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Finum Disposable Paper Tea Filter Bags for Loose Tea, White, Large, 100 Count

  • Finum Disposable Paper Tea Filter Bags for Loose Tea, White, Large, 100 Count
  • Finum Disposable Paper Tea Filter Bags for Loose Tea, White, Large, 100 Count
  • Finum Disposable Paper Tea Filter Bags for Loose Tea, White, Large, 100 Count
  • Finum Disposable Paper Tea Filter Bags for Loose Tea, White, Large, 100 Count
  • Finum Disposable Paper Tea Filter Bags for Loose Tea, White, Large, 100 Count
  • Finum Disposable Paper Tea Filter Bags for Loose Tea, White, Large, 100 Count

Finum Disposable Paper Tea Filter Bags for Loose Tea, White, Large, 100 Count

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • PAPER FILTER FOR TEA: Finum paper filters guarantee the enjoyment of tea, for jugs, cups or large glasses. The paper filters keep loose tea or tea leaves inside and facilitate their preparation
  • BIODEGRADABLE: The Finum paper tea filters do not contain adhesives, they are bleached without chlorine and are FSC certified. Disposable tea filters are environmentally friendly and biodegradable
  • DOUBLE FOLDED FOR MORE SPACE: Thanks to the double bottom fold and the space, the loose tea leaves can unfold optimally and thus guarantee the best possible brewing process in a paper filter
  • PRACTICAL FILLING BOTTLE: The long flap of the paper finum filter has been designed to fill easily, therefore, it guarantees an accurate preparation and the least amount of loss of tea leaves
  • INFO: Tea finum filters are made of compostable paper, 100 pieces. FSC certificate, bleached without chlorine, biodegradable. Disposable filter for tea and loose coffee. Size: 18.5 cm x 8.2 cm
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Customer Reviews

Love them!I love these! They are huge and have lots of room for your tea leaves to expand. They are also extremely convenient if you are not at home. I use them at work, since taking an infuser and cleaning it out was a hassle during the day. I can now drink tea far more frequently without worrying about my boss noticing a loss in productivity.I saw some reviews said it added a weird taste, but I have not noticed any flavor difference whatsoever. I actually think these are better than some of the smaller infusers, since they don't let any leaves escape and have more room for expansion. You simply fold over the top of the bag a couple of times and let it hang over your cup. Great product!5Not bad, but not perfectI like these bags. Easy to use, they hold a lot of tea if you like a stronger cup. The only thing I don't like, is that the pictures show the bag in the tea and it's standing straight up, when in actuality, once the bag goes in the tea cup, it absorbs the water and gets soaked so that it flops over the side of your cup and the tea runs down the outside of your cup. I always have to keep my tea on a coaster or paper towel. It's not a deal breaker, but the messiness is just annoying enough that I'm not sure if I'd buy these again.3Great for cold brew coffee!! No need to re-filter or french press!!We have been using these extra large tea filters for cold brew coffee, after previously purchasing a reusable nut/coffee bag for that purpose. The problem with the nutmilk bag was that even with it's tight weave, some fine grounds always got through, necessitating another filter or press method. With these bags, that is unnecessary. Just pull out the filter of coffee grounds and you are ready to go. Perfect for our purposes.5PapersMost of the time, I'm fine using whatever infuser I happen to have for the pot or cup I'm using for tea. But I bought some Yerba Mate, and while I don't mind the dust, it's mighty difficult to clean the leaves from an infuser. So I thought I'd try some filter papers, just for the Yerba.These filters are large, but not so large I can't fit one in my oversize glass tea cup. They're a fine size for a small teapot, but too small for a large one. They do entrap the tasty bits, yet are roomy enough for the water to circulate. Functionally, they're just fine.I do find them difficult to fill. The design could be improved by making the top wider than the bottom. I don't know, it's just kind of awkward to try to keep the filter open while stuffing leaves in it, and trying not to spill the leaves. Either I'm not spilling, but not getting leaves in the filter, or I'm filling the filter, but spilling leaves all over. Furthermore, sometimes the two halves of the filters stick together. They're pressed and stacked very neatly, but some of the paper fibers from the front side get intertwined with fibers from the back side. And just try to slide in a spoon to separate them. You must, but it will get stuck, right in that spot. There you are, trying to separate the papers without tearing! They can be maddening.All that said, I'll use them for Yerba, and nothing else. These are the first filters I've tried, but honestly, I don't expect much difference between brands, based on the gazillion reviews I read before my purchase.3Not bad, but the Medium is better I prefer the medium to the small if you are torn between the two. The small are also about twice the price for no apparent reason. The medium are better anyhow because the opening is much wider. I find it difficult to spoon tea into the small bags without spilling because the smalls are very slim. The one negative I would say is if you squeeze out the liquid after steeping, they do break easily so be careful to apply pressure sparingly. The small seem to be even more prone to this issue than the medium.Here is a link to medium (go medium, trust me!):100 Finum Tea Filter, Medium 3The Perfect Cup or Pot of Tea. Great Price. Thanks!Great filters at a very good price. Supermarket or specialty tea bags lack the full-bodied flavor of fresh loose tea. I drink at least two 16oz. mugs of tea each day. My favorite is Ceylon Black(origin: Sri Lanks). It's the best black tea I have ever tasted. These filters don't need to be closed or tied since they easily hang over a large mug or if you like to brew a pot simly use the lid to keep it in place. The feature that's most important to me is the pourousness, yet strength, which allows the flavor to steep fully in 5 minutes or less. Also, $0.06 / filter is the best price I've come accross for this size and quality.5Great, easy to use product!I've never used bags like this before and I find myself very pleasantly surprised. I was looking for a new stainless steel filter when I happened onto these. After reading reviews, decided to give these bags a try instead.These are perfect. The medium size is very easy to use, I don't taste or smell anything untoward from the bags, they are much more durable than I expected, and very easy to fill and use.The pictures in the ad show what looks like a black plastic holder to keep the bag open while filling. I find this totally unnecessary.The bags are pleated on the bottom, which, when you fully open, allows the bag to stand with the mouth open. I put the fully opened bag in a dry cup and fill with the tea I wish to use. Very easy, no struggle, no mess. I've attatched pics to help demonstrate.All in all these are great to have and use, and allow me to pre-fill and take some of my favorite teas with me to use on the go!Highly recommend!5highly recommend this genius productI started drinking full leaf around 3 months ago before that I had been drinking pre-packaged tea bags for several years. When I first started to drink loose leaf tea I did what most people do, and bought a strainer metal filter. Metal filters were an excessive amount of work for a cup of tea it had to be washed meticulously (It's a ball infuser) and I couldn't even make chamomile tea(One of my staple infusions) because tea herbs would take twenty minutes just to clean up, plus when I brewed black tea several leaves escaped out of the ball and that simply annoyed me the strainer was of a high-quality brand called kusmi Paris which made me think that the problem was the brewing method itself and not the quality of the strainer . After the frustration of the ball infuser had made me go through for over a month of daily brewing I decided to pick an alternative. At first I considered a basket infuser or brewing tea from a small french press,but then all of a sudden I saw paper tea filters from the brand T-sac and heard incredibly good reviews on this method of brewing,but decided not to get that brand because they use plastic weaving in their bags and I always search for the most earth friendly and health friendly products. I happened to see these tea filters next and they seemed to be exactly what I was looking for free of plastic weaving, chlorine and true to the actual tea flavor . When they arrived I was a bit hesitant because of they don't have a drawstring or any other method of sealing. For a second I considered stapling the bag but decided to fold it first to see if it could hold up.I can tell you that this bag doesn't require of any stapling the bag holds the tea just fine if you make 2-3 small folds at the top. I've used really fine leaves and large herbal leaves and haven't had one single leaf fall out. The taste of the tea itself is better than when I used a ball infuser,and I will recommend this greatly to any loose leaf tea drinkers out there because its a way to have the best of both worlds bagged loose leaf tea.5Excellent quality tea filters! I love these tea filters. So silly but I drink more tea because I can make a single serving with these bags. I prefer loose leaf tea because it tastes fresher (to me) but I don't like having to wash a contraption every time I want a cup. I can serve my tea in the morning and make it at work or simply make my single cup without making a mess. I love it! 5Now Part of My Iced Tea Routine I make a quart of double strength tea every 2-3 days. After reading the reviews I still wasn't sure which bags to order. The Finums did not disappoint. The bag is generous and has a long, fold over flap on top. It does stay closed and the distal end of the flap can be hung over the side of your container. It stays because it becomes moist from capillary action and just clings to the side.I am saving money because instead of using two Lipton Family Size tea bags per batch, I now buy regular size Lipton's at Costco. I just cut them open (usually while watching TV) and empty the leaves into a small ziploc bag and tuck in a tablespoon measuring spoon for convenience. Since each large Lipton bag is approximately 1 Tbsp., I just place 2 Tbsp. of the loose tea in a Finum bag and I am ready to pour the hot water in and let it steep for 2-3 hours. The Finum bag is big enough to hold 4 Tbsp. I believe it would still allow enough room for the water to circulate around the leaves adequately. 5Identical to the Adagio filters; work well for loose teas with no additional toolsThese unbleached tea filters (made with abaca pulp, cellulose, and sealing fibre, whatever that is) allow me to enjoy my favorite teas without fiddling with strainers and such. I don't staple them shut or anything - I just fill them with a good amount of tea for my serving size (they are roomy enough for 1-8 servings depending on the tea), fold over the top flap and tuck it into the pocket where the tea goes, and microwave it in my cup of water.I expected to have to do something to hold the top closed, but the teabag rarely leaks out of that top flap. Every so often a leaf or two will escape, but it's not a big enough deal to actually mess with it. I love that I can pre-load them with loose tea so I can grab them and take them on the go. These are well worth the price and save me a lot of money, since a lot of loose teas, especially at ethnic or very high-end shops, are cheaper than bagged.One thing - I was surprised at the size of these filters. I had been used to T-sac filters and Teavana filters which were about 2" by 4". These filters are about 3" by 7". They work just as well for single-serve as the smaller ones, and these also give you the option of making a larger batch of tea, which I appreciate. Since they are the same price per filter as the smaller ones, I like that I can choose to use them for different serving sizes.If you're comparing these to the Adagio filters, I'd get whatever's cheapest. While Adagio says it's made of wood pulp and these have abaca pulp, whatever that is, they look, smell, and act identical, and it would not surprise me in the least to find that these are the exact same product in different packaging.5I recommend these disposable tea filtersI got the size small and it works perfectly for me to use with a mug for tea. I had never used disposable tea filters before I received some Basilur loose tea that came with a small package of them as a gift. I just loved the ones that came with the tea, but unfortunately Basilur doesn't seem to sell them, only gives a small sample package that says not for sale. I even checked the Basilur website. So I went searching for something comparable in size and shape and came across the Finum tea filters. I don't like them as well as Basilur's, but since that isn't an option, I think these are a close second.I use a teaspoon of tea in the small size filter for my mug of tea. I wouldn't want a bigger size. It could easily hold more tea if I wished. I really like that is long and slim, as I can hold on to the top of filter as I pour hot water into cup. It probably depends on how strong a person likes their tea, but I use the 1 teaspoon of tea and filter to make multiple cups of tea without any problems.5Perfect size for single serving or pot of teaI just started buying tea in bulk and needed to find good quality tea filters to use with my bulk tea. This brand provides an excellent quality tea filter at a good price. Don't let the large size description fool you as you can use these filters for a single cup or a pot of tea without any hassle. The filters are strong and deep with an "easy-fill flap and expanding base". This allows you to add several tablespoons of tea leaves without having to worry about any leaves seeping out of the filter. The bags are made in Germany and are biodegradable and unbleached. I would recommend these filters 100% as they are great value and quality for your money.5Love these for roobios tea Great for brewing fine sized loose leaf teas! I try to use metal tea filters when I can so I am not creating more trash. However, for teas like roobios, this filter is what I use. When you brew loose leaf roobios in metal mesh filters, the tea needles fall through the mesh filter into the tea. I find myself not wanting to waste the last drop of my tea but at the same time not wanting to have roobios needles stuck in my throat. So for fine sized loose leaf teas I reach for these filters. 5
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