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Hudson Baby Unisex Baby Cotton Bandana Bibs, Sailboat, One Size

  • Hudson Baby Unisex Baby Cotton Bandana Bibs, Sailboat, One Size

Hudson Baby Unisex Baby Cotton Bandana Bibs, Sailboat, One Size

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Set includes coordinating bandana bibs
  • Made with 100% cotton
  • Multi-layered fabric absorbs drools and spills and gentle on baby's skin
  • Optimal for everyday use
  • Affordable, high quality value pack
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Customer Reviews

Super Cute and Functional! These bibs are great- cute printed front with soft terry cloth backing. Great to use when feeding my two month old to prevent milk from dripping down his face into his neck! Makes for a much easier clean-up. 5Super cute but not super effectiveI absolutely love the patterns and designs on these bibs, but they just don't work that well. They are a bit smaller than other drool bibs we have, they only have 2 size settings, and they're much less absorbent. They don't keep baby's clothes dry like they should, even after multiple washes. I definitely prefer and recommend the drool bibs with a fuzzy polyester backing and more snaps like Cuddle Mama or Kea Babies. The only thing that's better about Hudson Baby bibs, besides the designs, is the unobtrusive tag on the back... I wish other brands didn't make their names/ logos so prominent.3Baby is drooling a lot I need bandanna bibsI bought three the first time and I love them so much I purchased more. I Wrote a very good review the first time. This time I feel the same very good bibs and so cute.....until you WASH them. Then they fade and roll up on the edges and they'll even shrink a bit. The darker colors seem to fade more. Yet, all in all they are cute. Bandanna bibs seem to be very popular these days.... they come in different sizes. Just the other day I seen a baby with a bandanna bib on that was way too long. It was weird and soiled and just LONG. These bibs are short. They won't hang to their bellybuttons which is a bit much for a bib. But I love them, shrunken and faded I still love these bibs.4If you're looking for a great quality bandana bib this is not itNot designed well to keep neck dry. Fabric feels slimy when wet. If you're looking for a great quality bandana bib this is not it. I really have loved our copper stone brand. Would highly recommend them!2AdorableSoft and quite the drool catchers! These are so stinkin cute I might just have to get some more. I love the look and they sit closer to the neck than the traditional style bib so they catch all the spit that would normally be all around baby's neck. This is a baby must-have!Update: one of the bibs bled slightly, the navy chevron. Overall I'm still happy with the purchase and can probably get the extra dye out with oxyclean.5Not great quality!I have bought many bandanna bibs for my son as he is a drooler and they are great for protecting his clothes but also adding a little character to his outfits. I was really excited about these bibs because of the variety of patterns and designs they came in. However, after just one wash, I realized that I should have returned them from the beginning. The fabric is the same texture as a wash cloth so very thin. After washing, the edges curl and the entire bib shrinks (after one wash). There are also parts that are starting to fray already. The cut of these bibs is flat at the top which pulls causing them to not cover his cloths as well as others. The only reason I gave one star was because of the patterns and designs. Otherwise, I wouldn't recommend as they do not hold up, especially to the wear of an infant.1Bad buy!Bad buy!!! These are cute and good size for my 3 month old "Before" you wash them but after 1 wash they shrink and are to small for any coverage. The edges curl up. Maybe a newborn could wear it. And then they provide a option of two snaps; smart right!?? However the snaps are 1/4 inch apart so no purpose really. I have provided a picture of 2 other brand after they have been washed and it shows a huge difference in size, snap difference and quality! The top right one is the Hudson Baby Bandana in both pictures1Comparative review: Hudson Baby Terry cloth and MiiYoung Fleece Drool BibsComparative review: Hudson Baby terry cloth bandana bib and MiiYoung Drool bibsPros: I really liked the Hudson Baby for their cute designs and vibrant colors. They are very soft and the fabric has retained its vibrancy after several washes. Additionally, the terry cloth does not pill like fleece can. Cons: I felt that they were slightly less absorbent and they only have 2 size options with the available snaps (2 snaps on one side and 1 on the other for 2 size options). They are missing the smallest size comparatively so not an issue in older months.Pros: I liked the MiiYoung fleece drool bibs for their absorbency and also very soft. They have 2 snaps on either side allowing for 3 size options. I really like the way these are shaped as well because they offer a closer fit to catch more mess! Cons: I noticed after a few washes, they began to lose some of the color vibrancy and the fleece does pill.Overall, I like them for different reasons. I feel the Hudson Baby are cuter designs and higher quality materials for an overall polished look while the MiiYoung Fleece bibs are more practical and heavy duty mess catchers though they are not as aesthetically appealing in their materials and fine details.Pictures show the overall shape of both bibs and then the smallest snap closure for each and the largest snap closure for each. You can see the smallest there is quite a difference while the largest settings are about the same (the medium size closure is about the same as well-not pictured)5Cute Drool CatchersUPDATED REVIEW:Many past reviewers are right, the corners do end up rolling up after several washes which sort of takes from the look, but they are still really cute and work.ORIGINAL REVIEW:These are adorable.I never understood why my sister in law usd bandanas tied around her sons neck.. until my little guy came along.. previous babies i NEVER hsd s drooling problem unless teething was occuring. However, my sons like a constant leaking broken faucet.So, there i went.. onto amazon searching for bins, and that's when i doscovered the bandanas are the new look of bibs.Found these, they were cheaper than the other choices and also i really liked the entire set.. all the patterns especially the sunglasses.When i got them i washed them first, taking them out of the dryer i was hesitant because i have read several reviews about the corners curling. I didnt seem to have this issue.. or maybe just because it was one wash. You do have to remember its cotton so don't wash it in hot..Anyhow moving on.. my only downer for these bibs were they arent all that great absorbing. My son soaked his within the first 20 mins. It did keep his clothes dry. It was basically just the bib that was soaked. So it does its job so to say... but... i wish they were a bit more absorbant.4These don't look nice after washingI loved the patterns on these, but three of them are a viynl print pattern on top of the cotton fabric and it interferes with soaking up the drool or spit up. My happy spitter's output just rolls right off of the lemon print bib. I also have issues after the bibs have been washed. They don't look nice after washing, and under-laying fabric shrinks at a different rate so the bibs don't lay really nice after they have been washed. Maybe they would look ok if you pressed them, but my life is to crazy to iron a bib. The shape is a little different too - they are not exactly triangles - but a bit misshaped. The snaps worked great and they were sized similar to other bibs I have ordered.2So cute!I love these bibs! They are so cute and look great with the Hudson Baby bodysuit set. They do shrink up slightly and can tend to curl at the edges as one of the previous reviewers stated, but I just readjusted the fabric and that made it lay better. It was exactly what I had in mind- a cute addition to an outfit that saves his shirt from all his slobber. I've included a photo of what the bib looks like on my 5 month son after it has been washed.5
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