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Happy Sales HSCSS4, 10 Pc Chopstick Stainless Steel Chopsticks 5 Pairs spiral

  • Happy Sales HSCSS4, 10 Pc Chopstick Stainless Steel Chopsticks 5 Pairs spiral

Happy Sales HSCSS4, 10 Pc Chopstick Stainless Steel Chopsticks 5 Pairs spiral

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • 14 Days Return

  • Anti-slippery spiral decoration on handle; small circles at tips for easy food pickup
  • Made from natural material
  • Great as favors or part of a Japanese themed gift
  • Great for everyday use or for special occasions
  • Hand wash recommended
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Customer Reviews

A better inexpensive metal chopstick, but still has significant problems If you don't have any issue with metal chopsticks and wonder why everyone complains about them, then you'll probably really like these. They are inexpensive, and have a couple of nice design features.Compared to just other metal chopsticks, these would be a 3 or 4. But compared to wood, these still suffer from the issues that cause many people to not like metal chopsticks. They are awkwardly heavy and their slick surface makes them more difficult to hold and not as good at picking up food.The twists on the upper end are an improvement, but are not sufficient to overcome the slick finish. The grooves on the lower end are nice and deep and would be just right on a wood chopstick - but again the polished stainless finish on these sticks is just too slick. I've used metal sticks with a rough matte finish and light weight design and loved them - a rougher finish would fix most of my issues with the Rbenxia design. 2Perfect chopsticks I liked these so much I bought a second set. They have grooves at the tip that give them more grip than other metal chopsticks, and go through the dishwasher nicely unlike wooden reusable chopsticks. They are obviously quite a bit more durable than the wooden reusables, so I went ahead and replaced all my chopsticks with these. Very pleased. 5Love! :D :D Bought these nearly 3 years ago so I thought that it had been long enough and put through enough use to write a review. After nearly 3 years, I still love these! I go out of my way to use these instead of regular silverware. The small ridges on the tips make it easy to grip even the smallest things no matter how slippery they are. They are amazing for the price and highly recommend. 5Your "at home" take out food chopsticks. There is nothing particularly wrong with the implements. I bought them for an overseas trip to China because I felt comfortable doing so, and I wanted something that I could clean. As it turned out, I ate at places that were safe. The only criticism of these chopsticks is that for a novice like me, the metal is slick and much harder to grip than wooden ones. 3Beautiful! I never made a bucket list, but if I had...learning to eat with chopsticks would have been on it. I know it may sound lame because maybe you are supposed to say you want to go sky diving. The thing is, anybody can jump out of a plane as long as there is somebody to push them out...but eating with chopsticks is a difficult skill to master. One day, I was at my favorite Japanese restaurant, and finally I figured out how to use those things. I was so proud of myself!Why did I buy these? I'm trying to correct some bad eating habits that were instilled in me when I was younger. The day I learned how to use the chopsticks at the restaurant, I noticed there were advantages to eating with them. I was forced to take smaller bites. My eyes tend to be larger than my mouth, and to make things worse--I have large tonsils. Sometimes I've choked on my food. I also eat too fast--no doubt due to years of timed lunches where I couldn't enjoy a leisurely meal. I was able to enjoy my meal more when I slowed down, and I was able to pay attention to my body sensations. American silverware is extremely convenient to use...but I sometimes do wonder if that very trait doesn't contribute to our expanding waistlines. We are able to put large amounts of food into our mouths very quickly.Now why did I choose this particular brand? Well, I admit the price was attractive. There were bamboo sets that were the same price, but I wasn't certain how clean you can keep bamboo. I thought stainless steel would be easier to clean, though I wasn't certain it wouldn't be harder to use.These were more beautiful than I expected. They were light weight. I was worried about the finish rubbing off after reading one of the critical reviews. My mom did suggest that I might have to be careful about using harsh detergents--and maybe it would be best to use the sponge side of the sponge rather than the green brillo side. The first meal I ate with these was a pizza cut into small squares. They weren't difficult to use at all. I haven't tested them with everything, but actually eating pizza is rather challenging--and they passed the test with flying colors. Now, they can be slippery if you have hand lotion on your hands. If you are slippery, they will slip from your grasp. Otherwise, they work very well. The finish didn't come off onto my food, though I am babying them more (with washing) than I do my silverware. I also made origami chopstick covers to keep them in when not in use. 5Great for the price. I would give these a lower rating if they weren't just 3 bucks. They work fine, with a little less grip on the food than wooden chopsticks have. Be aware that these are hollow stainless steel, not solid stainless steel, so they feel light and kind of like plastic in your hands, not hefty like silverware.If these were more expensive, I'd give them a lower rating, for lacking the heft and grip of higher quality chopsticks, but if you just want a set of chopsticks that are stainless steel for easy cleaning for cheap, these are great. 4Super awesome! I am thrilled with these chopsticks and I use them daily! They really are a must have item. They did not arrive in the package shown, they arrived as 5 individually wrapped pairs. The design was not exactly the same as pictured, either, I believe that some of the other reviews have pictures of the product that you actually receive. They are very light weight and easy to hold. The seam in the metal is visible, but not detectable or noticeable when you are using them. They were more than worth the money! :) 5Mine lasted 2 years, and they more than paid for themselves. I bought these chopsticks two years ago. They recently started having small spots of tarnish on them. They lasted longer than I thought they would. The tarnish made me wonder if they were really stainless steel. Two words of warning. Any metal chopsticks will burn your lips if you leave them in hot food for very long, and any chopsticks that are small enough, like these, can go down your drain. I had to call a plumber because my kitchen sink was clogged up. After he took the pipes apart, he found two chopsticks that had formed and "X" in the drain, catching food and gunk and eventually causing things to clog up. 4Good everyday chopsticks These chop sticks are very nice, but fell just short of 5 stars. They are hollow which makes them very light, don't worry about it being heavy and hard to hold. Stainless Steel makes them easy to wash. Package arrive 2 days early with the standard shipping. The tips of chop sticks are etched allowing you to grip food a little easier. However, one of my chop sticks (out of 10) did not have this etching, which is very odd. I anticipate only using the other 9. Also, you can't beat the price, I got the set under $6 USD. Unfortunately, when I logged back on to Amazon to write this review, I noticed that the chop sticks were now $2 less. Other than that, happy with my purchase. 4Love them! I went to conclusions and emailed the seller that I wanted to cancel my order because I had read a couple reviews saying that they were plastic What was I thinking??? Anyways the seller wrote back its too late to cancel them and you shouldn't listen to those reviews because other sellers will do anything to get you bad ratings...And I was like okie so I waited about...like two weeks? I didn't get them in the pretty package they're pictured in but I did get them in single packages like pictured. I recieved 5 pairs:3 More then enough for me but I tend to loose stuff occasionally lol. So they aren't plastic at all. they're metal and are absolutely WONDERFUL. Nice grip too! ! 5
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