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Coast HL7 Focusing Headlamp, Black

  • Coast HL7 Focusing Headlamp, Black
  • Coast HL7 Focusing Headlamp, Black
  • Coast HL7 Focusing Headlamp, Black
  • Coast HL7 Focusing Headlamp, Black
  • Coast HL7 Focusing Headlamp, Black
  • Coast HL7 Focusing Headlamp, Black

Coast HL7 Focusing Headlamp, Black

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • PURE BEAM FOCUSING: Zoom between a super wide flood beam or spot mode with transition halo at varying distances and brightness.
  • BRIGHT: 305 Lumens in a hands-free package perfect for work, hiking, backpacking, emergency prep, disaster situations, industrial, and tactical scenarios.
  • HARD-HAT: Includes clips to attach headlamp to hard hats
  • HERITAGE: For 100 years, and three generations of the Brands Family, COAST has made products that make peoples jobs and recreation easier, safer and more enjoyable.
  • INCLUDED ACCESSORIES: Headlamp, 3 x AAA alkaline batteries, and hardhat clip set
  • LIFETIME WARRANTY: Backed by the COAST Lifetime Warranty against defects in materials and workmanship.
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Customer Reviews

Great lights, nice to always have light right where I am looking. This is my fourth headlight. I use them for work instead of the old "trouble light" because once they are aimed, anywhere you look, the light is right there. Of course if you are working closer or farther away then you have to re-aim the light but with the trouble light it is always rolling away, aimed somewhere else or just not focused where you need it. Not with these lights. My last one broke due to my mistake and I immediately ordered a replacement I use them so much.The lights are power hungry but are also super bright. The dimming switch really helps extend the battery life not to mention cuts the harsh glare from High with new batteries. I get about a day and a half of intermittent (probably 50-60% on time) use on alkaline batteries. I use rechargeable Panasonic Eneloop NiMH batteries in mine and get at least one whole day of typical use before the batteries are running low.For anyone who works where they need supplemental light (plumbers, car mechanics, DIYers, etc.) I would highly recommend this line of lights. I got the non-focusing light at first and moved up to the focusing light where I can dial it down to a spot for detail work and out to widespread light for just general additional light. 5You will enjoy this tool... I use the light around the house and for camping. I've gone through two sets of batteries so far.Pros: The focus and dimming options are really great. Wide focus and dimmest setting is fine for walking at night. The light seems well built and has been reliable.Cons: (Minor complaints) The focus ring is stiff and still requires two hands. The broadest beam setting has a tight edge and consistent light inside the 8' circle of light, but the narrow beam has a double ring that isn't perfectly focused. The battery pack springs seem cheap and lightweight. (No pun intended) I'm not convinced they will last for years. The headband clips on the battery pack sometimes don't hold the headband securely when putting on or taking off the light.Overall I really enjoy this tool and I'm glad I bought it. There are better headlights out there, but I doubt there are better values. 52 Units, Both Failed. Surprised.... I have had several Coast LED flashlights in the past, and was not hesitant when completing this purchase. The first system came in and I was happy with the overall unit but found the battery pack a bit clunky/ awkward. Buttons were easy to manipulate and the dimmer in the back was a nice touch. However, the unit kept on turning off/on randomly and/or would not come back on. I thought it was just a defective unit (wiring issue) and replaced it within the allotted 30 days.2nd unit came in and had no wiring problem and worked great with the short test run I had. 2 weeks later, I had to work late at night on my motorcycle and needed the unit. Couldn't have failed at a worst time. Unit would not turn on at all. I swapped the batteries (twice) and still no light. Banging the unit against the wall (followed by my head) did not yield any positive results. Thankfully it was still within 30 days of the replacement of the last unit.Coast... you have failed miserably with the quality controls on this unit. I'm looking to buy this unit now.http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B018G937PQ/ref=ask_ql_qh_dp_hzawhich I believe is made by GRDE as it is identical in every sense (except price) to this one. Good luck 1Lasted 4 Years and now Warranty Repair I took this headlamp all over Central & South America working as a wildlife guide. It worked well for the most part and came in handy in multiple situations. It's useful for photography when I need two free hands. The light is bright and batteries last pretty long. I bought this back in 2012 and late in 2016, the On / Off button stopped working which made it pretty much useless. I was pleasantly surprised to see Lifetime Warranty on their products and will probably send it in for repair next time I have free time in the States. The annoying part is not only do I have to package it all up and send it in, I also have to pay $5 for the return shipping of their malfunctioned product. So keep that in mind as part of your purchase. 3This is a very good headlamp - I use it for fieldwork and camping ... This is a very good headlamp - I use it for fieldwork and camping constantly, I like the adjustable widenesss and intensity. My one gripe with the headlamp is that there is a little connector in the wire between the battery pack and the light. It does not stay in particularly securely, which would not be a problem as it is easily put back most of the time. However, the pins are really small, and when I've been trying to reconnect it at night (without a light, of course), I've bent them and had to fix them with needlenosed pliers when I got home. The connector has only one right way to go in, but the tab is really small and hard to find and line up in the dark, hence the misaligned pins. If they fixed that, I'd recommend it wholeheartedly; I guess I'd just recommend you tape the connector together (as I did). 4Comes apart when I put it on. It is difficult to open the battery pack only if you do not notice the slots in the clips through which you can remove the headband. And these slots are the problem. The headband usually slips through a slot when I try to put the assembled device on my head, and I end with the battery dangling. I put the band back through the slots to secure the battery pack, and when I try to put it on again, the battery pack comes loose again. Sometimes I can get it on my head without the battery pack coming loose, but it comes apart often enough that it is too much of a nuisance to bother with.The mechanism for going from beam to flood and back works very well, the best I have seen. Too bad about the battery pack coming loose. 3Great lamp, but strap comes out too easily I like everything about this except the way the band clips into the lamp and battery pack. The button is super easy to hit with gloves on, it doesn't cycle through a bunch of dumb color modes like cheaper lamps, and the beam adjustment is easy and works well. The beam doesn't have any useless settings--the broadest focus is a really good flood, and the narrowest focus is a bright spot with just the right width.My only complaint is that the strap pops out of the clips on the lamp and battery pack too easily. I have to be way too delicate putting it on, or the strap comes loose and I have to stop what I'm doing. I got this for working under cars so the last thing I want to think about is how to put my headlamp on. If I don't glue something to the clips to keep the strap in I'll end up throwing this across the shop very very soon. 3Flood or spot, adjustable tilt, adjustable brightness The big dial lets me switch from flood to spot. The lever in back (not completely intuitive, but serviceable) lets me set adjustable brightness. The big orange button is on/off. Uses AAA batteries, and the top setting is very bright. The light is hinged on the bottom to give adjustable tilt, and it works well. I keep this in my first aid kit so that I can use both hands. If I had to change a tire at night, this would be just about the perfect flashlight. I use it with EverReady lithium batteries that survive freezing temperatures and usually don't leak.This model is simpler than many other headlamps because it does not have a red LED for night vision, and does not have any blinking mode. 5Best and brightest headlamp Lucky enough to get this on Prime Day- The best headlamp I have ever owned. I go through these things all the time and this one has stood the test of time. One of the brightest headlamps I have ever owned, too. I like the it only takes 3 AAA batteries and is real good on battery life. It also has a nice convenient toggle in back to adjust brightness, instead of annoyingly clicking through every setting. Also light can be adjusted to face more down. I really just put the light around my neck and just flood my area when I'm working in complete darkness. I would 100% buy again 5the Swiss Army Knife of headlamps i love flashlights. my first dabbling of the higher end flashlight market was when I purchased a Streamlight Stinger LED 8 years ago and its still going strong after all that time despite countless dropless, and numerous field trips of being left in or on a truck that i worked on.But, as with all technology, flashlights even evolve. my first headlamp was a Streamlight Trident. it was ok, but much too "miner" style for my liking. my next was a Zebralight H600. That light was pretty great; small, light weight, single cell battery, removeable from headband, and good light output althought more of a floody light rather than spill. Next was a Black Diamond Storm. Better in a sense that it offered throw and flood modes, but wasnt too keen on having to do the button sequence to accomolish this, especially with gloved or dirty hands.Step up to the Coast HL7. although you have the two seperate pieces (lamp and battery pack), it feels balanced. the sliding dimmer switch is brilliant and makes for instant, no fuss changes. the focus ring is also fantastic, you can go for an up close and personal flood, or a new spotlight throw with a twist of the bezel. To me, this is how a flashlight SHOULD be designed, simple, easy to operate, and reliable. i run Panosonic Eneloops in it and always have a fresh set on tap when needed. i'm a transit bus mechanic so you're constantly using a light, and having a handa free solution is almost imperitive. this would also make a great camping and/or hiking light. As far as battery life goes, i generally tend to keep the brightness in the middle and get about a week out of it, maybe little bit longer.My only complaint is that I didn't notice they had an identical AA version before ordering this. oh well, guess i'll just have to add to the collection :D 5
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