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Coast - 19384 COAST G19 Inspection Beam LED Penlight with Adjustable Pocket Clip and Consistent Edge-To-Edge Brightness, Black

  • Coast - 19384 COAST G19 Inspection Beam LED Penlight with Adjustable Pocket Clip and Consistent Edge-To-Edge Brightness, Black
  • Coast - 19384 COAST G19 Inspection Beam LED Penlight with Adjustable Pocket Clip and Consistent Edge-To-Edge Brightness, Black
  • Coast - 19384 COAST G19 Inspection Beam LED Penlight with Adjustable Pocket Clip and Consistent Edge-To-Edge Brightness, Black
  • Coast - 19384 COAST G19 Inspection Beam LED Penlight with Adjustable Pocket Clip and Consistent Edge-To-Edge Brightness, Black
  • Coast - 19384 COAST G19 Inspection Beam LED Penlight with Adjustable Pocket Clip and Consistent Edge-To-Edge Brightness, Black
  • Coast - 19384 COAST G19 Inspection Beam LED Penlight with Adjustable Pocket Clip and Consistent Edge-To-Edge Brightness, Black
  • Coast - 19384 COAST G19 Inspection Beam LED Penlight with Adjustable Pocket Clip and Consistent Edge-To-Edge Brightness, Black
  • Coast - 19384 COAST G19 Inspection Beam LED Penlight with Adjustable Pocket Clip and Consistent Edge-To-Edge Brightness, Black

Coast - 19384 COAST G19 Inspection Beam LED Penlight with Adjustable Pocket Clip and Consistent Edge-To-Edge Brightness, Black

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • INSPECTION BEAM: Clear and consistent edge-to-edge brightness capable of illuminating a defined area up to 9 meters (30 feet).
  • ADJUSTABLE CLIP: Versatile clip allows for easy storage in a pocket or tool kit.
  • SPECS: 20 meter (65 ft.) beam distance and 2 hour 30 minute runtime. Tested and rated to ANSI/FL1 standards.
  • TOUGH & RELIABLE: IPX4 rated design for water resistance and durable aluminum body for 1-meter drop protection. Backed by the COAST Lifetime Warranty against defects in materials and workmanship.
  • INCLUDED ACCESSORIES: 1 x standard AAA alkaline batteries and adjustable pocket clip.
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Customer Reviews

Beam pattern reminds me of "The Bat Signal" UPDATE 08/21/16 - This light is still working fine, but skip the HP1, it didn't last me more than a few months.Bought this along with the HP1 for under $20 for both. You MUST understand what you're buying when you buy this light... It's a single AAA light that's under $10. This is important because people seem to judge this light based on other $30 or $40 CR123 battery lights they carry. The light is NOT made to light up a room, it will not be my go-to light in a power outage. It would work in this situation but be prepared to be tripping over things. It throws a very crisp clear beam with a defined inspection pattern. Think of the bat signal. It shines a straight narrow beam into the sky with the batman symbol inside on a crisp, defined circle of light. This means that there is not a lot of spilling light, if the light is shining on a wall in front of you, you can't see the floor at your feet. This is great for small jobs ie: checking the oil in your car or messing with wires behind your computer or home entertainment system. It's an awesome light, don't get me wrong. But it serves a specific purpose, and those who purchase it without understanding that will be disappointed. I bought it to replace my little maglite solitaire light which doesn't compare to this little torch. 5Perfect pocket flashlight I have a bit of an addiction to pocket knives and flashlights, and always have at least one of each on me. My flashlight collection ranges from fairly expensive tacticool lithium powered lights to inexpensive pen lights. I was surprised to find that this is really my favorite light and seems to always be to one I pick up and put in my pocket. It is a simple one click on and off, no fancy options.At just under 60 lumins, it s good for most unexpected light needs, such as dropping something under the seat of your car, or an unexpected light bulb outage in your house. It is bright enough to comfortably walk across your camp site without tripping over things in the dark. In many cases, there is a more appropriate, perfect light for whatever your specific task might be, but that is not where this light shines (pun intended). This light is the one that you can always have on you for those unexpected needs where packing the perfect light for the job isn t practical.This light is rugged, water resistant, has a decent run time on a single aaa battery with a quality pocket clip. Never be without a flashlight and you will be surprised at how often it comes in handy. 5Can't beat it at anywhere near the price I had never heard of an "inspection flashlight" before, but it turns out that this is far more useful to me than the much more expensive, wide-beam flashlight I've been carrying. Most of the time I use my EDC flashlight for finding something I dropped in the dark, examining the guts of computers, or fixing something on my car in the dark. The beam is extremely uniform and tightly focused- I measured an 8 1/2 inch diameter beam at 2 feet. I have a few minor complaints that I'll mention below, but for the price this thing is stellar.Price: six stars out of 5 ;)Construction quality: five out of five stars- seems very solid. Haven't been able to determine long-term durability.Beam uniformity: six stars out of 5 ;), but minus one star for the slightly annoying thin violet and blue rings at the periphery of the beamErgonomics: 5 out of 5 stars. Easy to hold even with XL hands, great on/off button feel.Packaging: zero out of five stars for the %$#@!! PITA and environmentally unfriendly plastic packagingOther: I'd love to see this available in brighter colors. Ever drop a small black flashlight in the dark (when it's off?)If you're looking at the 2x AAA version, it is identical, just longer and a bit brighter. 5Valued piece of gear I bought this light a year and a half ago due to its small size and low price. I carry it every day with cellphone and leatherman. I don't really use it that much, but it's nice to know it's there. Fast forward to last night, at last light I shot a good buck with bow and arrow. He took off into a cedar swamp. About an hour into the track, on my hands in knees in pickers and vines, absolute pitch black darkness, my headlamp style flashlight dies. Uh oh!! What to do!?! After a quick personal inventory, I found this light in its usual spot by my phone. It did the job! Able to spot the smallest speck of blood at a good distance. I found my deer, and this light earned a permanent spot in my heart. In fact, I wanted another just for my hunting pack, which led me here to order it. I thought, why not take a second and write a review since it really saved the day (rather night) for me. Sorry, NickB, but I totally disagree with your review. This thing not only works well outdoors, in a pitch black cedar swamp at midnight it allowed me to find my deer and find my way out. A perfect circle of light made for an easier search. It weighs almost nothing and takes up almost no space, but it well worth the ten bucks. A+ 5Hands down best budget AAA flashlight I don't know why I didn't see this light reviewed more outside of Amazon. For the price, this is an absolutely smashing flashlight. It has the performance of a proper light maker and costs little more than the plastic POS you can buy at CVS. Takes a standard battery size, has good output, weather resistant, and even has a reversible clip. A few notes:Size: Objectively, this thing is 1cm longer and maybe 1mm wider than my Fenix LD02. For some reason, this seems too large for a AAA flashlight. That said, it is exactly the right size for my hand to grab, so that is strictly a matter of preference.Optic: This has an "inspection optic" and will project a flat, circular beam. This is not my preference. I prefer a brighter spot and some lighter flooding. That is a matter of preference. The flat circle is, however, not that flat. It has a lot of distortion in the form of lighter and darker areas. Not perfect, but optics cost money and this flashlight doesn't, hardly.Clip: Great clip. Grasps the flashlight with authority, grasps your pocket with authority, easy to clip on and off, reversible. After reversing the clip on this light I see no reason to ever put it back. You can get it in an out of your pocket without accidentally turning it on and it carries deeper. I never wear a hat, but if you do, you can clip it to your hat and you have a headlamp. Useful!Fit and finish: Don't look too close. At a glance, it looks as good as a Fenix or surefire, but if you look closely at the optic you might notice some excess glue that squeezed out and when you unscrew it, you can see cheap plastic and poorly machined aluminum. Still screws smoothly and keeps water out, though. Inexpensive anodizing. This is a better tool than it is jewelry and you know what? That's just fine.This cost less than a third the price of my LD02 and in some real ways is a better flashlight. Buy one, put a lithium AAA in it, throw it in a drawer somewhere, and have reliable light when you need it. I think it'd even make an excellent EDC if you're not looking for the absolute smallest package possible and the (totally respectable) 54 lumens is enough. At $9 there is simply no better flashlight. 5It was good while it lasted... (6 months) I got this flash light due to it's compact size. It was light and compact enough to fit in one of my tool belt's pen slot. The beam pattern near perfect round circle with no hot spots due to good quality optics. You may have to clean the lens once in awhile if you are working at dust prone area due to way the lens are set inside the frame to protect its surface. After about 6 months of use, you will start to notice light not turning on when the button is depressed the first time. You will have to tap it against the hand or tool belt before it is turned on. The first one lasted about 6 months, but COAST warrantied it and sent me a replacement which took about a month to arrive. The replaced one also lasted about 6 months. I didn't have any complaint while it lasted, but I am going to get another brand because I want more dependable tools that I can count on at the job. 2Barely 3 stars, sent back So this is not real "usable" light if you are a mechanic or want it to look at things up close. The light comes out in a PERFECT if comical cone. Would be a great party favor as it creates a spot light as on a stage.This isn't what I wanted it for however. I was looking for an inexpensive light to add to medical kits. Ended up with a Rayovac single AAA for $3.I puchased 2 but sent one back and kept on to give to my daughter to keep in her car mainly to be used to find stuff she drops.This could be a decent back-up light for a security guard as it quite literally has the most bizarre spot light effect... a perfect conical light! Otherwise skip this and get something with light you can use up close. Only good for far way things as in 6 feet or more; up close its useless. Otherwise its made sturdy and seems overall quality unit. Also a bit on the heavy side. 3(Keep the contacts clean!) UPDATE: It's unreliable and maddening The Coast G19 flashlight is a well built product with a great push button switch (no twisting of the end cap required). The beam is bright and focused. It will be reliable IF you periodically clean the battery contacts. After 8 months mine had become practically unusable -- flickering on/off, dim/bright, even with a new battery. I had to continually shake or bump it to make it produce light. I don't know why it didn't occur to me to clean the contacts, as I had to do with every other single AAA LED flashlight I've owned before. So, like an idiot, I wrote a scathing review a few days ago.However, after taking the end cap off and lightly scraping the end of the negative battery contact (the coiled spring in the end cap) with an X-acto blade, it works perfectly again -- bright light with no flickering or dimming at all. I slapped my forehead, said "DUH," and quickly deleted my negative review. Now that I'm smarter, this is easily the best mini LED flashlight I've owned, and I've owned quite a few. It worked flawlessly for several months before the contact started getting dirty. The G19 just needs a little cleaning every once in a while (like all single AAA or AA mini flashlights seem to need). It's a small hassle, hence the 4 star review.I think that single AAA or AA battery flashlights have problems with flickering and dimming because the voltage from a single 1.5V battery is simply not enough to overcome the slight resistance that might be introduced in the circuit by a little dirt or corrosion. If you don't keep the contacts clean, you will be frustrated to no end by the flickering. If you keep the contacts clean, you'll love this thing.UPDATE: I take that all back. I should have left the original scathing review up. I was right the first time. One week after cleaning the contacts, it started flickering on and off again. The next time, it took only a few days to start flickering, and now it does it all the time. This is easily the most frustrating and least dependable flashlight I've ever owned. I have to constantly hit it against something hard for it to come on -- my knee, the wall -- hard to do if you're trying to hold it in your mouth. 2The right one, after many wrong ones. This is one of those hard to find things.I have a particular type of flashlight I like, single AA or AAA and rather thin so it will fit in my pocket. I bought a flashlight - it may have been a Coast also, I can't remember for sure nearly a decade ago for about $7. I carried it around in my pocket every day for nearly four years until the epoxy gave lose and the spring pushed the battery out through the lens in the front - I felt as though it had earned its retirement. Since that model was no longer sold I went on a quest to find one just as good.This was not as easy as it sounded.After a promising start that ended in abject failure:Cree Flexi CREE LED Right Angle Flashlight - Pocket Size with Headlamp MountAnd a failure so bad is sullies the name of our armed forces:Nebo 5591 U.S. Army F4-50 50 Lumens Fingertip High Powered LED Flashlight with ClipI drifted around getting lights that were too long to fit in my pocket, too fat to fit in my pocket comfortably, or were just in my backpack or tool bag somewhere and just weren't convenient until I finally located this gem.It has a very tight light circle it doesn't become unfocused at the edges nor does it have weird shadows in the middle of the light like so many incandescent lights or multi-LED lights can gave. It's marketed as an "inspection light" so it's certainly got clean consistent light covered. But how does it work in real use?Well I'll answer that. When the sun started to rise a bit less early this year I headed out of my apartment on my bicycle as I often do. When I got to the wooded trails I needed my headlight. I hadn't used it since the Spring and the batteries had finished draining (after a very impressive run) and wouldn't come on. I pulled this flashlight out of my pocket and held it in my hand. It did a better job than the dedicated headlamp did. That sort of disappointed me because of how awesome I consider my headlamp. I'm actually tempted to solder different LED's on at this point.Fortified Bicycle Alliance 50 Lumen LED Gotham Defender Bike Headlight, Black 5Good for the money, but the guarantee is useless A good clean inspection beam. The small size, lack of snagging edges, and sturdy clip make it a good everyday carry product even when you are wearing athletic wear. I managed to kill mine after using it for around a year. That said, I was happy with the product. I've subtracted a star from my overall rating though because Coast pushes the lifetime warranty hard on this product, but when you look into it, you realize that you must pay to ship the product to them, pay a $5 Postage and handling fee, and wait up to a month to get the product back. This makes a lifetime guarantee pretty much pointless and marketing it on a $11 light is pretty deceptive. 4
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