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FastRack 45-CZ-85-D6BG Wine Bottle Floor Corker, Portuguese Red, 1

  • FastRack 45-CZ-85-D6BG Wine Bottle Floor Corker, Portuguese Red, 1

FastRack 45-CZ-85-D6BG Wine Bottle Floor Corker, Portuguese Red, 1

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Rolled steel construction
  • Plastic dies compress cork
  • Works on all straight corks up to #9
  • This is a great Corker
  • Adjustable plunger depth
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Customer Reviews

You'll never go back!Assembly is easy! I may have a newer model, mine has a screw to attach the foot, as opposed to a nut mentioned in other reviews. If you have a screwdriver, you're all set. I've shopped around for a good floor corker, and this is the best deal I've found. Has the same features as corkers costing twice as much.I cork Belgian beers in 750 ml bottles, and this can be a little tricky. For this scenario, a large cork is inserted only partway into the bottle, leaving the cork protruding about a half inch. Then a muselet (or wire hood) is fastened over the top of the cork, then tightened around the neck of the bottle. In the case of highly carbonated beers, this step is necessary to prevent the cork from backing out, a problem I have experienced with the plastic champagne stoppers.The only problem I've experienced with this corker, is that there is not enough adjustment on the cork seating stem, and it pushes the cork too far into the bottle at max adjustment. But, the fix is easy! I glued a 1/16" washer to the adjustment nut, and it now seats the corks to the perfect depth.I love this corker!5Worth the money!! Before this floor corker we were using the double lever hand corker. Now that we have this floor corker I would never go back to the hand one. The hand one always left a small indent in the cork and getting the cork to sit in the bottle the correct depth was always a challenge. This corker has been consistent. No indentions in the corks. And the corks are positioned perfect all the time. We have been making wine for 3 years and intend to for many more years. Anybody who has the same level of interest should invest in this. You'll be happy you did! 5Don't waste your time and money on a hand corker, buy this.When I bottled my first batch of wine, I bought a hand corker, even though the owner of my local brewing store TOLD ME NOT TO. He told me the hand corkers are difficult and I would hate it, and he only stocks them because first-timers aren't sure they want to spend $70 on a floor corker. He said everyone comes back and buys the floor corker after bottling their first batch with the hand corker. He was right! I hated the hand corker, so I bought the floor corker for my second batch, and oh my. It's so easy. Adjusting the depth of the cork is super easy, it's stable, it's sturdy, it's fast. Do not buy a hand corker, even though they're cheap.5Makes corking a breezeFirst let me say that I have zero experience with any other type of corking device so I can't provide you a comparison between this and other types. I research everything to death before I make a purchase and all of my research lead me to purchase this corking device based on other peoples opinions who have used other types of devices. This is easy to use. It corks bottles expeditiously and perfect every time with little effort. My only critique is with the adjustment nut. There is a lot of slack between the threads of the stud and nut so it moves freely. You have to consistently adjust it to keep the proper depth. I remedied this by using a piece of painters tape as a stop and it works great. I haven't had to adjust it since I put the tape on there. I'm sure that some plumbers tape wrapped around the threads of the stud would also work. This would remove all the slack between the threads of the stud and nut. This is a minor thing that is easily corrected so I still give this item 5 stars for the ease of use. I have bottled 5 batches of wine so far with a minimum of 24 bottles per batch. This machine makes this task super easy. I am very happy I chose to purchase this.5excellent choice! i got a winemaking kit with a cheap plastic corker included. i was sweating and swearing at the thing before i'd gotten a half dozen bottles corked. i saw a bunch of solid reviews for this one (amazon and elsewhere), and the first time i tried it, i wondered why they even sell the cheap plastic ones, because they are just so awful and this makes corking so easy. construction is steel and very heavy duty. absolutely no regrets on this one. very pleased. 5Just PERFECT!There is not much to say - it is simply perfect! Or simple and perfect! Or perfectly simple and perfect!I tried double lever one - twice received defective. Tried them both - one tore corks, because plastic funnel was misshaped and another one could not grip bottleneck because grip-legs are bend under different angles. Tired of those I decided to buy this one and it is absolutely perfect! Well, this one takes a bit (quite a bit) more space, but is sooooo worth it!5Safety first I was debating long and hard between the Portuguese and the Italian. After using a friend's I saw how important the ability to secure the corker to the work surface can be. My friend has used his for a small commercial setup for quite a while and it has held up wonderfully. Even "little me" can use the shorter arm just fine. I will take the ability to secure over the longer arm. As long as it is used properly durability isn't an issue. 5Better than you think!!I have had 3 corkers. This so far is the best one i have had. No problem with the first 70 bottles. Took no time at all. 100 times better then the two handel style.5Nice corker, makes corking *easy*!!!This was my first try at corking and this little red Portuguese floor corker made it a very easy, almost fun experience! The corker will certainly last my lifetime if I don't fall over it or run over it with my jeep. One nut puts it all together. Simple. Inserting a cork in a bottle (and I used the larger #9 corks that were DRY) is easy with this corker...it just slips them into the bottle as you push down on the handle. If I ever felt any resistance whatsoever I just "jiggled" the handle a tad and the cork slid right on in. For someone corking 5-100 bottles at a time I don't think you'd go wrong with this corker. Naturally it's not a commercial-grade machine, but for a serious hobbiest it should be great. Those are the "Pros" that come to mind.Now here are two "Cons" that I've ran into about this corker. Both can be overcome and really no biggie.The first one is the nut that attaches the small cross-leg frame to the main frame. It is just that...a nut. I had read in some other descriptions of similar corkers where they had a wing-nut to attached the cross-leg frame with which would mean the assembly would not require any tools. Being as this is a nut, you need a ratchet/socket or some type of a wrench to snug the nut up...you can't really get it tight enough doing it with your fingers. I may take the nut to Lowes or HD and match a wing-nut up to it...then no more tools needed.The second "Con" is in regards to the depth-gauge nut/flange that sets how far the cork is set into the bottle. The nut tends to move freely and will drift off from where you set it. With mine this caused a couple of corks to be set a touch deeper than I wanted. I caught it quick enough and readjusted it. Before I cork more bottles (gotta make some more wine first!!) I'm going to wrap the threads of the plunger with teflon tape so that the nut won't move freely as it currently does. It will still be able to be adjusted but shouldn't move on its own anymore with the tape in place.I guess I could have knocked a star off for the assembly nut and the depth-gauge nut but really they're not deal-breakers or reason to diminish the worth of this corker in inserting corks in bottles...it does that exceedingly well and you can use #9 corks with ease. I know I'll never regret this purchase and glad I bought it early on in my wine making.5The only thing I didn't like about it that it won't push the corck all ... The only thing I didn't like about it that it won't push the corck all the way. You will need to push it manually at the end. Overall it's a great and easy way for corcking your bottles. 4If you make wine, YOU MUST order this!OMG! Wow! Never again to use the hand corker. Never again to have the bottle slip out between my feet while trying to cork the wine bottle. You MUST get this! You'll never go back to the hand corker. 1 screw and it was put together. Bottle fits snuggly in the holder. The cork goes in on the top. Pull down the lever and WA-LA! A corked bottle with no effort!You must buy this if you cork bottles! So easy! I corked 30 bottles in approx. 15 minutes.Buy it, You'll see!5Wine Bottle Floor CorkerJust received the wine bottle floor corker. It looks like a heavy duty awesome corker. When I received it in the package which was partially opened, I was a little nervous thinking that some of the parts must have fallen out in the shipping. This was not the case. There are no extra bolts or screws and there are no manuals or directions of how to put it together. I was able to figure the procedure of how to put it together by pictures that others had put on the comment section of the amazon site. To put it plainly though - one screw on the bottom gets taken out and the red crossbar foot gets reattached. As simple as that.4Professional quality results, smooth action, and narrow profileI put off getting this because of two incorrect assumptions: 1) That it would be too big for my New York apartment, and 2) That it wouldn't be that much better than a hand corker. I was wrong on #1 and very wrong on #2.It takes all the effort out of correctly positioning the bottles. The action is very smooth. I could literally do it blindfolded with one hand. The corks go in cleanly: level at the top without the unsightly dimple that hand corkers create.When I'm not using it, it hides in the side of the closet. It's a few feet tall, but narrow (especially if you remove the cross-leg), and doesn't take up much space.5Worth itBit tricky to figure it out but it works, it would be nice to add some type of instructions. So a quick guide to the new buyers. To place your bottle in place you have to push the handle down halfway this will release the tension of the base plate at this point you can lower the base to insert the bottle, when in place raise the lever and the bottle will move up hold the bottle in the meantime that's why God gave us two hands. Or reverse technique after you corked the bottle and are raising the handle pull the bottle than insert the new one and then finish lifting the handle. You need to always start at point A (start position lever up) everytime because you need to fill the new cork in the slot.So what's the difference between this and the two handle one? This one handle version squeezes the cork to smaller diameter so it smoothly goes in (well not that smooth you still need to use strength) but nothing close to the two handed version. Bought size 9 corks and was going to throw them out because they looked fatter than the others I bought and were barely going in so I ended up buying more from a different seller which arrived the same size as my previous purchase. I told myself wait let me use the new one handle tool and see if I can still use the fatter corks again still size 9 and voila went in with no issues and there is a rod adjustment on top that let's you choose how far to push it in. In the end instead of throwing my corks I threw out the two handed tool and I lived happily ever after.5
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