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Duck Brand 286375 Indoor Heavy Traffic Carpet Tape, 1.41-Inch x 42 Feet, White, Single Roll

  • Duck Brand 286375 Indoor Heavy Traffic Carpet Tape, 1.41-Inch x 42 Feet, White, Single Roll
  • Duck Brand 286375 Indoor Heavy Traffic Carpet Tape, 1.41-Inch x 42 Feet, White, Single Roll

Duck Brand 286375 Indoor Heavy Traffic Carpet Tape, 1.41-Inch x 42 Feet, White, Single Roll

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Durable carpet tape for permanent carpet installation
  • Ideal for high traffic areas such as living rooms and hallways
  • Durable, tear-resistant cloth construction
  • For use with a variety of indoor carpet materials
  • 1.41-inch x 42-foot roll
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Customer Reviews

Wish I hadn't bought this Used it on two different rugs. It was pretty hard to get the paper backing to come off. Both rugs it was used on held for about a week before the tape detached and the rugs were sliding again and they were not located in high traffic areas of the house. The tape is VERY hard to get off hardwood floors. Now I have sliding rugs still, and residue to try and remove from the floor without damaging the finish of the wood. 1Excellent for securely holding patterns in woodworking Excellent for woodworking projectsI frequently use it to attach patterns to wood blanks and use the pattern with a router following bit to cut out the wood shape as the pattern.I used 1/8" hardboard as the pattern, then press on the Duck tape, use a razor blade to remove excess, then remove the Duck backing and press onto the wood blank. Very very secure.A router following bit presses against the pattern and cuts the wood black to shape. As you can imagine its very important the pattern be held strongly. I have done 100's of patterns using this tape and this technique.The tape has a fiberglass mesh embedded which adds strength and gives it the ability to follow irregularities in the wood allowing to stick well.The adhesive is strong and holds the pattern very securely in place.If the tape is left on for a long period it may leave a residue but it easily cleaned with a solvent like mineral spirits.Some pictures attached provide an example of using this tape to hold patterns in place.I can get several uses from a single tape application to a pattern, about 4 uses. I carefully pry off the pattern and the reapply the saved backing so I can reuse the pattern without putting on new tape.I previously used Duck carpet tape (no P/N on inside of roll) but it had a much larger mesh and perhaps more aggressive adhesive then the 44260 product. I bought the 44260 sight unseen reading that it had fiberglass base in the hope it was the same stuff Ive used all these years. Not quite the same but worked very well and Im pleased. 5Fantastic once it is down but very difficult to separate backing layer from tape. I love the idea of this tape. It's more or less a two sided slightly sticky tape. It's easy to lift and readjust and leaves no residue on carpet back or floor. Just used it tonight on a brand new room sized rug. The only negative, prompting 4 star rating, is how hard it is to remove the yellow backing tape. It's incredibly difficult. I finally got it done but it took forever to grab a piece and begin separating the top piece. 4WAAAY SHORT of 42 Feet .. like Ten Feet Short!! Good thing I bought Two Rolls. I cut 12 pieces exactly 32" long, the last piece being 2" short of 32 inches when the roll ran out. So that's (12 x 32)-2 /12 = 31.83 feet. I knew I needed about 38 feet .. imagine my surprise when the first roll ran Out!! This first roll was Fully 10 feet Short! Yeah it's certainly sticky, and looks to be incredibly strong, and we'll see how it holds up outdoors, but I expected 42 feet .. give or take a little, but only 32 feet on the roll is tantamount to fraud. Better buy extra guys, lest you be in the middle of a job and run out .. probably on a Sunday or Holiday of course. And Noo .. I haven't "measured" the second roll, hey-sus .. just glad I had it on hand. Hope this is helpful guys. Cheers! 2Great for anything carpet tape. Great carpet tape. Completely took care of my years long struggle with keeping mats and runners stay in place. I also used a strip to tape down a small neck pillow on my easy chair. Will buy more when I run out because there are many You Tube uses for this tape other than using them on carpets. I'm very very happy. 5Excellent for keeping the edges of carpet down so they ... Excellent for keeping the edges of carpet down so they don't fold over. I put one on my welcome mat that is at the front door, which was getting moved almost overtime we opened the door. We can not walk on it and open the door and it doesn't budge, and we've had it on our mat for about three months. Overall, I am impressed. 5Fixed all our curling rug needs! We have a rug that sits under our coffee table, and it sits on carpeting. over the last few years, we've had the WORST trouble trying to keep it from wrinkling up and causing permanent creases in the rug. We've tried ironing, wetting it, and being outright careful that nobody is doing anything to curl the carpet, all to no avail. About 2 months ago or so we purchased this product and attached it to the underside of the rug, since that day, it's not moved an inch, and all our wrinkling problems are solved! Love this product when all else failed! 5Works well so far! I just figured out you could tape down rugs. I went hunting for tape and ended up with this. So far ive had pretty good results. I have 3 different floor types in my house. On the tile floors use more tape. I used two 6" strips on both ends of my two 2' x 8'runners. It lasted all of two weeks with a husky doing "zoomies" on them daily. I retaped the rugs with a large 10" strip on both ends and two 6" strips on each side. Each rug has 6 new pieces of tape and the old 4 pieces i used that came unstuck. They havent moved so far. So more is better on tile. The real hard wood floors I have two 2' x 8' runners... they have two 6" pieces of tape on each side and have held perfectly. Then the snap on vinyl planking... its similar to the tile. I have a large 6' x 9' rug that i taped down so i could vacuum it easier and so the husky would stop trying to eat it. I have one side that is still stuck and one side that has come undone. I taped the corners with two 8" pieces of tape. So if you have vinyl flooring use more tape. 4decent carpet tape or so the wife believes.. so far.. in 2016 i ordered a long hall runner.. a cheap one at $85 delivered..when it arrived it had a rip near one end (thanks UPS.. no, really thanks!)..the vendor sent a replacement and said to toss the ripped carpet..so i left it rolled up in the garage since just last week when the wife complained about wear to the tile flooring in the laundry room..[insert lightbulb moment here]so took the ripped runner, rolled it out in the laundry room between the metal bread racks and the 2nd refrigerator, cut the ripped 18 inch part off and used the carpet tape to 'fix' the rip and attach the cut piece to the side of the long runner into a short "T" and VIOLA! laundry room has a nice carpet to protect the tile with the short part to the doorway..happy wife, happy life, all for the cost of a roll of carpet tape..if it fails to hold in the furure i'll sure retreat from the red head wifes fulminations and edit this review.. :-) 5Works well, though leaves adhesive residue I use this to hold down rugs on the floor, since I have a few pets that like to skid around on them. It has worked well and really held up great against a lot of rug traffic. Though recently I unstuck it to clean the floors, and realized it left a lot of adhesive residue on the floor -- my guess is it would take a product like Goo Gone to get it off, though I haven't tried it yet.All in all, I was searching for a product that would hold the rugs in place and hold up against the pets in my house, and this has proven to do that, though there is a side effect of residue to be aware of. 4
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