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Design House 514463 Millbridge 3 Light Chandelier, Oil Rubbed Bronze

  • Design House 514463 Millbridge 3 Light Chandelier, Oil Rubbed Bronze
  • Design House 514463 Millbridge 3 Light Chandelier, Oil Rubbed Bronze
  • Design House 514463 Millbridge 3 Light Chandelier, Oil Rubbed Bronze
  • Design House 514463 Millbridge 3 Light Chandelier, Oil Rubbed Bronze
  • Design House 514463 Millbridge 3 Light Chandelier, Oil Rubbed Bronze
  • Design House 514463 Millbridge 3 Light Chandelier, Oil Rubbed Bronze
  • Design House 514463 Millbridge 3 Light Chandelier, Oil Rubbed Bronze
  • Design House 514463 Millbridge 3 Light Chandelier, Oil Rubbed Bronze

Design House 514463 Millbridge 3 Light Chandelier, Oil Rubbed Bronze

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Made of formed steel, crisp alabaster glass and finished in oil rubbed bronze
  • Measuring 14-inches (H) by 22-inches (W), this 6.3-pound fixture has a 48-inch chain to extend from high ceilings
  • 3-light chandelier is rated for 120-volts and uses (3) 60-watt medium base incandescent bulbs
  • Product is UL and cUL listed
  • Comes with a 10-year limited warranty
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Customer Reviews

Design flaw This lamp would probably work very well in some spaces, but it did not work at all for the small office I had hoped to put it in. The problem is that the shade is so shallow, the bare light bulb sticks out below the shade. If you are hanging this lamp on a very high ceiling, it would not be a problem. But if it is hung anywhere close to eye level, the result is that you are staring straight into a bare light bulb, which is blinding and unpleasant. I tried 2 different light bulbs and had the same problem with both. I think a lamp shade should not leave a large portion of the bulb exposed, or it's not really doing it's job. So again, fine for a high ceiling, but I wish I were aware of this problem before I ordered it. 3Nice LampWe really like this lamp. You can use it as a swag lamp, plugging it directly into the wall, or as a ceiling mounted lamp. It comes both with the hooks needed for swag mounting, and also with a cover plate and bracket to mount it into an electrical box. There is a little wheel switch about a foot from the end of the 20 foot cord to turn it on and off with. I guess they had to put it somewhere, but being at the end of the cord like that its not very accessible. I suppose I'll have to get a power strip mounted somewhere in a better location. It probably weighs about three to five pounds, (I'm guessing), so it's not a problem to just put a hole in the ceiling drywall and use the included toggle bolts and decorative hooks. The glass lamp is not pure white, but has some visual texture in it (see pictures.) The chain is pretty long, but stops well before the end of the cord. It shouldn't be a problem for even the longest ceiling run. We are happy with it, but I thought it was a little pricy, and the switch thing bugged me a little, so 4 stars it is.4Disappointing & wrong colorLove the style of these fixtures; however, in reality these are not the same color as in the pictures. They're more of a weird gray color instead of black. Do not buy these if you're planning on matching them to your other oil-rubbed bronze fixtures because they will not match. They are also complicated to install. We could've returned them at no cost, but decided it wasn't worth it since they were already up and we purchased two. Overall, you get what you pay for. We wouldn't recomend.2Good, but strangePROS:--The glass lampshade is attractive. There are nice swirls in it that give it a romantic, but still simple and classic look.--Glass is heavy and well made. It is clearly of high quality.--Addresses my need for a lamp that my toddler can't tip over.CONS:--The chain wrapped around the cord is very thick. Each link in the chain is 2" long and 1" wide. It gives a very industrial, almost embarrassingly dungeon look to an otherwise classic-looking lamp.--If you don't want the cord to sag and hang unattractively at the ceiling, you will have to supply your own hardware. I wanted the cord to be pulled taut across the ceiling for a more aesthetically pleasing look. Fortunately, the handyman that I hired had the necessary hardware. But the hooks that come with the lamp itself will result in the chain looping and dangling.--The glass lampshade is not long enough to cover the lightbulb. So, when you hang the pendant light up, the lightbulb is shining right in your eyes. If they had made the lampshade just a couple of inches longer, it would not be such a nuisance.**Detailed reviews are my way of giving back to the Amazon community. If you find my review useful, please click the "helpful" button below.**3Swag it looks awesom! this was perfect item. I used it as a swag rather then install it fix. I wanted to have the freedom of moving from outlet to outlet. Package came in good condition also. I bought two. Still wondering where the other one will go. Right now this one is right in the middle of the room with lots of light. the only problem I have is the switch. It is not in the correct place too low and now it is behind my work desk. So I ended up buying a wifi light switch and it works perfect :) No need to crawl to the ground or using the attach switch. 4Hard to assemble. Poor matching parts. Gorgeous if mounted correctly.This is a stylish lamp. But it isn't easy to assemble. The instructions require you to separate the last link of the swag chain using pliers in order to mount the lamp. You need to separate a link in the chain to affix it to the top member. I think I'm mechanically proficient, but it took two pliers and significant amount of force to separate the link and affix it to the top member. Can't imagine someone with little skills or the right tools and force to assemble this lamp. The top member on my lamp wasn't threaded correctly. It didn't thread to the lamp niipple resulting in about an hour of disassembling the lamp in order to re-tap the thread. Even then, the threads on the lamp niipple were so course that it took cross-threading to mount the lamp. I'm sure this is beyond the scope of most buyers and would have resulted in a return. If you're using the plug and not hard mounting the lamp, it will take some time to remove the copper ground wire and requires some patience to move the conductor to the bottom of the chain. It certainly is a gorgeous lamp and once mounted, provides a stylish source of light to any room in your house. I'd recommend a soft white bulb and hanging the unit slightly below standing eye level. It's very bright with a 100 watt bulb but fills a corner with some much needed illumination.4Nice Fixture, Crummy Paint JobBought this as a replacement for the existing dining room light fixture. The old one had only 3 bulbs and they pointed upward at the ceiling as the only lighting in the room, it was just too dim. It is hard to find a fixture where the lights/globes point downward, while still maintaining something of a traditional/transitional look (we have a colonial and would hate to put a jarring modern light fixture in!). This fixture fit the bill! Upon unpacking, the chandelier itself is nice, but the spray paint job at the factory left a few globs in the narrow parts of the flourishes had to gently use a small screwdriver to chip it off. The frosted glass globes are very pretty and quite substantial. It holds dimmable LED bulbs and altogether looks great. My major complaint is the chain. Why, oh why, can t they pre-split two of the links at the factory before painting them??? The paint flakes off the chain so easily when trying to open/close those links, and the very bottom link (that attaches the chandelier to the rest of the chain) is easily visible. No matter how hard we tried or how soft our cloth was, there is just **no way** to open and close those links without messing up the paint. Fortunately the chain was quite a bit longer than we needed, and we happened to have some metallic oil-rubbed bronze spray paint left over from a previous project. The actual wiring, attachment of the glass, and so on was very straightforward, and I am pleased with the final effect...just wish the chain had been easier to work with (or painted better).4Disappointing flawThe sconce looks nice, but I found that the supplied back plate that attaches to the junction box on the wall does not completely cover a standard 4" junction box--about a half inch of the top of the box is open behind the glass. I've installed a lot of lights over the years and never seen one that did not completely cover the junction box. I'd say this is a basic design flaw.You will also need to buy a candelabra bulb to fit in the light's socket--this is not mentioned in the specifications, and those bulbs are somewhat more expensive than standard 60 watt bulbs. I wouldn't have purchased this product had I known the junction box would be partially open at the top of the unit, but don't want to hassle with a return so will try and fabricate something to cover the hole.1Horrible ChoiceThe chain isn t connected to the top. Instructions say to use pliers to open the chain and connect to the top. This is not an easy task, the chain is very ridged and hard to pull open, and in the process of several attempts, I have marked the connecting chain with the pliers. I was unable to open the chain so I couldn t attach it to the top.....so frustrating. Now I m going to have to go to the hardware store to buy a piece of chain that is easier to open and use it. This light comes with two installation methods, direct wiring, or using hook and a wall plug. (They don t tell you that in the description) There is a long copper ground wire looped in the chain, and if you re not going to directly install it, it s to be cut off. I don t intend to use this light like that, to directly wire it, I was just looking for a swag lamp to plug into the wall. The process of even untangling the copper ground wire was a pain.In my opinion, the seller should let you choose which method of connection you will use when you are buying this lamp. I m stuck with this now, but I would suggest looking for something else. I m sorry I bought this lamp. The lamp itself is very pretty, but the struggle to connect it is horrible!2Amazing Ceiling Light!!!Just what I was looking for since my bedroom is wired for lamps to my light switch. My room is small and I don't have room for two lamps, but I do need the extra light. I simply plugged it into the outlet that works the light switch. It's great because it also has an on/off switch for those that don't have their outlet wired to the light switch. One could also by a plug that works with a remote (I use one for my Christmas tree). It can also be hard wired.I am a young 40 year old woman and I simply used my drill to put a hole in the ceiling the size of the closed flap(enclosed in packaged). I installed the closed flap thru the ceiling and once it was thru the ceiling the flap opened to anchor to the ceiling. I then used the hook to screw into the bottom and tightened. You can tell it's very securely installed. Anyone could do it. It comes with two hooks so you don't need to buy anything additional. Love this light!!! I might get another one for my living room.5Great fixture for Victorian style bath Did a whole house makeover of 3 bathrooms. I used this light fixture in the half bath, with a Victorian theme, and it looks amazing, and keeping with the whole Victorian theme of the bathroom. Very pleased at the amount of light it gives as well. The price was right too. 5Grey wash?>Oil Rubbed Bronze?( If U'r Color Blind, It's A Beautiful Light!!) If your not worried about color matching ......this is a beautiful light. Their OIL RUBBED BRONZE has like a white wash of grey over it. Totally unlike all the other fixtures and finishes in the bathroom. This held up my bathroom remodel completion because the light was missing. Sad because It was what I was looking for Simple Nice Complment to My Beautiful Vanity Mirror. The Cherry on The Top. Had a PIT in it. If the price looks to good....look closely..check reviews, if U get burned leave review... & if U get a CHERRY!! Let everyone Know ! 3Looks nice, but mediocre quality.This is a nice enough looking lamp, and about what I expected for the relatively low price. However, when installing the fixture, I discovered, late in the process, that the two bolts provided to fasten the fixture to the mounting plate are too short. If you mount this fixture on a wall with sheetrock that is thicker than about , you ll need to get slightly longer bolts than those provided. I have a huge stock of assorted bolts, but had difficulty finding one that exactly matched the diameter and thread of those provided.The only other flaws I noticed were that the glass shades have some air bubbles in the glass, and the two lamps don t line up perfectly when leveled. Not the best quality. But, again, I guess you get what you pay for.3There must be better choicesLet me start by saying I thought most lights were all the same. Not true with this lamp. First the lamp has a base connected to a circular central mount for the 2 arms. The base was mounted crooked which makes the 2 arms crooked. So the whole lamp is not straight. You cannot fix this because the base is mounted through a hole and if the hole isn't centered then you can never make it straight. Second the acorn nuts that hold the lamp to the mount need an extra 1/2" of thread or the mounting screws (which are permanently attached) need to be 1/2" shorter in length. Needless to say I am reaching out to Amazon for a refund1
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