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Generic Replacement Hose to fit DYSON DC07 GREY/YELLOW

  • Generic Replacement Hose to fit DYSON DC07 GREY/YELLOW
  • Generic Replacement Hose to fit DYSON DC07 GREY/YELLOW
  • Generic Replacement Hose to fit DYSON DC07 GREY/YELLOW
  • Generic Replacement Hose to fit DYSON DC07 GREY/YELLOW

Generic Replacement Hose to fit DYSON DC07 GREY/YELLOW

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₪ 164.00 ₪ 272.00 You save: ₪ 108.00



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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • 14 Days Return

  • Replaces Manufacturer Part Number: 904125-51
  • Designed to Fit: DC07
  • Also Fit DC07 All Floors, DC07 AnimalTM, DC07 Carpet, DC07 Full Gear, DC07 Full Kit, DC07 HSN Exclusive, DC07 Low Reach, DC07 Original, DC07 Pink, DC07 Purple Scarlet HSN Exclusive, DC07 Target
  • Stretches to six times its own length. Includes hose cuffs.
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Customer Reviews

Good after-market replacement part! Need to be careful on first assembly!I was a bit skeptical about an after-market replacement part for my two Dyson DC07's. But having had to replace the hose assemblies twice on both over the years, and having hocked a kidney to pay the OEM price for these parts that kept failing, I thought, what the hell, two hoses for less than the price of one OEM, even if these fail too, if I get even a few months out of them, it would be worth it. My biggest concern stemmed from some of the negative reviews--would they keep coming disconnected, and would suction be reduced due to poor fittings? So far, no problem on either concern...BUT, I think it is very important to follow the following tips:1. Before you put the new replacement hose assembly onto the handle tube--the long tube that is supposed to fit into the hose--you should clean the out side of the tube and remove any build up, gunk, sticky stuff, etc. I used a light spay cleaner, Method cleaning spray. Then...VERY IMPORTANT...dry the tube VERY well...like NO moisture at all. Also use your finger, covered by a piece of terry cloth or somewhat textured fabric, and do your best to also clean all around the top of the tube where the top of the hose fitting goes up into the handle...DON'T spray cleaner up into the handle fitting...and again, make sure everything is dry.2. After you have attached the bottom fitting of the new hose into the base of the vacuum--taking care and making sure to properly align the grooves on either side of the fitting into the corresponding grooves at the base of the vacuum--be very careful, and patient when inserting the metal tube into the top fitting of the new hose. The new hose is somewhat tight fitting, so best to insert it slowly and in increments--kind of like how you would put on long socks/stockings...you don't just stick your foot in and then yank 'em all the way up--you'll snag those stockings for sure--move the hose up, or push the tube down in sections. Assembly will go easier, and you will not tear or strain the new hose...easy does it.3. Similarly, when it comes time to pull the tube out of the hose so you can use the tube with tools attached, go slow, start from the bottom gently pulling the hose down and off the bottom of the tube. DO NOT pull from the top near the neck of the handle. For starters, the hose sticks or resists, and this puts unnecessary, excess tension on the area of the hose that is attached to the top fitting...BTW, that is the area that always tears/fails on the hoses...learned that the hard way, multiple times!4. Avoid....no, in fact NEVER vacuum over damp or wet surfaces or wet debris. This causes the hose and the tube, and both fittings to get wet, once wet it is very hard...no, essentially impossible to ever get completely dry. You will then have moisture, dirt, bacteria, funky stuff growing in the hose, tube and fittings...Eeeww...and this will cause all to get gummed up, stick, and then very soon tear as you yank away to try to get the hose out of the tube, (Tip: if this happens, use a pair of long nose needle nose pliers to reach into the handle opening and grip the top tube fitting, then gently pull down to remove the hose...again, patience). If you have wet messes, use that grungy wet vac out in the garage, not your beautiful, elegant Dyson. But if you insist, you at least now know where to get suitable, reasonably priced replacement parts, and you can keep your kidneys!In short, I would refer to common slang: Stop yanking my hose, or tube, or whatever! Nice and easy does it. Having learned all this the hard way, and through careful trial and error, I suspect that with gentle care and patience my new hose replacements will serve me quite well...(yes, plural...I bought two because both of my vacuums had torn hoses, and my one remaining kidney is getting tired).To coin a phrase: Nothing as satisfying as a vacuum that really sucks! Now, back to my wonderful Dysons, and the daily tending to the hair-of-the-dog(s)! 4Inexpensive replacement that fits DysonConsidering the price, I have no complaints. If the telescopic section is the issue, you can easily take out the top and bottom parts of this product -- the one that connects to your vacuum -- and put the original ones that came with your vacuum. It's my second purchase in 24 months and this time the product is a little tight and the telescopic part comes out using a bit more force than usual. As I said initially, the lowest price was my goal and I am in no way complaining about the product. I also added a sleeve on the top part to make it 100% airtight, which has always been my complaint of the upright Dyson vacuums. It will increase the suction power by 10% to 15% if you make sure all washers are airtight. 4PERFECT REPLACEMENT!!I have the DC 07, 2 of them. I have had them for over 10 years. Both hoses have torn and have been in need of replacing. I was very happy to see Amazon having an aftermarket product line for replacement parts for my Dyson vacuums. At a fraction of the price of a genuine Dyson part, I believe that this has met and exceeded my expectations. As other reviewers indicated, it is not as heavy of material as original. That being said, I'm going to give you guys a tip that will assure the longest possible life for your hose. Clean the wand weekly with a damp paper towel. Once dry, coat with a very thin layer of WD-40 or something like it. Wipe it down thoroughly with a clean paper towel, and your hose will literally slide back and forth with absolute ease. The minute it starts getting the least bit hard to pull, clean it well And re-lubricate. 5Almost BETTER than when new!This shipped quickly! And I had NO idea how badly my dyson was performing until I replaced with this hose. We had a lot of problems with damp carpets, etc after a Hurricane in fall of 2017. I had used carpet crystals and baking soda to help clean and get out the damp smells brought in when we lost electricity and had many people helping clean up. The old hose was not as clean as it had ever been but I thought the vacuum was going to have be be replaced. Then I thought to check to see if replacement parts were affordable. I tried this due to good reviews. The difference when I installed this hose was AMAZING. My 16 year old Dyson now performs as well as the first time I used it! THANK you for this product! It fits perfectly ! And the installation was easy.... completed in less than two minutes. 5Dear future self: don't do it!If I had a time machine, I'd first use it to right some historic wrongs. Maybe assassinate some dictators and what not. But then I'd go back and warn myself about this crap-tastic hose. I'd say, "I know you'll be tempted by the lower price and the other reviews claiming 'it's just like the original!' - but don't do it! Spend a few more bucks and thank me later. Also, don't try to fix that wobbly chair by cutting a bit off the leg, and then the other and the other. It never evens out and you end up sitting on the floor." Maybe some other reviewers got a hose that's just like the original, but I did not. I suspect the cheaper product probably suffers inconsistencies that make some fit better than others. The one I received sometimes pops out of either end and has gotten worse with use. It disconnects both from the base and the wand end once you've stretched it a little bit to reach the stubborn dust bunnies under the bed or the steps beyond the bottom three. Because of the poor fit, suction power has suffered, too. I love my Dyson, but I love it less with this knock-off replacement part. I'm trying to stick with it because I spent the money and the return window is closed - but it's a pain every time I use it. Now about those dictators... 2Better than the OriginalThis hose works better than the original. My DC-07 original hose release buttons did not release as smoothly as this replacement hose. The hose does not require as much force to release the button, to extend the hose. I would highly recommend as a replacement hose. It is affordable and looks like an exact replacement, for the exception of the release button being gray and not yellow. 5Works well if it would only stay connected.Affordable and mostly decent quality replacement. My main complaint, and it is a real pain, is that it WILL NOT stay connected. With even the slightest tug (e.g., clean stairs or couches) the holes comes loose, whipping back like a rubberband. Taking out any pets or kids as it flies back into recoil.After all the effort in designing and manufacturing a decent aftermarket product, why can't they fix this issue? People have been complaining about it for years. Because of this, I won't be purchasing this particular one again, when the hose (undoubtedly) busts open again. 3Good product - Good priceI was nervous about buying an aftermarket product that was not Dyson made but I am pleased with the quality of this hose and I am pleased with the price. The only difference To the original I would say is the release button that allows you to remove the metal hose. I use it this way all the time and the release buttons are small and need to be pinched together. This is ok for me but I could imagine someone with arthritis, stiff or big hands finding it bit difficult. 4Perfect fit for my DC07 All Floors.I got a free DC07 that ran but had poor suction. A little investigated quickly revealed that those hose was ripped near the top of the wand. Unlike most vacuums, certainly any I've ever owned, parts seem to be readily available the the machines are designed to be easy to service.Shipping was quick, considering it wasn't prime, and the replacement hose looks identical to the original. It fit perfectly and now I have a nice, powerful vacuum for $17! 5Hose was too long for my dyson DC07 it wont contract enough for the wand to lock to base.This part did not readily fit my dyson DC07. I had to modify it to get it to work and even then the hose is so long that even when fully retracted the hose sits up too high, preventing the locking mechanism to engage when the wand/hose is pressed into the base. this makes it impossible to vacuum has the handle wont lock onto the base. Very disappointing. Buyer beware! 1
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