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HotelSpaWave Luxury Soap/Shampoo/Lotion Modular-Design Shower Dispenser System (Pack of 3)

  • HotelSpaWave Luxury Soap/Shampoo/Lotion Modular-Design Shower Dispenser System (Pack of 3)
  • HotelSpaWave Luxury Soap/Shampoo/Lotion Modular-Design Shower Dispenser System (Pack of 3)
  • HotelSpaWave Luxury Soap/Shampoo/Lotion Modular-Design Shower Dispenser System (Pack of 3)
  • HotelSpaWave Luxury Soap/Shampoo/Lotion Modular-Design Shower Dispenser System (Pack of 3)
  • HotelSpaWave Luxury Soap/Shampoo/Lotion Modular-Design Shower Dispenser System (Pack of 3)
  • HotelSpaWave Luxury Soap/Shampoo/Lotion Modular-Design Shower Dispenser System (Pack of 3)
  • HotelSpaWave Luxury Soap/Shampoo/Lotion Modular-Design Shower Dispenser System (Pack of 3)

HotelSpaWave Luxury Soap/Shampoo/Lotion Modular-Design Shower Dispenser System (Pack of 3)

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • HotelSpa Wave Luxury Soap/Shampoo/Lotion Modular-Design Shower Dispenser System: De-clutter your shower with these liquid-soap dispensers. Each dispenser holds soap, shampoo, lotion, or conditioner in its large, clear reservoir, dispensing it at the press of a button.

  • INCLUDED: 3 Dispensers, 3 Double-Sided Adhesive Strip, 3 Sets of 2 Anchors and 2 Screws and detailed easy-to-follow Installation Manual to make the installation process effortless and perfect!

  • FEATURES: Each dispenser section come with its own wall bracket Individual modular brackets allow for personal configuration at various heights and distances Dispenses liquid soap, shampoo, lotion, or conditioner Large liquid capacity chamber Easy to Refill Clog-Free pump design Chrome Finish Shatter-Resistant body

  • INSTALLATION: Tool-Free installation and removal The dispensers are designed with independent modular sections to tailor-fit your bath space and mount easily on any surface with waterproof adhesive mounting brackets, from which they can be removed for cleaning.

  • WARRANTY: Easy to register hustle-Free LIMITED FIVE YEAR WARRANTY. If you have any questions either prior or after purchasing our products, please contact our Customer Service and they will be glad to answer all your questions!

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Customer Reviews

TEST IT before you fill it with the good stuff. :/TEST IT FIRST. You'll thank me later. I read the reviews about the adhesive issues and took that into consideration when I filled it the first time. Completely clean and dry shower, hadn't been used in weeks (moving into new house.) Filled two with cheap shampoo (Suave... not the good stuff) and left one empty. Waited 24 hours. Took a shower, used them lightly. Thought ok...this is going well. Nope - for some reason they seem to know when you've entered REM sleep and boom... one hits the floor around 2am soon to be followed by the other at 4am. The empty one remains solidly attached to the shower (fiberglass) wall. So after washing all the shampoo and conditioner down the drain (they did not break - but put a towel on the floor underneath them the first time you hang them up if you would rather have a shampoo soaked towel than a broken dispenser - choose wisely!) I've spent 20 minutes rolling the adhesive residue off the shower wall and the mounting bracket (seriously - rolling it into a ball with your thumb nail is the only way to go) and used Scotch 30 lb mounting tape instead. I should have skipped all the testing nonsense and just used it in the first place. Also keep in mind the capacity of these is a little smaller than the first ones that came out on the market like 20 years ago but they look real cute when they aren't laying in a pool of their own contents at the bottom of my shower stall :/ Also at first no liquid came out...try pushing the button 15 times, wait a minute, and then the stuff should come out.EDIT - these guys are still working and still sticking!! Also, if the thing won't dispense, cover the dispenser hole with your finger, pump a few times, then remove finger. That works for me too. Don't let contents get too low or you get the airlock ;) They are still shiny and I still love them.2These do NOT function.These do not function to dispense any liquid with a higher viscosity than pure water. This includes soap. I tried using three different units.1Hand Soap ONLYFollowed the installation instructions to the letter. I cleaned the surface in my shower down when it wasnt humid or moist with alcohol really well, made sure everything was dry, applied the adhesive and held it against the wall for the time. Then i let it all sit for about 4hrs without disturbing it or without applying any weight. I then (after 4 hrs) applied the soap filled dispensers. The one with my son's shampoo was the first to go. I tried on several occasions to reapply with two different adhesives, but it wouldn't stay. So I chocked it up to a fluke. Then my conditioner fell next after a few weeks and i was very disappointed. The only one still standing is my shampoo. However, it dispenses soap in such small amounts that it takes quite a bit of pumping action to get the appropriate amount for a woman with lots of hair. So, needless to say, i am a pretty disappointed.2DO NOT BUY!!!DO NOT BUY this unless you intend on drilling holes into your shower stall tiles. I used the 3M mounting pad that was included.I cleaned the area, let it dry for a day, used the 3M mounting pad on the bracket and then put the empty container on the bracket. I let that seal for 3 days. After that, I told my husband to go ahead and try it. He filled his container, put it on the wall bracket, took a couple of showers, and then after a few days of use, the sticky part separated from the pad which then, of course, made the container to hit the shower floor, spilling out all of the shampoo.I then tried my 2 containers. I mounted all the items the same way on the same days. After my husband's disaster, I decided to give mine a try. I filled up one of the containers and put it on the bracket. I didn't even get the chance to use it. Sometime after I put it on the bracket, the 3M pad dislodged from the wall and fell, dumping out all of my shampoo.After my second disaster, I decided to try the waterproof 3M mounting pads. The pads will not even stick to the mounting bracket. I don't know why, but I've cleaned it and let it dry, but nothing.I really like the look of these, but the 3M Command mounting pad is defective or cheaply made. This had happened to another item that came with a 3M mounting pad. I have never had a problem with their pads before, But unfortunately, and of course, my 30 days to return an item ran out a few days before the spilling problems. So now I have 3 containers that I cannot use and out of 2 bottles of shampoo and 1 conditioner. This sucks!!1Love them.Looks just like the picture. Since I live in military housing. I could not use the screws to bolt the bottles to the shower wall. So, I went to Home Depot and bought outside strength two-sided tape, put a strip on each back of the bottles. Place the bottles where I would want them and then I remove the paper off of the sticky tape and pressed firmly.I placed mine towards the back so you're not bumping that as you're getting in and out of the shower or has your adjusting your shower faucet.The only downfall the hole is small and some soaps/shampoos and conditioners are thick it takes a little more pumping to build up air. But once you use the bottles once it's easier the second time.I highly recommend this for anyone that has a small bathroom or does it have a lot of shower space.5Warning, do not buy *updatedThe included two sided tape was garbage. After just a few days it peeled off. Not off the wall, and not off the back of the dispenser, it peeled off itself. (You can see in the picture the sticky is still on the plastic and the strip is still on the wall) the dispenser fell to the ground, breaking the unit and wasting most of a bottle of shampoo. Don t buy this thing. (Too bad because I was really excited about it, and now have to buy more shampoo)*update all three have fallen off the wall and we have now wasted two bottles of shampoo and body wash. Don t ever buy these things, the tabs can not hold the weight of the soap.1Beautiful and sturdyLove these, but definitely wouldn't recommend using the tape to install. Go the extra step and use the screws and anchors. We have tile and were hopeful they'd stay. We cleaned, using alcohol, and fully dried before installing. We didn't use the shower for almost two days, and after the second shower, one of them fell down. Luckily it didn't break - props for solid workmanship. We then installed into the grout using screws and anchors and they're very solid now. Love that they don't dispense a lot of product at once, since we're no longer wasting and washing that all down the drain.5Buy it, but expect to invest in another double sided tape brand, such as Scotch.I really love this soap disoenser. My only issue is that the double sided tape is not strong enough to hold the product. They fell withing 24 hour of install. I wanted to keep the products so I went to my local Home Depot and bought some scotch double sided tape and since then I never had any issue with the dispensers. I have to say that I hang them on a mirror, I haven't try to put one in the shower yet. I will write an update when I do try it.3My toes are happier, now!I buy the big bottles of shampoo/conditioner at Costco, and they're always falling on my toes in the shower. These things cleared up space and my toes are less sore these days. Once up and filled, they need to be primed. They're not going to just immediately start giving you product. I suggest pumping and holding a finger over the hole and that creates the suction and you'll soon be enjoying their convenience. Just make sure the bathroom is moisture free and stays that way for a few hours afterwards. Stuff needs to cure after installation. Totally recommend.5Best Dispenser for the MoneyThis is the best shower product dispenser I have found for the money. Other brands will have 2 or 3 dispensers in a single unit which make maintenance difficult. Single units are the way to go. The overall quality is very good. These are aesthetically pleasing to look at. The one design issue I have is that they failed to make the locking detent significant enough to ensure the unit stays attached to the mounting plate so it can easily pop off the mount and fall. I came up with my own fix for this which solves that problem.4
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