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Diono Radian & Rainier Angle Adjuster (Discontinued by Manufacture), 60320

  • Diono Radian & Rainier Angle Adjuster (Discontinued by Manufacture), 60320
  • Diono Radian & Rainier Angle Adjuster (Discontinued by Manufacture), 60320
  • Diono Radian & Rainier Angle Adjuster (Discontinued by Manufacture), 60320
  • Diono Radian & Rainier Angle Adjuster (Discontinued by Manufacture), 60320
  • Diono Radian & Rainier Angle Adjuster (Discontinued by Manufacture), 60320
  • Diono Radian & Rainier Angle Adjuster (Discontinued by Manufacture), 60320
  • Diono Radian & Rainier Angle Adjuster (Discontinued by Manufacture), 60320
  • Diono Radian & Rainier Angle Adjuster (Discontinued by Manufacture), 60320
  • Diono Radian & Rainier Angle Adjuster (Discontinued by Manufacture), 60320
  • Diono Radian & Rainier Angle Adjuster (Discontinued by Manufacture), 60320

Diono Radian & Rainier Angle Adjuster (Discontinued by Manufacture), 60320

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • CREATES MORE SPACE IN THE FRONT SEAT - Elevates All-in-One convertible car seats to a more upright position so they can fit in smaller vehicles
  • REAR FACING FOR LONGER - The angle adjuster helps to keep your child in the rear-facing position while creating more space
  • EASY INSTALLATION - Angle Adjuster simply slides under the bottom of the car seat. Once firmly in place, tighten and lock the seat belt or SuperLATCH in the rear-facing belt path. Isofix compatible
  • DIONO CRASH TESTED - The Diono Angle Adjuster is Diono Crash Tested
  • DENSE & DURABLE - The Diono Angle Adjuster is made with a high-density foam that will not flatten under the weight of the car seat
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Customer Reviews

WOWI was told to try these out because our Diono's took up so much room front to back that any passenger or driver had to basically sit with their knees in the dash....I didn't care for the way these installed, as it took me a few minutes to feel sure that the car seats were secured tight enough, but WOW!!! They more than doubled the amount of space! I am now able to push my driver's seat back to the maximum distance it will go and am still not touching the top of the car seat with the back of the driver's seat! This is a must for anyone who is planning on extended rear facing their toddlers! 4Rear face safer for longer.I have used Diono Radian car seats for almost 5 years. Shortly before my son turned 3 I had to forward face him because I felt it was getting too dangerous to be so close to the steering wheel. As far as I know this product did exist (and if it did I had no clue). I was excited to discover this product and see if it works. I have very tall kids, a tall husband and small cars so I was hopeful that this product would allow my child to rear face longer.The results: Make sure you google directions for the angle adjuster. You install the carseat first, then add the angle adjuster. Both my husband and I are able to drive our cars comfortably and at a safe distance from the steering wheel while our youngest is rear facing which is safest for her. 5White text bleeds onto leatherI use these to install car seats in my Maserati Granturismo. The base of the sport seat has aggressive bolstering and a narrow seating area that prevents child car seats from centering properly. This foam piece is thick enough to get enough clearance for proper installation of my car seats. However, I noticed recently that the white lettering printed directly on the foam for the product logo and other text becomes sticky and bleeds off onto the base of the seat or leather with just a day in the sun. I would have assumed this was tested prior to selling the product. Now I have sticky white ink on the side of my Italian leather seats. No good. 2This thing is exactly what it looks like. A piece of hard foamThis thing is exactly what it looks like. A piece of hard foam. It's nothing special, but it does the job. It comes with easy to follow instructions and if for some reason you still need help after looking at the instructional photos, there are tons of YouTube videos showing you how to use it properly. You could honestly just stick something you find at home under the seat for what this is, but at the price point, it's really just worth it to get the Diono brand and know that your kiddo is safe and that this meets all the requirements with your carseat.ProsExactly as advertisedConsNot really any cons with something this simple 5Does what it saysDoes what it says. We didn't necessarily needed in our 2014 sienna, but I appreciate the extra room it gives for the seat in front of it to slide back-and-forth. Gives me lots of rearanging options 5If you have a Diono, buy this. You won't regret it.While purchasing our Diono convertible car seat and looking at all the recommended "accessories" I scoffed at purchasing a hunk of foam. Was this really necessary? I was already buying two carseats, a seat protector and car seat protector. Did I need to add more to this already daunting purchase?The answer is, yes. Yes, it is very necessary. For most people, the Diono is the answer for cars with tight spaces due to it's small footprint. The angle adjuster allows for the drivers side or passenger side front seat to still be able to safely move back and forward to accommodate different drivers/passengers. Without the angle adjuster, the front seats would have been severely limited in motion to ensure the safety of the install.I am so glad we bought the angle adjuster and installed it with the car seat immediately. I think we would have been very disappointed with the car seat otherwise. It was very easy to add the angle adjuster and my daughter enjoys being more upright now. It makes the backseat feel a little roomier.We found this video to be very helpful in installing it under our new carseat: [...] 5Just a piece of foam...that works wonders!I was a bit iffy about purchasing the angle adjuster after dropping so much money on the Radian RXT seat. Seriously, what difference could a piece of foam really make? After reading the good reviews and seeing that Amazon sold it for just a few dollars cheaper than if I bought directly from Diono, I decided to go ahead and purchase it...just in case. Well, I am so glad that I did! I do not have much space in my car (I am talking Mini Cooper/VW Beetle limited space), and after installing the seat we were concerned that we would have little to no leg room on the passenger side (where we were forced to install, since LATCH in my vehicle is located directly behind the passenger and driver's seats and not the middle). In comes this Angle Adjuster, placed under our Radian against the rear-facing foot and voila! All of a sudden, we can actually fit a person in the front passenger seat. I don't know why this works so well, but I am so happy that it does. For a second there, I was worried that I would need to return the car seat after finally deciding that the Radian RXT was the one for us, but this angle adjuster worked magic for us. My only gripe is that I really think that it ought to have been included with the purchase of the seat, since so many people end up using it for installation anyway.Very Important: The Angle Adjuster should not be used for rear-facing kids with no head and neck control, so you should not use this when installing for a newborn or a young baby who cannot sit up yet. 51-2" improvementDidn't make too much of a difference in our Prius. Slightly better but I think the major issue here is that this awesome and super duper safe Diono carseat is really better suited in a larger vehicle. So, until that magical minivan/SUV arrives, this wedge gave us about 1-2" of space behind the rear facing seat. We are doing a rear-facing setup until age four, (or until her weight limit surpasses the rear facing recommendation) for increased safety. 4Perfect for the 2013 Odyssey Jump SeatHere's the condensed version: This angle adjuster is an absolute lifesaver! It works perfectly in the jump seat in our 2013 Odyssey.Here's the longer version: We purchased the Diono Radian 3r on a steep clearance sale for our youngest before he was born. Seven months later, when he outgrew his bucket seat, we eagerly unpacked the Radian and were immediately impressed with its weight and feel (especially compared to the 2 Graco Tranzitions 3-in-1 seats we have for our older two children). However, when we went to install the Radian in our 2013 Odyssey, we were dismayed to realize that it touched the back of the seat in front of it no matter where we installed it, and if used behind the front passenger seat, the seat had to be pushed all the way forward and had zero leg room for even shorter adults. After doing some digging around online, I came across some recommendations for the angle adjuster. At first it didn't seem like it would work; when the Radian is rear-facing, it has a removable attachment on the bottom that achieves the proper reclining position for the baby, with 'feet' that tuck perfectly into the seat back of the seat on which it is installed for a snug fit. We realized that the Radian can't be installed in the jump seat as-is because of the way the seat is designed to fold down - there isn't a seam / 'pocket' for the car seat's feet to tuck into which causes the seat to sit too far back to install properly. HOWEVER! When the angle adjuster is used in the jump seat of the Odyssey, the Radian fits perfectly! There is a seam a few inches up on the seat back where the car seat's feet can go, and best of all, the angle of the car seat is still at a safe angle for a younger baby whose head might otherwise fall forward when sleeping in the car. I was shocked when I realized that the outer bench seats can still both slide forward, letting our older kids (or us) climb through to the 3rd row where their seats are installed. Both the driver's seat and the passenger's seat can be all the way back and the back of the Radian STILL doesn't touch. WOW!I bought the angle adjuster on sale, but would happily pay more than the $10 that this item costs full-price now that I know that it works so well. If you have an Odyssey with a middle bench row, a Radian car seat and more than one child, GET THE ANGLE ADJUSTER. You won't regret it! 5It isn't for ALL cars. Do a pre-test first.If it works in your car, its great, if not, then you're better off without it.You can pre-test to see if this will work for you by having someone lift up the back of your diono up by about 1.5". Meanwhile, you're in the driver's seat. Do you still have good visibility? If yes, then you're good to go.I imagine that most of the people that are buying this have smaller cars that is why they need this to begin with; to get a little more room between the back of the front seats and the carseat. This foam definitely does what it is designed to do. But for us, with the foam installed, we could barely see out the back window and the passenger side window was all but covered up. It would have been dangerous to continue using this. FWIW, BMW 328 sedan (E90). If you're sitting in something like a CR-V, where you have more visibility to begin with, then I can see how something like this would work.For us, we also noticed that the carseat wobbled more. That is because the car seat no longer was sandwiched between the two front seats, but rather "floating". Yes, the base was firmly on the cars's seat base, but the upper part of the carseat was now floating. So it will wobble more.We wound up returning this. 3
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