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Fissler vitaquick Pressure Coocker Stainless Steel Induction, 6.4 Quart, silver

  • Fissler vitaquick Pressure Coocker Stainless Steel Induction, 6.4 Quart, silver
  • Fissler vitaquick Pressure Coocker Stainless Steel Induction, 6.4 Quart, silver
  • Fissler vitaquick Pressure Coocker Stainless Steel Induction, 6.4 Quart, silver
  • Fissler vitaquick Pressure Coocker Stainless Steel Induction, 6.4 Quart, silver
  • Fissler vitaquick Pressure Coocker Stainless Steel Induction, 6.4 Quart, silver
  • Fissler vitaquick Pressure Coocker Stainless Steel Induction, 6.4 Quart, silver

Fissler vitaquick Pressure Coocker Stainless Steel Induction, 6.4 Quart, silver

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Secure Payments

  • 14 Days Return

  • Removable handle makes cleaning easy
  • Works on all stovetops: electric, gas, ceramic and induction
  • Functional: Stainless-steel pot has an internal scale for easy measurement of liquids
  • Locking Indicator: When the indicator turns green and you hear an audible click, the pressure cooker is securely closed and ready to cook
  • You'll receive a Stainless steel pressure cooker with lid, 6.4 quart, works on all types of stovetops
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Customer Reviews

This thing is virtually SILENT in use! Amazing construction Wow, this thing is built like a tank! It really is a thing of beauty when you pull it out of the box. It's built for a lifetime, and the quality is obvious. I already had two cheap aluminum pressure cookers (old-style jiggler weights on top) and a Cuisinart electric pressure cooker. The stovetop ones I had cooked OK, but it was easy to scorch food because of the thin metal. And the Cuisinart was a miserable failure... if you browned meat before pressure cooking, it would overheat and shut itself off. I literally threw it in the trash after two years of frustration, and sat down and ordered the Fissler Vitaquick 10.6 Qt. Go big or go home! I did quite a bit of research first, and the America's Test Kitchen review convinced me.Yes, it's pricey, but it is amazingly well constructed. And other than a brief hiss of steam just before pressure started to build, it is SILENT! Which means that the steam is all staying inside, along with flavor and nutrients. I kept leaning my ear close to make sure the thing was actually cooking, it's that quiet. Once it got to pressure (very easy to see because of the indicator on top), I turned the flame down as low as it will go on my burners, and that little bit of flame kept it at pressure. Amazing. I made a corned beef dinner in it, with almost 6 lbs of corned beef, and it came out beautifully.I like this pot so much that a week later, I've already gone back and ordered the 4.8 qt version for things like a few potatoes or a veggie side dish. It arrives tomorrow.Someone mentioned finding "black dirt" inside the pot when it arrived. That's actually a little bit of polishing compound that was used to make this thing have a mirror finish. Think beautiful chrome bumpers on a classic car. It's shiny! And the owner's manual alerts you to that possibility, which is why you're instructed to wash it before use.The only beef I have (no pun intended) is that the owner's manual is clumsy to use...it's written for an international market, so it has all these numbered diagrams on flip-out chart pages that you're supposed to reference as you read the text in your language. Clumsy. And it doesn't include recipes, just suggested cooking times. Other than that, I'm very, very happy so far. 5Won't pressurize After repeated attempts, this cooker has never pressurized. There is no visible damage to the gasket so it is unclear what the problem may be. It is past the 30 days of purchase so now I'm stuck with a big, expensive pot. Is there is any recourse for returning it at this point? 1Beware Beware Beware - I would not by it from Amazon. Beware and do not buy this expensive item from Amazon..I do most of my shopping from Amazon and online..Unfortunately this item is a big loss. From day one, the unit we got leaked pressure, then after 3 months of very light use, the handle which regulates the pressure broke, rendering cooker useless.Amazon states No return or replacement after 30 days. I should have shipped it back from day one.Lesson learned! 1Great Stovetop Pressure Cooker I have cooked beans, lentils, greens, artichokes, jasmine rice, brown rice and soups. The construction is very solid, cleans easily and cooks silently or at least very quietly. The only sound is when the valve seals releasing some steam before it seals. The pressure gauge (high or low) is easy to see and read. The only issue has been determining cooking times for beans. The first time I cooked them longer than needed so they were softer than I prefer for soup. It is easy enough to reduce the cook time, and the cooking directions and most websites advise cooking shorter times and if the item is not done to satisfaction, then simply cook with the lid off. I like the manual cooking of the stove top pressure cooker as I like to understand and control the results. The brown rice, jasmine rice and quinoa all turned out perfect, much better than my rice cooker. I highly recommend this product. 5This is a beautiful pressure cooker. I have probably 6 pressure cookers/canners in different sizes. Some are mine and some were my mother's. The only one this size had been my mothers, but the seal was giving out, it needed a new jiggler (I'm not sure what they call them) and the bottom had began to scorch everything. So I went shopping. This got great reviews from America's Test Kitchen.Pros:1. It is super smooth so no issues with sticking.2. The pressure value shows 2 different pressures.3. It is so easy to use. Putting the lid on was a breeze.4. The bottom is very thick - so no issue with scorching.5. Silicon instead of rubber gasket so it will not deteriorate as quickly.Cons:1. It is not cheap. Ok this is really a Pro. I have found the cheap pressure cookers wear out quickly or are so thin on bottom they burn everything. This baby will last a long time and hopefully, when time, I can pass it along as my mother did her's. 5German Engineering solid enough to supply cooked meals for Coxey's Army! I have not had this pressure cooker but for a short while. I have not ever used a pressure cooker before. I read about pressure cooking on the AmericasTestKitchen site & watched their videos + TV show. I can write this; there seemed to be a number of complaints about the pressure valve not functioning correctly, being stuck; lid gasket leaking, poor customer service getting repairs or parts but.. The first thing I did was perform a two cup water test with the Fissler, everything was copacetic but I did notice that after locking the lid it moved 1/4 inch left to right. I placed a call to the CA support center and within 5 to 10 minutes I had a return call. I explained my concern & the young lady told me that until the Fissler Eureomatic [safety mechanism] locks the lid & it only locks the lid if it has been closed properly & pressure builds that the lid is locked in place. I also asked about building pressure & I was informed that it is best to heat the liquid contents before locking the lid in place; this will prevent liquid spurting out around the pressure valves before 15 psi and 250 degs is attained.I purchased the 8.5 QT cooker [as recommended by ATK] & I must say, it is a beast. This thing is large enough for anything and everything I'll ever throw @ it.Construction is German, no need to say more.Is it worth the almost $300 I paid? Time will tell. At this point I can write, if I do not use it at least once a week then I have not spent my money wisely. This pressure cooker is constructed for heavy use. Too bad there are only two in the household because this thing is large enough to supply cooked meals for Coxey's Army. 4The euromatic valve cost them that final star. Purchased this unit based on Cooks Illustrated review even though some reviews here mentioned a faulty euromatic valve. During my third use it was clear the valve failed as the area between the handle and lid began seeping steam. It still provided a tender pot roast but after cleaning, I performed the 2 cup water test just to be sure. Oh well, thankfully I knew this might happen so it wasn't a WTF!? moment. Read the reviews people! :)Kudos to Fissler and their Customer Svc. I emailed them via their webpage and got a reply from "Sarah". She asked if I'd tried the 2 cup test to which I replied "I did". She then asked who the third party seller was and for my address. I had the new euromatic valve a week later. Problem solved with just two emails. 5 Stars for Customer Service. 4Excellent product beware of Euromatic Valve defect I was very excited to receive this pressure cooker. It is truly a well built item that will last very long.As soon as I did the water test. I realized that the handle area was leaking steam and would not stop leaking.After doing this test 3 times and getting consistent results. I realized that the problem was caused by the Euromatic valve located inside the handle. part # 011-631-00-750I looked up images on the Fissler website for this valve. The valve should have a round white plastic looking tip.The valve on my pressure cooker did not have this component. It just had a square metallic end.course of action:1) Research. I went to the Williams Sonoma store in my neighborhood and looked at their Fissler pressure cookers only to discover that their valves were just like mine! (defective :-)). Yep.2) I emailed Fissler Usa. Got no reply. I then called them. I spoke to a lady that told me that I would have to mail them the tiny valve. They would then proceed to test it in the laboratory. If in fact it was defective they would send me a new one.I told her that I had spent close to $300 and the valve is $14 retail. Just send me the valve. . . She said no.So, finally I bit the bullet and bought the valve from the fissler website. My Pressure Cooker works like a charm. I plan on using it daily. Made pulled pork using a pork shoulder and it was a great success. The cleaning was a breeze. This thing is a tank!Conclusion: Buyer beware. There must be a huge batch of these problematic valves in the US. Fissler USA needs to realize that and fix it. The actual product is fantastic though. 4Get this pressure cooker! My favorite new kitchen product. I was considering an instapot but I am so glad I went with the Fissler instead. I was wondered about the pressure exploding in my face but this is designed so well. It is easy to release the pressure and I love having complete control over how long to cook something. 5Defective and dealing with Fissler's lack of customer service Defective. Failed a 2 cup water test out of the box. The cooker would not maintain pressure, likely due to a faulty valve.If you are in the US and need support for this product expect terrible customer service from Fissler's North American distributor, Roland Inc. I've contacted several times over the last 2 weeks and have been assured callbacks. All I wanted was some technical support to troubleshoot the product, but I couldn't even get a person on the phone. The operator assured me someone would get back to me. Eventually I did receive an email, but never received a second response.I wanted to enjoy this product as a friend of mine has one and the results were amazing, but I have no choice but to return the product at this point as the deadline is expiring.This 1 star review is a result of a defective product and a bad experience with Fissler's lack of customer service. 1
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