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Filtrete 20x25x1, AC Furnace Air Filter, MPR 1500, Healthy Living Ultra Allergen, 2-Pack (exact dimensions 19.719 x 24.688 x 0.78)

  • Filtrete 20x25x1, AC Furnace Air Filter, MPR 1500, Healthy Living Ultra Allergen, 2-Pack (exact dimensions 19.719 x 24.688 x 0.78)
  • Filtrete 20x25x1, AC Furnace Air Filter, MPR 1500, Healthy Living Ultra Allergen, 2-Pack (exact dimensions 19.719 x 24.688 x 0.78)
  • Filtrete 20x25x1, AC Furnace Air Filter, MPR 1500, Healthy Living Ultra Allergen, 2-Pack (exact dimensions 19.719 x 24.688 x 0.78)
  • Filtrete 20x25x1, AC Furnace Air Filter, MPR 1500, Healthy Living Ultra Allergen, 2-Pack (exact dimensions 19.719 x 24.688 x 0.78)
  • Filtrete 20x25x1, AC Furnace Air Filter, MPR 1500, Healthy Living Ultra Allergen, 2-Pack (exact dimensions 19.719 x 24.688 x 0.78)
  • Filtrete 20x25x1, AC Furnace Air Filter, MPR 1500, Healthy Living Ultra Allergen, 2-Pack (exact dimensions 19.719 x 24.688 x 0.78)
  • Filtrete 20x25x1, AC Furnace Air Filter, MPR 1500, Healthy Living Ultra Allergen, 2-Pack (exact dimensions 19.719 x 24.688 x 0.78)
  • Filtrete 20x25x1, AC Furnace Air Filter, MPR 1500, Healthy Living Ultra Allergen, 2-Pack (exact dimensions 19.719 x 24.688 x 0.78)

Filtrete 20x25x1, AC Furnace Air Filter, MPR 1500, Healthy Living Ultra Allergen, 2-Pack (exact dimensions 19.719 x 24.688 x 0.78)

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • OUTPERFORMS FIBERGLASS, WASHABLE AND NON-ELECTROSTATIC 3-month pleated 1 in. home air filters for your furnace, air conditioner or HVAC system
  • DESIGNED WITH EXCLUSIVE Filtrete Brand 3-in-1 technology from 3M to trap unwanted air particles while letting cleaner air flow through
  • ATTRACTS AND CAPTURES microscopic particles such as smoke, cough and sneeze debris, bacteria and viruses--and large particles, including lint, household dust and pollen
  • 1500 MPR has a rating of MERV 12
  • The higher the MPR, the more microparticles--such as pollen, pet dander, smoke, bacteria and viruses--your filter will capture from the air passing through it
  • 54% SMALL PARTICLE CAPTURE, like bacteria and particles that carry viruses ( % captured is based on ASHRAE 52.2 testing for 0.3 to 1 micron particles from the air passing through the filter, which relates to HVAC industry standard efficiency testing)
  • CERTIFIED as asthma & allergy friendly (As outlined in report ASCR: 1246-01)
  • FIND YOUR SIZE: 1500 MPR available in 4 in. , 4 in. slim fit and 5 in. thick air filters
  • FOR OPTIMAL PERFORMANCE of your heating & cooling system or HVAC system, change your home air filter at least every 90 days for 1in. filters, and at least every 12 months for 4 in. and 5 in. filters
  • A dirty filter will slow down air flow and make the system work harder to keep you warm or cool--wasting energy. Sign-up for a filter change reminder program that works for you!
  • Designed with Filtrete Brand 3-in-1 technology from 3M to pull in and trap unwanted air particles while letting clean air flow through
  • Captures microscopic particles including: smoke, cough/sneeze debris, bacteria, viruses, and large particles like lint, dust and pollen.
  • Electrostatic air filter with Microparticle Performance Rating 1500
  • 3 times better at small particle capture compared to non-electrostatic pleated filters for the capture of 0.3 to 1.0 micron particles.
  • Lasts up to 3 months
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Customer Reviews

Updated 2016 Data: Ultra Allergen MPR 1500 is the lowest Pressure Drop, even lower then MPR 300 according to 3M I've been trying to find out which filter would be best for my A/C. My top concern was not to put too much load on the HVAC fan given the age and to reduce electricity consumption. I always assumed it was the 600MPR Dust & Pollen or the 300 MPR Dust. So I asked 3M for the data on the Filtrete filter and this is what I got.SUMMARY: The Ultra Allergen 1500MPR (for 1 inch depth HVAC) is the LOWEST pressure at 0.15 (vs .20 for the MPR 600). So it didn't make sense for me to go for MPR 300, MPR 600 or MPR 1000.The complete response from 3M below:Generally speaking, for most residential HVAC systems, the filter will become restrictive when it reaches a .5 pressure drop.All of our filter media fibers are polypropylene and polyolefin plastic which will remove particles that measure 3 to 10 microns.Microparticle Performance Rating (MPR), MERV Ratings, and pressure drops are as follows:Elite Extra 24003-10 microns - 96%MERV 13pressure drop .21Elite Allergen 22003-10 microns - 94%MERV 12pressure drop .18Maximum/Ultimate Allergen 19003-10 microns - 93%MERV 12pressure drop .16Allergen Deep Pleat 1550 (4").3-10 microns 97%MERV 12pressure drop .12Ultra Allergen 1500310 microns - 90%MERV 12pressure drop .15Odor Reduction 12003-10 microns - 85%MERV 11pressure drop .24Micro Allergen 10003-10 microns - 80%MERV 11pressure drop .21Dust & Pollen 6003-10 microns - 65%MERV 7pressure drop .20Dust Reduction 3003-10 microns -35%MERV 6pressure drop .20Flat Panel3-10 microns -5%MERV 1Pressure Drop .08Pressure drop is a measure of air flow resistance. It is measured by inches of Water Column (W.C.) at 300 feet per minute (FPM).Clean/new filters are not restrictive to air flow. Filters will become restrictive if they are not changed when needed. A filter's life is actually determined by the user's living conditions and will vary for every user. Generally speaking, we recommend changing filters approximately every 3 mo nths.To determine when the filter needs to be change, we suggest holding it up to the light. When you cannot see light through the filter, it is ready to be changed, even if it is before 3 months.If you are concerned about airflow, you might want to use the filter with a lower pressure drop.If you have a high velocity furnace with high fan speed, you may need to change the filters more frequently, every 1.5 to 2 months. 5Works as well as the Filtrete 1900 and 1200; vacuum your house frequently for best results After moving into my house 2 years ago, I had the crawlspace and attic encapsulated and insulated, followed by installation of an energy recovery ventilation system and sealing of the baseboards of all outer walls. The HVAC consultants who did this work explained that my house is now extremely tight, i.e. the ERV brings fresh air and exhausts stale air out, and the house no longer leaks air. The last thing I want to do is upset the air pressure by choosing the wrong filter after the complicated renovations. Thus I tried the Filtrete 1500 because the top reviewer for this product said it had the lowest pressure drop.I think the Filtrete 1500 works as well as the Filtrete 1900 and Filtrete 1200 with charcoal in my house (I rate them all a 5), but no filter has been as important as frequent vacuuming. I use a Miele vacuum cleaner throughout the house once a week, then use a Swiffer WetJet on the hardwood floors. I also vacuum the curtains and baseboards about once every 2 months. If you do this consistently, dust bunnies never have a chance to form, and the air that recirculates in the house gets cleaner and cleaner over time. The extra house work pays off in better health and lower costs. After 2 years of this cleaning routine, my allergies improved so much that I stopped using antihistamines, and filters easily last 3 months. 5Don't waste the extra $$ on the smart sensor Don't waste the extra $$ on the smart sensor. Either the sensor and/or the app that is supposed to work with it don't work.Check the reviews on the 'filtrete smart app' reviews before you buy this.The filter by itself is probably a good product. 1Doesn't Deliver on "Smart" Features This is an MPR 1500 filter that costs 28% more than the standard version to add features that either don't work (Bluetooth sync) or are, at best, misleading (everything else).Marketing materials state that you can track air quality, but that's only true if you buy an additional indoor air quality monitor. The outdoor air quality just pulls from public, free sources, and isn't accurate - mine shows a city adjacement to my own and I'm 10 minutes from the city line.It says it monitors airflow, but I just don't trust that to be accurate, especially given that the connection between the sensor and the app is often lost - sometimes for weeks - before it can reconnect. There is no way to reconnect it manually, you just have to hope it does.The app is OK, but it's basically just a fancy replacement reminder. Save your money and just add a notification to your calendar. 2Not worth consideration I bought these filters to try what many consider the 'gold standard' of HVAC filters. What a joke. The first two images show gobs of hot melt glue on the paper face of each of the filters. This is the face that should seal up to the air return filter housing. No sealing taking place here. While this is just poor quality control. The more egregious fail is in the economy approach to overlapping the cardboard frame in each of the four corners. This is a designed in leak path that they deliberately build into each filter, in each of the four corners. Every filter, every corner, every day. Trivial, you say? They promote filtration down to 0.3 micron in this model, yet put four leak paths of .017" (254 microns) in each and every corner? Sorry, this approach is just bogus. These two filters are going in the trash, and I'm back to the Nordic Pure MERV 12 product. Better design, better QC, 1/3 the cost, and made in the USA (vs. Mexico for 3M). 1we both had noticed how nice it was 2B able 2 enjoy our dinners w/o ... Has made a positive difference, for everyone in our home. The other day, after our day was ending, we both had noticed how nice it was 2B able 2 enjoy our dinners w/o the sounds of runny noses, being sucked up. Or blown out in2 tissues, cloth napkins, or the closest piece of clothing that, that some1can find. In order 2 prevent them frm spraying a sneeze, all over the table, the foods & drinks or even the worst, others sitting next 2 the person doing the sneeze . Unfortunately, I 4got 2 take a B4 & after photos of the filter. However, I believe that it is extremely important 2 do so. It will B very helpful 4U 2 see how much of the stuff that is in the air, is actually filtered out. The reason I feel like this is important, is bcuz I have yet 2B able 2 leave the filter in 4 the recommended efficiency time. The filter is so effective the efficiency of the filter. Although, the recommended length of change every 3 months. After about 5 - 7 weeks, I have had 2 replace the filter in order 2 maintain the efficiency in cleaning the air. We live in a very clean area, that has well maintained grounds w/ groomed hedges trimmed trees & no non maintained areas around us. A clean neighborhood 5Not sure how great this Smart Technology is Installed the filter on 10/22/18. The picture is what the filter looked like on 12/13/18--the app showed 56% Good.I started having allergy symptoms a week ago and thought to check the filter today--since the app showed 56%, I didn't expect to see a filter this dirty. I guess there are two ways to look at it: 1) The filter might have been doing its job; and 2) Not so great for those of us with allergies.Customer support stated: "Cole H (12/13/2018, 2:57:52 PM): The Smart technology measures the air quality and the pressure drop (airflow resistance) data and determines when the filter needs to be changed based on that information. " So I guess the filter could be black when the app indicated it was time to change.I've decided to skip "Smart" technology and add a monthly reminder on my calendar to change the filter. 3Caution: Orders its own replacement It's a great filter, and with a phone app I can check to see its status. Today I received the message: "My Name"'s Smart 1500 20x25x1 has placed an order on Amazon.com on your behalf. If you would like to make changes or cancel this order, view or manage your order within 24 hours.Order PlacedOrder # xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxImage Filtrete Smart Filter 20 x 25 x 1 MPR 1500 Allergen, Bacteria & Virus AC Furnace Air Filter enabled with Amazon DashIt's the "enabled with Amazon Dash" part that I don't think I realized. As the filter only shows itself to be a quarter dirty I was surprised to be getting a replacement set. I thought I might like this because I always forget to check filters but I think I'll go back to putting it on calendar or something. Some things are too smart to bother with. 3Item advertised 12x12x1, received 20x30x1 How in the world is this a 12x12x1, which is clearly advertised in the description? I even have the 12x12x1 option chosen in the drop-down for this item. What I received looks exactly like the picture... even the label seen in the picture is identical to what I received, but what is marked on the side of the filter shows it to be a 20x30x1. I can't use this at all :-( 1Filter great, but damage I have been using subscribe and save for my filters lately, but I have been having problem with them coming damage. This particular time the, box was undamaged but the filter has a damage circle of it. I will have to go back to buying them locally.Here is my review of these filter. I have used many different strengths, but downgraded a little because of the cost.SHORT ANSWER: These filters are great and I can tell a difference when I used a higher grade filter but that can vary depending on the level that I started and how clean the house was previously by a high filter. Don t forget to check the air filter regularly because a dirty filter can cause the coils to freeze up and will need to be turn off to unfreeze. Don t forget to have your AC/heater check and make sure you tell them to clear the line (they may not normally do it, but should.)LONG REVIEW:I started using 1500 (at the time the purple label) and have used up to 2800. I live in a place where I get very sick because of all the pollution, pollen, dust, and in the winter smoke from miscellaneous burned things from across the border.How well do these work ..well that depends on how you live your life.We for the most part keep our windows and doors closed and always run the fan on a/c (heater) unit so it is alway cleaning the air which was recommended to us. If you have pets and open your window and door a lot and keep them open it will be hard to keep your air cleaner. The cleaner you have your house the better it will be vacuuming, dusting, etc .We have box fan with 20 x 20 filters on it. We tried using, them then we stop, and now we are using them again. We started using 1500 and upgraded recently to 1900.At first I thought when we used the 2800 filter it was really only a physiologically made me feel better, but I up graded our fan filters from 1500 to 1900 and notice they appeared to get dirty fast. After that observation I believe they make a difference.How fast can it clean your air? Depend on your life (mentioned above) and house size. I have notices that it can take about month or so to clean our small house.There is a visual difference the higher you go. The higher filter look different with more pleats and a stronger gauge on the wire across the front and back.KEEP IN MIND**If you don t change your filter when it gets dirty it can freeze the coils because of poor air circulation and you will need to leave the air conditioner off for a while to melt the coils.**Regular maintenance can prevent problems make sure you have your ac/furnace is check year and TELL THEM TO CLEAR THE LINE (they don t always do this automatically) and can get clogged and cause flooding.**AC not turning on also check the batteries.I m sure there are more, but these either happened to me personally or I heard about them and wanted to pass this knowledge along. 3
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