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BR40 LED Bulb by Bioluz LED 3000K (Soft White) Dimmable Floodlight, 110 Beam Angle, Medium Base (E26), Dimmable, UL-Listed

  • BR40 LED Bulb by Bioluz LED 3000K (Soft White) Dimmable Floodlight, 110 Beam Angle, Medium Base (E26), Dimmable, UL-Listed
  • BR40 LED Bulb by Bioluz LED 3000K (Soft White) Dimmable Floodlight, 110 Beam Angle, Medium Base (E26), Dimmable, UL-Listed
  • BR40 LED Bulb by Bioluz LED 3000K (Soft White) Dimmable Floodlight, 110 Beam Angle, Medium Base (E26), Dimmable, UL-Listed
  • BR40 LED Bulb by Bioluz LED 3000K (Soft White) Dimmable Floodlight, 110 Beam Angle, Medium Base (E26), Dimmable, UL-Listed
  • BR40 LED Bulb by Bioluz LED 3000K (Soft White) Dimmable Floodlight, 110 Beam Angle, Medium Base (E26), Dimmable, UL-Listed
  • BR40 LED Bulb by Bioluz LED 3000K (Soft White) Dimmable Floodlight, 110 Beam Angle, Medium Base (E26), Dimmable, UL-Listed
  • BR40 LED Bulb by Bioluz LED 3000K (Soft White) Dimmable Floodlight, 110 Beam Angle, Medium Base (E26), Dimmable, UL-Listed
  • BR40 LED Bulb by Bioluz LED 3000K (Soft White) Dimmable Floodlight, 110 Beam Angle, Medium Base (E26), Dimmable, UL-Listed
  • BR40 LED Bulb by Bioluz LED 3000K (Soft White) Dimmable Floodlight, 110 Beam Angle, Medium Base (E26), Dimmable, UL-Listed

BR40 LED Bulb by Bioluz LED 3000K (Soft White) Dimmable Floodlight, 110 Beam Angle, Medium Base (E26), Dimmable, UL-Listed

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • ? SAVE 87% on your electricity bill! Bioluz LED 13W LED BR40 flood light provides for an ideal replacement of your old incandescent BR40.
  • ? 3000K - Soft White Glow. This bulb provides a soft white light and the perfect balance of a bright and warm environment. Our 3000K bulb is ideal for most light settings such as living rooms, dining rooms, outdoor, recessed ceiling light, kitchens, etc. 3000K is a great 'all-round' color and can be used for any setting.
  • ? DIMMABLE - Bioluz LED technology delivers seamless 100-10% dimming capabilities to your living room, dining room and bedroom for an inviting atmosphere.
  • ? Easy Installation. Standard BR40 shape with medium screw base (E26). Installs into all medium screw base fixtures directly. Reduce re-lamp frequency with Bioluz LED long-life LED Bulbs.
  • ? UL Listed with a CRI over 80. This BR40 bulb provides accurate color rendering. IF you're looking for CRI 90+ please see our Bioluz LED Bioluz LED BR40 CRI 90+ offer here on Amazon.
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Customer Reviews

Great color (2700k). Great Price. Excellent brightness.Wow! These light up my whole backyard. I use these in a three head flood light fixture on the back of my house. They light up the whole backyard about 50-60 feet away. Now, they don't light it up in the sense that you could play yard games all the way out there, but I have a deck that extends about 12 feet off the house, and it lights up the deck, and then some, with no problem. I use these with a Lutron switch and my wink hub which makes them even better. They dim really well, and I've found that the color is perfect for an outdoor, nighttime light. Definitely not the bluish-white LED color some may be used to. Definitely more similar to typical floodlights.5Bright and good diffusion, throwing away my old candles for good!I am very happy with the diffusion on these lights. I put 4 of them in and they fill a very large room with warm light.After leaving my ex I'm now allowed to move away from all natural bees wax candles and essential oil burning lamps. Her "hippie ways" kept me from enjoying the comfort of electricity for so many years. It's clear I've been living in the dark for years without a good reason. Constant bumping into the corners of tables, and stepping on things that may have fallen on the floor from table bumping. The gas savings to get to the emergency room along is more than the lights cost me! Not to mention candles these days are getting quite very expensive.I mean this was bad... It's because we had 14 kids all under the age of 4 (not all mine), and they just dont know how to properly hold a candle without dripping wax on the ground... And boy let me tell you, wax is VERY slippery when you have wet feet. Just last week I fell and hurt myself when the delivery man pulled the door string (to ring the inside bell because we dont have power) and I had to run out of the shower to sign with my quill pen (yeah she was really that bad).I'm ranting again... Needless to say... Happy with the lights!5Says OUTDOOR but DO NOT use outdoorsI bought theses to replace some incandescent bulbs in the backyard. I bought these because they were LED and said "Indoor/Outdoor". The brightness is fine and they look fine too. The problem is after one rain, these bulbs have water and condensation inside the the bulb itself (I've included a picture of the bulb with the water inside). The water is clearly visible through the lens. They are expensive and didn't last a month in southern California climate. Stay away if using them outdoors.2Warm White 1400 lumens 2700K 20 watts - the new standard for replacing Halogen floodlights!!!!!Today, there is no competition for this :LED! Others advertise "warm white", but this is THE ONLY BULB with HALOGEN PERFORMANCE and LED ECONOMY. I tried five other bulbs and they were way "cool" or "white" or "daylight" etc. (Yes, I am a floodlight nut). I use them in my bathroom (12 foot ceiling height)... they are behind "milk glass" recessed downlight ceiling fixtures... the milk glass is required by law in bathrooms. The light gets through the glass and gives a good quality light for my wife's make-up view. This is the "acid test" for light quality.5Very bright, a bit whitish hew though, still high recommend it!The package arrived quickly and well packaged. I bought 4 to replace my current traditional BR40 bulbs in the kitchen.Fit snugly in the fixture. The bulbs produce ample amount of light, very bright, I would imagine it meets the claimed lumen rating.Like previous posters said, comparing this light bulb with the traditional 120W ones, instead of producing golden warm yellowish color, it has a whitish hew within. Not bothering me though, the only suggestion I have for potential buyers, it is almost absolutely a must to get a dimmer along with this light. The bulbs are so bright that it may be uncomfortable to stare at them directly.Overall I'm still very happy with my purchase, I used a heat gun to test out the temperature, the old 120W bulb is at whooping 200 degree F, whereas the Bioluz LED bulb is only at room temperature (75 degree F right now), talking about wasted heat! I can't speak for the longevity at the moment since I just received the bulbs. They may be a bit costly as the initial investment, but I'm sure it will all worth it in the long run.5Great in outdoor motion sensor fixturesThe main thing wrong with this lamp is that it's been persistently out of stock. I have not done a side by side comp with a tungsten halogen bulb but the Bioluz color temp and brightness seem very good match for the "120w Equiv" standard flood. The light spread seems more even than any standard PAR flood lamp so there may be a fall-off in distance illumination. The bulb feels very robust and is heavier than a standard thick glass outdoor PAR bulb, but that shouldn't be a problem in most applications. I'm using this bulb and its smaller Br30 "90w Equiv" sibling in an assortment of outdoor motion sensor fixtures and both bulbs work perfectly in that application.My only remaining concern is longevity. Many of my 1st generation LED bulbs died long before their claimed life and it's a question if Bioluz or any of the previously unknown makers of LED bulbs will be around to support their 50,000 hour life claims.June 4, 2017 Update: all of these LED bulbs are still working perfectly.March 7, 2019 Update: all of these LED bulbs are still working perfectly.Jan 20, 2020 Update: all of these LED bulbs are still working perfectly.4Fairly Bright, Still Too Blue For The Claimed 3K Color Profile; Dimming Is FairThis bulb claims 1100 lumens, which is probably close to correct; it also claims to be 3000K, but I think it's bluer and brighter than that, especially when compared to other more expensive bulbs claiming the same color profile.It's among the brighter I've found, and a great cost, but I'm still looking for a good replacement for the (discontinued) Phillips 70 watt EcoVantage Halogen BR40, which produced 1225 lumens at a gorgeous 2810K color profile; awesome for bathroom, kitchen and living area overheads, with a very warm, natural color profile, and wonderfully dimmable. These are not that.This bulb does at least dim using mechanical or "smart" dimmers, like those in the Lutron line; it will even start up properly at the lowest possible input voltage; however, it's starting output is roughly equivalent to a 40 watt incandescent; again, a complete failure when compared to both halogen and incandescents, which can be set to just barely glow at the same minimum voltage.It also does not change color profile (much) during dimming, so traditional expectations of lower = warmer simply are not met.I can use these in work areas, but I'm still looking for genuine 2700-2900 LEDs, and with lower startup points for dimmers.3Superb customer service - and great lighting!It's important for sellers to get feedback, good or bad. In this case, based on my experience with Bioluz a decent review is totally warranted. I ordered a pack of 4 BR40 LED bulbs (100W replacement and 110 degree beam). Being Prime affiliated they came in a couple of days, as expected. I installed two in my basement, where I study. The difference in light to what I'd had was incredible. I'd had 65W LED equivalent bulbs, which were decent, but not bright enough. I'd purchased 120W LED equivalents as well, but hadn't checked the Beam angle - they were 40 degrees - so they basically produced an arrow of light beneath the recessed cans, while the rest of the room was in darkness. Not suitable. These lights are actually longer stemmed than what I'm used to, so they extend out of the recess cans a tiny bit, so their light dispersion is better. All my other lights are well within the confines of the cans.I was pretty bummed though, when the first of the Bioluz bulbs started flickering and then went out. I tried the other 2 just to be sure, and they were fine. I knew I could just use the Prime facility and return them all, but I liked the lights (I only needed 2 anyway) and opted to contact the seller. Amazon's communication service said I could expect a reply in 2 days. Bioluz responded in less than hour, saying that they back their products for 5 years. I just had to supply them with a Lot number on the faulty bulb, and they would send me a replacement. I gave them the requisite number, and within 30 mins they responded with a UPS consignment note number for the replacement.It's not a lot of money, but these guys are prepared to stand by their product, and nothing buys my loyalty more than stellar customer service. Very impressed!5Super bright Excellent light!! Long life and great price!I absolutely love these bulbs, they are amazingly bright, highly efficient, versatile and high quality.. I highly recommend them and I want more of them myself. the price was excellent and you can move them around while on without any problems. I use one as a drop light for working on automotive and another 2 as spotlights in my outside Passive infrared fixture. The other one I use as a spot lamp for my green Screen for YouTube. I need to buy 2 more of them, but I bought a 4 pack and after almost 6 months of pretty much constant use, they are still as bright as they were when I first bought them and they are intensely bright. They are instantly at full brightness when you turn them on as well.5Good work light with a long warrantyPerfect light for your work bench and prompt replacement during warranty. It has a good balance for brightness and not too a cold light. I have them half enclosed and they get a bit warm. I have drilled some air holes in the housing and it is now perfect and stays cool even after hours of use.5
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