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First Alert Two-Story Fire Escape Ladder, Steel, Anti-Slip, EL52-2, Black

  • First Alert Two-Story Fire Escape Ladder, Steel, Anti-Slip, EL52-2, Black
  • First Alert Two-Story Fire Escape Ladder, Steel, Anti-Slip, EL52-2, Black
  • First Alert Two-Story Fire Escape Ladder, Steel, Anti-Slip, EL52-2, Black
  • First Alert Two-Story Fire Escape Ladder, Steel, Anti-Slip, EL52-2, Black
  • First Alert Two-Story Fire Escape Ladder, Steel, Anti-Slip, EL52-2, Black
  • First Alert Two-Story Fire Escape Ladder, Steel, Anti-Slip, EL52-2, Black
  • First Alert Two-Story Fire Escape Ladder, Steel, Anti-Slip, EL52-2, Black
  • First Alert Two-Story Fire Escape Ladder, Steel, Anti-Slip, EL52-2, Black

First Alert Two-Story Fire Escape Ladder, Steel, Anti-Slip, EL52-2, Black

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Easy to use two story 14' fire escape ladder
  • Fully assembled, ready to use
  • Strong steel construction, tested to 1,125 pounds
  • DuPont Cordura nylon strapping for extra strength and maximum durability
  • Complies to ASTM standards
  • First Alert has been the most trusted brand in home safety since launching the first residential smoke alarm in 1958 (Based on a First Alert brand trust survey in February 2018)
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Customer Reviews

Tested and staged for an emergency.Got this for my daughters house to ensure that her and her roommate would be able to get out safely. Had them test it to ensure that it would reach a reasonable distance that they would feel comfortable with. We tested this to ensure that there was enough window sill to hold it and not need a larger "hook" for the current window. Every thing checked out well and they are comfortable using it, placing it out the window and making that transition out the window and onto the ladder. This has given me one less thing to worry about! Not sure about the max weight that this thing would actually hold.5No way would I trust this with my daughters lives.We just attempted a trial run for our daughters.We have a standard window and trim. The required 6 in a 2004 built 3 story home.I am returning it immediately. The hooks do not hold tight to the window sill at all. Where the hooks come over the window sill is too narrow to allow it to hold. Imagine an A shape over a flat board. If you fold it out completely it is about 14 wide which is too wide to allow for a stable hold since there is extra length. The hooks bend in the middle. So we bent them so they would hold under the window trim. I went to the bottom to test stability. I am a 200lb woman. With weight from the bottom the ladder held and seemed stable. So I went to the top and my 55lb 7 year old daughter was ready to attempt the climb out. With my husband at the bottom for safety my child climbed out onto the ladder. The moment her 55 lbs hit the first rung the hooks slipped off the bottom of the trim. They held against the trim but we didn t feel that was safe at a 3 story height with them slipping already and I pulled her back in.The ladder itself seems safe and sturdy but the hooks supporting it and possibly ending your life instead of saving it need scrapped and redone entirely.2Feel safer owning it, easy to unrollTested it, easily rolls out; seems sturdy. Hope I never use it. I feel alot safer living on the third floor now that I own it5Young children may find it difficult to deploy. It appears to be sturdy enough but my 7 and 10 year old grandkids had a very difficult time deploying this. The video I posted was their third fire drill and you can see what happened.3High-Quality, Solid Construction, Must HaveThis escape ladder has a nice emergency release strap which also doubles as a "tie" to hold all the rungs in place while storing so it can be quickly and easily moved and put into the window in an emergency. Haven't had to use mine yet, but it feels very solid and is of a high quality construction, but isn't too heavy. I checked it out thoroughly and simulated using it so I would know how if the time came. Just having this in my second story rooms makes me feel safer. This is the third one I have purchased so each room has one, compact box fits under the bed in one room and behind a chair by the window in the other room. If you have a 2-story place, make sure to have at least one of these upstairs in case you ever need it. TIP: If Fire, close bedroom door before opening your window so the influx of oxygen doesn't pull fire into the room.5Solid productHaven't used it yet and hope I never have to. But the reviews seem accurate. This looks like a solid and reliable product for an emergency. It's small and packs up under my low-profile bed.5Two StarsToo heavy for kids, which to me defeats the purpose.2After an hour, I needed a glass of wine to restore my sanityThis thing is a nightmare. It's heavy and difficult to manage; per recommendations, I deployed it to get an idea of how it works, if it would fit my window sill, etc. It is clunky and didn't feel all that sturdy or safe. But I figure, still better than nothing. It's 20 degrees out right now; I figure I'll wait for a warmer day to test it, and decide to put it away until then. This is where the madness starts. On the instructions, there is a picture of a smiling woman folding the ladder back into a tidy little compact package. Folding up the first 11 rungs isn't too bad... but then it says to stack the remaining rungs on top of those you've already folded. Yeah... that is SO not going to happen. It tangles, it comes apart...and of course when when comes loose, it creates a domino effect. I take a deep breath and try again. I look at that little drawing lady and call her a few choice names, and wonder where she's hiding her glass of wine. Maybe this could be done with two people, I don't know; I just have a couple of cats who weren't coming anywhere near this noisy hunk of metal. After more than an hour and a few dozen nasty words, I gave up. Now I get to return it as a jumbled mess. The smaller version may work well, but the three-story one is just too much to wrangle.1I am 185 pounds and I have tested this ladder ...I am 185 pounds and I have tested this ladder numerous times now... you can feel confident that this ladder is quality made and will handle at least a 185 man without fail. [...]5It is reusableGreat price and it's reusable. Read the description on your ladder before purchasing. Many are only a one time use but you can't practice with them. The practice is very important for children. They will do what they are taught. It must be drilled into them or they will panic during a fire. Give them the confidence to do what's necessary when/if disaster strikes.5Very happy with the First Alert 2-story fire escape ladderVery happy with the First Alert 2-story fire escape ladder. I just got done testing it with my son (from the ground climbing up) and overall I'm impressed. It doesn't have the stability of a real ladder, and does twist and move as you climb, however, this is to be expected. This is yet another reason why we practice fire safety so we can be aware of these things, and not panic should the time come to use it. I'm 180# and I felt safe and secure using it. I actually climbed all the way up to my window, and besides being a bit scared of the height, I didn't feel unsafe. Highly recommended for piece of mind and safety!5TEACHING OUR CHILDREN TO BE PREPARED HAS BEEN PRICELESS AND THEY LOVE HAVING FIRE DRILLS :-)Our home is 3 stories with the bottom floor set half underground, we have 10 feet high ceilings, and the bedrooms are on the third floor. We have 10 feet ceilings plus the 5 feet underground which makes it 25 feet from the bedroom windows to the ground. This ladder was an easy purchase for my husband and I. We have one in each of our bedrooms. As a family we have had MANY fire drills where we have had each of the children practice putting the ladder on the window and climbing down. Our neighbors are used to it..in fact after watching us do the fire drill several times our neighbors bought ladders too. In regards to ages. Our youngest was 4 years old the first time we practiced the fire drill (I should note the first few times my husband assisted each of the children and for the younger ones I was in the bedroom and he was on the ground on a ladder to help guide them). This ladder has taught our children to not fear because we are prepared, worth every dime!The ladder is strong.. the heaviest person we have had on it was 250 pounds. Just few notes about the product.. we store it next to the bed/under the bed near the window.. if you look at the blue strap in the picture it velcro's and create a handle to carry the ladder - it's very light.5Dangerous and assembled incorrectly Dangerous! Put together backwards. It took me a little time to unpack this ladder and test it out. It is probably manageable for my 14 year old daughter's to attach to her window, however, the ladder is attached backwards to the window hooks making it impossible to use. The legs that should go against the house would sticking out in the air in a real emergency. I agree with other reviews that if put together properly, this ladder would be difficult for young children. 1
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