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CELINE LINEN Luxurious Bed Sheets Set on Amazon 1800 Thread Count Egyptian Quality Wrinkle Free 4-Piece Sheet Set with Deep Pockets 100% Hypoallergenic, Full Light Pink

  • CELINE LINEN Luxurious Bed Sheets Set on Amazon 1800 Thread Count Egyptian Quality Wrinkle Free 4-Piece Sheet Set with Deep Pockets 100% Hypoallergenic, Full Light Pink
  • CELINE LINEN Luxurious Bed Sheets Set on Amazon 1800 Thread Count Egyptian Quality Wrinkle Free 4-Piece Sheet Set with Deep Pockets 100% Hypoallergenic, Full Light Pink
  • CELINE LINEN Luxurious Bed Sheets Set on Amazon 1800 Thread Count Egyptian Quality Wrinkle Free 4-Piece Sheet Set with Deep Pockets 100% Hypoallergenic, Full Light Pink
  • CELINE LINEN Luxurious Bed Sheets Set on Amazon 1800 Thread Count Egyptian Quality Wrinkle Free 4-Piece Sheet Set with Deep Pockets 100% Hypoallergenic, Full Light Pink

CELINE LINEN Luxurious Bed Sheets Set on Amazon 1800 Thread Count Egyptian Quality Wrinkle Free 4-Piece Sheet Set with Deep Pockets 100% Hypoallergenic, Full Light Pink

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Celine Linen Full-size Dimensions - Flat sheet 81" x 96", Fitted sheet 54" x 75", 2 standard pillowcases 20" x 30" - Fits Mattresses up to 16" - 100% Satisfaction Guarenteed ! Thickness, softness and warmth Breathable & hypoallergenic, stronger and more durable than cotton, with the strongest stitching to prevent tears Deep-pocket, fully elasticized fitted sheet for mattresses up to 16 Inch thick Wrinkle- and fade-resistant, cold-water washable and quick-drying
  • HEALTHY ENVIRONMENT: Celine Linen yarns and ventilated weave make it hypoallergenic and antimicrobial, Unlike cotton that can harbor allergens, mildew, and even bed bugs, microfiber repels contaminants and mites, preventing them from finding a home in your bedding. Allergy sufferers breathe easy and wake up feeling refreshed instead of congested, and those with sensitive skin or conditions like eczema rest in a healing environment instead of being further irritated at night
  • LUXURY MEETS PERFORMANCE: Celine Linen provides superior performance and luxurious feel begin with yarns that are even finer, longer, and stronger than silk. These microfiber yarns are finished with a meticulous brushing and conditioning process before being woven into premium fabrics, then undergo an additional brushing to attain the lustrous, ultra soft finish sought by connoisseurs of fine linens
  • VIBRANT, FADE-RESISTANT COLORS: Celine Linen microfiber is made to look as good as it feels. It's exceptionally color-fast, and even after years of regular use will look as vibrant as the first night you enjoyed it.
  • EASY, ENEGRY-EFFICIENT CARE: They are as soft as 1800 thread count Egyptian cotton and durable than the highest thread count cotton. Its ultrafine yarns and micro ventilated weave repel sweat and stains, making a short cold-water wash and a quick tumble dry on low heat all you need to keep these linens fresh and clean. They won't be weaken or tear even after years of use, maintaining a smooth, wrinkle-resistant that only improves with time.
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Customer Reviews

Everything as advertised, except one small detail..So, would love to give these sheets an all around 5star, color, softness, fit all perfect. Only one detail off, the elastic in the fitted sheet was for a twin size bed, sheet was a king. Went to put it on bed, and the elastic had to be cut to get fitted sheet on.If seller feels like sending me a replacement neon green fitted sheet, I'll gladly update to 5 stars, as it is, I don't have the time to mess around with returning thru Amazon as I am an over the road trucker..1Super ComfortableI wasn't expecting anything more than replacement sheets for our old set that finally bit the dust. What a surprise we got - these sheets are so incredibly soft and comfortable. It must be the high thread count that makes the difference - the feel is nothing short of luxury.5Value Not What I ExpectedValue of these sheets is only fair (hence 3 stars). As I always do, I washed this bedding before use. No signs there would be any issues. No color bleeding, no tears or anything of alarm. After the 3rd night of sleeping on these sheets, they have a serious peeling problem. I have to sweep my bedroom floor daily because of the peels that come off the sheets. Beautiful color but I will not purchase this brand again. And I should also mention, I've purchased king-size sheets for a similar price point & I do not have any peeling or other trouble.3Cheap and mismatched coloringI m not sure why others are raving about these sheet but let me tell you they are not worth the money. They are extremely thin and I m sure they won t last long. Also, the fitted sheets of the deep purple that I ordered are not even the same color. Really , two different color fitted sheets of a set 1Nothing at all like advertised - total scamNOT EGYPTIAN COTTON, NOT 1800 thread count, NOT as advertised AT ALL! I buy hundreds of items from Amazon every year and this one is the farthest from correct of anything I've ordered. I ordered white sheets, they actually have three brown lines as a part of their design that is not shown on the website. They're listed as "soft as 1800 Egyptian cotton" but they are in fact microfiber . It was a good deal because it was an Amazon prime day deal so I figured that explained the low price, but these are actually just cheap thin sheets.1LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!These sheets are great. JUST FANTASTIC!!! They are so soft... If youve never experienced these, here is a tip, fully make your bed before laying in it. Or else you will NOT get up for a while. I did a test, and compared them to the Mainstays brand from Walmart. I slept on th Mainstays brand for years. Sometimes I'd get the little balls on the sheets from basic wear. And I read that i could avoid those little balls by using higher thread count sheets. So I decided to try these.So back to my test... I used them for 2 weeks then I washed them. I used them immediately following the wash for another 2 weeks. No balls.... Still soft. The mainstays brand would have had scratchy balls by then. Just from the wash. I ordered 2 white sets of these. I plan on getting more colors, and other sizes for the other beds. You have to feel these sheets to believe it. I feel like I wasted so much money on cheaper sheets and why didn't I do this sooner... The pillow cases are great, but I just with they had the design on both sides. But I still love these!Update - 5/11/18: I previously mentioned I bought two sets. And that wash these every two weeks. Well, it has been over 6 months and I'm still using the first set daily. There is no lose thread, no discoloration, no tears or holes, and best of all... no pills or piles (little balls). These really just might last a lifetime... Im definately going to order another set or two, this time I'll go with colors. I'm just growing tired of looking at white sheets for the last 7 months.Update - 10/18/18: The test is complete, after the last update, i stopped washing these in the gentle cycle, and started to wash them in the ultra clean cycle. The most violent setting on the washing machine, And in the dryer as normal / meduim heat, I thought for sure they would get loose threads or torn, but no. They still look as good as they did on day one. One week over late july i spent a week out of town, and the hotels sheets felt rough and took a while to get used to. I came back home, dropped my bags in the kitchen, and laid on the bed for an hour. I told my wife, we should have brought our own pillowcases, but i was worried that they might take them while changing the sheets... Anyway, i digress. I still never got to use set 2 yet. Its bitter sweet. I love these sheets, i got tired of the color 6 months into it, now that its time to switch them out. I dont know if i can. Still after about 36 - 40 washes they dont feel any different to the touch than my brand new unwashed second set. Maybe ill use set 2 when these get holes. And i will be sure to let you know when they are dead. I hope this company doesnt change the quality of these. But they really might last a lifetime... and i dont know how they will stay in business because people will have one and never need another.Final Update - 6/1/19: the first set of sheets have been disposed of. The fitted sheet eventually lost elasticity some time around 5/19. It camee to a point where I would have to refit the corners of the fitted sheet almost daily, and the reason i didnt realize it had lost majority of its elasticity, is because it was slowly happening over time. I have now started on the second set. The good thing is that the feel of the old sheets felt the same as the new sheets. I didnt notice a difference between them, so they lasted 10/17 - 5/19 a total of 19 months. That was daily use, and washes every 2 weeks. No pills, no piles, but it did have some snags from my wifes rings.Thank you for reading, its been a long journey and thanks for your support and feedback through the experiment.5Best Sheets on Amazon I am obsessed with these sheets. I bought two sets for my last bed, and when I switched to a Twin bed, I bought two more sets. I love the variety of colors, and the quality never changes. Living in NY, it can get super hot in the summer and super cold in the winter. In summer they keep me from getting too hot which was a huge issue for me. They are very lightweight and extremely comfortable. I recommend these sheets to everyone. 5Falling apart before I can put them on the bed.I have not opened my other set of sheets but my Teal set is awful. Threads everywhere. If I try to wash them even once they are going to fall apart. If I knew how to add pictures would show you all the places that the thread is coming undone. This makes me sad because I love the color..1Excellent sheetsI could not believe that these sheets would be any good when I saw the price but I ordered them anyway for a guest bedroom. They are now on every bed in the house and I have told my family and friends about this product. They are great soft sheet!I m not sure how they can sell them this cheaply, but I keep buying them hoping they stay in business!!!5Bottom sheet lost its elasticity after second washWhen I first got these sheets I liked them so much I bough two more sets. The problems they had were minor, like two much lint in the dryer after the first cleaning, but the color was great and the fabric was soft, but now I ve washed them three times and the bottom sheet has completely lost it s elasticity. It won t hold the corners at all. I have only washed the other sets once so I don t know if this happens to all of the sheets or I just got a bad set, but you should be warned this is a possibility and it happened after the time for returning had passed so now I have to throw away a brand new set of sheets.2Pills Like Crazy!DON'T BUY THESE SHEETS. Even though it says best seller and there are a lot of cute colors.10 months ago I bought the full-size light pink set and the BOTTOM SHEET PILLS LIKE CRAZY where your feet are. The top sheet is fine. Instead I'm going to repurchase the 1800 Series Egyptian Collection 3 Line Microfiber. I bought them 10 months ago too and they are holding up fine. And as of today's prices they're a couple of dollars cheaper, too.1I feel like I'm cuddling the world's biggest kitten I was a little nervous ordering the duvet set, as I'm incredibly picky about bedding. If it's the tiniest bit scratchy I can't use it. This set is so soft it's just insane. I feel like I'm cuddling the world's biggest kitten. I'm so in love that I ordered the sheets as well. I could swim in this fabric. 5
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