good measure I tried a Cuisenart coffee maker - same beans, same grind, sour taste.So now, thanks to the TS1500 and Bonavita's nice tech support lady, I can only drink coffee made at home. 5Buy NEW!I am blown away by the great taste of the coffee I am getting from this machine! Six months ago, my Keurig broke after 7 years of use. I didn't want to spend $100 on another; I wanted to avoid any machines that used pods. A friend gave me a Hario V60 pour over. It's awesome too! I really learned to enjoy sampling fresh coffee. I loved that I didn't have to worry about mold inside the machine; cleaning it was a breeze. The problem was time; I had to wait for the kettle to boil, then carefully pour water over the coffee grounds, allowing time to bloom, etc. So, I started looking for an automatic coffee maker.After buying and returning several (more expensive machines) I purchased this one. It's absolutely perfect! It's very simple; it's like an automatic pour over! The other machines that I tried either over-extracted the beans or heated to the water too hot leaving the coffee tasting burnt. This Bonavita gets it exactly right. My coffee is the perfect temperature with a great, non-bitter taste. It's very easy to use and saves me time.I noticed a couple of reviews that claim they like a Mr. Coffee better. I am curious as to why one would buy this coffee machine, given the price difference, without knowing how this is different. If you're happy with a cheap coffee maker, stick with that.Others have complained about having to put the top on the carafe before pouring. I knew this before I purchased, so it didn't bother me. I love the whole set up. I feel like the design allows for easy cleaning.Edit 9/28/17: I purchased this from Amazon Warehouse to save a few bucks. Last week I noticed soapy water erupting from the seams of the carafe as it was brewing... meaning water was inside the walls of the carafe. I contacted Bonavita through warranty claims and was told that there was no warranty since I purchased used. I highly recommend buying this new rather than used. 5
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