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Fox Run Garlic Keeper, Terra Cotta

  • Fox Run Garlic Keeper, Terra Cotta
  • Fox Run Garlic Keeper, Terra Cotta
  • Fox Run Garlic Keeper, Terra Cotta
  • Fox Run Garlic Keeper, Terra Cotta
  • Fox Run Garlic Keeper, Terra Cotta

Fox Run Garlic Keeper, Terra Cotta

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • 4.25 x 5.25 x 5.25 inch
  • Made of unglazed terra cotta with a fitting garlic-shaped handle
  • Keeps garlic bulbs fresher for longer
  • Porous with holes to absorb moisture and allow air flow
  • Preserve the best taste and keep your garlic close-by and readily available
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Customer Reviews

Small Top Opening Limits Storage Capacity In my experience, terra cotta garlic keepers will preserve fresh garlic bulbs and cloves for several weeks. This FOX RUN GARLIC KEEPER is an attractive little potbellied garlic keeper, but the top opening is only 2-1/8" across. This means the keeper won't accept the large, fresh garlic bulbs that you find at farmers' markets and some grocery stores, unless you break the bulbs apart. Then the broken-off cloves don't seem to keep as well. The "belly" of this garlic keeper has room for a maximum 2 or 3 small bulbs.The advantage of having a small garlic keeper is that it doesn't take up much kitchen counter space. However, if you use a lot of garlic, you will probably prefer a larger keeper. My garlic keepers get broken from time to time, so I've tried several. I like both of these larger keepers, which can probably hold even an elephant garlic bulb: Norpro Deluxe Stoneware Garlic Keeper , and the currently unavailable "Romertopf Reco Nature's Oven Clay Garlic Keeper". Because of the Fox Run Garlic Keeper's small size that limits its storage capacity, I rate it at 3 stars ("It's OK" on the official Amazon scale). 3This baby is the Shiznitz!! Was looking for a new cheap but good garlic keeper after my old one got dropped on the floor for the third time..this one fit the bill perfectly, was less than six bucks...is large, has lots of breathing holes and keeps my fresh garlic...fresh! Its uncoated ceramic, so it doesnt have a glossy finish, but this is a good thing as it allows the contents to "breath" well worth the price and highly recommended! 5Seems okay, maybe got somebody's return? I just received this garlic keeper so I can not comment on how well it works yet, I'll need to update my review after putting it to use.I can comment though on my initial impressions.Pros: It is the perfect size for what I was looking for. Looks like it will hold 2 garlic bulbs, maybe 3 if broken apart. Plenty of room for me, I would rather buy more garlic as I need to maintain freshness than stock up on extras. Overall appearance is exactly as pictured, should work well.Cons: The first thing I noticed that the exterior of the box had some minor damage to it. No way of knowing if the box was damaged before or during shipment. Also the box itself came apart where it is glued together to form the box. More on that in a minute. The lid is a different shade than the base of the keeper, looks like from a different production? Also there are several places on the lid that are white in color, mostly at the base of the knob on the top of the lid, where it appears the finish has been chipped off. The lid also doesn't seem to fit the base of the keeper, you have to move it around a little to get it to where it fits the best. The opening at the top of the keeper is not large, if you buy large garlic bulbs you may have trouble getting them through the opening.So the overall impression is that it looks like this was returned at some point, the box had been broken down and then possibly put back together and it looks like I have received the keeper and lid from two different production runs. Not enough to force me to return it as it will probably remain in a cabinet out of sight anyway. Will need to update this review once I begin to use it. 3Adds lots of flavor to my country kitchen This is prefect for my country-style kitchen. I paid much more than it's current price (it was worth every penny) but will be buying another at the lower price in case it breaks. Love the soft finish and the way it holds several garlic bulbs 5Right size for small kitchens! Nifty, small, cute as a bugs ear. I go thru a lot of garlic and this helps disguise the trash and paper of the disappearing head of garlic as I reach for another clove. Thyme makes it British, tarragon makes it French, basil makes it Italian. Garlic makes it good. Storage is not as much the question as decorum screening the mess as you do things right. 5I hate the unglazed feeling under my fingers and the noise ... I hate the unglazed feeling under my fingers and the noise it makes when I stick the cap back on. It doesn't even hold a bulb of garlic unless you break it apart. I wanted to love it. :( 1Looks Great, Less So For Actual Garlic Storage I really liked the look of this garlic keeper, and still do, however, know that the small top opening makes it difficult to retrieve garlic heads once inside, or to store any large heads without breaking them apart. It will also hold only two average sized heads, or three smaller ones. Last, it is very light weight. Mine broke during transit when taking it on a plane (probably my fault for not packing it well, and I did buy a second one).Nice to use to display garlic, not so great if you plan on storing lots of garlic or use frequently. 3Cute and Helpful This tiny garlic keeper is great for storing garlic for a while. I have noticed a difference in the amount of time I can keep garlic. It also holds in all the scraps from the garlic so I don't have a mess on my countertop. 4Larger than you think, does give off garlic ordor It looks like there is a gloss finish on the keeper in the photo but there is not. Also, it is quite larger than I thought it would be. In my case that is good because I use a lot of garlic. It is the first garlic keeper I have seen with holes in it. This keeps the garlic fresh longer, but it also stinks up your pantry. I took off one star because of the smell I get hit with every time I open the pantry door. The garlic is still fresh, so that is not the problem. Not sure why I am smelling it. If I put a clove of garlic in the pantry without a keeper, it does not give off an odor. Oh well, at least this keeps my 3 bulbs in the same place and is nice and roomy. 3Great for your garlic! I purchased this garlic keeper when I noticed keeping garlic in the refigerator was causing the garlic to go bad quicker. I later found out it's not recommended to keep garlic refrigerated so I looked on Amazon for a garlic keeper and found this one that was inexpensively priced. So far, the garlic is lasting for months now. I strongly recommend this item for the garlic lovers out there. 5
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