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Cooks Standard 7-Quart Classic Stainless Steel Dutch Oven Casserole Stockpot with Lid

  • Cooks Standard 7-Quart Classic Stainless Steel Dutch Oven Casserole Stockpot with Lid
  • Cooks Standard 7-Quart Classic Stainless Steel Dutch Oven Casserole Stockpot with Lid
  • Cooks Standard 7-Quart Classic Stainless Steel Dutch Oven Casserole Stockpot with Lid
  • Cooks Standard 7-Quart Classic Stainless Steel Dutch Oven Casserole Stockpot with Lid

Cooks Standard 7-Quart Classic Stainless Steel Dutch Oven Casserole Stockpot with Lid

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₪ 616.00 ₪ 1,026.00 You save: ₪ 410.00



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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Made with 18/10 stainless steel with an aluminum disc layered in the bottom
  • Aluminum disc bottom provides even heat distribution and prevents hot spots
  • Tempered glass lid with steam hole vent makes viewing food easy
  • Riveted handles offer durability; Oven safe to 500F, glass lid to 350F
  • Works on induction, gas, electric, glass, ceramic, etc.; Dishwasher safe
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Customer Reviews

GOOD QUALITY POT!You cannot beat the quality of this pot for the money. I cyber shopped on Amazon, HSN, QVC, and checked out all the name brands and purchased this on Amazon. This had better reviews than the name brand pots and cost much less. I love the vented lid which prevents boil overs and the 18/10 stainless cannot be beat. It has good weight, and is easy to clean. I like that you don t need to cook on high heat at all. Great pot!5Fantastic bargain. These work great with induction stove-tops.I bought 2 of these for my induction stove-top. They aren't quite as heavy and solid as the sauce-pans and fry pans made by the same company (Cooks Standard), but they're great nonetheless. The bottoms are very flat which is essential for a glass-top range, and the bottom is thick and heavy too. The lids are wonderful. Not only are they see-through, but they have a little vent for steam to escape so they aren't boiling over so badly. You can pay 10 times the price for an All-Clad pot like this. I think this one is just as good. It should last a lifetime. This was an incredible deal!5Lost $40 in groceries due to this low end potA simple dish with onions and oil and some potatoes + veggies turn into a total disaster. The gas was not on high I just suddenly smelled a burned smell and that was it. My entire pot full of groceries (vegetables) went to crap. I lost $40 with of groceries and wasted more money buying this stupid pot! Don t support this low quality pot, you will end up losing money.1Great stock pot!This is a very nice stock pot, and rounds out a set we purchased a few months ago that only included a 4 QT and 8 QT stock pot. This one seems very heavy duty and well constructed. Heat is distributed evenly and it works well on our Electrolux induction range. It's easy to clean. We're hoping for many long years of use.Update November 2016: After a few months of use, this pot developed a loud buzz/whine when used on any suitable elements of our induction range. I contacted the vendor and explained the issue. They immediately sent out a replacement pot, which arrived only a few days later. They said we could dispose of the old pot as we see fit. That's excellent service! Still five stars despite the trouble after only a few months. I actually have a 4.2 QT 'casserole' (basically a stock pot) from another vendor, that developed the same problem. They want to just give me a partial refund - not a replacement pot, trying to convince me the issue is normal. I think maybe I'll take the refund and just buy another one of these. Wish Cooks Standard made this in a 4.5 or 5 quart size though - 6 quarts is really a bit larger than two people need for most things.5Good Sturdy Pot, Definitely a worthwhile upgrade. I bought this to boil up nectar for hummingbirds. It's a terrific all around pot. Well made. Sturdy. I love the fill markings on the inside wall--I use them all the time. I filled it using a measuring cup, the markings seem accurate. The glass lid has a small hole for a thermometer or to release steam. It's stainless steel, well made, the handles stay as cool as possible.The pot I had been using didn't have the small hole, instead it would spatter sugar syrup all over the place. No syrup seems to come out the little hole. Using this pot I've never had any mess. 5Comfortable handles.This is a great inexpensive stainless steel stockpot with a glass lid. I have a more expensive one that is triply but this is lighter weight and easier to use for my Mom who has arthritis. The thing I like most about this stockpot is the handles. They are very comfortable and easy on the hands. A lot of more inexpensive (and sometimes expensive too) cookware has uncomfortable and sharp handles - not so with these. They seem to be very ergonomic.4Perfect cookware, serves well for my purpose Perfect cookware, serves well for my purpose. Food does not stick on it, it is easy to clean and looks very sleek as well. I especially bought it so I can use it for my induction cooker. I love the glass cover and the fact that the handle stays cool. Price is very reasonable, I highly recommend it. 5Big Bang For Your Buck! (with 2-Year Update)Don't be put off by the reasonable price! This is a fine set of induction-ready cookware. Besides being very attractive set which looks much more expensive, it works flawlessly on our new induction range.The steamer fits both saucepans, and even fits a different brand 4 qt. induction saucepan we already owned. Water boils so fast on an induction range that steaming veggies is almost as fast as in a microwave, but they stay much more moist with steaming.All handles have an open hole where they attach, which promotes air cooling. Side handles won't get hot unless you use them on an oversize electric coil burner or use too big a flame on a gas stove. Induction burners won't ever cause this problemSo far we are very pleased. You really don't have to spend a fortune to have a quality cookware set.We're still trying to figure out how to fry with the stainless fry pan without food sticking. There are videos online with instructions. Also, just boiling pasta leaves some slight dark staining in the pots, which a greenie or Barkeeper's Friend easily eliminates.2-YEAR UPDATE (6/10/19):We are just as satisfied, if not even more so, now that we've lived with this set for 2 years. The handles are still super-tight, and the sealed bases are still solidly attached. We never need to use anything more than a blue, non-scratching scrubber on the entire set, with the possible exception of the stainless fry pan's interior. On that we sometimes use a "greenie", which is a more abrasive scrubber/sponge combo.To keep the interiors looking new I will occasionally use Barkeeper's Friend cleanser with the blue, non-scratching scrubber. But, on the super-shiny exteriors, all I need to use is the non-scratching scrubber with dishwashing soap. I do occasionally wash them in the dishwasher with good results using Cascade detergent pacs.The fry pan has turned out to be not-so-bad when it comes to keeping the interior clean and shiny. However, I still prefer using my favorite Ozeri induction-ready non-stick fry pans. I'm lazy, and I admit it!Man, I am sooooo glad I bought this set!!5Ruined after first use/waste of moneyI used it to make soup and the bottom was stained. I hand washed it. My experience was exactly like another review written a month ago in oct 2018. Maybe the quality of this item has changed? I would not buy again and don't recommend it to anyone.1Excellent buy. Same 18/10 stainless steel as All-Clad.I purchased the 7 quart pot and have no complaints whatsoever. The construction is sturdy, the heating surface is even, and the handles stay cool. This has gotten daily use during the four months that I've owned it so far and it's performance has been excellent. I've used it to sear, braise, saute, boil, etc. For those who aren't aware, this isn't a non-stick surface - which means it's excellent for browning meats and vegetables and creating a fond.It's 18/10 stainless steel - the same quality of steel used by All-Clad. This means it's equally resistant to corrosion as your typical $200+ version. It's not impervious of course, as stainless steel does react to acids and salt to a low degree. As a result, I care for my pan by:- not using it for storing cooked foods (as they typically have salt/acid in them)- washing and drying it shortly after use (never putting cold water on a hot pan, which can cause warping)- choosing a different pot if i'm going to be cooking something with salt/acid for an extended period of time (I use a crock pot for slow cooking)- cleaning it with a non-scratch pad (and baking soda, if I need to remove burned food)To be clear: this pot doesn't have the same construction as an All-Clad pot. All-Clad has multiple "sandwiched" layers of metal that make up the base AND walls of the pan. This has a single aluminum disc sandwiched between stainless steel on the bottom. The sides are one layer of stainless steel and the lid is glass. As a result, you will not get the degree of even heat retention from all directions, as you would in a much more expensive pot. That said, I believe this will serve most people well and it's a great buy at this price!5This is an excellent high quality potThis is an excellent high quality pot. I was impressed with the weight of it. It is machined every well, the bottom is true flat, which is important on ceramic cook-tops. I highly recommend it.5ExcellentI got the 5-quart version a few weeks ago. Although it's nice, it's not big enough for my purposes. This one is 7 quarts. It's like a "Dutch Oven," only shallower and wider. It's very solid for a $34 pot. Definitely a step up from the inexpensive pots and pans that you get at department stores. It's exactly 11 inches going from the inside of the rim (at the top) to the inside of the rim on the other side. It's exactly 4 5/8" from the very bottom to the top of the rim. You get a little more interior room on the topside as the cover is not flat. Excellent quality for $34.5
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