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COAST G20 Inspection Beam Penlight LED Flashlight, Orange

  • COAST G20 Inspection Beam Penlight LED Flashlight, Orange
  • COAST G20 Inspection Beam Penlight LED Flashlight, Orange
  • COAST G20 Inspection Beam Penlight LED Flashlight, Orange
  • COAST G20 Inspection Beam Penlight LED Flashlight, Orange
  • COAST G20 Inspection Beam Penlight LED Flashlight, Orange
  • COAST G20 Inspection Beam Penlight LED Flashlight, Orange
  • COAST G20 Inspection Beam Penlight LED Flashlight, Orange
  • COAST G20 Inspection Beam Penlight LED Flashlight, Orange
  • COAST G20 Inspection Beam Penlight LED Flashlight, Orange

COAST G20 Inspection Beam Penlight LED Flashlight, Orange

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • INSPECTION BEAM: Clear and consistent edge-to-edge brightness capable of illuminating a defined area up to 9 meters (30 feet).
  • ADJUSTABLE CLIP: Versatile clip allows for easy storage in a pocket or tool kit.
  • SPECS: 22 meter (72 ft.) beam distance and 10 hour runtime. Tested and rated to ANSI/FL1 standards.
  • TOUGH & RELIABLE: IPX4 rated design for water resistance and durable aluminum body for 1-meter drop protection.
  • INCLUDED ACCESSORIES: 2 x standard AAA alkaline battery and adjustable pocket clip.
  • LIFETIME WARRANTY: Backed by the COAST Lifetime Warranty against defects in materials and workmanship.
  • HERITAGE: For almost 100 years, and three generations of the Brands Family, COAST has made products that make peoples jobs and recreation easier, safer and more enjoyable.
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Customer Reviews

I bought this item because I didn't feel like splurging on the Rupes or the ScanGrip penlights ($50+ As a professional car detailer this has become one of my most indispensable tools. I bought this item because I didn't feel like splurging on the Rupes or the ScanGrip penlights ($50+!!), and then I found this model... which runs on AAA's, which makes it loads more convenient.First few weeks of use and this little flashlight is great. At first I didn't think it would be bright enough to find paint defects in direct sunlight, but I have had no problems. I've also dropped it quite a few times and so far it's held up without a scratch!I highly recommend! 5Grab one. One of the best flashlights made. Really one of the best flashlights you can get. Coast makes the best and the warranty is excellent. An inspection light throws a perfect, fully illuminated circle of light. Yes, for inspecting things. If you don't like regular flashlights where the light is brighter in the center and dim at the sides, then this is a great one. It's not really ultra bright because it's designed for looking at things up to maybe 6 feet away but works just fine around the house or in your car. 5Inspector's light I use this regularly to inspect as a quality assurance employee. This and a mirror has turned up some pretty huge defects which slipped by others. Some people pay $100 for a flashlight with 750 lumens, but this is plenty bright for inspections. It's not a flood light so if you're trying to illuminate a big area this is not the light. The spectrum is on the white side. I remember some of the old LEDs when they first became popular were purplish. This is a perfect hue for inspection purposes. White. I use rechargeable aaa which will last about 8 hours. With non-rechargeables the light will dim as they die, with rechargeables however, the light just croaks. Rugged, doesn't pulsate like some cheap LED flashlights and it keeps its brightness. Excellent light for inspection. 5Excellent LED pocket light and just the right size. Excellent LED flashlight at a great price, just the right size (slightly larger than a pen). They seem to have improved the durability of the clip too. This is the second one I have owned over the past couple of years. The first clip snapped after daily use. I emailed the company and they were more than happy to provide a free clip at no charge. Thank you for great customer service and an excellent product. 5good light option Just received so haven't had time to really use it yet. I didn't realize the light was kinda "blueish" but then I noticed the package states nonglare light so I guess that's the reason for the blueish beam. The cost is more friendly than the Streamlight Stylus I returned because of the switch issue. I got this for a longer, easy to locate/grab compact lightweight light to keep in my tool bag; decent light output using readily available batteries; low initial cost, anddurable.While not totally what I hoped for, this is a good choice for EDC or a basic good light. I'll keep this due to the cost so if lost, no biggie. Also, I plan to give one to my daughter, a nurse, because a nonglare light may be more useful than a bright light when checking on patients at night. 4Great light but very delicate - like a flower I purchased this light for working on computer and network hardware in dark environments.My first review would have been 5 out of 5.... but after further use I have to rate it lower.The first time that the batteries died in the thing.... note: they were duracell batteries, which, as everyone knows are now all made in China and will leak battery acid all over everything many years before their fake "expiration date".So, I removed the batteries immediately and kept this light in my work bag until I got to the store to buy Energizer batteries(not sure where Energizers are made these days, but it's not China and Energizers have never leaked battery acid in my experience).But I digress.....Unfortunately, I must have bumped up against something at some point in my travels and this little prima-donna delicate flower of a light got a dent in it's sensitive side and now it will not ever fit another battery inside.So, I throw it in the trash and return to shopping for a mini-mag light or similar option. 2A Winner! I can't recommend this enough.1) This light pours out a beam that is solid with no black spot or brightness changes in the beam2) The battery life is great3) It is reliably built4) The form factor is greatetc etc etcJust get one of these and then compare it to everything else. This is the best pen light you will get if you don't want flood style lighting. 5*When* it works, it works well. (Doesn't always) I work as a paramedic/search an rescue, and go through penlights fairly quickly, as they easily get lost. This is one I will be trying hard to hold onto and not lose despite its glaring flaws.**PROS:**Bright, nice circular beam is great for medical purposes as it doesn't "bleed" and feel disruptive to the peripheral vision of people nearby (i.e. night drivers passing by someone on the side of the road getting a pupil inspection). This is definitely an issue I have with a lot of penlights; they bleed a lot and can be distracting, and make it difficult to not distract other drivers or first responders who are conducting other roles on scene. The circular "inspection beam" also works great for most every purpose as a regular EDC light, too.Which is why I really love this light; it's sturdy, can take a bit of a beating in your pocket, slim, uses common batteries, and has replaced my much bigger $100 Fenix tactical flashlight as a nice, low-profile EDC light.**CONS:**The light doesn't always click on, and sometimes has taken up to 30 seconds of attempts to successfully turn on. I tried adding a thin layer of foil to the battery contacts in hopes this would fix the issue (a lot of pen lights seem to have this exact issue for whatever reason) but the foil didn't solve it; it usually does. This makes me think it isn't an issue with the battery contact, and more of an issue with the internal circuitry. Still have yet to find a long term fix, but I'm past the warranty period, so oh well. This definitely is a big problem for an EDC light, as you expect to be able to have a flashlight you carry work reliably on a moment's notice.That said, luckily, I have yet to have it fail when I needed it on a second's notice (seems to only not want to turn on when I'm trying to show my friends how awesome it is. Ha.), so I guess Murphy's law has a strange sense of irony, here.Despite this, it really holds a candle (pun fully intended) to the best of the penlights I've owned and subsequently lost, so I'm willing to look past this issue... Until I inevitably lose this one, too lol. 3Nice while it lasted I work in an auto shop and this worked very well for doing my inspections and shedding light on hard to see spots . . When it was actually workingHad a lot of trouble getting it to stay on steadily shortly after I got it. I'd press the button and get light for a second before it would fade away. Tapping the light on something would usually bring it back, but as we all know that kind of fix only works for so long. Now thoroughly dead its rolling around somewhere in my toolbox having been replaced by another cheaper, and seemingly better pen light. 3Best penlight Ive bought pocket lights from snap on, mac, and matco for years at 50 bucks a pop because I use them everyday all day and really need it to do my job. Never again, this one is alot brighter and more durable. Only down side is that its slightly fater and doesn't fit in the pen slot in a tech shirt pocket but I guess my pocket screw driver or can get a pen and put it there lol. After using for about 6 months every day contacts for batteries have worn out like the others and light no longer works. (Duracell batteries have never leaked) 3
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