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Edlund - 12 inch heavy duty stainless steel restaurant tongs with Lock - 4412 HDL - 1 pack

  • Edlund - 12 inch heavy duty stainless steel restaurant tongs with Lock - 4412 HDL - 1 pack

Edlund - 12 inch heavy duty stainless steel restaurant tongs with Lock - 4412 HDL - 1 pack

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Features patented locking mechanism
  • Heavy duty stainless steel
  • Has replaceable stainless steel springs
  • Great for every kitchen
  • Scalloped Tongs
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Customer Reviews

Good but not perfect.I've had these for a month now, using them regularly. They do their job, but I have a few complaints.Most importantly, the mechanism that keeps them semi-closed is a bit difficult to see until you notice it, so I was originally irritated that I couldn't store them without them staying closed. More importantly, it's metal and I feel it grind every time I open and close them. It's minor, but I'm not convinced as to its longevity for that particular mechanism.In general, it is good for the price. 4Excellent!These tongs are perfect! If it weren't for a product review on tongs in "Cook's Illustrated," I would probably never have looked at this brand. "Cook's" says Edlund's the best, and they are! They are sturdy stainless steel, close without pinching, and have the right amount of grip in the "business" end. I am glad that I ordered four different pairs: 9" (very convenient size for breakfast sausage, bacon, and other small tasks), 12" regular grip, 12" Gripper (flat end--fabulous for getting under more tender foods), and 16" (great for barbecue). All of them open wide enough to pick up larger items, such as a chuck roast, whole chicken, large fish, and they have the dexterity to handle very small items, including small jars and ramekins. The locking mechanism is convenient. The pull-tab is not large and imposing, and when the tongs are in the open position, the tab all but disappears at the end of the handle--doesn't get in the way. Other reviewers have said that they wish the locking tab would slide easily in and out, so as they cook, they can just flip the tongs to unlock and lock again. I can see how this would be a boon to a cook, but these tongs do not accommodate this desire--the locking tab is tighter than this would allow. However, for me, this is not an issue. (Perhaps, they'll loosen in time, as one reviewer stated.) These tongs wash up well by hand or in the dishwasher. And, they are made in the USA. If you are looking for a really good, functional pair of tongs that won't rust, fall apart, pinch your hand, or otherwise fail, try these. You won't be disappointed. 5Missing Lock, ***Beware VyshoP***My product arrived missing its lock. I thought I purchased these tongs from Edlund, but upon double checking it was from a seller called "VyshoP" (sketchy seller name...). Double check your seller if you are comparing items and price. I didn't have the option to return or exchange it but Amazon was incredibly helpful in issuing a refund within 5 minutes of me contacting them and I was able to keep the tongs. Seems Edlund customers have not run into this problem but many VyshoP buyers have. I typically don't review products but wanted to share my story to make others aware. I've used this product many times before and am giving it 5 stars despite the blunder, it isn't Edlund's fault. Excited to use these tongs. Heavy duty feel and it seems like they can hold a ton of weight without any flex. Disappointed about the lack of a lock as I will be keeping these in a knife bag but it should still work just fine. I purchased the 9'' pair. I feel the shorter tongs are much easier to maneuver than the longer pairs available in my kitchen. Been cooking for 10 years and using Edlund tongs almost the whole time, happy to have my own pair in the kitchen. Of all the other tongs I've used before I don't feel anyone can match the quality, simplicity, or durability of Edlund. 5These are hands down the best cooking tongsThese are hands down the best cooking tongs. As a former chef I always found consumer tongs to be absolute crap. Let alone are these strong enough to last tossing salads / grabbing neat on the grill. These things are strong enough to grip whole sheet pans or even cast iron pans. The beauty of these is when you shut them the ends are flush with one another so they are made to actually grab things. I had one, bought another, and now have 5. I use them so often I got sick of finding them dirty in the dish washer lol. So yes they are dish washer safe. The original I bought almost 8 years ago. Still going strong and the latest 3 I bought are just as good. So if you are looking for good tongs, believe me these are it. You will never buy another pair... Unless you are like me and need one for almost every day of the week. 5The OXO ones had all sorts of "features" like silicon grips and a fancy handleI purchased this kitchen tongs to replace some OXO ones I bought last year. The OXO ones had all sorts of "features" like silicon grips and a fancy handle. None of that matters if the thing breaks in less than a year. The Edlund tongs are simple yet they do their job and the are made in the USA. 5-NOT AN EDLUND PRODUCT-4/21/2019Tongs sold by Herrasonw is not as described, not a counterfeit but a sorta knock-off.This is a JUNDA brand -not an Edlund-. This JUNDA brand quality is marginal in a few ways, 1) metal is typical shiny seemingly plated material of Asian metal kitchen products, 2) the lock is very very flimsy and gets recessed in the tongs, 3) the spring is incorrect type, wound verses bi-metal type, 4) the rivet is imperfect on one side and seems brass rather than stainless steel, 5) No name embossed on the product just a bar code with Asian characters and "JUNDA" logo, 6) No country of manufacture except a package label under their own label that says "China"Went to a local kitchen supply store and bought the real thing for just $3 more. See comparison photos. Called Amazon to get refund as, "This item isn't eligible for return"Guess seller Herrasonw will disappear shortly and some other seller will take their place. Now, what to do with their crappy tongs? 1Lock and unlock extremely difficult - No returnsI should have listened to the review from 4/1/19. These aren t eligible for return and they aren t a true Edlund product. Also the locking mechanism is so tight as to be unusable. It s difficult to get these locked and unlocked with two hands. I have arthritis and rely on the easy sliding lock by tipping the tongs up and down. These don t do that and were made so tight the metal actually scrapes against each other when trying to open with two hands. I can t use these and can t return them. I ll have to go to a local store and find some and give these away. Beware if you re looking for the easy tip up locking and unlocking. 19" Not LockingI received the 9" tongs with no locking mechanism as described and, like others, learned that they are "not eligible for return." I contacted Amazon customer support and they provided a refund. The tongs are otherwise high quality, sturdy metal. Just wish they had the lock I wanted and ordered. 1Best Type of Kitchen Tong I have Ever UsedThese are the BEST cooking tools I own! I have 9", 12", and 16" versions. I bought my first pair, 12", ten years ago. The only difference between them and the new pair I bought 2 months ago is that the new ones are shinier.They operate like an extension of my hand. I use them for grilling over flame, cooking in pots, pasta, lifting the cat-iron grates in my grill, moving hot coals in the fire, lifting hot lids off pots, gently turning roasting vegetables, etc etcThe locking mechanism is very easy to operate without using your fingers -- it easily 'catches' on the edge of my jeans' pocket, or the edge of a pot, to lock. Unlocking is even easier -- just tap the protruding tab against any hard surface. Or soft surface, like your thigh or chest. Point is, it is easier to avoid cross-contamination from the raw and cooking chicken when I am grilling 30 mixed pieces at once for a large dinner. Ive given them as gifts to professional chefs and cooks and it quickly becomes their "NOBODY ELSE BETTER TOUCH THIS" tool....I've tried at least a dozen different types of tongs, from cheap generic to expensive Swiss import, and these are the most useful, comfortable, reliable cooking tools I have. 5Edlund [any size] Makes the Best Tongs for Meat...Period.Excellently designed tongs. Here is why they are the best. The claw part of the tongs don't merely meet at the tip, like 90% of the tongs out there. They make contact all along their scalloped edges. So when I go to pick up my ribeye, or chicken breast, etc. I'm not making a hole in my meat, or tearing it up, but in fact grasping the piece of meat all up and down the claw. Having used these tongs for a while, you notice that you are less likely to apply too much pressure to the arms of the tong, because of how much more stably the meat is being held...thus less tearing of the meat. Win, win. 5
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