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Gibraltar Mailboxes Mailsafe Medium Capacity Aluminum White, Wall-Mount Mailbox, MSK0000W

  • Gibraltar Mailboxes Mailsafe Medium Capacity Aluminum White, Wall-Mount Mailbox, MSK0000W
  • Gibraltar Mailboxes Mailsafe Medium Capacity Aluminum White, Wall-Mount Mailbox, MSK0000W
  • Gibraltar Mailboxes Mailsafe Medium Capacity Aluminum White, Wall-Mount Mailbox, MSK0000W
  • Gibraltar Mailboxes Mailsafe Medium Capacity Aluminum White, Wall-Mount Mailbox, MSK0000W

Gibraltar Mailboxes Mailsafe Medium Capacity Aluminum White, Wall-Mount Mailbox, MSK0000W

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

  • Tracked Shipping

  • Secure Payments

  • 14 Days Return

  • Medium capacity has abundant space for your deliveries
  • Aluminum construction provides strength and stability
  • White powder-coated finish keeps like new and stands against the elements
  • Cam lock door protects your mail from theft
  • Note: The keys are taped to the inside of the mailbox door
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Customer Reviews

Have been using this model for 7+ years We have had this mailbox on several houses we lived at. We like it particularly because of 2 features. One: It is easy to lock and keep locked and the lock is relatively durable as far as mailbox locks go. Two: It has a metal bar under the lid which prevents people from reaching into the content. We get a number of rent checks and sometimes cash in our mailbox and it is important to us to have a secure mailbox. It also comes with a variety of mounting screws, including self-drilling screws, which makes it convenient to mount on various types of fences, including wrought iron fence like we currently have. This is the most secure and practical mailbox model we have found to date. I have probably purchased 5 different mailboxes for our properties in the last several years and this one is the best of all. It used to be sold at both Lowes and Home Depot. Now they don't carry this model anymore (at least not in their Houston, TX stores), so we had to order it from Amazon. The cons on this model are: 1. The paint on the front tends to fade badly and becomes spotty over a period of 2-3 years. The little red flag on the side also gets discolored very quickly under the hot Texas sun. I wish the paint was of better grade and lasted longer. A good feature is that it is very waterproof which is nice in our climate with our frequent downpours. It keeps the mail perfectly dry. 4Inbox/Outbox. "You've got mail!" Happy with this mailbox, especially give the price. It is a bit larger than we expected, but we wanted a mailbox that locked and still had a slot for outgoing mail with a flag. It was easy to mouth on the hardy-board siding and is secure. I like the roof on the top that prevents mail from possibly getting wet. Most parts are plastic (as mentioned it other reviews), but it still looks classy and I think it'll last a long time. Overall we're happy with the function and look of it, I'd certainly purchase this again. 5Big, durable mailbox. A nice big mail box. Behind the aluminum door at the top is a tray that swings up and down. There is a sticker on it, visible to the mailman once the slot is opened that says in English and French (Canadian market?) to tilt the tray down for outgoing mail. Put your outgoing letters in there, raise the red flag and your mail gets picked up.The box itself is huge- unfortunately I get a lot of printed advertising mail (sale flyers, etc- junk mail) that the postal service has to deliver by law so I need a large box to hold all of it. This holds all of it and my carrier is happy. I had a smaller box that would not fit all of it and she complained. Full size manila envelopes and overnight (UPS/ FedEX) type envelopes will fit into it easily.The main door has a lock on it but you do not have to lock it. The door stays shut with a catch without having to turn the key, I live in a safe residential neighborhood and am not worried about mail getting stolen, makes it easier to not have to use the key each day to check for and receive mail. You can lock it, but it is not a bank! Others have complained here that it is not completely secure and your mail can still be stolen. No kidding- if someone wants to steal your mail, they'll find a way to pry it open and take it. If you have that problem, get a PO box at the post office. I see the lock as a privacy lock and "keep honest people honest" lock.Front doors and trays are aluminum, top, back and sides are heavy duty rigid plastic. Main hinge for the big door is a piano type hinge (runs end to end, made of aluminum), I expect it to last a long time.One flaw that I see is that there is no cord etc to catch the door, so if you open the door and don't hold it, it will swing all they way down and bang into the wall underneath. I plan to engineer a piece of cord to keep it at a 90 degree angle when it's open. 5Very handsome and easy to use I have gotten a lot of compliments about this mailbox. In fact, everyone who has come to my door has mentioned how much they like it, and two people asked me to give them the information so they could buy one, too. It took a month to train the post office to actually take the outgoing mail from it, but in the mailbox's defense, I was having trouble getting them to take my outgoing mail even before I got this mailbox. The box is easy to use and there are instructions in it to let the mail carrier know how to get the mailbox, so they really don't have an excuse. I love that you can close the door without locking the box, so I can leave it unlocked for convenience but still have the option to lock it when I go out of town. The only downside is, it isn't waterproof in a driving rain, so you may want to put it somewhere that has a decent sized overhang. My mail got soaked the other day. 4Keeps the mail dry! Terrifically built. High quality. Only problem I find is: sometimes very large amounts of mail (bulk) tends to not drop all the way to the bottom and sticks out. However, this is not entirely the mailbox's fault. Yes, if the mailbox had a wider entrance drop, it would solve this issue, but also if my delivery person would actually work harder to push the mail all the way in, it would also solve the issue most instances. For the price, it's a great mailbox and keeps my mail dry - which is the main reason I purchased it so I'm not complaining.If only I could get my lazy family members to actually use the lock / key, and also get my delivery people to realize there's a hidden compartment for pickup items. 4Good quality! Good quality. Installed for a rental building. 5No white aluminum on this mailbox. It will rust out. I like the design of this mailbox. If it was in a covered area and didn't rust out I would give it five stars, HOWEVER, I purchased this mailbox again under the impression that the manufacturer improved the design by using white painted aluminum. The door on the replacement is the same steel as the original. The Amazon description states "Aluminum White, Wall-Mount Mailbox" There is no white aluminum on this mailbox. Everything that is white is steel or plastic. Only the flappers are aluminum. Very misleading in my opinion.After looking at the video about this item I will go so far as to say it is fraudulent. It states it is rust resistant due to the aluminum. What a crock! 1Highly rated 5 stars read why! I love this mail safe mailbox! Although I just installed it and time will tell how it weathers & prevents rain from getting inside. I did make some improvements that others may wish to take from my inspiration as well free of charge. I took up the time & effort to make photos too!As you can see in the pics I went to Hobby Lobby and added a design piece after painting it the color I wanted to give the overall look more upscale and unique. The artwork is was under 8 dollars. and I spray painted it with Rustoleum's "Hammered Silver Spray Paint". It is an iron metal deco piece so it needed a rustproofing spray.Then I went to Lowe's and bought a small package of round magnets. I chose these magnets due to the thickness needed and they only cost under 2 dollars. Then I glued them on so they stay in place. Why did I do that as the mail safe has a latch? Because the latch they use is noisy and does not have a good fit. I left their original center latch on there instead of trying to twist it off. all I did was grab some needle nose pliers and bend the 2 prongs together so they do not rub or scrape when the door is opened or closed.Now the magnets I placed on there give a perfect and sound latch that is even and secure & more user friendly. They need to be placed in the positions I did due to the opening lid had pop rivets and you need a good sound flat surface for they magnets.Lastly the door since it opened so far it would hit my black metal railing so I looked around the house and found some small cheap chain that I screwed on to on it allow the door to open at a 90 degree. Feel free to do the same aforementioned and you will appreciate you new mail safe even more.PS: Make sure when you install the box it is level and not tilted back especially if on siding so the water flows away and not inside. I placed my box top rear lip about a 1/2" above the top lip of the siding to make sure the box was level front to back and side to side. You could use a piece of wood or spacers as needed for you own unique install.I did not get this item free or any reduced cost either like so many others do somehow & then write possibly skewed reviews. I paid full price and am happy & wish to help others. Heck I only type with 2 index fingers and this review took me 15 minutes! If you read my other reviews on numerous items you will see the same theme. If any item it is bad I will also give it a bad review! 5Kinda large, but still great This mail box is about as good as it gets...I looked around for days trying to find a secure mailbox for my new apt that had just a flap mailbox. Most of them were cheaply made...this one is very large compared to most, but it's probably the best quality you're gonna get. You can kinda fit your hand through the slot if you're small. For the most part it is difficult though. In my pics you can see how big it is compared to a door. It is kinda large, but it looked good and can hold a lot of mail. Overall I'm pretty happy! 4Works for us Two postal workers came to us and complained first about our mailbox being two small. My older sis told them they could just leave the mail on the porch then. But then they complained about our front walkway being unsafe. It really isn't. Five of us go up and down those stairs everyday. But Whatevs. Anyway, I knew we had to find a solution, and because my sis wasn't willing to buy a new mailbox--even though we really do need one because bills, paychecks, whatever---I decided to buy one. However, I am a student who works part time and doesn't obviously have a lot of money to spend on things outside of rent and tuition. My solution was searching here for larger size locking mailboxes. We couldn't go without a locking mailbox because the area we live in has a lot of mail theft.I can safely say that after a almost a week, this is one of the best purchases I ever made. It sturdy enough for our purposes and the locking features has detoured thefts so far. 5
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