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Boon Spill Catcher Baby Bowl, Pink/Purple

  • Boon Spill Catcher Baby Bowl, Pink/Purple
  • Boon Spill Catcher Baby Bowl, Pink/Purple
  • Boon Spill Catcher Baby Bowl, Pink/Purple
  • Boon Spill Catcher Baby Bowl, Pink/Purple

Boon Spill Catcher Baby Bowl, Pink/Purple

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • FLEXIBLE BABY BOWLS: Durable plastic bowls that make eating food fun for your babies
  • SPILL FREE EATING: Bowls with a built-in baby food catcher extended toward the child and bends when bumped
  • EASY TO CLEAN: Snack bowls create less mess and are dishwasher safe
  • Made without BPA, Pthlatlate, and PVC
  • SUITABLE FOR: Ages 9 months and up
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Customer Reviews

Alternative to ezpz bowl Cheaper alternative to ezpz, but not quite as good. The suction is great but I find the no spill lip is quite annoying and just gets in the way of my son eating. That being said, it does suction very well to our high chair surface and my son is unable to take it off. It s very easy to wash in the dishwasher and has held up very well so far! 4Not baby-proof, but pretty good All the suction cup bowls have the same criticisms: they are not completely baby-proof. I feel like if you're a parent, you should have known better. That being said, you would hope to have some spill protection, and I think this bowl provides it.My son (11 mo) uses this bowl at his clamp on high chair on top of the tray. The suction on this surface is pretty good. If he gets curious and tugs on the bowl, it doesn't give and tip over. It CAN be pulled off by him if he is very persistent. Usually he does not spend that much time trying to get it loose until he is pretty much done eating and is getting bored. So basically, the times when he has successfully peeled it off and tossed it on the floor were only when I was sort of not paying as much attention to him as I should have, or when the bowl was already empty so I let it happen.The spill catcher is a little awkward for my son right now because I don't think he's quite tall enough for it to be really helpful. It's very close to his face because of his level with respect to the table right now, and because of that it kind of bothers him (leading him to grab and pull on it, and it can give some pretty good leverage on breaking the suction seal). Usually I don't even face it towards him. It has saved a few things from falling, and I think it'll be pretty useful as he gets older and taller.We have also taken the bowl with us when we go out to restaurants and things, and its usefulness varies depending on what kind of surface their tables and/or table clothes are. In most cases, just like at home, it CAN be peeled off, but if it creates any sort of seal, it gives us enough time to stop it from happening.Overall, I'm happy with this bowl. A regular bowl would take my son about .2 seconds to flip over onto the floor. This bowl resists occasional curious tugs and takes real effort to get off when on a suitable surface. On a textured surface or table cloth, the resistance is less, but usually gives me as a parent enough time to intervene before the entire bowl goes flying. 4Suction Doesn't Always Hold I think this bowl is very cute! I love the colors and material is very easy to clean (I have ran it through the dishwasher and it did fine). My son loves his bowl and at 13 months, is just learning how to feed himself. The only downside is that it doesn't always have a strong suction (especially if there are crumbs or anything else on the tray). This is annoying because I like to give my son something to snack on while I prepare his meal and that something is usually a cracker or cheerios, so by the time I get the bowl over to him, the crumbs make it unable to stick. He hasn't thrown it yet, but the "lip" of the bowl really doesn't help keep messes down when he can simply pick it up and tip it over.Nice bowl, but the suction doesn't really work. Next time, I'll spend my money on a better bowl. 3Suctions great! My 13 month old loves it! Love this bowl! My 13 month old is a fussy eater and wants to be a big girl and eat like us. We ordered her this bowl in hopes she would feel like meal time is fun and more like a big girl. It worked! The bowl suctions perfectly to her high chair and other hard surfaces. My daughter is super smart and tries with all her might to pull it up and it's only happend once. She usually just forgets about the bowl itself and focuses on the food in it. We also ordered her her own pair of baby silverware to go with it which really helps her feel like she's apart of mealtime. I highly recommend this bowl. 5Great Plate - Suction works for 2minutes (if that) then you have to press it back down. When it sticks, IT STICKS!... but for about 3 minutes. I've tried on on wood surfaces, marble, granite countertops, plastic... it's all the same result. If it stayed STUCK, it would be the PERFECT and best invention ever. The spill catcher is such a great idea if only the suction stays on. I'm a mother of 3, I've tried EVERYTHING on the market. The one that works best is the: Tommee Tippee Explora Easi Mat. I'm buying this item to use to the Boon catch plate/bowl since I like the catcher design so much. I'm planning to rip off the bottom suction of the Boon plate/bowl since the Tommee Tippee Expora easi mat needs a smooth surface to adhere to. BE FOREWARNED! I train my kids to not pick up plates and bowls to toss them. The Tommee Tippee Explora Easi Mat stays as stuck as good tape on the table, for accidental turns and arm swings, but if your kid is going to grab it to toss it, the entire mat will come off since it is a nonstick mat (not a suction mat). 2One works better than the other I really liked the concept of these bowls but they weren't the end all be all I was hoping for. We purchased two as we have twins and one seems to suction on to the high chair way better than the other one which seems odd to me. To me this says all these bowls aren't manufactured consistently. I think the spill catcher is neat concept and is what drew these to me but in the end it didn't seem to help or make a difference with two messy toddlers. I think in hindsight I would have waited on buying these and just waited until my girls got past moving serving ware until they were ready for a real plate. 3catches some spills but didn't make a huge difference We love boon products. This is one of them that we weren't overjoyed with. The concept of the spill catcher is interesting, but in our reality when using it, it wasn't really all that helpful. We found that a larger percentage of spills/accidents happened between the catcher and our kids, or to the side. The spill catcher caught some spills, but didn't end up making a huge difference. Our kids (between ages 1 and 3) were also somewhat confused about what the spill catcher on the bowl was, spent too much time being distracted by it or avoiding it.On the more positive side, the suction cup on the bottom worked fairly well. 3Pretty good for many surface except high chair tables Works well on some surface but not on high chairs. 3Doesn't stick very well UPDATE:*****Been using this for 7 months now. The bowl still doesn't stay stuck to the highchair and my toddler uses the lip as a handle to get some air when she throws it.The blue rubberized parts have become very discolored and has also taken on a rippled effect. The lip certainly isn't straight anymore and the same can be said for the suction part underneath...it has also warped.I have only washed these on the top rack in the dishwasher, so I would have expected them to hold up longer than they did.The good thing about it is that the bowl is orange, so the actual plastic doesn't get stained with tomato based food.I probably wouldn't buy this again as I had high hopes for it and it just didn't work out for us.*****Firstly, I was sent the wrong color bowl. I ordered the pink one and got a blue one. They offered to exchange it, but it was more trouble than it was worth so I kept the blue one.The design of the bowl is great. My baby loved to flick her food out of her bowl towards her and the little lip on this bowl stops her getting food all over her as with this, she tends to scrape rather than flick.The only issue I have with the bowl is that it doesn't stick to my baby's high chair.I have tried everything to make it stick but its eventually just comes loose by itself and my baby can grab and throw it. 3It's just okay. I had high hopes for the Boon Catch Bowl. Love the modern, clean look and happy colors. It is well-sized at the "catcher" feature does help keep things a bit cleaner for messy eaters. But there a a few drawbacks that ultimately brought down my review to three stars:1) The description is "dishwasher safe." Be careful-- even in the top rack, with heat off, this bowl will warp.2) The "flexible" catcher can work to limit messes-- but the fact that is is so bouncy/flexible means that it sort of invites kiddos to play, flip food into the air, etc.3) The cather and bowl are two separate plastic pieces that are melded together. After a few washers (again, in top rack), I noticed some separation along the connection. This is an invitation for germs and looks very unattractive.4) The colors are BRIGHT. MUCH brigher than in the photos. Make sure you know what you are getting!5) The suction works well on a table, but not well on highchairs. It is very easy for most children to lift this bowl.Overall, its an okay bowl. Just okay. 3
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