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Cepco Tool BW-2 BoWrench Decking Tool

  • Cepco Tool BW-2 BoWrench Decking Tool
  • Cepco Tool BW-2 BoWrench Decking Tool
  • Cepco Tool BW-2 BoWrench Decking Tool
  • Cepco Tool BW-2 BoWrench Decking Tool

Cepco Tool BW-2 BoWrench Decking Tool

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Decking tool for one-person straightening of deck boards
  • 24-inch handle closes 2-inch gaps; joins tongue and groove; can push or pull
  • Heavy-gauge steel construction
  • Custom size or adjustable size grippers available from manufacturer
  • 26 by 4-1/2 by 1-1/2-inches; 5-pounds
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Customer Reviews

Slips on joists, not made for 2" thick decking material.Does not grip joists well for 2 x 6 decking planks. I followed directions carefully and even watched a video, but this thing will not grip my joists well enough to put much pressure at all. A large part of my problem is that my decking is 2 x 6 Douglass fur and this is designed for thinner decking. I tried putting 3M grip tape on the joist gripping posts, and that worked OK but only lasts for a couple pulls There is no way to adjust it for thinker decking. Maybe they sell an adapter for this, but the device seems to slip so easily I'm not going to invest any more in it. I made a metal l bracket thing that I can pull with my Quick Grip bar clamps so I could continue working. I'm returning it after 1 day, and I don't think I've ever returned anything to Amazon before.2Definitely worth it. Especially useful if you are laying boards on your own. Acts like a third hand.I've built a few decks in my time without this tool (just bending by hand). I went back and forth on 'should I get this?' - but decided in the big scheme of what I was spending on the new deck (15 feet x 26 feet), that this was a small expense and worth trying.The first couple boards I didn't have to use this and I started thinking, "Hey, maybe it's overkill" - but at about the 4th row I started running in to some slightly warped boards. Picked up this tool, read the easy directions and WOW! It made the process go by so much faster. Combine this with the little plastic spacers (another worthwhile investment that while overpriced IMHO - are still worth it.... so I guess they are fairly priced ;-)I would say especially if you are going to be laying 2" boards rather than 5/4" boards, you should especially have this tool (although I'd still recommend it for both). It's not that this is absolutely necessary - yes, you can get by with a crow bar and a buddy; but it really made the whole thing so much easier - especially since I was doing it alone. You can actually lock the board in to a specific location and then go to down with the power drill and impact driver. The tool acts like a third hand.And when you're done - you can probably Craig's list it or lend it to a buddy for a case of beer.5Surprisingly useful, but you have to understand limitations.I was rebuilding my 30*20 deck with treated pine. Just a handful of baords in and I quickly realized I needed help. I made a quick trip to Amazon and found this tool. Waited 2 days and found that since this version has a fixed wrench size, not only is it only good on 2x4s, it doesn't really get tight enough to allow for optimal use in tight spaces. I wound up returning this for the more expensive adjustable version which had drawbacks of its own. Both are overpriced in my opinion. This tool should be about $35.1If you think you might need this - you do!!! - great tool!!!I have built a number of decks over the years for homes I have owned. All of them have had real wood top deck boards. Regardless of treated pine, cedar, the deck boards all had some amount of twisting, bowing, uneven edges, etc. This year I needed to "re-deck" our old deck - 30' x 20' - that I built 20 years ago. The CCA treated joists and posts were still in good condition, so I only needed to remove the old decking boards and install new ones. We of course looked at many composite boards, but the only ones we liked the looks of were five times as expensive as real wood. So, we chose the standard 5/4" x 6" real wood treated pine from Men-A-Rds. I recalled from past projects the struggles I had in getting real wood to line up, and decided I might try this tool. I looked for a few weeks on ebay but a used one never was listed. So I purchased this new one from Amazon. What a great use of my money!!!! Because I was using real wood, most of which was still wet / heavy with preservative, I wanted to install my boards tight up against each other with no gap as they will shrink a little over time and give me a nice 1/8" - 1/4" gap once they dry out and shrink. Once you get the hang of how to use it, regarding exactly where to place on joist to get tightest fit in locked position, you will love it too. In my case, because this was a re-decking, and my deck is up 10+ high off of ground, I kept the existing old deck boards in place so I could stand on them, and only removed one or two old boards at a time, and replaced with new boards one or two at a time. In some cases, where there was not quite enough space between and old board and new one to drop tool down onto joist, I used the old board as a support and then used tool to pry between old and new boards. In most cases I was able to use one hand to "lock" the tool into place, in other cases once I put pressure on it I sometimes had to hold with one hand or a leg before I got my first screw in. Regardless - it worked like a charm. This is much better than other tools where you have to hold in place with pressure 100% of time, or pound some wedge device onto joist. If you are thinking you might need or want this - don't hesitate - buy it. I also purchased the inexpensive orange "jig-a-deck" plastic guide and that tool enabled me to easily and quickly get my screws lined up, so that they all look nice and straight and even.5Crucial tool for deck buildingWhen I took on my first deck project, I severely underestimated how curved some of the boards could be. I tried using a crowbar and a wood block, but that was a slow, difficult process that didn't always work so well. I did some searching for a board straightener and based on the reviews it seemed the BoWrench was going to be a good solution. I can now say the reviews were correct - it made straightening the boards really easy. I would strongly recommend buying one of these before taking on a deck project, regardless of what decking material you decide to use (I used Brazillian hardwood).I did have problems using this for the last couple of boards, because there was nothing to grip onto (I used a skirt board), so for that I had to resort to crowbars and some creativity. Getting it to lock also takes some playing around so often I just held the bar with one hand and drove the screws with the other.5must have toolI am using this on my deck that has decking boards on a 45 degree angle to the joists.I'm giving it a 5 star because It works great. The 5-quarter decking that I am using is not perfectly straight but this tool is able to get it perfectly straight. You also need to use this tool with some kind of 1/4 inch spacer to put between the boards to keep the gaps even. Every board on my deck is exactly parallel to each other, evenly spaced and looks great. There are other ways to make deck boards straight without spending $50 but this product will save you time and is very easy to use and the tool will probably last forever. I will only use this tool once in my lifetime but still was worth the $50.You should also know that this tool can be used in either the "push" mode or the "pull" mode whichever one suites you best.5Great back and head safer. great tool.Worked well and saved my back when resurfacing a deck. I used this and a Cresent bull bar and would never had made it without them. This took a lot of injuring potential out of the work for me. Bending over and yanking on a crowbar or worse while holding a drill motor and screw at the same time is a recipe for trouble With this tool you can either push or pull a warped board into place and if it's set just right you can pull the lever and it holds for you or you can use your knee to hold it while putting a screw in It took me a while to get the knack for perfect placement but not too long. There are videos online that demonstrate this tool.5... order it for our deck borders because they were bad. I orderMy husband told me to order it for our deck borders because they were bad. I order, but did not see what he was talking about. I almost return it because I did not think we have any warped deck board at all. WE COULD NOT HAVE DONE IT WITHOUT IT. The best back saver for anyone that is building a deck. I do not have too much strength in my hands, and I was able to hold it on place so my husband could fasten the screws. Very happy with the purchase. Would do it again.5It may work better for 1x6sI used this for 2x6 deck boards. It may work better for 1x6s, but it is not strong enough for 2x6. It worked great for the 1st half half of the project, but then one of the two pegs that straddle the joist bent/ weld broke and now it does not stay on the joist at all. Its a simple tool that works, but should be built stronger for 50 bucks. See picture below, the two posts should be parallel1Doesn t Work With Deck ProtectorDeck project includes Vycor Deck Protector on 2x10 PT joists and 1x6 pregrooved cumaru with concealed fastening system.First, the fit over the joist is very snug with the Vycor on it, to the point where you have to gently work it on. Second, just a moderate amount of pressure to snug a board about 1/8 tears the Vycor. As I worked my way to the end of the 14 board and need a lot of pressure to close a 1/4 gap, it tears the Vycor, gets gooped up with more bitumen, then I ve got nothing to grip with and back to using a manual lever system.If you re using joist flashing, deck protector or synthetic joist caps, you re wasting your money on this tool. Also, email and pics to Cepco went unanswered.2
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