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Con-Tact Brand 09F-C9943-12 Creative Covering Shelf Liner, 18" x 9', Ocean Blue

  • Con-Tact Brand 09F-C9943-12 Creative Covering Shelf Liner, 18" x 9', Ocean Blue
  • Con-Tact Brand 09F-C9943-12 Creative Covering Shelf Liner, 18" x 9', Ocean Blue

Con-Tact Brand 09F-C9943-12 Creative Covering Shelf Liner, 18" x 9', Ocean Blue

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • MULTIPURPOSE SELF ADHESIVE COVERING: Beautify, Protect Or Customize Any Surface! Con-Tact Brand Self-Adhesive Creative Coverings are the most versatile shelf liners on the market. Our self-adhesive backing will stick to any smooth surface! This makes the Creative Covering great for covering shelves, cabinets, cupboards, lining walls, drawers and for any artistic project! From DIY projects to protecting furniture and from your childs school projects to whole room renovations Con-Tact Shelf Liners have got you covered!
  • DESIGNED WITH YOU IN MIND: Con-Tact Brand has been designing and manufacturing adhesive shelf liners and Contact Paper for over 40 years! Made in the USA, designed by our in house of trend conscious designers, its a product we are proud of! Whether you are protecting a surface, adding a pop of color to a room, customizing a locker, protecting some shelves or anything in between, our Self Adhesive Liners are the right product for your project.
  • EASY TO APPLY: Our Con-tact Brand easy peel & stick application method allows you to simply peel off the paper backing and apply the adhesive backed liner onto any clean flat surface. Its that easy! Our innovative adhesive backing makes the liner repositionable during installation so you can correct any installation errors. Removal of the liner will not leave any messy residue like other products. The liner has a grid lined backing to assist you with easily cutting the roll to your desired sizes. You can use any household scissors to cut to your desired size and shape.
  • DURABLE, WATERPROOF & EASY TO CLEAN: Our Made in USA quality makes our liners incredibly durable to keep your surfaces covered for the long term. Our premium vinyl quality liners are waterproof so you use them anywhere in your home, office, and garage or anywhere you can think of! Our waterproof feature was also designed for easy cleaning - just simply use a damp sponge and wipe away any marks or spills.
  • APPLICATION: Prepare the smooth surface first by cleaning the surface with soap and water. Rinse and dry thoroughly. Peel off the backing evenly and lay flat, start with the corner. When covering a large area, peel small sections at a time to make it easier.
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Customer Reviews

Perfect for Decorating a College DormThis is 100% the best dorm purchase I ve made so far! My college doesn t allow students to paint or alter their walls permanently, so I grabbed 10 rolls of this in the green to try to work around the rule- and boy was it perfect. It went on SUPER easily, was easy to re-work and move, and looks stellar. My dorm is super old (like 1830 s old) and the walls are in awful shape, so any bumps in the picture are 100% the wall and not the paper. Goes on quickly and easily, stays on nicely, and does the job when paint isn t an option. Definitely getting another round for another wall!5Brighter than the picture, great product.Worked great to cover my kitchen cabinets. It was easy to apply, adjust and cut into size. The only negative is that this is super super bright in person. I had to take it down because it just clashed too much. However I'm going to experiment using it on a side table because it's a super fun color.4Office Desk MakeoverPurchased this product after realizing how much it would cost to sand, prime, paint and coat my office desk. I purchased $60 worth with postage included to Australia.Desk came out looking really good, took some effort to put the paper on at first, ended up finding out a pretty good tactic to get it down with very little bubbles rest I just popped.5Do yourself a favor spend the extra money on real removable wallpaperNever...again. This may be fine for a very small project, but I ve made the terrible mistake of using this to cover the Big Bird yellow painted cabinets in a huge kitchen (as you can see in the first photo, I had to cover that crap up). It s the only thing in our rented house I hate, is that awful yellow paint, but...this is a rental so I can t paint over it. But I am kicking myself for not paying the extra money and getting quality removable wallpaper from a reputable company. This stuff is awful. If you are covering straight up and down or straight side to side, no problem...but if you have to wrap around or if there is even the slightest ridge, it ain t gonna stick. Trust me. I ve spent as long as two hours and wasted countless sheets just trying to properly cover one drawer and I finally gave up and duct taped the damn thing on because otherwise it just won t stay on, I don t care what you do. And this is just standard wood, no particle board or any tricky surfaces. And god forbid you position it wrong and try to use it again.And unfortunately, now I m committed to covering the many many cabinet doors and drawers in this wonderful large kitchen with stuff that stresses me out so badly that I can only do a very small bit at a time like A drawer or A door, and even then I end up so frustrated that I need a fat glass of red afterwards.The only reason I m giving it two stars instead of the one it deserves is that it does look really good ON THE OUTSIDE...but as soon as you open any of them, it s like Modern Hillbilly.Never. Ever. Again. Do yourself a favor unless you want this as a liner, don t cheap out get the real stuff. If not, you better stock up on wine and duct tape. Ugh. And I have so far to go...2Long lasting! I used this to spruce of our military housing walls that we weren't allowed to paint. I added them in stripes along her wall.I used a hair dryer to smooth it against the wall, and it lasted about 2 years-- until she decided she was over it and peeled it off one morning (she was 2 & a half, so yeah lol) There were bubbles and a bit of pulling away from the wall here and there, but our walls are not completely smooth and their are concrete, so the contact paper was always pretty cold, causing it to shrink a bit after I used heat to help it adhere a bit more to the wall. It wasn't that noticeable, though, and it looked great, so no harm no foul. Especially when this stuff probably isn't even meant to be used in the way that I used it haha 5Great productI bought this to make traffic signs for my son's room. Made for a great temporary decoration. When he outgrows the car motif, I can easily peel it away!5Very Forgiving. Great for right surfaces.This isn't your old contact paper that was impossible to remove. If you make a mistake you can pull it up and reapply. Didn't work for project I purchased it for, but worked great to line cabinets. Your surface needs to be finished and somewhat smooth or it won't adhere. If you have to use pieces in the cabinet, be sure to make them overlap from front to back, not horizontally, so when you slide items in they won't catch the paper and pull it up. This is very easy to wipe clean. Protects my cabinets where I store cooking oil, spices, etc.5Stick to a brand you know and love, stick with Con-Tact!I do a lot of crafting and this is perfect for stuff that I don't mind being thrown away such as signs for school functions, tracing, etching, stencil usage, etc. It's sometimes nice to be able to see the outline a bit better with a colored liner such as the Con-Tact Brand Creative Covering Self-Adhesive Drawer Liner in black. I've used the clear in the past and sometimes I couldn't see the edge of the stencil I was using.Of course, if you're not a crafty person like myself, this is great to line dresser, desk and kitchen drawers or shelves with. Which I still do also!The tackiness on this adhesive is perfect to keep it into place for as long or as little of time you need it to. There is very little if any residue left behind when you remove it also!5delivered fast,good product amazing price I got the 18x9 black, two rolls for my counter. Didn't pay extra for special shipping yet it came so fast. 3 days .I recommend googling how to apply thin vinyl videos for something like I did, luckily it comes off easy, to keep fixing it when not on right the first try, going on is the hard part,at first I was struggling getting it even. Keapt dealing with air bubbles. I used a box knife to cut any edges. For the price its a generous amount. Overall good product, I know getting it wet on edge areas will cause peel overtime, nd its gonna wear n tear, but as a temporary solution to a new counter, for this price its great! My counter looks good. 5Does Not Adhere WellThe color covered up what I intended them to cover, but the paper did not adhere well. I got them to cover boxes (shoe and cigar boxes). The edges came up easily and would not adhere with any sort of permanence. Not something to use on anything that you would need to hold up to being handled much.1color is not trueI have used Contact Brand to cover chalkboards and windows in several classrooms at my school, never had a problem until this order. The black contact that I used on the windows turns brown during the day (looks like brown woodgrain, which I might actually like if it wasn't for the fact that I wanted the window covering black. The purple paper I bought to cover a piece of hardboard which I mounted to the chalkboard had light purple streaks from the middle to the edge of the roll (all the way through). This contact paper also seems much thinner that what I normally purchase, there is no way it would last as a shelf liner. Not happy at all. I also bought a roll of the teal that I am returning.2Fiestaware Shadow-Box CupboardI was more than a little nervous for this stuff to arrive; I have a history of failure and frustration with all things "self-adhesive". To my amazement, failure and frustration took a holiday this time around. This stuff was virtually idiot-proof. I wanted to give one of my kitchen cupboards a shadow-box type look. The dishes stored in that cupboard are brilliantly colorful and it seemed a shame to keep them in the dark, so to speak. When ordering, I purchased more than I would need against possible screw-ups on my part. I lined the back, top, sides and bottom of the cupboard and the tops and bottoms of the shelf with black Con-Tact Brand Creative Covering Self-Adhesive Shelf and Drawer Liner, 18-Inches by 9-Feet, Black. It was so easy, I actually had fun doing it. I screwed vinyl covered mug hooksOOK 50683 1-1/4-Inch Vinyl Mug Hooks Tidy Tins, White, 15-Piece 15 pcs into the underside of the shelf and added a few black tap lightsFulcrum LED Battery-Operated Stick-On Tap Light, Black. Next, I removed the cupboard doors, knocked out the center panels and replaced them with chicken wire. Now my colorful Fiestaware is displayed the way it should be.5
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