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G & F 1684L Dupont Nomex & Kevlar Heat Resistant Gloves, Oven Gloves, BBQ Gloves, Large, 1 Pair

  • G & F 1684L Dupont Nomex & Kevlar Heat Resistant Gloves, Oven Gloves, BBQ Gloves, Large, 1 Pair
  • G & F 1684L Dupont Nomex & Kevlar Heat Resistant Gloves, Oven Gloves, BBQ Gloves, Large, 1 Pair
  • G & F 1684L Dupont Nomex & Kevlar Heat Resistant Gloves, Oven Gloves, BBQ Gloves, Large, 1 Pair
  • G & F 1684L Dupont Nomex & Kevlar Heat Resistant Gloves, Oven Gloves, BBQ Gloves, Large, 1 Pair
  • G & F 1684L Dupont Nomex & Kevlar Heat Resistant Gloves, Oven Gloves, BBQ Gloves, Large, 1 Pair
  • G & F 1684L Dupont Nomex & Kevlar Heat Resistant Gloves, Oven Gloves, BBQ Gloves, Large, 1 Pair

G & F 1684L Dupont Nomex & Kevlar Heat Resistant Gloves, Oven Gloves, BBQ Gloves, Large, 1 Pair

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  • Dupont Nomex is used in fire fighter, Aerospace, military such as body armor, yet can be light-weight, comfy and thermally safer. It helps boost the total toughness and strength. And dupont nomex fiber is naturally flame resistant, hard and pliable.
  • High exrreme heat would not cause gloves to melt
  • Unique Silicone coating due to the silicon texturing of the five fingers both side. Effortless to take off Baking gloves or to put on swiftly just as Oven Mitts.
  • Size large fits most hands
  • 4 inches W * 10.5 inches L. Gloves meant for bigger fiting for easy slip on and off.
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great if you have tiny handsThese oven gloves are vary thick & seem well made but I could not test them. I wear size large gloves but to look at me and my hands you would not think my hands are huge by any means. I am 5'11" and weigh about 185 lbs. Not a really "big" guy at all.My fingers would NOT fit these gloves unless I jammed them in. With my fingers all the way in it felt vary uncomfortable. Just no possible way I could use these.I thought, I know, I'll see if the wife can use them, she has usual lady size [medium] hands and fingers. Nope, would not fit her ether. She said no to my offer of using them in the kitchen.So back they went. Who serves as a hand size model for these? Chinese children?I suggest you pass on these unless you have small hands and thin fingers.I bought them to use for high temp vacuum forming kydex plastic sheet in my workshop.I have an old pair of Nomex racing gloves, those will have to do for handling the 300 degree sheets of plastic.If those racing gloves are not up to it, not sure what I will do, continue the search to see if some one might make this type of [oven] glove in a size that fits me??~3Heat protection with better grip than mittsI needed to replace my decades-old oven mitts, which had accumulated burns and holes over the years. A friend recommended an oven glove at a store, but I balked at the expense; this pair is essentially identical, at a much better price. On sizing, I usually take a medium (man's) glove, sometimes a large, and these gloves fit perfectly: not too tight, but no 'slop' at the end of the fingers.It's good to have the option of five fingers for grasping whatever hot thing you need to, such as the top knob of a glass baking bowl. I also picked up a pair of silicone mitts, as the gloves are NOT meant to be used with hot liquids or steam.Bottom line: These gloves are a good tool to have in the kitchen, and I would buy them again.5good fitNice feel and fit, very useful for cooking with cast iron pans and taking small items from oven.5Kithen gloves vs Oven mittsI bought these because my wife burnt the oven mitt. So far I love it.I use the oven a lot for broiling and cooking. These gloves definitely protect your hands and the wrist. I was able to hold on to an iron skillet at 450 degrees for about 10 seconds before it started to get uncomfortable. Grasping cookie sheets and pizza stones...etc are a breeze. Very convenient to have the use of all your fingers. They have silicone pads/patches on the outside for extra grip and more insulation. A word of warning though, those silicone pads get really hot on the surface so be very careful not to touch them immediately after handling something very hot. That's my only gripe. It's a little weird to actually wear gloves as opposed to an oven mitt but you stop caring once you see how convenient they are.Absolutely would by them again. A pair for $25 I think is a fair enough price. Remember that these gloves don't make you invincible so use them with common sense.4G & F 1684L Heat Resistant Gloves -I used these gloves for Kydex forming at 325 degrees F and they withstood the heat very well. They are advertised to work at temps up to 480 degrees F. per the packaging.However, I found the fit to be nothing like I expected.My hand measures 8-1/4" around the knuckles, placing them at the small end of the "medium" size range. These gloves are clearly marked "LARGE", so I expected a loose fit . . wrong !The palm area was very roomy, but the fingers are short and very tight, requiring "tucking" to seat them to my hand.My middle finger measures 3-3/8" long, while the glove measures 3-1/8" long.The gloves are also thick, which I expected, but makes grasping a small object difficult due to the tightness around my fingers.Removing them requires pulling each finger loose, not "slips on or off like a mitten" as advertised.Overall, there OK for the low price I paid, but I'm certainly glad I didn't order the MEDIUM size !3NOT PERFECT, JUST THE BEST... AND HERE'S WHY There are two main considerations when purchasing oven gloves: heat resistance and dexterity--i.e., how well you can maneuver your hands and handle objects with the gloves. Unfortunately, either consideration tends to work against the other--gloves with greater heat resistance tend to have less dexterity, and vice-versa. Simply stated, the Ove Glove's great strength is that it offers the best compromise between heat resistance and dexterity currently on the market.The first time you put them on, you find your hands have as much freedom as if they were in heavy cotton gloves, and the weave of the fabric lends additional flexibility to your movement. In fact, I was nervous the first time I picked up a hot pan out of the oven with them, wondering if gloves with this kind of comfort and dexterity could possibly protect me from nearly 500 degree temps. Amazingly, they do! Plus, the fact that these ARE gloves--instead of oven mittens--is another key to the dexterity they provide.This particular model of Ove Glove has longer cuffs to protect your forearms when reaching deeper into an oven or working over a hot BBQ grill. I find the added protection worthwhile, but if you feel you don't need it, then check out the model with shorter cuffs that just cover the wrist.But as good as the Ove Glove is, it's not perfect, and here are the main minuses to consider:1) You can't carry very hot objects for longer periods of time. This won't be an issue in nearly all everyday tasks, where you're generally moving something from a hot oven or grill to a nearby cooler surface. But there are times it could be a problem: for example, I recently had to carry a blazing hot cast iron pan from my backyard BBQ grill to my kitchen--a distance of about 75 feet--and I wasn't sure I would make it without having to drop the pan. The heat penetrated the glove over time to the point that it felt like I would soon burn my hands. Fortunately, I made it. And here's the thing: I've owned silicone mitts that were more heat resistant, but they were so clumsy to use that I would often end up not wearing them and grab towels instead. With the Ove Gloves, I never hestitate to put them on, so I end up with better protection.2) Since the fabric is woven, hot liquids and hot steam will penetrate it to your skin. Again, not an issue in nearly all everyday tasks--not even for tasks like draining cooked pasta, where there's often a cloud of steam rising out of the pot as you empty it. But if you're going to be exposed to prolonged steam, there's a new steam-proof version of the Ove Glove available.3) It's washable, but still doesn't clean up all that great.All things considered, my headline for this review says it all: the Ove Glove isn't perfect, so I've deducted a star, but it's the best oven/grill glove that's currently on the market.Thanks for taking the time to read my review and I hope that you found it helpful. 4Who needs the 'Ove Glove? G&F beats the heat!I contemplated the idea of buying the 'Ove Glove versus this, more affordable option. I have used, but not owned an 'Ove Glove, but I soon saw the virtue of having two of these at roughly the same price as a single OG. So I went ahead and got the G&F oven gloves. Not having owned the OG, I can't give you a comparison, but I can tell you that I do not feel I am missing any function in these that OG would give me. Basically now, I have two for the price of one.I have been using these for a few months now, and they are great. I use them for every hot job, no longer requiring the use of a kitchen towel, a hotpad or the old standard oven mitts, all of which have been rendered obsolete, except as trivets - although we actually have silicone trivets that work very well. When grilling in the summer, I can now use a short spatula, and even reach in to turn things and easily toast burger buns by hand, but if that's what you want this for specifically, go with the extended cuff model.Construction-wise, these are made of two-ply Nomex, heat resistant material, with silicone applications in strategic spots, helping keep the heat off your hands, and increasing your grip capabilities. Well, it works great, and I have hardly ever felt any heat through these things, although I have smarted my fingers when pulling them off directly after use. The silicone can stay hot for a few moments, so be warned.The two-ply construction is essentially two gloves sewn together, and I found that there was some slip between the two layers, which I found somewhat annoying, cutting down on dexterity. And although these were comfortably large for me, they were awfully large for my wife, who complained that her dexterity was low while wearing them - a complaint I read in other reviews - BUT WAIT... There is a solution:This Thanksgiving, I used these to handle and carve the turkey, causing them to get dirty and grimy again. No problem, I have washed them several times, and they come clean easily. But I have been following instructions, washing them in cold water. My mother-in-law, in her verve to be helpful ran them in the wash on the HOTsetting. These are heat resistant, but still made of fiber, so they shrank slightly. Not much, but just enough to now be snug on my hands, and comfortable on my wife's hands. Best of all, the two-ply layers no longer slip; the fit is snug and my dexterity has increased. These are even better now than they were before. A 4-star rating is now a five! No guarantees that this will work for you, but I am now completely satisfied.If I ever burn, char, cut or wear these things out, I will get the same ones again. I'd consider the long cuffs, but they may take longer to slip on/off. I have a feeling I will have a long time before I need to make that decision.5My Fault, or This Product's?I bought these as a gift for my Mom, who has slender hands.These are being returned because they are not at all what I expected, and they are of zero use to her because they are, in a word, ENORMOUS.Now, I read dozens of reviews; I feel that there's a lot of cross-posting across different product offerings from this brand, because some of us were saying how tight they were and others were saying just as I said, that they were way too big.Few took the Goldilocks route of reporting them as "just right," but I purchased them anyway.To be completely honest, I'm going to keep these for myself rather than return them, but I'll be shopping for a different UNQUESTIONABLY SMALLER, TIGHTER-FITTING PRODUCT to replace the gift I wound up taking right back from a piqued but unfulfilled mother...2Too SmallI was satisfied with pair I bought in 2014. This new pair is supposedly a large size for all hands. Not so. These are way too small for even my small hands. I can barely get. them on and may send them back3Totally satisfied I have been using hardwood charcoal lumps in my new grill, and I have found that when loading the grill, it is much too hot for my bare hands, even using utensils in the air above the charcoals. I decided to order these gloves to resist the heat.They work very well for dry heat. With the gloves on, I can work above the charcoals as I place the rotisserie or grills. I can pick up metal parts that are hot from being near the coals, or hot pans from the oven. The temperature gauge on my grill sometimes registers upwards of 700F, but wearing these gloves, I can get the job done.The gloves could be just a bit larger for my average-sized man hands. On the other hand, if they were too big, there would be less dexterity. They may loosen from use; meanwhile, it does not take too much effort to pull them over my fingers.The gloves extend several inches from my wrist, but not as far as my elbow. I am satisfied with the length.I have not checked to see how long my hands have to be exposed to heat before they get too hot. I imagine they will, eventually, but in the amount of time I need, these do fine.The gloves are made of a knit, heat-proof fabric, and have flexible plastic grips which are also heat-resistant on both sides for use with either hand, and they seem well made. Using any glove will reduce dexterity somewhat, but with these gloves, I have enough dexterity to do the job. I was pleased to find that the gloves are designed to be ambidextrous, and you get two of them in the package. That means I can keep one out by the grill and one in the kitchen, or I can share one with my partner, or I can wear both if required.Of course, the fabric does not protect against steam or hot water, nor did I expect it to. You can find plastic gloves that offer protection even if you immerse your hands in boiling water. Those gloves may also be useful for the grill, but I think they allow considerably less dexterity. Be aware also that if these gloves are wet and you handle hot items, steam may form and you could be scalded, so keep them dry for use.I also do not recommend using these gloves to handle hot charcoal. Use tongs for that, but you might want these gloves on while you move charcoal around. 5Just what I needed!!! I love to bake and these are perfect for saving my hands from the hot oven!!! I also use these when I put wood in my fireplace, before I was always getting burned at some point there are so many uses when you are working around high temps. I have the size medium and they fit me just fine. If you bake a lot, use a fireplace etc these are 1000 times better than using a hot pad or oven mitt as they allow you actually grab the item, the green on the gloves are silicone grips that allow you to hold the hot item without fear of it slipping out of your hand. Thanksgiving is around the corner, do yourself and your hands a favor get a pair of these for yourself or to give as a hostess gift!! I received a pair of these for free to evaluate in exchange for writing a review. I shop a lot on amazon and if I don't like a product I say so, if I love a product I say so!! 5These are fantastic!!I was looking at the ove gloves to replace some silicone gloves that I had and were worthless. I came across these and the reviews were good so I was willing to give them a try. I have used these for several weeks and love them. I do a lot of baking and I can pull anything out of the oven with these. I have very small hands and was worried that these would be loose and get in the way, but the inner lining makes it fit just right. On the other hand my son has huge hands and he finds them just as easy to get on and off. I have thrown these in the washer a couple of times and (except for one small spaghetti stain) they look great. The silicone grips really help when I am holding something heavy or slippery. I am going to order a second pair for when these need washing.5Great Price for Great Oven Gloves...! Two Gloves, great quality, good price...These do exactly what they are intended for and that's all I can ask for.I bought these gloves as a Christmas Gift for my son to solve a problem and make his life easier when he cooks.Was waiting for him to begin using them regularly so that I could write a report.The first time my son used these gloves, he said: "Best Gift EVER"!!! Hot ovens are no longer a problem! Quality and fit of the gloves are perfect; he doesn't burn his hands or arms anymore when he's cooking, and that's a good thing. These gloves are big on me, but fit him just great; the gloves are long and go up his arm. He says the grips are invaluable when grabbing a casserole dish from the oven. I'd buy him another pair if these ever wear out.***Note for most women: Although these are too big for me and my mom, we can still use them as they are not unwieldy. We'd have to get them off my son's hands in order to use them though...HA!!!! 5Big Hands No Problem These Will Fit I have been looking for a pair of Oven/Grill Mitts/Gloves that would fit my hands and finally found them. I have big hands and big forearms and these G & F 1683L Dupont Nomex & Kevlar Heat Resistant Gloves with 13 inch cuffs are just the thing for a person that loves to grill & bake. I cannot tell you how many times I have burned the hair off my hands, wrist and forearms. Most oven mitts/gloves don't fit my hands, more or less cover my wrist & forearms. These work great and fit perfectly. The trick was attempting to take a photo of my hands using an iPad. =} Could only do one hand - also a comparison shot between my old grill mitt & new grill gloves. 5I love how flexible and bendable they are. Or like clumsy oven mitsI really love these gloves. I had an older pair that I wore out and needed a replacement. Very happy with these. Use them exclusively for lots of baking and Dutch ovens and they are awesome. Plus can t beat the price. I would order them again. If they are wet at all they will not protect your hands. My old ones were the same but love how flexible and easy they are to hold in to pans and lids5A Note about Size and Storage... I wear a men's size "large" glove and these Kevlar gloves are a perfect fit in the fingers and palm with no room to spare. A male that requires an extra-large would not be able to get these on. They are of thick bulky fabric and measures 7 inches across and offers 5-1/2 inches of arm protection measured from the wrist up. Overall size is 14 inches long. The green gel like friction bars will hold onto any baking dish or other slippery item and perfect for handling pizza stones and oven racks. As noted in the ad, they are rated 480 degrees or less. For those wishing to hang them on a wall or kitchen towel bar or oven handle bar; use a (cheap) medium size binder clip (office supply store or Amazon by the dozen) to clip of the cuffs together and they can be hung over any size bar and the binder clip handles offers a loop that would slip over a cup hook, nail or screw with a small head or go to a large size binder clip. They are too heavy to be hung using any magnetic clip or sliding will occur. Frankly, I finally decided to just lay them flat in a convenient dish towel drawer. 5
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