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Holmes Mini High Velocity Personal Fan, HNF0410A-BM

  • Holmes Mini High Velocity Personal Fan, HNF0410A-BM
  • Holmes Mini High Velocity Personal Fan, HNF0410A-BM
  • Holmes Mini High Velocity Personal Fan, HNF0410A-BM
  • Holmes Mini High Velocity Personal Fan, HNF0410A-BM

Holmes Mini High Velocity Personal Fan, HNF0410A-BM

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Compact yet powerful personal fan is perfect for use on a table or desktop
  • High-velocity motor delivers concentrated blasts of cool, refreshing air
  • Tilt-adjustable head allows you to precisely direct airflow
  • No assembly required
  • Measures approximately 6 x 4 x 6 inches
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Customer Reviews

Just right. The amount of wind it produced was perfect as i am using this for my office and not too little and not too much. Perfect size and was so glad when i got this that it was not the 12 inch fan lol. I even uploaded pics Hope this helps others out in their decision as well. Also yes it is wall plug in not usb plugin. 5Better than some but still run of the mill construction I sure wish somebody would make fans like they used to but virtually everything in the personal/room fan market is made the same cheap way these days. I purchased two of these and ended up keeping one of them unused...until last week. The first one was run nearly 24/7 for right at two years with one re-oiling of the bronze bushings about six months ago. Running constantly is actually easier on a fan than always switching it on and off, but still that's a lot of hours, so I can't complain too much. When it died, it did the typical freeze-and-seize that always comes in time, and when that happens if you aren't there to catch it and turn it off, the little thermal fuse inside blows, which kills the fan entirely. Those little fuses are cheap and replaceable if you're willing to do so and can re-tape the motor windings, but that's an exercise of love given the cheap price of a new fan. So these are ok, but literally made the same as most other A/C powered small fans and the motor and switch in this one do not appear to be of any better quality than anything else, very simple parts and design. If someone would just make one of these with sealed ball bearings and an updated cap design for another dollar, they'd have a gold mine once word got around. All that said, the air movement on this one is somewhat weak compared to both cheaper and better/same price fans I've had in the past. It works well enough but if you want to feel the breeze you'll need to have it at arm's length. I think the noise level on this one is pretty low compared to others but it's not silent. From what's on the market now it seems that if you want more air flow then you'll need to step up to a 6" fan size...all the good powerful mini fans seem to be history now. So this is ok but not great, and at least the basic construction is both safe and secure even if the bushings/bearings are typical crap design that will fail with assurance. There are worse fans out there for sure. 4Don't waste your time or money Product arrived defective. Packaging was fine but when the fan was turned on there was no movement of the blades. The motor can be heard turning on and struggling with some sort of internal resistance. From the look and feel of this fan, even if it had been received as functioned, I doubt it would last more than a year with moderate use. 1Pretty weak....a little loud I got this since I often have "power surges" while I'm sleeping that even my ceiling fan doesn't help with. An old coworker had one like this on her desk and I remember it being super powerful, so much so that I could feel the breeze at my desk when she had it on. It must have been a different brand or Holmes has dropped the ball over the years on this because it's not as powerful as my coworker's fan. It is quite loud, even with moving the grips to different locations to try to prevent the fan from vibrating and I have a lot of hearing loss, so I would imagine to the typical person, it is VERY loud. I did give it 3 stars though because it is portable, has a nice look to it with it being metal, and doesn't take up much room. I ended up putting it on my work desk and got something else for my nightstand. 3Blows nearly nothing! Stay away from this junk! I got this to blow air on me in a rescue truck that doesn t have a rear a/c. When I plugged this in you could put your face right next to it and couldn t even tell it was on...just junk, don t waste your money or time. 1For air circulation in winter. I have 2 of these little fans for in our 2 bedrooms in winter. The heat settles at the ceiling because of radiator heat, not forced air. I point the fans up, to the ceiling to move the air across the ceiling and down the walls. These fans are enough to circulate that air so the whole room is equally warm without cooling the air. Thats what we needed.They are quiet, we sleep with no problem at all. They are on 24/7, use a very tiny amount a electric and save on the heat bill since the air is warm all over and not pooled above our heads.I love these fans as no longer is the room cool at low level and hot at the ceiling.Moving the air also keeps it from getting so stagnant in the closed up rooms of winter. 5Just what I needed! This fan is perfect for my needs. My bathroom gets hot while I am getting ready so this personal fan really helps! It isn't too big and is powerful enough to cool me down while I get ready. This will not help you if you intend to use it in a large space. It has only one setting. I like the rubber grips on the feet. You can also hook this onto something so it will hang (turn it upside down and use the stand to hang it on). The cord is long enough for me to use anywhere on my bathroom counter. Very pleased. 5Average asf. This fan is absolutely average it has one speed it blows a minuscule amount more air than a vornado v6 it s quiet I work in an office and I m the only one who hears my fan it doesn t rattle just makes normal fan blade whirring. You can whisper over it you cannot feel any air over 2.5-3ft away which is fine considering it s a desk fan it s supposed to be close to you. I gave it a three out of five because I m a big guy who works in a warm office so I need something quiet and cooling and this does what I need it to I do wish it had a faster speed but oh well. Hope this helps tired of reading reviews saying oh it didn t cool down my whole bedroom or it doesn t make enough white noise for me sleep who cares get a radio and a real fan. 3Runs well so far Use this on my nightstand every night. I actually prefer the turbulence noise (which isn't all that bad) to drown out the tick-tock of the grandfather clock and other miscellaneous patter that can keep one from falling to sleep quickly. I've looked but can't find any small fans that use sealed ball bearings (except computer fans).These Chinese consumer grade fans come with sleeve bearings so beware that they won't run forever. The lubricant will evaporate or dry out (especially in dry climates) and the bearing will fail. For that reason, I would never knowingly leave one running when I leave the house after a bad experience. The sleeve bearing on our guest room pedestal fan failed when my elderly parents were visiting. Fortunately they woke up before the acrid smoke caused any serious problems. 4Was good... then quit on me This is exactly what I was looking for. It sits on my desk at work to help the dust and fumes stay away from my face (I'm a manicurist).Great fan******************Update 11/9:Bought this fan June 30th, and it is now broken. Not sure what's wrong with it, but it decided to stop working. I'm guessing a short. Mind you, it sits on a table, doesn't move unless I'm cleaning off the table. So their should be no reason for it to short out or quit working so soon. I had one similar from target that lasted 10 years and was half the price. Disappointed. 1
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