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GIR: Get It Right Premium Silicone Spatula | Heat-Resistant up to 550F | Seamless, Nonstick Kitchen Spatulas for Cooking, Baking, and Mixing | Ultimate - 11 IN, Red

  • GIR: Get It Right Premium Silicone Spatula | Heat-Resistant up to 550F | Seamless, Nonstick Kitchen Spatulas for Cooking, Baking, and Mixing | Ultimate - 11 IN, Red
  • GIR: Get It Right Premium Silicone Spatula | Heat-Resistant up to 550F | Seamless, Nonstick Kitchen Spatulas for Cooking, Baking, and Mixing | Ultimate - 11 IN, Red

GIR: Get It Right Premium Silicone Spatula | Heat-Resistant up to 550F | Seamless, Nonstick Kitchen Spatulas for Cooking, Baking, and Mixing | Ultimate - 11 IN, Red

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Very GoodAt first I was a little disappointed that it didn't have a sharper point and a thinner edge, but after using it a few times I found that it worked just as well as the spatulas I am used to using. I really like the easy-to-clean, smooth surface. I haven't used it on anything very hot, so I can't comment on the heat resistance, but it seems a good thing to have. I'm now thinking I may want the larger version too.5use it professionally and it works great!!!I bought this spatula because I work in a kitchen and need a small spatula to stir purees and sauces.1.hasn't picked up any food smells- I use this to stir jus, beet puree, sweet potato puree.2. gets EVERY little bit of puree out of pans, it bends enough to reach all the pan but sturdy enough to still have biddy and mix more consistent stuff3. because the spatula is one piece its super hygienic and easy to clean, I don't have to be worried if there is anything building up in between pieces.4. heat resistant - I leave my spatula on the pots and walk away, while there are several other burners running on high and DOES NOT MELT.5. I bought the smallest version, fits in my knife box perfectly.5These are the BEST! Don't go for those that use "free product" reviewers to boost their reviews!!I need to write a review for these spatulas because these spatulas are the best and they have the best customer service, design, and function!!1. Seamless spatula - No bumps or any edges for anything to get stuck on, other spatulas are missing this design!! I've run these through the dishwasher countless times with no problems. I have also microwaved them, I'm not sure if you should but sometimes I leave them in my candy melts and just zap them to get it going. Perfect.2. Perfect firmness and flimsiness - I use these for making macarons (soft touch) and for making fried rice (stronger touch) and have no issues with their ability to do either job!3. Premium Silicone - I've used this to make kimchi fried rice (stains lots of stuff but not these!!), stir kimchi mix, and all sorts of smelly, oily stuff. But I can run them through the dishwasher and have them come out spanking new with NO embedded smells, scents, or residue. If I can use the spatula for something oily and pungent and then turn around and use them for delicate egg whites for macarons, it's a winner in my book.4. Durability - I've bought over 10 of these in all different shapes and sizes and have not had any problems! One time I gouged out a little piece of the spatula, I contacted GIR and they sent me out another the next day. I use the giant ones for cooking en masse for my youth kids at retreats. Nothing beats having a huge spatula to stir 8 quarts of curry! I use the 11" for my Kitchen Aid and everyday regular use.I found out about these guys from some blogs a few years ago and I appreciate their innovation and dedication to really Getting It Right, they get it right and deserve our support and patronage! :) This review was written of my own accord! I've noticed that other spatula companies give away their products for an "unbiased" review; that doesn't sit right with me.I bought these with my own money and I have put them through the ringer countless times and can honestly say they are amazing. I have used them for YEARS with no problems. I mention the other reviews on other spatulas because they just received them and probably didn't use them as extensively as I've used mine!! Please support GIR, I really enjoy their products and always look forward to their fresh innovations.5Edge is 2mm thick, not tapered to a fine edge - leaves smears behindI bought two spatulas: an 11" and a "Mini 8". The silicone used in these spatulas is far inferior to many others that I use regularly.In trying to use both of them, no matter how hard I tried, the jars remained coated with material and I just angry about what a poor purchase this was.Neither spatula would clean the inside of a jar or any surface completely. The "cleaning part of the blade" doesn't taper to a fine edge, but has a very "blunt" 2mm thick scraping edge that simply cannot remove the material it's supposed to.All my other silicone scrapers have edges that are "sharp" and work flawlessly and easily in removing almost any viscous, sticky product from the inside of jars or containers. In fact I resorted to using one of those to do the job that the GIR spatulas failed to do.GIR is a misnomer - It should be GIW, as in Get It Wrong.To make things worse, it will be more trouble to return the spatulas for a refund than the refund will be. I guess that's the price of shopping on Amazon and having to guess that whatever you are ordering will be the quality that it is purported to be.Very disappointed in this purchase and in the product itself.2Beware of FakesI ordered the Ultimate 11 IN Spatula in Red, the first item I received (pictured on the right) in the first image did not have "GIR" printed on the end of the handle. Amazon sent me a replacement item and I noticed some key difference that would impact both durability and performance and that would help differentiate an authentic item from an imposter.1. "GIR" printed on the handle. In all of the promotional materials GIR is printed on both sides of the handle, this is what caused me to do an exchange in the first place.2. Packaging. The authentic spatula shipped with the packaging seen in the image the other item shipped in a plastic bag with no additional packaging.3. Colour. The authentic item is a much brighter red than the imposter.4. The handles of the two products felt very similar, however the edge of the scraper is slightly thicker and stiffer on the authentic item making it better at removing dough from a bowl or mixing.5. You can see in the side by side image that the fake item has a shadow where the handle attaches to the scraper, indicating that it is not a single piece of silicone reducing durability.6. The texture of the two items was also different to the point where I don't know if the fake product was actually silicone and therefore food safe, able to withstand high temps, etc.So far the real spatula has held up great to baking and making scrambled eggs and was well worth the price. Just don't get duped by a cheap imitation.5Great Product My introduction to the Skinny Spatula was a review on spatulas on a PBS America's Test Kitchen Show. It was rated #1 out of all the spatulas that was tested. Upon this rating, I purchased three Skinny Spatulas, one for myself and two for gifts. The spatula works great scooping out sauce from pans, does not stain from red sauce and is dishwasher safe. I also used it to stir my sauce while cooking without any problem from the heat. I like the size, it is perfect for getting into a mayo jar without getting fingers messy. 5Gift yourself one of these! Who would think? Write a review about a SPATULA?Great purchase. As I want my adult children to share, with me, the best emotional and physical things that life offers us...after using mine I bought each of them one of these. As I gave them their gift I explained that it was the absolute best spatula that I had ever used in my many...many years. They all enjoyed the humor...and the gift . Gift yourself with one...I truly think you will be pleased. 5GIR=LOVEAdmittedly, I am obsessively picky about my kitchen tools and before I purchased this spatula I did an embarrassing amount of research. My previous OXO Good Grips 6-Piece Silicone Spatula Set had slowly died over ten years and I was a little bit unnaturally attached to the medium sized one. Mr. MVP repeatedly reminded me that it was only a spatula to which I reminded him that it was a spatula: a multi purpose kitchen tool that I used for everything that needed to be the perfect amount of flexible, but also the exact amount of stiff while remaining heatproof, dishwasher safe and most importantly nvanputt proof.First let me say that I almost did not purchase the GIR because it comes in so many colors. I know that is a stupid reason, but kitchen tools should come in gray and white and just be done with it. I ordered the gray in the ultimate 11 inch.So far GIR and I have made extra thick and sticky granola bars and I was so happy at how it handled the granola from the bowl to the pan. I even used the side of GIR to squish down the granola in the pan and I did not worry about GIR splitting. It was marvelous. GIR also helped in making eggs, stirring in ingredients in the pressure cooker and mixing up an egg bake. I almost hate to say it but I did not think about OXO even once.I'm ordering three more in two different sizes only because when ever I find a tool or piece of clothing I really love I use it for five years and then I go back to order another when it dies and no one sells it any more. This way I will have a stockpile of GIRs for the rest of my life or to trade for food in case of the zombie apocalypse.5Hard Spatula that's flexibleYou ever have those spatulas that are just flimsy? This aint one of those, This is a hard spatula that has flex. You can put almost thawed ground beef and spread it (its hard) and press down on it (it flexes) Its truly one of the best spatulas for those type of tasks. If you need something that is thin to flip a pancake- this is not it. If you want a spatula to move stuff around, withstand the heat of the pan and not worry about it, sir thick sauce, anything like that, get this. The color stays true and does not fade and its super easy to clean and wipe off anything. I recommend for sure5I got it right by getting oneGreat spatula! Withstands high heat while cooking, can bend and get into the curves of my pots and pans, and cleans up easily. I mainly use wood spoons and spatulas when I cook, in order to avoid scratching the insides of my pots and pans. But I didn't like how the wood would absorb color and odors if left for more than several minutes. And I hated having to oil my wooden utensils (my cat loved it and would often run his head all over them at night...not very sanitary). But these GIR spatulas are wonderful. I got all white ones, and so far they haven't stained or melted. They hold their shape extremely well, do a great job scraping all the tasty bits off the bottom of a pan when deglazing, and are great when I have to fold in ingredients when I bake. They are multipurpose for me, no separate cooking/baking spatulas and I am starting to reach for these over my long held love for wood. The price is a little steep, but they are comparable to good olive wood utensils, and will probably last longer. If it weren't for all the wood utensils I have now, I'd probably buy a slew more of the GIR since they are so functional. The hardest part was picking a color. So I chickened out and got basic white - which just confirmed for me how stain resistant they are. Probably one of my happiest kitchen purchases!5These are the last spatulas I will need to buy!This tool is nothing less than pure awesome! I was hesitant that it would be floppy or flimsy compared to my old wooden handle ones, but that's not the case. It is sturdy enough to use in my wok for stir fry, but precise enough to scrape a large bowl so clean it barely needs washing! I got two of the large ones, as well as the set of smaller ones and I have thrown out every other spatula I had in the kitchen. The clean up very well too, and nothing will stain them! Overall, great!!!5Added protect for non stick pansI love to cook my own breakfast as much as possible. Of course eggs is a breakfast champion. Finding a good healthy non stick pan was one thing. Preserving it is another. I never knew about this product. However I m glad I found it. Heavy duty quality and easy to clean. Still I wouldn t leave in on a hot stove top or lean it against the edge of a hot frying pan. I use it every time I cook my eggs. What else is there to say. It isn t always easy to find quality products even at high end stores. And no longer in regular retail outlets.5Suprisingly Useful I was surprised by how small it is when it arrived. Yesterday I used it for the first time. I stirred the onions I was cooking for my meat balls. It was the perfect size. Far easier to control and stay neat with. I then used it to scrape my meat ball bowl. Again ideal. All of the other spatulas I own are big. This is a great alternative and I am so proud of myself for getting it. 5
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