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CottonColors Brand Privacy Window Film 35.4x118.1 Inches 3D Non Toxic Static Decoration UV Rejection Heat Control Energy Saving Glass Stickers

  • CottonColors Brand Privacy Window Film 35.4x118.1 Inches 3D Non Toxic Static Decoration UV Rejection Heat Control Energy Saving Glass Stickers
  • CottonColors Brand Privacy Window Film 35.4x118.1 Inches 3D Non Toxic Static Decoration UV Rejection Heat Control Energy Saving Glass Stickers
  • CottonColors Brand Privacy Window Film 35.4x118.1 Inches 3D Non Toxic Static Decoration UV Rejection Heat Control Energy Saving Glass Stickers
  • CottonColors Brand Privacy Window Film 35.4x118.1 Inches 3D Non Toxic Static Decoration UV Rejection Heat Control Energy Saving Glass Stickers
  • CottonColors Brand Privacy Window Film 35.4x118.1 Inches 3D Non Toxic Static Decoration UV Rejection Heat Control Energy Saving Glass Stickers
  • CottonColors Brand Privacy Window Film 35.4x118.1 Inches 3D Non Toxic Static Decoration UV Rejection Heat Control Energy Saving Glass Stickers

CottonColors Brand Privacy Window Film 35.4x118.1 Inches 3D Non Toxic Static Decoration UV Rejection Heat Control Energy Saving Glass Stickers

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₪ 303.60 ₪ 506.00 You save: ₪ 202.40



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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Save Money For Air-conditions And Heaters: Blocking Out 45-85% Sunlight Heat In Summer; Reducing At Least 30% Warmness Lost In Winter. This One Is Environment Friendly, Contains NO DEHP,NO DBP,NO BBP,NO DINP,NO DIDP,NO DNOP; Size: 35.4 In(W) x 118.1 In(L) Per Roll, Shipping Weight: About 1000g.
  • Protect Your Body Health And Life Safety From Broken Glass: Increasing The Glass Strength Or Keeping Glass Fragments Tightly Attached On The Film By Its Original Shape, No Splashing And No Deformation.
  • Provide Good Privacy, Protect Skin And Eyes, And Prevent Furniture From Fading And Aging By Blocking Out More Than 96% Harmful Rays And Filtering Strong Light. Show You A Comfortable And Decorative Home Where Has no Disturbance From Dazzling Strong Light And UV Rays When You Are Enjoying The Natural Sunshine.
  • Easy To Fix, To Remove, And To Reuse. Get The Look Of Frosted Glass By Easy Do-it. No Fading, No Bubbles, Can Be Reused And Has A Long Using Time.
  • Widely Suitable For Any Places: Kitchen, Bedroom, Bathroom, Living Room, Dining Room, Office, Hotels, Classroom, Lobby, etc.
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Customer Reviews

Perfect! This is exactly what I was looking for! I wanted to add privacy to my laundry room without changing the curtain or adding blinds and this window film fit the bill.Some helpful hints:Clean the window really well before applying the film, making sure to get any crevices where the window joins the frame. I didn't get in there and the soapy water pulled up dirt that I had to clean out from behind the film.Use lots of soapy water! I used a clean sponge and a bowl of water mixed with Windex and applied as much as I thought I needed to, and then added a bit more. It really makes it easy to slide the film around and adjust it.I used a plastic spatula to smooth out all of the air bubbles. It took a little time but it was easy and the results are fantastic!I'll be doing my kitchen window next. 5Frustrating product I've used several different window clings and this is the WORST! I installed it on a sliding window that was 18" tall and 5' wide. It curled so much that I used Elmer's glue & tape to hold it in place until the glue dried; at which time I carefully removed the tape. I first tried to "relax" it by soaking it in very warm water, but that didn't help much. It has now been glued to the window for 10 months and the edges are curling away so it appears that I must glue & tape again. Visitors seem to like the effect & give compliments. I NEVER recommend this brand. The best I've worked with is Artscapes and next best by Ostepdecor; although I'm certain there are other great products out there. I personally AVOID this brand. 1WOW!!! WOW is all I have to say. There is so much in the package that I covered my front door windows, back door window, and two side windows and I have a bunch left over! It is easy to apply, (once you get the backing off) gives lots of privacy, and is so so pretty! Even my husband loves it. Sunlight shining through it projects rainbows all over the room. Just make sure your window and glass are really clean and dust-free before you attempt to install. Spraying the window with some water just before you hang the cling (as the instructions suggest) helps a lot with contact and if you need to adjust the positioning a little. 5I love this product. I cannot imagine why I have read bad reviews for this product. If the film doesn't stick, it has to be because the backing was not removed. I also had a label that was on the actual film rather than the backing. It was not that hard to remove. I just picked at it with my nail until I got an edge lifted and I pulled the sticker off. I used scissors to cut the pieces to size. I used an X-Acto knife to do final trimming on one side, which was the only place that needed to be trimmed. I also used scissors to cut a pattern across this film so that I could place it on the top and the bottom of my bathroom windows, leaving a space in the middle so I could see out. In total, I cut seven pieces of film to cover my windows. I have three windows in my front door and I cut four pieces for the bathroom windows. I am in my mid 60s and had no problems. I will be ordering another roll so I can do the lower half of the windows in my bedroom. This film gives me all the privacy I could want while still allowing light to get in. It is raining outside and I think you can still tell about the light. I just realized that this acts as window insulation also. There is a noticeable difference on the bathroom windows where the film is versus where it is not. A surprising added benefit of this window film. 5Beautiful enhancement to our master bathroom! This is so beautiful. I received it quickly and put it up the next day without any issues. I had plenty on the roll to cover both windows but my husband and I decided that we didn't want to block the entire view outside. As you can see, I covered the bottom window entirely then the top window up to a point where we could still see out. I carefully cutout some of the design to make a transition. I think it turned out wonderful. I may even consider doing other windows and wouldn't hesitate buying this product again. The bonus is that it is also so reasonably priced and shipping with Amazon Prime makes the whole transaction 5 stars! 5One Star bad, doesn't stay more than a day 1Wonderful Cats+blinds=destructionI prefer to keep all of my blinds slightly raised to avoid said destruction. The problem is that my office window faces some stairs that get some light traffic through the day. I wasn't comfortable leaving the blinds down so the cats could destroy them but I also didn't like the lack of privacy leaving them up brought. This product is the perfect solution for me.Some tips:- Measure the windows carefully and make sure you are cutting straight edges on the cling.- If you are going to mark the cling for cutting, make sure you mark on the removable backing.- Keep the orientation of the design in mind when you cut. I wasted several pieces because I cut in such a way that the flowers would have been coming from the sides instead of the bottom, like I wanted.- Clean the window and spray a very generous amount of water (i mixed in a little windex) before you apply the cling.- Remove the backing and take your time to apply. Feel free to spray more water on the window if you need some more time maneuvering.- Squeeze out the air pockets with your hands, credit card, something flat.Enjoy! 5It looks as good as the day we put it on I have had this window film on my front door now since September 2015. It is now the end of June 2016. This stuff does exactly what it says it does. We didn't have any trouble putting it on. You just have to follow the instructions and use plenty of soapy water. It hasn't faded or turned colors. It looks as good as the day we put it on. The pictures attached are from today's date...almost a year after installing. The reason i am just now putting this review on is because I am back to buy some more for my bathroom and a window upstairs that I do not want a full curtain on the window but would like some shield from the hot sun coming in the window. Money well spent. I see some people have had trouble peeling off the back...We cut 2 small pieces of duct tape and placed on the corner on both sides and pulled. Worked fantastic. Peeled right off. 5Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous!!! The photo does not do the product justice. This looks like beautiful etched glass on my window and it has a gorgeous sparkle to it, even at night. The light bounces off of it and gives a subtle rainbow type effect. I literally had this up in about 15-20 minutes. My husband thought I had a new window installed when he came home from work!!! 5Pretty floral, easy to apply, and throws rainbows! I bought this mainly for a door from our kitchen to the garage that has a huge window. I do not like looking into our garage from in the house, especially from our kitchen. I bought the 23 inch width for $6-7 more than the 17 inch width because the window is about 22 inches wide and I didn't want to mess with a seam. I love how it blocks the garage mess and it blends so your eye isn't just drawn to the window. When the garage lights are on, you can see rainbow colors in the sheet itself but not on any other surfaces, but it looks very pretty. I would consider it very private but you can still see shapes that are close to it. It's very difficult to see in, even when you're right up next to it. Everything is distorted. So. Don't moon people directly up against the window and you should be fine.Since I had extra, I put it on the rectangular window above our front door, in hopes that it would throw rainbows with the direct morning sun it gets. And it does! The kids love it. I have a window above our backyard door that I'm going to apply it to as well for evening rainbows! I won't have much left over after that so I'm confused reading reviews from people talking about all the extra they had. The windows I covered are not that big unless the windows and showers they're covering are tiny!The style (floral) isn't really my thing so I'm not sure how long I'll keep it up, but I do highly recommend it! 5
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