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ChicoBag Bottle Sling rePETe Recycled Water Bottle Carrier Bag with Pouch - Aquamarine

  • ChicoBag Bottle Sling rePETe Recycled Water Bottle Carrier Bag with Pouch - Aquamarine
  • ChicoBag Bottle Sling rePETe Recycled Water Bottle Carrier Bag with Pouch - Aquamarine
  • ChicoBag Bottle Sling rePETe Recycled Water Bottle Carrier Bag with Pouch - Aquamarine
  • ChicoBag Bottle Sling rePETe Recycled Water Bottle Carrier Bag with Pouch - Aquamarine
  • ChicoBag Bottle Sling rePETe Recycled Water Bottle Carrier Bag with Pouch - Aquamarine
  • ChicoBag Bottle Sling rePETe Recycled Water Bottle Carrier Bag with Pouch - Aquamarine
  • ChicoBag Bottle Sling rePETe Recycled Water Bottle Carrier Bag with Pouch - Aquamarine
  • ChicoBag Bottle Sling rePETe Recycled Water Bottle Carrier Bag with Pouch - Aquamarine
  • ChicoBag Bottle Sling rePETe Recycled Water Bottle Carrier Bag with Pouch - Aquamarine

ChicoBag Bottle Sling rePETe Recycled Water Bottle Carrier Bag with Pouch - Aquamarine

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • RECYCLED: Bottle Sling is a water bottle carrier bag made from 100% post-consumer recycled plastic bottles! Fabric is lightweight, durable recycled PET polyester, and machine washable with no fabric softener
  • EASY TO REMEMBER: Bottle Sling is a compact bag-in-pouch design that easily packs into a built-in storage pocket on the front that features a carabiner clip, for conveniently taking with you everywhere when not in use
  • REUSABLE: The water Bottle Sling fabric stretches to comfortably hold most reusable bottles including a snug fit for your 27oz to 40 oz. Klean Kanteen and Nalgene products, protecting your high quality reusable water bottles on the go.
  • CONVENIENT POUCH: Includes large front pocket for your keys, wallet or essentials, and two smaller strap pockets for a pen or chopsticks, and lip balm
  • WARRANTY: One year manufacturer warranty
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Customer Reviews

weightless, comfortable, holds up to hard useI love this bottle sling. I have another ChicoBag bottle sling that I bought two years ago, so I knew that ChicoBag makes awesome bottle slings. On the other one I bought, I had re-sewed it so that it was smaller, for a little 8 oz water stainless steel water bottle, and I shortened the shoulder strap, too. I just bought a new Hydro Flask 18 oz. water bottle and I wanted a full-sized ChicoBag now. The blue color is really lovely. For walking, the longer strap is perfect for cross-body. I use stainless steel water bottles, so there is no issue with condensation. These bottle bags are weightless, comfortable, and hold up to hard use. If you keep water with you wherever you go, and I do, having a sling is indispensable if you want to use your hands to carry anything else. I am attaching some pictures. The bright blue sling is this new bottle sling. The cranberry little sling is my previous one that I sewed down to a shorter bag with a shorter strap. There is no zipper on this. It is a bottle bag, with a phone slot on the outside. There is a little colored tab on the phone pocket to reinforce the fabric where you pull it a lot, and the top edge of the pocket is elasticized. My LG phone sticks out a little when in the pocket, but still stays secure. If you need to put this in the cupboard when you are not using it, you can turn the whole sling into the phone pocket. I highly recommend this brand of bottle sling.Update: I just looked at the printing on the inside of the phone pocket (which shows when you turn the bag inside out to stuff the strap and bag into the pouch). It says the fabric of this bottle sling is 100% recycled from post-consumer recycled plastic bottles; and the carabiner is 78% recycled aluminum. So cool!! (I'm not sure what the "50%" design above the printing means, maybe that means more than 50% of the item is recycled.) 5Keep track of your favorite water containerI get so may compliments, mostly because it's a revolutionary idea to not hold your water bottle in your hand all day. I leave my water bottles everywhere without it. Just today I left it at home and went to church, and I left my water bottle there. So it's a life essential if you have a favorite water bottle or canteen that you don't want to lose. My favorite bottle that I never leave the house without, I bought them together and I've kept track of them both for over a year now (knock on wood).It's also machine safe, and has a functional pocket that I keep my chapstick. Another thing you should not hold in your hand all day yet need all day It's a woman's reply to mens' pants having bigger pockets without having to carry a purse. 5Best bottle holder/sling I've usedI liked this sling so much, I just purchased one for backup. I travel a lot, and always carry a water bottle along while walking around all day. This one adjusts for different size bottles since the sleeve is stretchy. I love the thick strap so it doesn't dig into your shoulders like other ones do.Having a place for lipstick or chapstick is brilliant! And the pen holder is a great idea too. You can put a small pocket size writing tablet in the smartphone pocket too. That pocket is large enough for keys too if you don't want to use it for a phone.If you wear it like the model in the image is wearing it, it will be more comfortable and not so bouncy.With the extra storage spaces on this sling, you can walk around without carrying a purse. Great to use while sightseeing.Update: It's April 2018 now and I've used this almost daily in many countries around the world. It has held up to all day walking and even while I've used some outdoor gym equipment.I put a small stick suncreen, and picket comb in the bottom, then put in my water bottle. I've been using the front pocket for my smartphone (case and all) and I stopped using the lipstick and pen holder because I would forget they are in there and sometimes they would fall out.Still the best water bottle holder yet. 5I love it! perfect for our trip to Disney worldI love it! ! took this to Disney world this summer. Water was a must! I love it! it is a bit stretchy so i could put 2 bottles of water in. Also outside pocket with flap on top, held my cell phone perfectly. I put some hand sanitizer packets and individually wrapped towelettes in the bottom and lip gloss in the strap pocket. I wore it as a cross over and it was comfortable! another plus.... I took my water out and did not have to go through the bag inspection. just had to go through the metal detector . 5Great for holding my water bottle with little pressure on my shoulder.I bought this for holding my water bottle while going on my morning walks/jogs. It holds my 24oz water bottle just fine and the pocket can even fit my Pixel Plus with a case on (although I don't put it there since it feels awkward). On the straps, there are two little pockets - one for something long like a pen and a shorter one for chapstick. I did notice a stress mark on the bottle sling and I'm not sure where it came from. So far it hasn't torn anymore or shown signs of growing. It folds nicely into a little pouch with a little carbineer to either attach to something or maybe hold keys. Overall, I like it and I hope it keeps working out for me. 4great slingI bought a couple for my kids to help on school field trips and other outings, hopefully less lost/left behind water bottles. their 3"/28 oz stainless bottle fits well, with some room to spare. I like that it folds up small into it's own pouch with a movable clip, they can easily attach to a backpack or belt loop or hold keys. my only complaint is the strap is really long for the kids and it's not adjustable... but just tie a knot in it and it's good to go! 5Great product from a solid company, with a few minor flawsI just got my sling today; Overall, this is a great little product and I know it will be very useful- it can easily accommodate my 32 oz nalgene bottle, but will also fit a disposable bottle or my klean kanteen. I have some packable Chico grocery bags, so I know that I can expect this sling to be durable and easy to wash. I carry water with me pretty much everywhere, and this sling will keep my bottle handy, my purse straps intact (not many women's bags can stand up to regularly toting that much extra weight), and my hands free. The little front pocket (which is the sling's pack-pouch when packed) has a stretchy flap that stretches tightly over its opening to allow it to be a fairly safe place to stash small valuables like ID, bus pass, or cash. I certainly can't fit my phone (an LG k20) in that pocket while my nalgene is in the sling, but ymmv with different bottles and phones. My only two quibbles- one aesthetic, one functional- are this: First, I wish the strap was the same deep purple as the body of the sling (it's lavender, just not my color, and I didn't realize it wasn't all dark purple when I ordered). Second, I'd find a longer strap more comfortable. I'm 5'11" and the top of the bottle pocket hits right at my natural waist when worn crossbody- I'd prefer it to hit at the hip. However, I know that shorter folks probably find the strap too *long* for their comfort, so maybe an adjustable strap is in order. Overall, though, I'm really glad to have come across this great little product and I look forward to using it daily! 4Multiple UsesI bought this several years ago while traveling. Initially, I bought it to hold my dog's water on long walks/hikes. After almost a decade it still holds up and I now use it to hold a water bottle sprayer (to spray my puppy when he behaves ill). My aunt was impressed with this device and we purchased one for her. Now we both walk around the house with our ChicoBags slung around our shoulder and a water bottle sprayer ready to react to my breaking bad puppy! Plus, she uses it to hold her water bottle on trips :) 5Great company, really useful and well-made product, needs adjustable shoulder strapGreat product, thoughtfully-designed. The sleeve for the water bottle and the one for phone are both pretty expandable so will fit many sizes well. Too many times I've left the house with my phone/wallet slung around my shoulder, but then I have to carry the water bottle in one hand. Yes, it's a first world problem, but makes my life just a bit easier. The reason for only four stars is that the shoulder strap is very long (water bottle is about at my knees) and no way to adjust it other than tying it in a knot. RePETE, I'd pay more for an adjustable strap.I love rePETE. They not only make their products from recycled materials, but they are a B-Corp, which means they are obligated to look to more than the bottom line (their customers, their employees, the environment). I haven't owned this water bottle holder long enough to beat it up, but I've had a rePETE backpack for seven or eight years that has held up really well! 4Nice idea. The product's longevity is somewhat limited if you use it daily.I have owned two of these bags, and each has lasted between 12 and 18 months. They get dirty very quickly, and the second one, which I purchased in July 2016, lasted a year before the stitching joining the strap to the body of the sling came undone.The first water ChicoBag sling that I purchased had so many small holes in the bottom after 18 months that I had to throw away the sling because the holes were tearing and getting bigger each week, which could have lead to the bottle falling out.I carry my bottle in the sling with me 24/7, and use it everyday indoors mostly. It isn't dropped, and isn't mistreated.Re-using materials in this way is a brilliant idea (Nice idea, Chicobag), however I won't be buying another because the mediocre quality of construction means that they don't last. Maybe the manufacturer needs to make a heavy duty version! I will explore other options when this 2nd sling expires.**update Dec 2017 ** The 2nd sling has been returned to ChicoBag for their Pay it Forward scheme. After 18 months of daily use, stitched seams had broken, the material had torn in several places, and even after being washed on its own in a machine under a 'delicate' setting, it looked dirty. My 3-year relationship with Chicobag has ended and I purchased a sturdier, longer lasting design, sold on Amazon by Wild Wolf Outfitters. 3
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