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Eco-Pals | Collapsible Straw Travel Straw, Reusable Straws with Case | Stainless Steel Straws Drinking Reusable | Dishwasher Safe | +1 Straw Cleaning Brush (Unicorn)

  • Eco-Pals | Collapsible Straw Travel Straw, Reusable Straws with Case | Stainless Steel Straws Drinking Reusable | Dishwasher Safe | +1 Straw Cleaning Brush (Unicorn)
  • Eco-Pals | Collapsible Straw Travel Straw, Reusable Straws with Case | Stainless Steel Straws Drinking Reusable | Dishwasher Safe | +1 Straw Cleaning Brush (Unicorn)
  • Eco-Pals | Collapsible Straw Travel Straw, Reusable Straws with Case | Stainless Steel Straws Drinking Reusable | Dishwasher Safe | +1 Straw Cleaning Brush (Unicorn)
  • Eco-Pals | Collapsible Straw Travel Straw, Reusable Straws with Case | Stainless Steel Straws Drinking Reusable | Dishwasher Safe | +1 Straw Cleaning Brush (Unicorn)
  • Eco-Pals | Collapsible Straw Travel Straw, Reusable Straws with Case | Stainless Steel Straws Drinking Reusable | Dishwasher Safe | +1 Straw Cleaning Brush (Unicorn)
  • Eco-Pals | Collapsible Straw Travel Straw, Reusable Straws with Case | Stainless Steel Straws Drinking Reusable | Dishwasher Safe | +1 Straw Cleaning Brush (Unicorn)

Eco-Pals | Collapsible Straw Travel Straw, Reusable Straws with Case | Stainless Steel Straws Drinking Reusable | Dishwasher Safe | +1 Straw Cleaning Brush (Unicorn)

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  • ???? The Only Travel Straw You Need: Reusable straws are good for the planet, but if theyre ALSO good for humans thats even better! With Eco-Pals rainbow collapsible metal straw, you will always have a perfect straw to drink your beverages. It measures at 9.25 long, making it suitable for a variety of cups, glasses, and tumblers. And youll also love, we give you some very friendly accessories too!
  • ???? Dreamy Purple Portable Straw Carrying Case: Our telescoping metal straw comes in a beautiful light purple straw holder specifically designed to keep it clean and handy. The case is lightweight in size for you to easily throw in your purse. Whenever you need a straw, simply unfold from the caseand place it in your preferred drink.Eco-Pals is the travel straw you need on the go!
  • ???? Convenient Straw Cleaning Brush: Eco-Pals reusable drinking straw come with helpful accessories to give you the ultimate straw-sipping satisfaction. Within the Eco-Pals case youll receivea collapsible steel brush cleaner to help keep your straw in pristine condition at all times.
  • ???? ????The Earth Needs Your Help????: We at Eco-pals believe in taking care of our planet and future generations. Americans use 500 million drinking straws every day. Millions of plastic straws litter oceans around the world, harming marine animals like sea turtles, dolphins, and fish. With your Eco-Pals straw, you will be help reduce that
  • ???? Eco-Pals Guarantee: As soon as you start using your beautiful eco friendly straws, one of three great things will happen: youll adore them, OR if something is missing, contact us to send it ASAP. And finally, if theyre not what you need, return within 30-Days for a full refund so you can find YOUR perfect eco straws too! Help the planet and enjoy your drinks more with Eco-Pals!
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Customer Reviews

DurabilityThis was the second time I purchased this straw and after one use it bends off1Loving the nice slim design.I had previously bought a differnet one and hated having it on my keychain because it was just too bulky. This one from eco-pals is nice and slim I plan on buying another one soon! Will have to get use to the metal touching my teeth but thats not a big deal. I do wish i had more color options!Overall great straw and would recommend it to anyone!4My family loves these straws. No flavor chances to drink.Extremely happy with my purchase. Very convenient for travel. I bought one for each my my family members and all of us like them. No strange flavor. The elderly and people with arthritis may have a little problem extending them, but anyone can help them. Kids and adults won t have a problem at all. Also, easy to clean. We use them every time we go to fast food and regular restaurants and traveling. We are always complimented on them and asked where we got them. I highly recommend this seller and their ego friendly straws. Seller even followed up with me to make sure I was happy with my purchase, and I am. Will be buying more.5Smells and TASTES like petrol/gasoline.It smells and TASTES horrible, like gasoline!! Disgusting.1Good tool for a world without plastic strawsThis is the best plastic straw replacement I've tried yet. The single-use options I've tried (paper, bamboo) haven't worked very well, glass is fragile (and relatively thick for strength, meaning the two I've tried had either too small a fluid passage or too large a diameter for a comfortable mouth feel), and the other metal straws I've tried (not sure if stainless steel or aluminium, neither was telescoping) got very cold very rapidly in an iced drink (and one had too large a diameter to be comfortable).This straw has a mouth segment that is, as far as I can tell, the same diameter as standard plastic straws, with a comparable fluid channel, so the size and suction pressure/flow rate feel right. It doesn't conduct heat as well as the other metal straws I've tried - I suspect that the telescoping design disrupts heat transfer a little at the segment breaks - so it's more comfortable to use with iced drinks. It's definitely the most comfortable to use I've tried - it still feels like metal, of course, but it's more similar to the plastic straws it's replacing than the others I've tried.It feels sturdy, though I didn't rate durability because I haven't done anything that might damage it yet; the collapsible design and hard case mean I'm unlikely to wind up accidentally bending it with enough force to deform the metal or accidentally putting anything heavy on it that can crush it, and the case protects it (and the brush) well in my bike bags (I'm sure the same goes for a pocket, purse, etc.).Cleaning is a little involved (and more so than a fixed-length straw), though the brush helps - one will want to thoroughly wash both the inside and outside, especially after any sugary drinks, as the segments can get sticky and difficult to move otherwise. When I use it at restaurants, I'll rinse it in the bathroom after the meal and then wash with soap and water when I get home, which has worked well. I don't recommend a telescoping design if you're the sort of person who leaves dishes for several days - or even just one full day - and then cleans a bunch at once, rather than cleaning them right after use, because this straw works best when cleaned promptly after use. When drying, I recommend collapsing and re-extending the straw once to clear residual water out from the segment seams, which can then be wiped off with a dry towel, before packing it back in its case.While I certainly haven't tried every straw out there, I like this one, and I recommend it without reservation if it's the style of straw you want. There are unavoidable trade-offs between things like materials and fixed-length versus telescoping; this straw is an excellent model of its type.5Great size and great idea!I really want to use reusable straws more (and I HATE paper straws), so it's time to spend some dough on doing the right thing! The other challenge is doing this when out and about. Eco straws are the perfect solution! They seem to be one of the first companies to market with a high quality solution with a great carrying case! Slim enough to fit inside my purse and not be a nuisance. Really impressed with the feel and function. I bought one for my mom as well!5Sipping in StyleAfter researching the reusable straw, I am so happy that I found this beautiful telescopic straw! The rose gold case and straw are well constructed and I love it's portable and compact enough that I can bring it wherever I go. The way it's designed, it's super chic and stylish than most of the collapsible straws I've seen on the market. Since I live in a coastal community, many restaurants in my neighborhood don t provide any plastic straws. Having a reusable straw with me is definitely handy. I can also see this as a great gift option for any of my Eco-conscious friends as well. Overall, great purchase and I am going to buy more for sure.5Prettiest way to help save the turtles...Perfect portable straw. Easy to clean. Carrying case can attach to your keys which is a great feature! Did I mention they re absolutely the COOLEST color??5the most efficient & convenient strawI have about 5 different reusable straws, but just received this one as a gift, and now it's practically the only one I use. The capsule it comes in has a ring to attach to my keys, AirPods, and my Hydroflask so there's never any worry about where to put it, and it's small and compact.Another problem I used to have was using it when I got drinks other than water like smoothies, teas, and coffees. I hated having to carry them around all day, or just rinse it with only water, because I knew it wasn't enough to get all of it out, especially if it was just sitting in there. This comes with a cleaner that collapses and fits INSIDE the straw. Such a clever idea to save space and not have to worry about getting all the residue out.The only problem I have with this is the capsule the straw comes in. It's metal, and sometimes when you tighten the cap to close it, it makes a loud squeaky noise. To others it's not a big deal, but for me it can be like nails on a chalkboard. A more minor thing, is that the capsule kind of resembles an on-the-go vibrator/sex toy.But overall, I love love love this straw and even purchased one for my boyfriend.5I like it but it does have some issuesI have a small purse and like to buy collapsible items so it doesn't take up too much room. I've used the straw a few times. Due to the collapsing design drying it out properly is a bit difficult. I can clean it easily but it needs to be left open until it's dry since water will stay inside the straw. Perhaps if the cleaner had a microfiber tip on the other end so it cleans on one side and you can dry on the other it would work great. My cleaner tip unfortunately popped out of the metal cleaner. The seller was quick to offer a replacement so I appreciate that but do be careful with that tip as it seems to maybe be lightly glued in and not actually part of cleaner. I've tried using it with milkshakes. It's OK but if they made a larger diameter version I'd probably buy it for just frozen drinks.4
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