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EcoGecko Little Squirt air revitalizer, 4.25"D x 5"H, White

  • EcoGecko Little Squirt air revitalizer, 4.25"D x 5"H, White
  • EcoGecko Little Squirt air revitalizer, 4.25"D x 5"H, White
  • EcoGecko Little Squirt air revitalizer, 4.25"D x 5"H, White

EcoGecko Little Squirt air revitalizer, 4.25"D x 5"H, White

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₪ 194.40 ₪ 324.00 You save: ₪ 129.60



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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • AIR FRESHENER: The unit will pull the air from the room into the base of swirling water. The water acts as a filter, trapping particles and releasing fresh moist air into your room.
  • AROMATIC OIL DIFFUSER: Add a few drops of the included Lavender oil to neutralize unpleasant odors, reenergize stagant stale air and add a fresh scent to any room. The intensity of the scent will depend on how much oil you add to the water.
  • SERENITY: The whirlpool of swirling water and shimmering blue light will turn any indoor space into a zen-like atmosphere, Noise Level Less than 45 db creates white noise for a soothing peaceful environment.
  • EASY TO CLEAN: Simply dump the water out and fresh water and oils daily. We recommend EcoGecko oils as they are specially formulated for our units.
  • SMALLER SIZE: Diameter: 4.25 inches, Height: 5 inches, perfect for offices, bathrooms and other small spaces.
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Customer Reviews

IT REALLY WORKS!I read the reviews and this devise sounded like a good investment, so I bought 2; a small one for my desk at work and a larger one for the kitchen/living room area of my apartment.I was a bit skeptical over the first week or so, as I didn't see anything in the water (some people posted having particles in their water when they replaced the water). I didn't let the skepticism keep me from filling it with water and turning it on every day and I am glad! The real test was when my little sister came over. My sister has really bad allergies and asthmatic issues with dogs and we have 2 shitzu's. In the past she would come over and within 20 minutes find herself reaching for her inhaler. She came over the other night and we spent time in the kitchen fixing up some food. We were in there for nearly 2 hours and she didn't have to use her inhaler at all!To me, that was the proof I needed. If you are on the fence, this is a good investment!5not an air-cleanerThis should not be advertised as an air CLEANER. It doesn't do that. I ran it for a whole day and the water was just as clean as it was when i started. It is a mini-air-hydration machine at best. The light was pretty, but that's all I can say for it.2THIS IS AN "AIR-WASHER" ...Several years ago these were extrememly popular. They don't put humidity in the air. There is a propeller-it pulls air in thru a lip around the sides and the water swirls and then pushes it back out thru the holes in the top. If you add oil to the water then the air pushed back out into the room will be scented. The propeller creates a fan action but no mist. Air-in-Air Out. The water doesn't really evaporate but you should change it often because you will definitely see dirt, dust and particles in the water which you don't want pushed back out into the room. It is small - only works on approx a 300 sq foot area. If your area is larger - simply buy a larger unit. This does exactly what it is supposed to do which is washes the air.5Worth buying - very small.Decent product. Smaller than I expected but my bad for not looking more carefully. Fragrance oil that came with it was worthless.4Travel size Good for travel but a bit inconvenient that the light cannot be turned down or off. It's quite bright to sleep by. 4Cute but TinyNice Item! This thing is TINY. Its about the size of a softball, maybe a bit larger. Holds about 6-8oz of water at a time ( half or less the amount of a standard bottle of water). I like that it is small and unobtrusive but it doesn't move a lot of air. Great for a smaller room that is closed up like a bedroom or bathroom. I have it in my 15ft X12ft bedroom (with door closed all the time to keep cats out) and after running it for about 15 minutes my sinus congestion from allergies actually began to clear and I could feel my nasal passages opening up, so it DOES work. Diffused the scent of the oils very lightly, not over powering. It has a pretty blue glow that makes a great nightlight. Don't buy this expecting it to do anything great in a wide open space or large room but if you have a small space, or plan to purchase several of these I would highly recommend it. I bought the larger version that covers up to 600SF to go in the living area and two of these smaller ones for bedrooms. The cord attached to the item has a USB plug and then it comes with an adapter so you can use it as a standard plug in the wall. It is a short cord though so you will need to have it near an outlet, computer or have an extension cord if your outlet is more then a couple feet away. Comes with a small bottle of nice smelling lavender oil. Bottle is small but should for at least 10-20 refills, depending on how heavily you want to scent your room.4Would not purchase again.The light is very pretty with the swirling water, but far to bright to use in a bedroom. There is no way to turn off the light without turning off the device. Also I did not notice anything in the water in either device. After two days the water was still clear but about half had evaporated. I get a faint wisp of the scent once in a while, but it certainly does not fill the room. Each device is currently in a small room.1... little thing in my bedroom because I have very bad seasonal allergyI put this little thing in my bedroom because I have very bad seasonal allergy. I turned the machine on with 2 cups of water and a few drops of essence oil and the entire room was full of aroma. When the machine is on the blue light will be turned on too. No mist came out like most of the aroma diffusers which wets the desk. For the first 4 days I noticed that the water turned cloudy which is good because it indicated that it was cleaning the air, then the water was not cloudy anymore. Water lasted for 3 nights (12H each) before it reached the "min" marking. It does make some low noises which may be too much for sensitive people. Also the light is brighter than regular night lights. I recommended.5It's OK, but small.Bought it as a replacement for the Homedics air diffuser. It's small. VERY small. It works but the air flow is VERY small and therefore the area covered is VERY small. OK for a small room, home office, small kids room, etc but not for a large room.3Office, single room, travel - read on!I have a larger version of this (different brand, same concept) for whole house that has been AMAZING. It's like having a little indoor ball of rain that attracts particles to the water and has made the house air noticeably fresher.THIS unit I think is too small for whole house but I wanted one for travel and to put in the bedroom since I close that door at night. It doubles as a humidifier.As for the LEDs - I hate them BUT it was SUPER simple to remove them if you have a small screwdriver and wire cutters. On mine I just cut the black and white wires (see photo) and left the other two alone. Motor still runs, LEDs easily removed. Yay!5but so far seems to be working pretty good. I have this in my roomHad it for a short period of time, but so far seems to be working pretty good. I have this in my room, and I definitely notice a big difference in my allergies. It takes a few days until you notice a difference. Only thing I would say is a negative is the lavender ecogecko scent it came with doesn't last long (but it's not a big deal cause I ordered the satsuma scent from the body shop). Other then that no issues, give this a shot.5I'll probably buy more of theseI LOVE this little guy! I work in a cubicle office environment and have allergies. I'm almost always sneezing with red eyes at work, even when I take my zyrtec so I went looking for a tiny air purifier I could have on my desk. I found this which was the right size and had great reviews so i gave it a try. I also started having sinus issues a few days before it arrived so I've been putting a single drop of peppermint essential oil into the water and it diffuses the perfect amount of peppermint so that you can only smell it in my cube. I have felt so much better this whole week that I've been using it and notice a difference in my allergy symptoms when I'm at work vs home where I don't have an air purifier. I love that this can be used as a diffuser as well so I'm strongly considering buying a couple more for home. If 1 drop of oil is the right amount for my cube, 2 or 3 would likely fill my living room. It is very quiet and pleasing to look at too.5Small but tough I'm living in a 14x24 cabin with two indoor cats. Not to mention the cabin had an odor before I moved in. this little guy does it's job and the air now smells fresh! 5Must have for offices!This is by far one of the best air purifiers I've seen in the market. I bought one for my desk during allergy season and it has helped me tremendously. Other people saw it and bought some right away. The essential oil is also a nice little touch and the light gives it a calm feel. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who works in an office setting.5A great findMy kids love it. They can turn it on and off by themselves and it also serves as a great bedtime companion because of the light and the rhythmic sounds of water. It keeps the rooms smelling fresh while purifying the air. A great price.5What the instructions do not tell you...When I first got this I was pretty dissapointed because the water just did not seem to move the way my bigger one does. I watched a video and realized that if I fill it jist above the max line it makes a world of difference. This little unit is quiet and it looks like there is a hurricaine going on inside. The scent that came with it was less than anything I expected but when I added my personal oil to it they aroma is great. I think the one they send is just really weak but all in all this exceeds my every expectations and for the cost you can really get the job done. This is going in my classroom.5
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