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Cat Work Lights CT1200 Pocket COB LED Flood Beam Work Light, Camouflage

  • Cat Work Lights CT1200 Pocket COB LED Flood Beam Work Light, Camouflage
  • Cat Work Lights CT1200 Pocket COB LED Flood Beam Work Light, Camouflage
  • Cat Work Lights CT1200 Pocket COB LED Flood Beam Work Light, Camouflage
  • Cat Work Lights CT1200 Pocket COB LED Flood Beam Work Light, Camouflage
  • Cat Work Lights CT1200 Pocket COB LED Flood Beam Work Light, Camouflage

Cat Work Lights CT1200 Pocket COB LED Flood Beam Work Light, Camouflage

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • COB LED WORK LIGHT: This portable work light has a magnetic base & rear pocket clip to deliver on-demand lighting, producing 175 lumens of COB LED for a flooding beam of light where you need it.
  • HEAVY DUTY: Designed with a lightweight, heavy-duty ABS thermoplastic body that's water & impact resistant, this light comes with 3 AAA batteries that will provide up to 7 hours of continuous runtime.
  • THE WORK LIGHTING EXPERTS: We specialize in making rugged & durable work lighting, including COB LED extreme work lights, LED headlights & neck lights, underhood lights, focusing lights & more!
  • INNOVATION AT ITS FINEST: Cat lights are top quality lighting products with leading-edge technology that meets the highest professional standards. All of our lights utilize the latest LED technology & industrial grade materials.
  • THE CAT LIGHT DIFFERENCE: Leading with innovation, our focus is to design, manufacture & deliver the most functional & durable professional grade LED lights, for outdoors, emergencies, professional tradespeople & home DIY'ers!
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Customer Reviews

Perfectly useful. You can tell some person or team put a lot of time and effort into ma,king a light that is extremely useful in many applications. (ESPECIALLY compared to the similar product by Harbor Freight.) This product is very lightweight, making it practical to clip to your pants pocket and carry without feeling distracted like you have a heavy weight on you --- also, for example, jogging, when you don't want to feel those wieights bouncing. The clip works extremely well, secure to your pants pocket. It's a "professional" clip, similar to that on the "Halt!" dog repellant spray. The on-off button is very handy, and is SIMPLE --- no need to go through different modes. Appears very water residtant. Although SMALL, it provides the light you need in a hurry, for something small --- not designed to light a big area --- buth the light it provides is extremely useful, handy, very quick to gram from your pocket and turn on in one second. ----- Lightweight --- BUT THE TYPE OF PLASTIC IS GREAT --- THINK OF IT MORE AS EPOXY, so it has a very nice feel, and you can tell that it's rugged and strong. This is a great light for the toolbox, glove compartment, carrying around on your pocket anywhere, everywhere. ----- The yellow color also is really helpful for quickly locating it in low light conditions. (The Harbor Freight one is black --- go figure.) 5Dont Buy! The batteries Overheated immediately. I made sure I was using Alkaline as required. I've never had such a bad experience with a battery product before or since. I took them out and tried the second flashlight with the same results. I was using Energizer Alkaline batteries that are working great in other products. Unfortunately I did not try them out in time to return them. 1Works great, I had the old ones with craftsman/snapon brand ... Works great, I had the old ones with craftsman/snapon brand that use regular 5mm leds and the new cob led on this blows them both away and it's cheaper too. Lowes sells something very similar right now and they brand theirs 220 lumens which I think is a lie. I would say this is legitimately 100-150 lumens as I have built custom high power led lights for 10 years.I showed my friend and he liked them so much he ordered 14 on the spot for Christmas gifts to family and employees.Can't go wrong with this light, I only wish it was lithium ion rechargeable. 5Great Inexpensive BRIGHT Light. I work on vehicles and a variety of equipment & appliances. I have many different sized flashlights, headlights, and drop lights. I also watch some of the repair videos on YouTube, to keep up on vehicle changes and tips & tricks with common faults or issues. One of the channels I watch is "FordTechMakeuLoco" for the Ford models. Brian, on this channel, was one of the guys that recommended the Craftsman twin to this light, although I shopped around for an even cheaper version, & this CAT brand was it. Some of the features I like:1 Small & portable2 Strong lights3 Body feels rugged, even though it's made of plastic. Probably couldn't run it over, but should be able to withstand drops.4 Has a rubber covered magnetic base.5 Batteries seem to last many hrs; it's stated up to 7hrs. I have yet to change the batteries since purchase back in 2/2017 (**UPDATE** now 5/2017 and still have not changed the batteries. BTW, I use alkaline batteries, not rechargeable lithium, because they seem to last the longest when it comes to LED lights) One of the things they could improve on is the pocket clip; instead of being plastic have it upgraded to metal.In fact, the whole body should be metal so it would be the most rugged. For the price, you can't beat the light output and over all quality. I've really liked this light for areas such as under the dashboard. I use the magnetic end to hang it up & I have use of both hands under there. It's 10x's better because it's so compact compared to drop lights or other lights, making the light out of the way for those tight areas. I bought this from the seller "Amazon.com LLC", which I feel is important to list this info. I've come across sellers with variances in their items, including knockoffs, even if listed as same brand. I'll post an update with a durability review. 5Very tough work light I keep two of these in my tool pouch and use them all day on the job. They have been dropped several times the light never evenflickers or goes off like the big Larry light dose. These seem to be better quality than the ones sold off the tool trucks. If you needa very bright, basic, tough light light that can stand up to tough on the job or around the house use, this is the one you need.I keep one in every vehicle and in the house.P.S. Keep a piece of flat sheet metal (4X4) inch square in your car. If you have to change a tire at night you can stick the light tothe sheet metal then it you can set it on the ground and it will stay upright while you change the tire. hope this helps good luck old chaps. 5Illuminate Under The Hood I bought this for the sole purpose of working under the hood of my vehicle. Finding a good sized yet powerful light is hard to come by. I wasn't sure how bright the 175 lumens were but based on other reviews it seemed bright. I also liked the magnet on the end of the light.I received the light and checked the brightness. It literally blinded my vision when I recklessly pointed it towards my face. I proceeded to inspect under the hood with it and had no problems seeing the parts I wanted to look at.My only gripe is the magnet. The magnet is good if you have a wide area around it to accommodate its length. However, in tight spaces it will not stick since it is only at the butt end of the light. It would have been nice had there also been a magnet on the spine of the light so that you could place it or on narrow spaces.Due to the magnet I deduct one star. That doesn't make it any less of a great product but rather something that can be improved upon. 4Thousand and one uses for the CAT Cob Light The CAT Cob Light one of those treasured tools that you will be VERY HAPPY TO OWN! It is first and foremost a light, but boy what a light. It puts out 175 lumens, much like a flash bulb, so don't look directly into it you will see dots. If you are a mechanic you can light up that hard to reach area where normal lights fail to illuminate. The CAT Cob Light has a magnet on one end that will allow you to hang it from above, or off to the side or on top of engine block. You can look under tight spaces like under the stove without any problems or behind one of those tight spots.The thing I love about the CAT Cob Light is that it is the size of pen. It can fit in your pocket. It has a clip that allows you to put it in your shirt pocket or it fits nicely in your wife's pocketbook. You can put it in your glove compartment in your car for those emergencies. You can keep one in the kitchen drawer instead of that old bulky flashlight. You can keep one near the night stand in your bedroom in case the power goes out. How many times do you need a flashlight but you don't have one available? Yeah sure, you can use your cell phone light but then you run down your cell phone batteries. With the Cat Cob Light you will have it handy and it will light up what ever you need to shine a light on.There is a button on top that clicks like a button on a pen. You push this and the light comes on and floods the room with light. But if you lightly press on the button the light will turn off, until you remove your finger from the button and the light will come back on. What I am saying is that you can mute the light if you need to without actually turning it off. It is really great if you are a boy scout or cub scout and you want to practice your Morris code. If you walk the dog at night you can carry this light with you to light your way. Man, there are a thousand and one uses for this light.This is a prepper's dream come true. The CAT Cob Light is light weight, sturdy, and universal in its uses. I have four, one for my wife's pocketbook, one for each car and one for use in the house. As I look around I see that I will need a few more. The price is right and the product is fantastic; so do yourself a great big favor and get a few while you still can, you won't regret it. 5Product of the year award I didn't think I would like a flashlight this much. The light comes out the side instead of the top which seems like a small thing but it's very cool in practice, hard to explain. It's so small you can put it anywhere. The magnet base means you can stick it at a right angle on a metal surface. I'm probably going to buy another one.I just worked at a customer's site and they have an equipment rack with very low lighting. Usually I use my phone but this light frees up a hand and when you're in an awkward position in a dirty hot rack looking for a tiny black wire in a sea of black wires, you want this.Oh and this thing is very bright. You can't look at it directly. Best tool purchase in the past year easily. 5Impressive product I rarely write a product review even though I purchase a lot of things from Amazon as a Prime member. Most of the time the things I purchase are as expected and don't really need a comment. However, this product to vastly exceeded my expectations that I am compelled to write a review.The light is exactly as described, but the light output is simply amazing. I have many LED lights and always expect them to be bright...but this thing is beyond what I expected. When I first turned it on in my garage during the day I was stunned by the brightness. When I turned it on after dark with all the lights out I was seriously impressed.The pictures show the product by itself, the light it puts out sitting on the bench 10 feet away from my car in a dark garage and the light it projects when stuck to the underside of the hood in the garage with the lights off. It is so good that I intend to buy at least 6 more, one for each car, one for each bedroom nightstand and one to travel with me on business trips. 5Buy 2 -Smaller than expected-Brighter than expected-I wish I had bought two, I use them for wrenching on my truck at night, I could use one to light everything under the hood(check picture) and the other to light a specific area.-Uniform light, i liked it-Cannot talk about battery life, have not used it that much-It can stand upright or on its back, which its VERY important for me (had enough frustration with circular flashlights rolling around), has a nice clip on the back too.Overall, glad i bought it. 5
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