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GetInLight 3 Color Levels Dimmable LED Under Cabinet Lighting with ETL Listed, Warm White (2700K), Soft White (3000K), Bright White (4000K), White Finished, 32-inch, IN-0210-4

  • GetInLight 3 Color Levels Dimmable LED Under Cabinet Lighting with ETL Listed, Warm White (2700K), Soft White (3000K), Bright White (4000K), White Finished, 32-inch, IN-0210-4
  • GetInLight 3 Color Levels Dimmable LED Under Cabinet Lighting with ETL Listed, Warm White (2700K), Soft White (3000K), Bright White (4000K), White Finished, 32-inch, IN-0210-4
  • GetInLight 3 Color Levels Dimmable LED Under Cabinet Lighting with ETL Listed, Warm White (2700K), Soft White (3000K), Bright White (4000K), White Finished, 32-inch, IN-0210-4
  • GetInLight 3 Color Levels Dimmable LED Under Cabinet Lighting with ETL Listed, Warm White (2700K), Soft White (3000K), Bright White (4000K), White Finished, 32-inch, IN-0210-4
  • GetInLight 3 Color Levels Dimmable LED Under Cabinet Lighting with ETL Listed, Warm White (2700K), Soft White (3000K), Bright White (4000K), White Finished, 32-inch, IN-0210-4
  • GetInLight 3 Color Levels Dimmable LED Under Cabinet Lighting with ETL Listed, Warm White (2700K), Soft White (3000K), Bright White (4000K), White Finished, 32-inch, IN-0210-4
  • GetInLight 3 Color Levels Dimmable LED Under Cabinet Lighting with ETL Listed, Warm White (2700K), Soft White (3000K), Bright White (4000K), White Finished, 32-inch, IN-0210-4
  • GetInLight 3 Color Levels Dimmable LED Under Cabinet Lighting with ETL Listed, Warm White (2700K), Soft White (3000K), Bright White (4000K), White Finished, 32-inch, IN-0210-4

GetInLight 3 Color Levels Dimmable LED Under Cabinet Lighting with ETL Listed, Warm White (2700K), Soft White (3000K), Bright White (4000K), White Finished, 32-inch, IN-0210-4

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Features a Temperature Slide Switch, allowing selection among 3 color levels, Warm White (2700K), Soft White (3000K) & Bright White (4000K)
  • Knock-out holes placed every 4" away at the back for hardwire installation. ONLY ONE KNOCKOUT FOR 9" AND 12" MODELS DUE TO SIZE LIMIT
  • Hardwired or Plugged-In installations available, hardware kit and cords included in package for both methods.
  • Link up to 20 units to a single power supply, ETL Listed, Energy Star, Lighting Facts Labeled, Energy Star Certified
  • Dimmable with Most Wall/Box Dimmers, Hi/Low Switch for Non-dimming Applications. Dimmers that have been tested with this fixture: GE 18023, Lutron Diva DVCL-153P, Lutron Maestro MACL-153M, Lutron Caseta PD-6WCL, Lutron Skylark SLV-600P, Lutron AYCL-253P
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Customer Reviews

Great but expensiveThis replaced an under-cabinet florescent fixture. I was getting tired of replacing the florescent bulb every year or so. Someone noted in an earlier review that they couldn't change the color or the brightness - both worked fine for me. But even at the lowest brightness setting, it is a LOT brighter than the florescent fixture it replaced.I knocked the unit down a star for two reasons: the expense - this is a very expensive fixture, and because the unit did not include any sort of mounting hardware. Really, for the price, I think they could include a couple screws.4Loaded with features that drive up cost.The best part of this product is the simple installation, requiring only two screws.However, that ease comes with a high cost and low light output. Although the device can put out three different color temperatures, possibly simplifying its marketing, I only wanted the 2700K, and I suspect most people would choose one color and leave it at that. Each device comes with a built-in power supply for simple installation, and multiple devices can be daisy chained with interconnect cables of various lengths. While the built-in power supply is nice, a per-device power supply drives up the cost of each device. The "Dimmable LED" feature is a switch with just three settings, Off, Low, and High.For my under cabinet lighting application of about 8 ft, a better solution at less than 1/3 the cost was the Armacost Lighting LED Tape Light with a separate power supply and a true dimmer switch.2Works great with 1 complaintThe lights are very easy to install and so far work great. They're quite a bit brighter than the previous under cabinet lighting we had that used bulbs. The 3 different color options are great.My only complaint is that these things are so slim that there just isn't any room to stuff the wiring back inside the casing if you're hard wiring them in. I think these things could be a little deeper to allow extra room for this. On 2 of the 3 that I installed, I had to leave the back open and attach the wires directly to the top of the cabinet because they wouldn't fit inside. Luckily these are designed to not be visible so it's not that big of a deal.5Good product Installed various sizes (total of 7) of this product in my kitchen to replace halogen? undercab lights that are direct wired and got too hot. When I read some of the other reviews on Amazon and seeing minor complaints about knock outs being hard to remove, stripped screws, etc, I can say I experienced none of these things. My experience may be slightly biased (been a tradesmen most of my life) but I feel anyone with basic skills and some quality hand tools could easily install these.Good product & puts out plenty of lighting for me. Easy to direct wire or link together. I like the three types of light you can choose from and the high and low light setting. Hope they last forever! I'm very pleased with the purchase. 5They are super easy to install and the light is amazingThis is a well engineered fixture, very versatile. The plug in option has a long cord and quick connects to the input connector. The direct wire uses quick connect plugs inside the housing. All hardware comes with it, just cut the direct wires to 3/8" copper showing and slide them in, and screw the hatch closed! The rest can be ganged with end to end connect cables, 6" ones are supplied so you order longer if needed. Those will connect to each other to make longer cables as well. It has two brightness levels in the switch, and three color temperature selections.They thought of everything! They are super easy to install and the light is amazing!5Chose this over the Swivel version - better lighting options than the swivel version and very simple to mountVery easy to install. Two screws that mount vertically through the unit. Was so easy - this is a 24 inch model, so had a space of 32 inches to install it in so ( 32 - 24 = 8, and 8/2 = 4) so just measured 4 inches from the edge and it was perfectly centered above my sink. Then just hand screwed the screws in to secure it and lock it down. I chose to hardwire the unit in using and electrical cord which plugs into a socket above my microwave. Was able to do the wiring with drilling just one vertical hole above my the cabinet above my microwave and run the electrical cord above the cabinets below the ceiling ( a small space). Also, used a 3 prong cord so it is grounded. The unit comes with quick connectors so you can insert the wire in them- no need for wire nuts - for a secure connection. I tried the GetInLight Swivel and Dimmable LED Under Cabinet Light...... but returned it. Was too long for the application and the swivel did not add any extra benefit. Also, installation for the swivel model was much more difficult because the mounting system was horribly designed. I like that this one has Low/Hi setting and three different light brightnesses (6 settings overall). I am glad I chose this over the swivel one. This one is very low profile so you cannot even see it- only see the light.5Nice Replacement for Fluorescent Fixtures My fluorescent bulbs and fixtures, including replacements, kept burning out and failing. It was time to try something different. These LED lights did the trick!I'm a big fan of LED lights, and these were a perfect replacement. I am normally concerned about changing fixtures, due to the difference in the lighting hue of the other remaining upper cabinet fixtures. Since these have three different light settings to choose from, I could get them to complement the remaining upper cabinet lights quite nicely.Also, the added parts in the package allow for different installations. While I was able to get them all installed, I would have had an easier time if the rear middle installation mount came prewired as an alternate input. A small issue in the grand scheme of things.Check out the photo; the lights are great! 5Best undercabinet LSD lights on Amazon, and best customer service.I like the fact it is easily mountable w/o taking it apart (2 screws go all the way through the fully-assembled unit) and it can be direct-wired and mounted nearly flush against the back wall. Also the light is nicely diffuse--you can't see individual LED cells. Exterior build-quality is also good with no rough edges or paint runs. I also like the fact the hole in the back for direct wiring is in the middle of the unit, so you can prewire the wall for the wire to come out in the middle of the upper cabinets, and be assured the light will be in the right place. I've bought these 3 Color Levels Dimmable LED Under Cabinet Lights three times now, and love them. **And their customer service is beyond fantastic.** I had a tiny irrelevant issue and they insisted on fixing it at their expense - I wish all Amazon sellers were this good.5Well...on my second one...don t do it!Update:Third light received. Also in a taped up box, but all of the parts were there and in one piece. Done, at last. Too much work!!I m on my second light...first one came in a taped up box and was dead! Second one also came in a taped up box (a bad sign a return?) Plastic housing is cracked, power cord missing, came without ANY screws, and it s working for now, but I m skeptical. But like so many others, I had hired a guy to install these...now what?? I can t return it because I had ordered the same fixture in two other sizes and they need to match. Very disappointed. The lights, although adjustable in tint, doesn t really change enough so I think we will need a dimmer, too. Do yourself a favor and don t do it!1Great light - some installation kinksI bought one of these because of the hardwire install capabilities to switch out some under cabinet kitchen fluorescent tubes.Initially I bought one to try it out. No point in buying all initially - in case I have to return them.Based on the install I did the pros of this light are:* light looks very nice and is slim.* plenty of knockouts - accommodates pretty much any power feed locations.* easy testing - just take it out of the box and use the supplied power cord* quick connects for wiring - I hate the "wire hats"* color switch was not a problem to install back on.* mounting screws screw into enclosure - meaning, you screw them in a little bit and they stay in place while trying to align the light* cover for mounting holes.The cons are:* opening of the main compartment took a some prying to open* closing the main compartment once mounted was hard. The cutout in the panel did not seem to align perfectly with the switch. I had to use a spudger to pry it into the correct position for the panel to close. Annoying if you have to twist yourself underneath it to sort it out. Taking one star off for this.* Needs an assortment of tools - two different phillips heads,* no replacement screws for panel - if they fall into a counter crack while trying to close the panel, you are screwed. I had a 3rd mounting screw.Besides the one time pains of the install - see cons - I figured that the light otherwise is close to perfect. I ordered replacements for the rest of our kitchen under cabinet lights. Will update review as needed.4Great for matching existing under cabinet fixtures. Complete install kit for hardwire or daisy chain.Installed easily. Had every part that I needed for a hardwired application. Well designed to minimize the number of steps needed to connect the wiring, including a removable plate to make connecting to the ROMEX easier, and built-in quick-connect slide connectors that would accept TWO additional 12/2 style solid copper leads in case you were stringing the 12/2 serially. All I had to do was take a bladed screwdriver and punch out the snap-out ring, manually thread in the Romex wiring clamp, then strip back and slide in the hardwire connection.The best part was the HI/LOW vs. 3 color temperatures as we were trying to match existing (older) under cabinet lights that used XENON bulbs.As it turned out, having the 6 lighting combinations (3 color x 2 intensity) was key to matching the existing lighting tone.24" width was perfect under a 36" cabinet, although I contemplated a shorter 18" fixture for slightly less money. I think the 24" was probably the better choice.Lightly is nicely diffused. You don't see the individual LEDs in the fixture.I would definitely buy again.5Incredibly deceptive. Beware.The fixture seems fine. Functions as it should BUT it is not made to be wired in. In effect you must plug it into an outlet or into an adjacent light. That would be bad enough, but it gets worse. The box has many knockouts to pass house wiring through the wall of the fixture, and it comes with a fitting for conduit. But the knockouts are fake! With fake little welds to fool the eye. You are very likely to distort and damage the thin-walked fixture as you attempt to pry one out. You may even damage the thin tools you will likely to resort to in your struggle. In the end, a drill is the only tool that works. But that leaves a rough hole that is hard to deburr on the inside. Oddly, the fixture includes every other feature necessary for a proper installation. How much could they possibly have saved with phony knockouts??? The whole situation makes my strongly doubt the UL certification and therefore the safety of object. It also makes me resent the price. I paid not to have my time wasted, and to have a product certified to fail safely. That isn t what I got.1
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