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Designers Fountain 1257L-PW-AL Value Collection Ceiling Lights, Pewter

  • Designers Fountain 1257L-PW-AL Value Collection Ceiling Lights, Pewter
  • Designers Fountain 1257L-PW-AL Value Collection Ceiling Lights, Pewter
  • Designers Fountain 1257L-PW-AL Value Collection Ceiling Lights, Pewter
  • Designers Fountain 1257L-PW-AL Value Collection Ceiling Lights, Pewter
  • Designers Fountain 1257L-PW-AL Value Collection Ceiling Lights, Pewter
  • Designers Fountain 1257L-PW-AL Value Collection Ceiling Lights, Pewter
  • Designers Fountain 1257L-PW-AL Value Collection Ceiling Lights, Pewter

Designers Fountain 1257L-PW-AL Value Collection Ceiling Lights, Pewter

₪ 832.00 ₪ 500.00 Save: ₪ 332.00
₪ 500.00 ₪ 832.00 You save: ₪ 332.00



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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Secure Payments

  • 14 Days Return

  • Designers Value
  • Uses Medium Base Bulb
  • UL/CUL and Damp Rated
  • Pewter finish alabaster center lock glass
  • Steel construction built to last
  • Uses (3) 60 watt bulbs not included
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Customer Reviews

Upgraded 15 lights in 2 days and WOW! You cannot beat the price on these lights. I ripped out 15 old brass lights and replaced them in 2 days with these gems. The only challenge is lining up the 2 screws from the ceiling box to the holes in the fixture which is underneath fiberglass insulation. I stuck my finger right through insulation to the fixture hole before ever attempting to attach to the 2 ceiling screws and this made installation go a lot quicker as it allows immediate alignment of screws with both the hole in the insulation and the fixture holes. I fumbled around on the first light so hope this trick helps y'all! If these match your decor, you can't afford not to buy these lights IMHO. 5Completely changes the look of the area....lights. The Designers Fountain lights were exactly what the doctor ordered. I needed to replace four very similar lights in the house that were damaged during painting in preparation of selling the house. The came well packaged and containing detailed instructions for installation.As others have stated, they are harder to install because of the screw holes being covered by the super itchy fiberglass insulation. I ended up removing the insulation that was between the light and the ceiling because I am using LED bulbs. It's my opinion they put the insulation there for use with traditional bulbs since they put off so much heat.Once I removed the itchy junk, they were fairly straightforward to install. There are three wires for each light in the housing. The ones I received were all dual light fixtures. I recommend twisting the wires together that match up on the light before climbing the ladder. Then you will only need to take the two wires (wall and the twisted wires) and merge them securely.The color is a nice dark Oil Rubbed Bronze and the glass is a white swirl with a decent but flush screw thing that holds the glass on.I searched at Lowe's and Home Depot and found similar products for considerably more than I paid and the products at those stores looked exactly the same as the products I ordered.If you need replacement lights that are fairly simple to hang and have basic electrical skills then you will love these ceiling lights. 4Almost 5 stars, almost. Very nice looking lights once installed. I do agree w/ the other reviewers who state complaints about the insulation used in these, it is very poor quality and a lot of fiberglass 'dust' comes off of it when you take it out of the box and during insulation. This cost a star in my review. A change of clothes and a shower is needed after installation. That said, these are very nice looking lights. They take 2 60W or lower bulbs, but you can put in CFL or LED of a higher equivalent w/o issue if you want/need more light. I put in 2 of these to replace some old ugly hallway lights. Installation is quick and easy, tiny bit tricky lining up the slots for the mounting screws - would be nice if the screws for mounting were about 1/4" longer to account for various differences in the recess of the ceiling boxes (since electricians never can seem to get them exactly flush when houses are built for some reason) but all in all a good light that I would buy again. 4Plenty of light and better look than I could find at the big box stores Bought 4 of these to replace very old fixtures in hallways and bedrooms.They look great when installed properly and produce more light than the competition given the 3 standard bulbs.Frosted glass shade does not diminish the light or give it an odd or brownish color.I DID have to use low, 40 watt bulbs for hallway fixtures as it turned out to be TOO MUCH light there with 60w bulbs (who knew THAT could happen). But perfect for the bedrooms using LEDs and incandescent bulbs (I used both).Had an issue with CFLs not coming on instantly when the switch was flipped. Or one bulb coming on a second after the others. Still had the issue after swapping out different, but matching CFLs.Also, the kit and instructions come with a bracket to attach to the electrical box and then the fixture attaches to the bracket. Found this difficult to fit wiring when using and couldn't make the fixture flush with ceiling. The bolt holes in the fixture are spaced perfectly for using directly with the electrical box though, so I just didn't use the bracket from the kit. Then installation and flush fit to ceiling went perfectly and much easier. 4Pretty good... Just do not over tighten. Very good for the price looks great. BUT, be careful to not over tighten the long fastener screws that hold the unit to the ceiling. The metal is very thin and just bends and your screw pops through, ruined. I installed 5 of 6, one got dickered. At least now I have an extra glass just in case. I think I installed about 10 of these, love them! 4Annoying installation; not very fond of the glass retention hardware This is a fair quality light fixture. The light fixtures that came with the last few houses I've lived in, of similar appearance, were of slightly better quality. Any of this style fixture I've worked with has been difficult to install due to the insulation obscuring the screw holes. That's not a criticism of this manufacturer in particular, all fixtures of this style I've found to have the same issue. It just seems to make for a bit of frustration. I'd recommend having a partner on hand to help as you repeatedly trying to lift the thing up and line up the screw holes. Eventually you'll get it, but fatigue sets in quickly when you're working on something overhead.My gripe on this particular fixture as compared to other ones I've owned is the hardware that holds the glass in place. The other fixtures I'm used to have a rubber or cork washer, a metal washer, a nut, and then finally a decorative bronze cap. This one has only the bronze cap. The other design inherently has a double safety to it -- if the bronze cap ever came loose, the nut would still hold it. This one has only the bronze cap, and if it ever vibrated loose, the glass would come crashing to the floor. There's also less meat to grab onto when trying to unscrew the bronze cap (if, for example, you want to replace a light bulb) since it's very flat. I kind of wish I'd have just gone to the local big box hardware store and picked out a fixture. This would have jumped out at me. 3Big and Bright It took about half an hour to install this fixture. I read some of the other reviews and understand the difficulty you might encounter. You have to connect the wires (3) using the wire nuts supplied. It helps to have a ladder and a box or two that allows you to rest the unit up high enough while you attach the wires. Once this is done you are faced with tucking said wires up into the electrical box while guiding the unit upward finding the two screws now out of sight into the tiny holes so you can attach it flush to the ceiling. Well good luck because at this point you are below the unit and cannot see the screws thus making it pure luck getting them on target. You are moving it up, tucking the wires, and trying to aim the unseen screws. This is made harder by a thick layer of insulation not allowing you to see up through the holes. Well I made good size holes in the insulation that did help. I illuminated the area between the fixture and the ceiling which also helped. I then used a screwdriver poked from the bottom through the hole to make contact with one of the screws as I lifted it guiding the screw through the hole. The other side is thus made easier having one in, gives you an advantage with screw number two. Once this was tight I put in three LED bulbs and then attached the cover. It does look nice and bright. 4Looks great with plenty of light This1257L-ORB-AL Flushmount Ceiling Light Oil Rubbed Bronze is terrific. Looks like it cost a lot more than $25. Allows LOTS OF LIGHT to show. I'm using 3 LED DIMMER LIGHTS and a dimmer switch over my kitchen table in a 32x24 room. My Mom has limited vision only out of her right eye, is 80 years old, and has delirium, and she says the amount of light is 'just perfect'. Only gave it 4 stars for 2 reasons: 1) the 'oil rubbed bronze' is not really 'oil rubbed bronze' it's more like really really really dark brown--a few shades off of black. And, 2) none of the installation instructions were in English. However, the color issue is not critical considering it's on the ceiling. I highly recommend this product. 4Great Value Great value for the money. For a cheaper fixture it turns out really nice. I have no complaints at all. It was fairly easy to install, and provides plenty of light with the three sockets. Included a picture that shows the fixtures with bright and warm bulbs in them. 5Great value but you also get what you pay for These are relatively well made fixtures and are good price for what you get.Pros:- Nice looking figures, both the oil-rubbed bronze base and the thick translucent glass globe work well together.- Three bulb capacity with 60w maximum (incandescent)- The glass globe is deep enough to fit three A21 dimmable 100w equivalent (15w) LEDs with room to spare- And I saved almost $450 in expert installation fees ($113 per fixture!?!) doing it myselfCons:- The two inch screws are too short and almost impossible to find poking through the insulation.- Not only that, but the screws and holes in the mounting bracket are a non-standard size, neither M4 nor 8-32. Thankfully, I purchased an inexpensive Dewalt combination self-tapping/die cutting bit (DWADT832) to force the holes in the bracket to 8-32 and bought 3 inch 8-32 screws to make it easier to mount. 4
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