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Hoover Genuine WindTunnel Self-Propelled Belt Set (38528-034 & 38528-035)

  • Hoover Genuine WindTunnel Self-Propelled Belt Set (38528-034 & 38528-035)

Hoover Genuine WindTunnel Self-Propelled Belt Set (38528-034 & 38528-035)

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Replacement belt set for Hoover self-propelled models.
  • (1) 38528-034 roller brush belt
  • (1) 38528-035 power drive belt
  • Fits Hoover WindTunnel Self-Propelled models.
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Customer Reviews

One belt works, one does notWhile these belts did not come in any labeled packaging, they are clearly marked as genuine Hoover belts - that said, I still had a strange problem with one of them. I really only needed the wide drive belt, and thankfully, this one worked perfectly. But I thought I would go ahead and change the brush belt at the same time, so I ordered this double belt set. The thin belt LOOKS like it has genuine Hoover markings, and it caries the identical belt number as the one currently on my vacuum, but it is NOT the same belt. it is slightly wider, so it does not fit down into the groove of the roller. It sits up just high enough that it jams onto the roller housing and prevents it from turning when all is put back together. If I had to, I could use a three-corner file to deepen the groove in the roller and still use this new belt, but I simply put the original one back on and everything is perfect again.3One StarThese are not genuine Hoover belts. One belt is already slipping.Update - I bought a set of actual Hoover belts and the vacuum cleaner works fine. The small belt should be manufactured by Goodyear and has Goodyear markings. My belt did not. My suspicion is there is considerable slop in the manufacturing process for these belts and some will work, some slip and some be impossible to install.It is fraudulent to claim these are Genuine Hoover belts when they are not.1Correct Part Numbers - Excellent ValueI had purchased these belts from a local Hoover dealer but needed two more sets. The part numbers were correct. Excellent products.Note - these are rubber belts. They are easily inadvertently stretched during the operation of a Hoover vacuum if a foreign object is ingested, i.e. throw rugs, plastic dry cleaning bags, etc. Once stretched the installed belts will not return to their original length and the vacuum will no longer function correctly. They are very inexpensive. Keep a spare set on hand just for these situations.5So far, so good.Bought these for my Hoover Windtunnel Anniversary upright that's been in the family for around 10 years and never had its belts changed. The vacuum, when running, smelled almost like it was burning, and the air coming out was very hot (never set off any smoke alarms, though. Just hot air). With the belts replaced, it's running much cooler and much more effectively (brush turning harder and faster). Had a brief moment where it made loud noises while turning off one day, but I think that was associated with picking up something bad than with the belts, as it hasn't occurred since.Have only used it a few times in my small pet-free apartment, but will update if anything changes. Pleased so far.5I needed both belts but the wider one doesn't fit ...I needed both belts but the wider one doesn't fit my vacuum (my fault not the belts or Amazon). I took a gamble that the wider one might work even though the number was different than my original but it doesn't. I haven't been able to find one to match my number. For the record, my vacuum is a Hoover WindTunnel Model U6485900 and the wide belt number is 38528-056 which is very different from the 38528-035.4Not Genuine Hoover Belt Set, Don't Waste Your Time & MoneyThis review is for the roller-brush belt (narrow belt #38528-034) in this belt set. It does not work! Rather, it will work by keeping the roller brushes running constantly, even when using the hose attachment, when the brushes should be deactivated in the upright position.After installing both the new belts in my vacuum, I noticed a burning smell coming from the vacuum. I also noticed that the brushes were running constantly no matter what position it was in. Tried to open it up and reinstall it a few times thinking it was operator error during installation, but still I got the same results. Gave up and ordered through Hoover.com and after I installed the new roller-brush belt (narrow belt #38528-034) with the genuine stamp and Goodyear rubber stamp, my vacuum works as designed.The power drive belt (wider belt #38528-035) does work fine, but I paid for both, and only receiving 1/2 of a functional product is not good customer service to me. Save your time and effort and only buy genuine belts, because these are not up to specs. Comparing the two belts you can obviously see that although the inside diameter of this belt and the one I purchased through Hoover.com are the same as far as I can tell, but the Hoover.com belt is slimmer and therefore the outside diameter will be different and explains why the belts behaved differently and the brushes were constantly running with the non-genuine Hoover belt.1This belt set is a perfect replacement for my worn out pair in my Hoover ... This belt set is a perfect replacement for my worn out pair in my Hoover vacuum which is in my wife's service for more than two years now. Both belts are used to activate the rolling brush and it actually was the thiner one that failed as it enlarged in diameter and lost grip. I've read somewhere that is advisable to have the set replaced every 1/2 year, but I think it actually depends on the amount and kind of use your vacuum gets. Replacing the belts only requires a Phillips screwdriver and patience to understand the sequence of part removal for gaining access to them. Just remember NOT to use force since it's all plastic. 5Perfect fit for my Hoover Wind TunnelThese belts appear to be genuine Hoover products. The smaller 'V' shaped belt was a piece of cake to install - it went on, easily. However, installing the flat belt was no picnic. It was a tight fit, but after a struggle, it went on just fine. Since installing the belts, I have done a fair amount of vacuuming and the belts seem to be holding up just fine. The belts have made a huge improvement in the handling of the vacuum cleaner.5Questionable Quaility Control...I read the mixed negative reviews, it seems like they sometimes work or sometimes don't... I rolled the dice and the small belt works as expected **see edit** the big belt won't stay on for even a few seconds, it pops off as soon as I start the vac up, I opened it up and tried 4 times to get it to work before giving up and just putting the old wide belt back on and presto, the old one works and stays in place, showing me that something is wrong with the new wide belt!**EDIT right after typing this I was using the vacuum and noticed that even the small belt isn't working correctly, it's too tight and even in the upright position the roller brush is still engaged and spinning, so two dud belts!!!1Small V Belt does not appear to be correctAfter reading some of the negative reviews, i decided to chime in too. I agree that I dont think these are genuine Hoover belts. The large belt was a REAL struggle to get on but worked OK once installed. The smaller V-shaped belt is the issue. Someone stated that the roller brush turns even when the vacuum is in the upright position (such as when using attachments) which is not intended and mine does the same. Likewise, when turning off the vacuum after using on floor or carpet, you have to tilt it back until the brushes stop turning or else it keeps going and makes a horrible squealing nose until coming to a stop. The bag the belts came in have no markings other than a stick on label that says "Genuine Hoover Windtunnel...." I dont think they are.1Do not purchase these! No way these were genuine ...Do not purchase these! No way these were genuine Hoover belts! They were slightly wider than the original ones and made of a different quality of material. The larger belt snapped in half as soon as it was replaced and the thinner belt was too wide and caused a squeeling sound. So very dissappointed in Amazon!1
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