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Cuisinart Chef's Classic Cookware Universal Pot Rack Hooks, Oil Rubbed Bronze, Set of 6

  • Cuisinart Chef's Classic Cookware Universal Pot Rack Hooks, Oil Rubbed Bronze, Set of 6
  • Cuisinart Chef's Classic Cookware Universal Pot Rack Hooks, Oil Rubbed Bronze, Set of 6
  • Cuisinart Chef's Classic Cookware Universal Pot Rack Hooks, Oil Rubbed Bronze, Set of 6

Cuisinart Chef's Classic Cookware Universal Pot Rack Hooks, Oil Rubbed Bronze, Set of 6

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Oil rubbed bronze
  • Universal pot rack hooks
  • Set of 6 pot rack hooks
  • Oil rubbed bronze
  • Universal pot rack hooks
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Customer Reviews

Looks great, works great Works better than the stock hooks that came with our ceiling rack. It's not clear from the pictures but the narrow end of the hook is at a 45 degree angle from the wide end, meaning if your rack has a grid of wires this will go at the intersection to lock it in both axis. I was worried that thing wouldn't be secure enough with the less-steep angle of the wide hook, turns out this was just what the doctor ordered to make it possible for my girlfriend to lift pots off. It still takes some effort since the pots have to be canted back to overcome the fat inside diameter of the hook grooves in the handle, then a straight-up push to clear the hook. In short, I wouldn't change a thing about these hooks. 5Universal Pot Hooks The Cuisinart Universal Pot Rack Hooks are a very well made product. I use them on a "wire" type rack (similar to the middle picture on the product link) and they fit nicely.I also value good product descriptions, and find most lacking in detail. Customer reviews are often helpful in filling in these details. The following information would have been helpful to me:Cuisinart Model # CRUH-6#7 wire guageStainless Steel5 inches in lengthPot hook end opening is 1 inch wide at top, 1 inch deep, 1/2 inch at bottom, 45 degree left twistHanger end opening is 1/2 inch at top, 1 3/4 inch deep and 1/4 inch at bottomBoth ends are finished with a round over 5Very pleased with how they worked out. I want to give these four and a half stars just cause I feel like they were a little pricey for six pieces of bent (albeit heavy) wire, but they're solid and work well so I went with the five.I got them to supplement the included hooks that come with the Range Kleen CW6009 Stainless Steel Pot Rack after some research and since it looked like so many people had bundled the two. They work pretty well with it. They're not the exact same shade of stainless as the ones that ship with the rack. They're slightly darker. They're also maybe an inch and a half longer - which I thought was going to be a problem at first but ended up being a huge advantage cause it gave us the ability to vary the height that the pots and pans were hanging at in order to line them up a little bit better and give everything a more uniform appearance from left to right.Also, we found the bend or slight twist that other reviewers have mentioned to be helpful in getting everything lined up and facing in the direction we wanted when hanging stuff. Not sure if this was by design or we just lucked out, but if it was, it's a nice touch.Very pleased with how they worked out. 5Even BETTER than the description! When i pulled these out the box i was shocked because i was expecting some typical small hooks and these are SUPER GREAT! Heavy duty, nice and chunky and excellent craftsmanship! Non-skid material and i think it has a special coating so the paint won't chip off like the typical ones you find on the market. It also has rubber so they definitely stay in place!!!I will be ordering another set so i can replace all the ones that came with my pot rack!One thing i will mention just in-case someone might not like or have an issue with when they receive them (i thought it was brilliant) the top part kind of turns so that way you can put them on anything and whatever your hanging it keeps it extra straight. Its kind of difficult to describe.I definitely recommend them and GUARANTEE you, you will NOT find a better product for the price you pay!! Bang for your buck!! 5Work Perfectly, Good Price, Match Perfectly! I purchased these for use with my cuisinart pot rack. These work beautifully! They hold the pots at an angle so that I can add more pots if I wish. The price is good at just over a dollar a hook. Much better than at the local Bed, Bath, and Beyond who want three times that price. They match perfectly as well and were delivered to my door free of charge courtesy of my prime account. Would purchase again if I needed more! 5Nice sturdy longer hook for those smaller pots These are nice because they are a little longer than the hooks that came with my Kinetic Classicor hanging pot rack (https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0000DJBIN/ref=cm_cr_ryp_prd_ttl_sol_8). They're handy so you have different lengths available for different size pots. The one thing stopping me from giving 5 stars is the "twist" on the part of the hook you place the pot handle onto. It's twisted to the side a little and makes it a little more difficult to place the handle onto the hook for some reason. I mean a little more difficult that the hooks that came with the pot rack which are straight and have no twist to the business end. Not sure why it makes it a bit harder to hang them but it definitely does. Still, they are sturdy in thickness and the length is very good, finish is nice too. I'd get them again - surely I'll get better at hanging on them as time goes on - the pot rack has only been up a couple weeks so far. 4Adding onto existing rack Earlier this year we got more pots, and needed more hooks. I decided on this one because our new pots ( 2 left ones) have hanging holes that are not really placed or sized well, as compared to what you would expect from the right two pans.I am very pleased that these hooks work. They are sturdy, accommodate all of my pots and pans well, and are rubberized on the top.Also if you cannot tell from the pictures, the hook is off center, so they twist a little and can get more in less space 5Well made. Serves intended purpose very well. Bought two chrome wire shelving racks (TRINITY EcoStorage 6-Tier, model TBFC-0907) and one package of these hooks to organize our home kitchen. Broom, mop and 'swiffer' are now neatly arranged and out of sight. The size I ordered is perfect for my use, but you should definitely consider your intended use before ordering. The finish is smooth and would not catch/scratch a hand towel or utensil. The hook is long enough on both ends to be secure while not protruding too much. I do not know how much weight they are certified to hold, but they are very strong; rock climbers should look elsewhere of course, but these hooks are definitely strong enough for any size or weight cooking/cleaning utensil that I can imagine. 5Alternate use - great in laundry room! I have wire shelving in my laundry room, and wanted hooks to hang things I didn't want to dry in the drier. I tried s-hooks but they were always falling off. I purchased these hoping they'd work better, and they are perfect. If I launder delicates first, they are usually dry by the time I'm done the rest of my laundry. 5Superb design, well-made and handsome finish These are fantastic and well-made. Don t listen to the reviewers who said it s just wire and they could have bent them themselves. They couldn t, or they would have! First, they re not wire per se. They re heavy gauge metal, more like a small rod. The narrow bend that goes over the pot rack fits perfectly, and it has a thick, rubberized coating that keeps it from slipping when you take a pot on and off. Then, the hook that you hang things on is angled out so it is easy to get things on and off. The twist that they put in the hanger is genius, because it means that your pans hang front to back instead of side to side. Even the end is rounded so it s not a sharp, cut end. They thought of everything! I got the oil rubbed bronze color, and it is a well done, satin finish. I have cast-iron skillets, stainless steel pots, coffee mugs, my egg basket, a cutting board, and utensils hanging off of these hooks and they are perfect. I ordered three sets and I m considering ordering one more! Do not hesitate to buy these. For what they are, they are an extremely good value and really well-made. 5
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